Voice of the People Daily Bulletin

Tyson Foods, FCC and Internet as Public Utility, ESPN and Subscribers, Corruption in Brazil, UK Firms and Paying Suppliers, Payments to Flynn, Renting Bikes, and Construction Bribes 04-30-2017

Turkey Arrests, United Passenger Removal Strategy, Russian Government and Open Russia, Fuel Theft in Mexico, Trump Tax Plan, Portland Families and Backyard Housing, White House and Health Care Support Payments, and NAFTA 04-29-2017

Road Rage and Firearms, Fox News Class Action Lawsuit, Chobani Yogurt Sues Over False Reports, Illegal Immigrants, Wells Fargo Board of Directors, June 4th Mexican Governor Race, Orleans Parish DA and Fake Subpoenas, Twitter Revenue, Apparel, and Internet in India and Protests 04-28-2019

Former Haitian Leader Convicted, Union Busters, NLRB, Average Lifespan, Trump Border Wall and Spending, Sanctuary Cities, Abortion,  and Populist Parties 04-27-2017

Women in Stem Jobs, US Seafood Trade Deficit, World Malaria Deaths, Violent Offenders, Amtrak Derailments, Adults and Middle Income Households, Nevada Jury and Bundy Standoff, Borrowers and Parent Plus Loans, Alcohol and Highways in India, and World Population and Poverty 04-26-2017

Pass the Trash Bills and School Districts, Cigarette Sales, Trump Approval Rating, Deaths from Overdoses, State Trust Lands, Anti-Bullying Law in Japan, Biometric Identification and Voters, World Bank and College Enrollment in Africa, Confederate Monuments in New Orleans, and Tax Rate Cut 04-25-2017

Fox News and Prime Time Viewers, French Elections, Broadband Providers, Aspirin, Stone Tools in Kenya, Mexican Law and Political Parties and Women, Shoppers and Amazon, Saudi Arabia, and Applications by Indians and Visas to US and Trump Administration 04-24-2017

Google Market Search and Internet Traffic, Facebook Networks, Social Media Influence Market, Spending on Lottery, Walmart Money Card, Wages in China, Mobile Platform to Reconnect Family, United Airlines, Trump and Exxon, BBQ and Prison Strike, Antidepressant, and Dreamers 04-23-2017

Federal Regulators on Ocwen, Cincinnati Sues Harbour Portfolio, Federal Funding and Border Wall, Attorney Generals and Sanctuary Cities, Airline Deregulation, Wills, Costs of Child Care, Democrats, Former Presidents Speech Fees, Employee Complaints, and Equal Media Exposure 04-22-2017

GM and Venezuela, Wharton School of Business and Gender, Verizon Loss, College Freshman and Papers, Methane Rules, Taxpayers and Uncollected Debts, Icebergs, Russian Supreme Court and Jehovah Witnesses, Ontario Tax, Electrodes and the Brain, and Death Sentences 04-21-2017

Writers Guild Strike, American Hotel and Lodging Association and AirBnb, Fox News Pay Out for Bill O’Reilly, Internal Revenue Service and For-Profit Debt Company, Aid for Child Care, and Retired Coal Miners and Health Care 04-20-2017

Childcare, Trump Towers, Indonesia Elections, Plastic in the Sea, Mexican Governors, Montana Election, Violent Crime and Prosecutors, NYC and Cigarette Prices, Drug Prices, Foreign Workers, Tinder Users, and Germany and Anti-Immigration Leader 04-19-2017

Border Wall Costs, Drug Cases, Georgia Election, NCAA and North Carolina, Former New England Patriot Player Suicide, Bill O’Reilly Forced Out, 2018 Elections, Oil in Arctic, Vegas Casino and Trump Donation, Protests in Turkey, White House and New England Patriots, and States and Fines and Fees from the Innocent 04-18-2017

March for Science, NYC and Uber Tips, Prescription Drugs, British PM, Large Banks, McDonald’s Worker Catch Facebook Killer, Modern Slavery, Trump and Aircraft Carrier, Ivanka Trump Trademarks, Hungary Migrant Applications, Immigrants and Food Selling, NFL Bets, and Peace Keeping 04-17-2017

