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News that matters.  Brought to you daily from KABF and with the help and support of ACORN International, Local 100 United Labor Unions and Social Policy Magazine. – See more at:
News that matters.  Brought to you daily from KABF and with the help and support of ACORN International, Local 100 United Labor Unions and Social Policy Magazine. – See more at:

News that matters.  Brought to you daily from KABF and with the help and support of ACORN International, Local 100 United Labor Unions and Social Policy Magazine.

English Community Organizing Program Tries to Plot a Path to the Future 6-23-2014

Going to Action Camp 2014 with England’s Community Organisers Programme 6-22-2014

Finding a Way out of the Maze:  Citizen Wealth Centers 6-21-2014

The Precariat and the Global Erosion of Job Security 6-20-2014

Feeling the Love, Outrunning the Haters 6-19-2014

Forty-four Years and Some of the Campaigns Still Stay the Same 6-18-2014

Protecting Bristol Bay and Putting Musicians in the Mix 6-17-2014

The Military Sees Grassroots Organizing in USA and Globally as a Threat 6-16-2014

Leaders and Stewards Demand Expanded Vision for Unions with a Long List of Details 6-15-2014

All Demonstrations are Now Spying Opportunities All the Time 6-14-2014

Twitter is Not Going to Make It:  Too Passive, Too Clunky 6-13-2014

Public Employers are Dangerously Confused about Protecting Workers’ Pensions 6-12-2014

Developing Money Transfer Alternatives to Beat the Remittance Cartels 6-11-2014

Calculating the Benefits of Bridging the Digital Divide 6-10-2014

Zero-hour Contracts, Compromise Agreements, and Payment by Outcomes 6-9-2014

Affordable Housing Push-out Problems in Vancouver, New York, and London 6-8-2014

Skyping Reports and Global Organizing Debates 6-7-2014

Tenant Health Protections Need to be Equivalent to Health Protections 6-6-2014

Affordable Care Challenges and Contradictions Blocking Progress 6-5-2014

More Dilution of Affordable Care Act for Lower Income Workers 6-4-2014

Minimum Wage Increases for Tipped Employees are Critical 6-3-2014

WFP Knows the Rules:  Save the Party First, Endorse the Candidates Second 6-1-2014

Minimum Wage Only Rising in Small Steps Despite $15 Per Hour Demand 5-31-2014

Beltway Groups Seem to Have Gotten “Nothing for Something” on Deportation Relief 5-30-2014

President Defaults on Net Neutrality, Companies Bully the Public 5-29-2014

Confusing Signals on Deportations, Deals or Desperation for Immigration Reformers 5-28-2014

Are New Obamacare Rules Another Step Backward for Low Wage Workers? 5-27-2014

Proving Registration and GOTV Work for Lower Income Voters Once Again 5-26-2014

Campaigning for New Standards for Pay Day Lending in British Columbia 5-24-2014

How are Hospitals Handling Charity Care and Health Insurance? 5-23-2014

Criminalization of America’s Poor and Minorities on Trivial Beefs 5-22-2014

Poor Students in Poor Schools have Poor Prospects:  Surprise!  5-21-2014

A Joint Study with Ottawa ACORN Asks Important Questions about Voting and Polling Places 5-20-2014

The Attack on Lower Income College Students is Widespread and Predatory 5-19-2014

Dragnet Nation Finds Personal Privacy Unobtainable with Some Tips 5-18-2014

Support for Affordable Care Act Continues to Grow 5-17-2014

Public Health is not a Privacy Breech for Citizen Protection and Disaster Prevention 5-16-2014

Google Corrections and Google Bombing:  Privacy and the Right to Know 5-15-2014

Low and Moderate Income Housing Policies Remain Confused and Contentious 5-14-2014

No One is Stopping Banks from Ripping off Soldiers at US Bases 5-13-2014

Opposition Building to FCC on Net Neutrality and Comcast Monopoly 5-12-2014

Is Comcast’s “Internet Essentials” Failure Finally Going to be Exposed? 5-11-2014

