April 6th, 2013 to November 8th, 2013

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Massachusetts and Wisconsin Already Moving on Minimum Wage Initiatives 11-8-2013

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Time to Get Wage Increases Back on States Ballots 11-7-2013

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Walmart on Food Stamps 11-6-2013

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M.I.A. 11-05-2013

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Entitlements 11-04-2013

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ACORN Footprint 11-03-2013

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Canada Horror Report on Digital Divide 11-02-2013

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War on the Poor 11-01-2013

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The Digital Divide and Obamacare 10-31-2013

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JP Morgan Chase Gaming on Big Settlement 10-30-2013

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Microcredit 10-29-2013

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Insurance Advertising Over the Line 10-28-2013

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Organizing Strategy Based on Solidarity and Power 10-27-2013

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Does the NSA Know How to Take No for an Answer? 10-26-2013

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Health Care Price Controls 10-25-2013

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Banking as a Criminal Conspiracy 10-24-2013

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Stop Tax Breaks for Private Equity 10-23-2013

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Health Advocates 10-22-2013

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JP Morgan Settlement 10-21-2013

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The Circle Will be Broken by Boredom 10-20-2013

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Voter Suppression 10-19-2013

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Obamacare Bottlenecks 10-18-2013

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Banks Stiff Borrowers 10-17-2013

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Obama Right to Refuse 10-16-2013

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State Health Exchanges 10-15-2013

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How Can it Be Smart to Punish Poor People Without Children? 10-14-2013

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Lessons for my Father, Part 2, the Darker Side 10-12-2013

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Lessons for my Father on Myanmar and Yangon 10-11-2013

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Walmart Has a Defeat in India 10-10-2013

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Texas Sized Myanmar 10-9-2013

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Meeting with the National League of Democracy 10-8-2013

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Oppressing Christians in Chin 10-7-2013

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Nothing Easy About Organizing Unions in Myanmar 10-6-2013

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Former Political Prisoners 10-5-2013

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Challenges of Exiles Coming Home 10-4-2013

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Myanmar 10-03-2013

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Casual Registrant 10-02-2013

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Far Left Elizabeth Warren 9-30-2013

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Judges Fed Up with Banks 9-29-2013

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Canada’s New Supergroup 9-28-2013

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Lead Paint 9-25-2013

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Obamacare Big Corporate Gap 9-24-2013

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ACA Conundrums 9-23-2013

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Limited Bandwidth 9-22-2013

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Union Density Pays 9-21-2013

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Punishing the Clinic Doors at the Polls 9-20-2013

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War on the Poor 9-19-2013

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Walgreens & Healthcare for Low Wage Workers 9-18-2013

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Millennium Villages Project 9-17-2013

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Power of NO 9-16-2013

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Federal Poverty Guidelines 9-15-2013

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UAW Transplant 9-14-2013

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Street Mail on ACA Notices 9-13-2013

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“Left Walk” in Mayor’s Race 9-12-2013

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ACA and Employee Healthcare 9-11-2013

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AFL-CIO 9-10-2013

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Glenn Beck 9-09-2013

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Acxiom 9-08-2013

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Larry Summers 9-08-2013

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Obamacare Bullies 9-06-2013

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Tips 9-05-2013

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Obamacare and IRS 9-04-2013

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Obamacare 9-03-2013

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Living Wages 9-02-2013

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Changes in the Passing of the Old and New 9-01-2013

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Political Spoilers from the Left 8-31-2013

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Tale of Two Cities 8-30-2013

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Katrina 8th Year Anniversary 8-29-2013

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Marching on Washington 8-28-2013

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Human Trafficking 8-27-2013

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Unions in Egypt 8-26-2013

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Chavez, Alinsky, the UFW, and the Modern Labor Movement 8-25-2013

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ACORN Funding Ban 8-24-2013

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Civil Forfeiture 8-23-2013

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Financial Aid 8-22-2013

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ACORN IRS Target 8-21-2013

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Banking Regulations 8-20-2013

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Internet Divide 8-19-2013

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Naive 8-18-2013

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O’Keefe 8-17-2013

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Cypherpunks 8-16-2013

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Philanthropic Colonialism 8-15-2013

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Good Jobs Nation 8-14-2013

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Phill Gramm 8-13-2013

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Larry Summers & the Federal Reserve 8-12-2013

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Same Ol’ AFL-CIO 8-11-2013

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Adverse Selection 8-10-2013

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LibGen.Info 8-9-2013

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Justice on Payday Lending 8-8-2013

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Free Books 8-7-2013

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Garameen Bank & Social Enterprises 8-6-2013

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Congress Gone Wild 8-5-2013

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Remittance Logjams 8-4-2013

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Immigration Arrests 8-3-2013

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Why Athletes Need Unions 8-2-2013

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Unbanked 8-1-2013

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Changing Scenery in the West 7-31-2013

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Lyme Disease 7-29-2013

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Workers Occupation 7-26-2013

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Understanding Chavez 7-25-2013

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Born Poor 7-24-2013

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Stop Signs for Social Change 7-23-2013

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New Economy 7-22-2013

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Disaster Myopia 7-21-2013

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Two Steps Forward & Two Steps Back in Bangladesh 7-20-2013