Alcohol Banned, Age Discrimination, Wells Fargo Directors, Trump Taxes, Russia and French Elections, Facebook and Live Killing, Supreme Court Justices and Gender, Young Adult Population, Hungry Strike in Palestine Prison, Arkansas Supreme Court and Executions, and Former Microsoft CEO and Usfacts.org 04-16-2017

Generic Drugs, Oakland and Police Uniforms, Forbes Richest, Private Nonprofit College Costs, France Right Wing Party, Student Loans, Environmental Groups and Border Wall, Immigrants Detained, Trump Organization and Dallas Hotel, Abortions, Turkey President, Slack and Support, and Banksy Hotel 04-15-2017

Overseas Adoptions, Defibrillators, Visitors to White House, Executions in Arkansas, Fox News and Women, Trump Re-Election, Import Export Bank, Demonstrators on Tax Day, General Merchandise Stores, India and Population, and Lobbyists 04-14-2017

Planned Parenthood, Afghanistan Bomb, Trustees for Foundation, Driving and Public Transportation, Hearing Lost, Skin Cancer, Health Insurance Subsidies, Canada and Recreational Pot, Lending and Investment, Border Control Jobs, and United Airlines 04-13-2017

Gig Economy Workers, Alabama Governor Resigns, Wells Fargo, ATF and NASCAR Suite, Daily News and ProPublica and Pulitzer Prize, Voter ID Law in Texas, FBI and Russian Spammer, and Navient and Loan Collection Practices 04-12-2017

Wells Fargo and Merchant Credit Process, Washington State and Teamsters, Pittsburgh and Uber, Google and Fact Check Tags, PTAs in LA, Mental Illness, China and Solar Power Production, AIDS Relief in Africa, Homeless Students, US Workers Fired, and OSCA Standards 04-11-2017

Shopping Patterns, Solar Radiation Management, Civil Rights Complaints, Rural Area Jobs, Wells Fargo Whistle-Blower Fines, Small Craft Breweries, Flood Damage, South African Protest on President, Arizona and Private Schools, Twitter Account Holders, Blue Cross Performance, Baltimore Police Department, and Walmart and Target and Gender Neutral Bathrooms  04-10-2017

Sleeping Giants Twitter, GPV Infections, Firm Sizes, NLRB and St. Xavier University, Alabama Governor, YouTube and 10K Views, and Coal Fire Plants and Voting 04-09-2017

ACA Repeal, Federal Agents and LA Visa Fraud Operation, Women’s Soccer Team Labor Agreement, Amazon Stock, Trump Ties to Russia, Supreme Court Nominee, Twitter and Rogue Accounts, and Russia and Election 04-08-2017

Civil Rights Act and Sexual Orientation on College Case, Private Lenders and Regulations, NY State Court and Social Media Privacy Protections, Pepsi and Kendell Jenner Ad Controversy, Bannon Off National Security Council, and IG on IRS 04-07-2017

Tesla and Ford Motor Company, School Districts and Bus Driver Retention, Bill O’Reilly, Sheriff in Arizona and Tent City, NCAA and North Carolina Boycott, Police Unions and Relaxed Oversight, Chemical Weapon in Syria, and Precolonial Society and Authoritarianism 04-06-2017

Uber and Psychology, Michigan and Lead Pipes in Flint, Aggressive Investigation on Russian Ties, Women and Minorities and Facebook Contract Law Firms, Tapping and Pocketing Retirement Accounts, Texas Roadhouse and Employment and Age Discrimination, Bill O’Reilly Loses Ads, Settlements and Police Review, and the Freedom Caucus and Health Care 04-05-2017

Free Speech and Campaign Rally, Manufacture of Oxycodone, Video Games, Cambodia Debt, Financial Disclosure Forms, Ecuador Ballot Count, Gender and Appearance, Mexican Corn, and Female Statue in Parliament Square 04-04-2017

Foreign Workers, Bill O’Reilly Settlement, Signal Encryption, Airline Fees, Scottish Independence, Arkansas and Sex Selection Abortions, Millennials, Black Workers and Hours Worked, Shareholder Events, and Handguns 04-03-2017

Bank of America Fines, Burning Calories, Trump University, Trump Kids’ Worth, Tax Filers, CDC and Opioids, Trump Poll Numbers, Cosmic Radiation, Native Languages, India, Street Food, and Olympic Costs 04-02-2017