Tide Turning on Voter ID Suppression 5-10-2014

Going Old School with the Teachers’ Union 5-9-014

A Fighting Chance with Elizabeth Warren 5-8-2014

Worried About Climate Change? Move to Arkansas, Mississippi, or Alabama 5-7-2014

Global Handles are Proving Good Tactics, Even if not Huge Leverage 5-6-2014

Keystone XL Pipeline Jamming Up Arkansas and Louisiana Politics 5-5-2014

Criminals, Organizers and Many Others Had BlackBerries in Common 5-4-2014

Nickeled and Dimed By Both Wall Street and Main Street 5-3-2014

May Day in Memphis, Istanbul, and Bengaluru 5-2-2014

FCC Needs to Stop Bluffing and Make Internet a Public Utility 5-1-2014

Public Racism is now a Hope for Voters’ Rights 4-30-2014

Bad Math and Foreclosures are Twin Towers of Banking 4-29-2014

Chris Paul Pushing the Union down the Court 4-28-2014

Jazz Fest Highlights the Contractions of New Orleans 4-27-2014

The Lessons of Philanthropy Leverage:  Bloomberg, GiveWell, and Walmart 4-26-2014

Pipeline Politics is All About Profit for Koch Brothers 4-25-2014

FCC Caving in on Net Neutrality – What Next? 4-24-2014

Supreme Court Ok’s Building A Separate and Unequal Educational System 4-23-2014

April Showers Bring Volunteer Flowers 4-21-2014

The Melian Debate:  One of the Great Organizing Exercises 4-20-2014

Shoot to Learn 4-19-2014

Sprawling Roads to Nowhere 4-18-2014

The Inequality Dividend:  The Rich Against the World 4-17-2014

Games Allstate is Playing on National Flood Insurance 4-16-2014

Protecting Consumers from Conflicts between Taxes and Healthcare 4-15-2014

The Double Edge of Variable Worker Exclusions under Obamacare 4-14-2014

Poor, Minority Schools Get the Worst Teachers 4-13-2014

Getting Elections Right and Hope for On-line Registration Potential 4-12-2014

Texas Just Messing Around with Health Navigator Testing 4-11-2014

Texas Judge Slaps Down James O’Keefe Voter Reg Claims 4-10-2014

Warning: Medicare Whistleblowers! 4-9-2014

Unions, the First and Last Hope for Egyptian Revolution 4-8-2014

The Non-existent “Laboratory Conditions” on Union Elections in Auto and Sports 4-7-2014

How can Billion Dollar Fines be Little More Than Water off a Duck’s Back? 4-6-2014

Remembering Elena Hanggi, Jack Lavey, and the Wilbur Mills Expressway Fight 4-5-2014

How in FCC World Can Workers’ News Not be News? 4-4-2014

Before We’re Flooded with Big Money, Let’s Build a Party Boat 4-3-2014

Finally, Lead Paint Poisoners Being Brought to Justice 4-2-2014

Midterms Looking Very Bad  4-1-2014

In Affordable Care Numbers it’s the Politics not the Policy that Counts 3-31-2014

Middle Class Movement Takes Needs than Wishing and Hoping in India 3-28-2014

In Mumbai ACORN’s Ragpickers Start Rolling 3-26-2014

The Wonder of Political Party Politics in India 3-25-2014

Alphabet Soup as Affordable Care Enrollment Comes to Wire 3-24-2014

Building a Union of Street Vendors in Bengaluru 3-23-2014

Middle-Class Movement Meets Political Machines in Indian Election Run-up 3-22-2014

Movements Take Infrastructure, Not Simply Communication 3-21-2014

The Mixed Blessings of Globalization 3-20-2014

Where the Heck is that Malaysian Plane? 3-18-2014

Obamacare Enrollment Coming Down to Wire with a Few Exceptions 3-17-2014

Time for a “Silver Revolution?” 3-16-2014

Important Suit to Stop Diversion of Foreclosure Relief Funds for Other Purposes 3-15-2014

Making Earned Income Credits a Better Incentive for Work and Fair to the Childless 3-14-2014