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Weapons of the Weak 7-19-2013

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Injustice in Indian Country 7-18-2013

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All Quiet on the Western Front 7-17-2013

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Signing Around the Campfire 7-16-2013

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The Time of Our Lives 7-15-2013

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Working Hard and Learning New Skills 7-12-2013

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Governor of Texas 7-11-2013

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Occupy What? Where? 7-9-2013

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Solar Power 7-9-2013

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Road West 7-7-2013

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Wyoming 7-6-2013

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Touring with Dylan 7-5-2013

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Red States 7-4-2013

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Payroll Cards 7-3-2013

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Girl Scouts 7-2-2103

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Journalists 7-1-2013

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Demographics & Democracy 6-30-2013

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The New Medici 6-29-2013

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Crowdfunding 6-28-2013

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Bank Accounts and Wikileaks 6-27-2013

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IRS Targeted Left 6-26-2013

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Bell Flaunts Monopoly 6-25-2013

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ACORN Love Feast 6-24-2013

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Telecom Ripoffs 6-23-2013

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Ending NLRB NonAdmissions 6-22-2013

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Lessons from Brazil 6-21-2013

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End of Textbooks 6-20-2013

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FCC Monopoly 6-19-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”10618″]

Low Power Radio Station 6-18-2013

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Wastepickers Helping NYCC Composting 6-17-2013

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Living American Wage Act 6-16-2013

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Subprime Losses and Wells Fargo 6-15-2013

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Water Rights Wars 6-14-2013

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Richmond Eminent Domain 6-13-2013

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Tech Companies & Privacy 6-12-2013

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Banks Overdraft Rip-Off 6-11-2013

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School Tracking 6-10-2013

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First Source Hiring 6-9-2013

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ACORN Week 6-8-2013

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Digital Divide & Rogers 6-7-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”10367″]

Citizen Wealth Reeling 6-6-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”10348″]

CRA for Non-Banks 6-5-13

[jwplayer mediaid=”10334″]

Indian States & Walmart Expansion 6-4-13

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Copan Ruins 6-3-13

[jwplayer mediaid=”10300″]

Certification Confusion 6-2-13

[jwplayer mediaid=”10283″]

ACORN International Organizers 6-1-13

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Choloma 5-31-13

[jwplayer mediaid=”10249″]

Walmart, Environmental Criminal 5-30-13

[jwplayer mediaid=”10236″]

Newspaper Monopolies 5-28-13

[jwplayer mediaid=”10214″]

Alinsky in Japan 5-27-13

[jwplayer mediaid=”10196″]

Stiffing Tenants  5-26-13

[jwplayer mediaid=”10182″]

Parents 5-25-13

[jwplayer mediaid=”10169″]

Religion 5-24-13

[jwplayer mediaid=”10148″]

IRS Scandal 5-23-13

[jwplayer mediaid=”10135″]

Poverty as Disease 5-22-13

[jwplayer mediaid=”10118″]

Crummy Care 5-21-13

[jwplayer mediaid=”10101″]

World Acceptance 5-20-13

[jwplayer mediaid=”10085″]

Edinburgh & Prague 5-19-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”10052″]

Hating Breitbart 5-18-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”10037″]

Hitting the Doors in Scotland 5-17-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”10028″]

Edinburgh Tenant Organizing 5-15-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9997″]

Chaos & Revolution 5-14-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9982″]

Pushback in Prague 5-13-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9981″]

“Bedroom Tax” 5-12-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9953″]

IRS and Tea Party 5-11-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9937″]

Fair Trade Labeling for Garment Workers 5-10-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9915″]

Right to Organize  5-8-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9884″]

Farmworkers 5-7-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9863″]

Insurance Monopolies 5-6-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9847″]

Credit Scores and Medical Bills 5-4-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9821″]

Kaiser SEIU Victory 5-3-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9807″]

Better Work, Mickey Mouse and Bangladesh 5-2-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9790″]

Digital Divide 5-1-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9773″]

Misleading info on Remittances 4-30-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9755″]

Disability Rights 4-29-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9744″]

Beer in Africa 4-28-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9723″]

Monitoring Bangladesh 4-27-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9709″]

Bangladesh Factory Fires 4-26-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9688″]

Payday Lending 4-25-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9674″]

SEIU-NUHW Decert 4-24-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9655″]

Cameras Everywhere 4-23-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9637″]

Food Monopolies 4-22-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9558″]

Forced Austerity 4-21-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9545″]

Part-Time Workers 4-20-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9534″]

Fusion 4-19-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9525″]

Tesco 4-18-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9515″]

Hospitals Make More for Worse Care  4-17-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9502″]

Texas Utility 4-16-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9492″]

Direct Care Workers 4-15-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9478″]

Hackers or Activists? 4-14-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9469″]

UltraViolet 4-13-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9459″]

Canada Temp Workers 4-12-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9449″]

SNAP Benefits Enrollment Numbers 4-11-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9439″]

Crowdsourcing 4-10-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9424″]

Mountains of TVs 4-9-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9415″]

Spain Economy 4-8-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9373″]

Charter School Report 4-7-2013

[jwplayer mediaid=”9378″]

Silicon Valley Report 4-6-2013

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