North Carolina and Bathrooms, Fox News Channel Sued, Angola Prisoners in Solitary, Flynn Testimony, Wildflower Seeds, Secret Intelligence, Statue of Liberty, Death Sentences, Russian and Alaska, Kansas Governor and Medicaid, Department of Education and Student Loan Forgiveness, South Korean Former President, McDonald’s Fresh Meat, and Planned Parenthood 04-01-2017

Ivanka, Research Funding, New Jersey Aides Sentenced to Prison, Women Voters, Pet Spending, NEA Costs, Mining for Gold, California Illegal Recordings, Supreme Court on Free Speech, Bob Dylan and Nobel Prize, Seizure of Money and Goods, and Mayor of Baltimore and Minimum Wage 03-31-2017

French Terrorism Court, Germany and Turkish Spy, Voter Files and Turnout, Tax Expert and Corporate Tax Rate,  Pot in Canada, Iceland and Gender Pay, Diversity, Wells Fargo CRA, UK and EU Exit, Westinghouse Bankruptcy, and Chinese Skyscraper Deal for Kushner  03-30-2017

Russian Truck Drivers Organize Protests, UN Talks on Treatry, Hong Kong Charges, Chinese Government Think Tank, Whats App, Corporate Tax Rate, Iowa and Minimum Wage, Kansas Republican Legislature, Climate Controls, Scotland Independence Vote, Gender Pay Gap, and  Ivory Coast Strike  03-29-2017

Uber and Self-Driving Cars and Testing, IRS and Layoffs and Audits, Whitehouse Budget on Small Manufactures, Medicaid Coverage, Intelligence Committee, Russian Protestors, AG Sessions Threatens Sanctuary Cities, and Maine 03-28-2017

HIV and Newly Infected, Russian Arrests on Corruption Protests, Ethnics Investigations, Active Duty Troops in US, Turkey Migration in Greece, Hong Kong Wealth Gap, Trump Visits to His Own Property, Ads on Breitbart, FCC and Consumer Privacy, Home Ownership, and Congress and Health Care Voting 03-27-2017

Kaiser Family Foundation and Medicaid Coverage and State Budgets, Polish Banks Attacks, Foreign-Born Living in United States, Fox News Rating, UN Peace-Keeping Budget, Arkansas Executions, North Korean Hacking Network,  US Emissions, Preserving Employee Wellness and Genetic Testing, and Children without Dental Healthcare 03-26-2017

Boycott of Google by Advertisers, American Wedding Guests Spending, India and Meat Exportation,  Toronto Schools and US Field Trips, California and Emissions Standards, Republican Health Care Bill Polling, Bicycle Sharing in China, Unwanted Fax Ads, Immigration Waiting Lists, and Military Coalition in Iraq 03-25-2017

Amendments on Health Care Bill and Coverage Reduction and Costs, Paid Leave, Teaching Assistants at Cornell, Dues Checkoff Ruling, Trump Keystone Permit, Republicans Pull Health Care Bill, Brazil and Tainted Meat Scandal, Penn State Scandal, and CIA and Spy Tools for Apple 03-24-2017

Mortality Raising, Top 100 Films in 2016 and Male Characters, Overtime Rule Adjustment, Japanese Workers, Supreme Court Nominee, GOP Health Care Plan Approval, Privacy Protections, Public Transportation, Famine Declaration, and Voter Registration and Voter ID Laws 03-23-2017

Louisiana and Immigration Marriage Law, Infant Deaths, Parliament Attack in London, Secretary of State and Terrorism Speech, Emily’s List, Disabled Children, Lynchings, ATT and Google Ads on Youtube, North Korea Theft, and Peabody Energy Cleanup Bill 03-22-2017

Sec of Agriculture Nominee, Baltimore City Council and Minimum Wage, Student Loans for Older Americans, Solar Industry, Unpaid Medical Bill, School Voucher Programs, Carbon Emissions, Electric Device Restrictions, Supreme Court and Nominees, Health and Climate Change, Health Care Bill, and Governors on Budget Cuts  03-21-2017

Berlin and Gentrification, FBI Director Investigation on Trump and Russian Interference in Election, Fox News Poll and Trump on Twitter, Passengers and Laptops, Halo Effect and Far Right Politicians, Grandparents in the US, Ivanka Trump Office, and Basketball Star Gabby Williams 03-20-2017