Defining Overtime and Discretionary or Supervisory Workers 3-13-2014

Banks Shirking Responsibility for Foreclosed Property Maintenance 3-12-2014

Enough with the Privatization of Security 3-11-2014

More Fights for a Billionaire to Fund 3-10-2014

Arkansas Health Care Battleground Focuses on Stopping Enrollment 3-9-2014

Debit and Credit Card Security 3-8-2014

Do We Need a New Party to Turn Texas Blue? 3-7-2014

Expanding Post Offices into Financial Services 3-6-2014

Momentum Building against Wage Theft 3-5-2014

Mardi Gras Misery 3-4-2014

Looking at Life through the Literature of the Exotic 3-3-2014

For Tenancy to be an Alternative, Renting Has to Work 3-2-2014

Big Talk and Slow Walk in Texas Move to Restrict Obamacare Enrollment 3-1-2014

Is it Time to talk about a Backlash against Women? 2-28-2014

Privatization Everywhere in UK, and Monopoly Rising in USA 2-27-2014

Scotland at a Crossroads with Independence Vote Coming 2-26-2014

Multiple Occupancy Tenants Moving in Edinburgh 2-25-2014

New FCC Rules and Stopping Comcast 2-23-2014

Provocateurs Filled with Obama and ACORN Hating 2-22-2014

Unions Building Community Organizations in Britain 2-21-2014

Training Government Community Organizers in England 2-20-2014

Charter School Like Takeovers in English “Academy” Movement 2-19-2014

IRS Tax Exemption Hullabaloo 2-18-2014

UAW Lesson:  It Takes a Village to Win a Union Election 2-17-2014

Sponsor Boycott and Coach Firings:  Locker Room Culture Has to Change from the Top 2-16-2014

DownEuphemisms and Rationalizations are No Substitute for School Board Elections 2-15-2014

Comcast-Time Warner Merger Must be Stopped! 2-14-2014

Obamacare Numbers Rising Despite Fierce Opposition 2-13-2014

Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Crossroads for Israel 2-12-2014

Bank Mortgage and Foreclosure Problems Won’t Go Away 2-11-2014

MisLead Delivers a Chocolate Surprise 2-10-2014

Academic Proof Finally that More Diversity Equals More Community 2-9-2014

Hard Fight on Eminent Domain to Stop Foreclosures Still Raging in Richmond  2-8-2014

Political Ground Game in Ascendancy as Simple Math Triumphs with Big Data 2-7-2014

Rulemaking that Matters on Deportations and Union Elections 2-6-2014

Raising Obamacare Enrollment Can’t be Stopped 2-5-2014

UAW Breaking Through in Transplants in Chattanooga 2-4-2014

Pregnancy Protection a Great First Step for Sick Leave Victories 2-3-2014

Another Crossroads for Immigration Reform Strategy and Tactics 2-2-2014

Latina Women Trumping White Men as Keys to the Future 2-1-2014

Worker Centers Next Up on Attack List:  New Song, Same Verses 1-31-2014

Unions Pushing Up Wages from Below 1-30-2014

$10.10 Executive Order May Have More Impact Than You Think 1-29-2014

Connect the Dots:   Attack the Navigators While Wall Street Runs up the Tax Preparers 1-28-2014

Predators Cashing in on the Wild West of the Internet 1-27-2014

Obama:  Sailor for Social Change and Movement Man 1-26-2014

The Oxfam Report on “Working for the Few” 1-25-2014

Weaker Unions Mean Less Racial Inequality 1-24-2014

No Place for Young Men:  Why Snowden Can’t Get a Fair Trial in the USA 1-23-2014

Home Care Workers’ Union at the Supreme Court 1-22-2014

Is it Right to Divert Settlement Money Intended for Citizens? 1-21-2014

Another Year End / Year Beginning Meeting 1-20-2014

More Battles in the Walmart Wars:  Florida, Strikes, and Delhi 1-17-2014

More ACORN Bans in New Congressional Budget 1-16-2014

Fight against Obamacare Getting Nasty 1-15-2014

Texas Goes to War Against Obamacare Navigators 1-14-2014

Target, NSA, the House of Reps, and Life in a Land with no Irony 1-11-2014

Reaching the 30,000 Indians Still Owned Cobell Trust Land Royalties? 1-10-2014

Bonuses, the Wolf of Wall Street, and Canadian Scammer Jesse Willms 1-9-2014

Attacks Continue on Obamacare Enrollment Process 1-8-2014

More on Scarcity, Slack, Bandwidth and Impact on Poor and Public Policy 1-7-2014

How Scarcity Affects the Poor 1-6-2014

Technology versus the Poor 1-5-2014

Movement to Raise Minimum Wages Going Strong across the Country 1-4-2014

Working Families on the Move 1-3-2014

Golf Time is Over, What’s the President Going to do with Snowden and the NSA? 1-2-2014