Voter Turnout in the Netherlands, Foreign Applications to US Colleges, Mexican Justice System, Humanitarian Aid, Foreign Physicians, Chuck Berry, State Turnout for Elections, Work Stoppages, Israel and Apartheid for Palestine, Wire-Tapping, Ride Sharing Apps,  Cholera Epidemic, and VW Documents Seized 03-19-2017

Trump and British Spy Service, Work Requirements for Medicaid Recipients, Justice Department Opposes CPFB, Education Department and Default Debt,  Serial Comma Survey, and Default Mortgages 03-18-2017

Unsealed Records on Monsanto, Voters on Candidates and Children, South Korea and Trump, Wells Fargo CEO Earnings, Paying for Online Content, PBS Budget Cuts, and CDBG Elimination Under Trump Budget 03-17-2017

Germany on Facebook and Twitter and Hate Speech, Wages and Employment and Visa Program, Travel Ban, Anti-Immigrant Candidate in Netherlands, Fees on Checking Accounts, Jones Day Firm Raid in Germany, Trump Budget Proposal, and Nostril Widths and Climates 03-16-2017

Groups in Belgium Protest Deportation Law, Veterans and Discharges and VA Care, Emergency Medical Treatment Act, Landslide in Ethiopia Kills Waste-pickers, Drugs in Afghanistan, Performance-Based Funding, Health Insurance Premiums, Seattle Ordinances and Uber and Teamsters, and Health Care Coverage 03-15-2017

Federal Judge and Nude Dancing, Flynn and Turkey, Medical Bills, Voters, ACA Tax Cuts, Wildlife Sanctuary Takeover, State Congressional Districts in Texas, Scientists in Israel and Patrol Hearing, Indian Elections, and Jet-jag Remedies 03-14-2017

ACA and Essential Coverage for Drug Treatment, South Korea Leader Removed, Career Fields for Men, Pope Married Priests, Ports, Assange and Tech Companies on CIA Documents, Independent Assessment on Budget, and Co2 Emissions 03-13-2017

Higher Premiums for ACA, Houston Jail on Misdemeanor Charges, Governor Cumo and Fight Against Poverty, Company Taxes, Giant Companies and Market Share, and Obama Majority States 03-12-2017

HUD and Slavery and Immigration, CIA Hacking Tools, India and NGO Licenses for Foreign Funds, Israel Parliament and Boycott of Goods, Hungary and Asylum Seekers, Conservative Foundation in Dutch Election, Crime Conventions, Ryan Health Bill and Coverage, Poor Americans and Benefits Programs, and AMA  and Hospitals on Republican Health Bill 03-10-2017

Canton Mississippi Auto Workers March, Planned Parenthood and Abortion, Court of Appeals and Confederate Monuments in New Orleans, Discrimination and Sleep, Botulism Outbreak, Secret Jury Deliberations, British Parliament and High Heels,  Marines United, Undocumented Immigrants, and Obamacare Alternative Plan 03-09-2017

Class Action Lawsuit Against Private Prison, Nonprofits and Compensation Rate, Arkansas House and Medicaid Enrollment Freeze, Psycho-graphic Profiles,  FBI Director and Obama Wiretapping, Death Row, Israel and Pot Use, and Felonies and the Right to Vote 03-08-2017

NRA Requests on Mental Health and Guns, Trump Administration on EPA Budget, Uber and Authorities and Gray Ball Technology, CFPB and Constitutionality, Median Income for Retirement Age, New Orleans Last on Progress, Arkansas Executions, and Pope Francis on the Homeless 03-07-2016

2012 Study on Child and Robot Interactions, Obama Book Deals, Cognitive Science and Evolutionary Progress, Family Spending on Child Care, Sweden and Military Draft, Working Mothers, Tax Credit Vouchers, IRS Budget, Mobile Devices to Schools, and Caterpillar Company Raided 03-06-2017

Parking Meters in North Dakota, Sessions and Russian Contact, Trump Budget Cuts, Sexual Abuse Victim on Pope’s Committee, NGOs, Patient Advocacy Groups, FCC and Anti-Hacking Rules, Kansas Supreme Court on Education Spending, and Bills to Control Protests 03-05-2017

Public Citizen Watch Director on Public Services, Sterling Jewelry and Sexual Harassment, Class Pay Gap in Britain, Contingent Workers, Whistle-blower Claims for United Healthcare, South African Minimum Wage, Jeff Sessions and Police Departments, Republicans in Congress, Voucher Students, Outsourced Workers, and Small Town Refugees 03-04-2017