Year End Loose Ends 12-31-2013

The Moral Dimensions of Price Protections for Drugs and Basic Necessities 12-30-2013

Why Deny the Poor Access to Telephone Service and the Internet? 12-29-2013

Solid Resolutions for the New Year 12-28-2013

Remember Bush’s Medicaid Expansion?  Same Problems with Obamacare! 12-27-2013

People Analytics are a Scaring Part of the Hiring Future, but… 12-26-2013

Temps Taking Over the Workforce Creating Organizing Obstacles 12-24-2013

Looking at Metropolitan Areas for an Understanding of Declining Union Strength 12-23-2013

Employer Facilitated Workplace Loans Skirting Payday Loan Restrictions 12-22-2013

Freedom of Speech on the Job, Where Do You Live, Duck Man? 12-21-2013

Ocwen, the Mortgage Loan Servicer, Pays $2.2 Billion for its Mess 12-20-2013

The Biggest International Philanthropists are Still Immigrant Families 12-19-2013

Swiss and NWRO Have Right Ideas for Ending Poverty in Income Guarantees 12-18-2013

Doctors and Hospitals Gone Wild 12-17-2013

Amnesty for Edward Snowden, the NSA Leaker 12-16-2013

Walmart Organizing Dilemma:  Publicity Strikes without Publicity 12-15-2013

Of Course Corporate Contributions are About Buying Access and Influence 12-14-2013

What Went Wrong with Memphis and the Mid-America Mall Desert? 12-13-2013

Small Employers Switching to Health Exchanges over Affordability Issues 12-12-2013

Federal Contractors:  Money First, Workers Last 12-11-2013

Managing the Money:  Feds versus States – Bailouts and Tobacco Money 12-10-2013

Good News:  Wealth Up!  Bad News: Not for You! 12-9-2013

The Ups and Downs of Obamacare Recruitment 12-8-2013

Charitable Deduction Reforms 12-7-2013

Nelson Mandela and Dewey Armstrong Both Passed This Way 12-6-2013

Fast Food Tradeoff:   Less Jobs for Living Wages 12-5-2013

Attempting to Hijack Low Power Community Radio 12-4-2013

Faith in Public Life Answers the Pope’s Call and Defends CCHD 12-3-2013

Debbie Downer Alert:  The Site Works Much Better! 12-02-2013

Proposed IRS Rules on C4s a Mixed Bag to See Lobbying from Right and Left 11-27-2013

JP Morgan Chase Whining is Hardly a Lesson Learned 11-26-2013

Act Fast with the Majority Favoring Some Kind of Immigration Reform 11-25-2013

Bring on the Trust Busters to Stop Comcast and Times-Warner Cable Monopoly!  11-24-2013

Hard to Deny that Snowden Did America a Favor 11-23-2013

Health Insurance Companies Gaining Whip Hand over Affordable Care Act? 11-22-2013

How About a Better Deal for Philippines Disaster Relief from US Banks & MTOs? 11-21-2013

Suspend Remittance Charges for Philippines Typhoon Recovery 11-20-2013

Social Enterprises as New Types of Nonprofit For Profit Companies 11-19-2013

The Low Percentage Odds for Short-term Victory for Fast Food Workers 11-18-2013

Before Throwing Obamacare Under the Bus, Look at Lessons in the Louisiana 5th District 11-17-2013

A Diversity Garden Comes to Benjamin Franklin High School in New Orleans 11-16-2013

Western Union and Others Turning Over Remittance Info to CIA 11-15-2013

University of the People 11-14-2013

The Emerging Fight to Prevent Institutionalization of Substandard Health Insurance 11-13-2013

Going Small versus the Grand on Immigration Reform 11-12-2013

Trouble Coming for Labor on Issues before the Supreme Court 11-11-2013

Doris Kearns Goodwin, Presidents, Modern Communications, and History 11-10-2013

Card Act 11-9-2013

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