LifeSite Sued by AP, Justice Department and Texas Voter ID Law, Worse States, Auto Maker Pleads Guilty on Fraud, Netherlands Elections, Supreme Court and Social Media Rights, Governors Meeting with Trump, Warren Buffett and Hedge Funds, and YouTube Viewers 03-03-2017

States and Federal Laws on Pot, Assets Seizures, Law Professors and Professional Misconduct Complaint, FBI and Russian Agents, Jigsaw and Comment Filter, Media Banned by Trump, and Conservative PAC and FBI Threat 03-02-2017

Detainers and Secure Communities, British By-Elections, Mexico Soda Tax, Home Prices in the UK and City Earnings, Working People Parties, Loan Increases, Chair of Democratic Committee, US Secret Service Settlement, and Homeland Security Report on Country of Origin and Terrorism 03-01-2017

Unaccompanied Minors to US, Elected Women Legislatures, Millionaires, 20 Years in a Retirement Costs,  Whistle-blowing Standards, Privately Owned Dams,  Inclusionary Zoning in New Orleans, Louisiana School Voucher Program, Online Donors, Trump Ratings, and Secretary of Navy Nominee Withdraws 02-28-2017

New US Policies and Migrant Abuse, China and Resident Permits, Sweden and Work Life Balance, Democrats and Opposition to Trump, Teenagers and Transgender Identity, Airlines and Prices, Google Lawsuit and File Downloading, North Dakota Protests, and Brazil Corruption 02-27-2017

Santa Clara County Suit on Trump, Transgender Students, Uber Internal Culture, Solar City and Credit Standards, Banks and Credit Card Companies and Fees, Registered Voters and Trust, Illegal Immigrants, Trump Approval Rate, and CFPB Sues 02-26-2017

News Traffic, US Economy Growth, Activists on DPL, Trump and Media Coverage, Sanders Supports Take DNC Seats, and Vulnerable Republicans 02-25-2017

Billionaires, Net Worth Populations, Student Teachers in New Jersey, Richmond California and Homicide Rate, Luxury Housing Tax, Trump and Immigration Laws, For-Profit Education and Student Loans, and Air Flights Demand to US Drops  02-24-2017

British Lawmakers on State Visit of Trump, Criminalize the Muslim Brotherhood, Sweden and Asylum Applications and Crime, Breitbart Editor and Pedophilia, War and Sudan Famine, Uber Technology and Harassment, and Boob Upraising 02-23-2017

New Immigration Guidelines and Minors from Mexico and Central America, British Households and Car Loans, Donald Trump Invents Terrorist Attack in Sweden, Walk Out of Tech Workers on March 14th, Economic Growth in Philippines, Estate Taxes, and the American Conservative Union  02-22-2017

Greece Black Market and Unpaid Taxes, Indonesia and Forest Title, New Draft Procedures and Deportation, Amazon and Ivanka Trump Perfume, National Evaluation of Head Start Benefits, Republicans and Union Business at Federal Offices, Federal Commission Member to Resign 02-21-2017

Membership List for Trump Club, China and North Korean Coal, Palm Beach International Airport and Flights for Security Clearance, Nuclear Reactors, Greek Government and Tax Increases for Small Firms, and Health Care Plan Changes 02-20-2017

CNN and US Investigators on Russian Blackmail, Household Brands Mergers, Doctors and Gun Rights, NBA and Collective Image Marketing, Transfer Credits and Colleges, Funding for Arts,  Jobs to Exports and Trade, and Memo on National Guard for Illegal Immigrants 02-19-2017

Federal Investigators and Fox News, Motor Vehicle Deaths, Day Without Immigrants, Trump Companies and Federal Government Revenue, EPA Union and Scott Pruitt, CPFB and Housing Finance Company, and Netherlands Elections 02-18-2017

Secretary of Labor Nominee Withdraws, 13 Trump States Have Medicaid Expansion, Women in Senior Leadership, Traffic Actions, Breakfast at School, Russian Contacts, Movie Tickets and Race, NLRB Count at Boeing, and Medicaid Complaints 02-17-2017

Ross and Investments, UK Cooperative Bank, True Link and Elderly Scammed, FICO Credit Scores and Loan Repayments, Scammers on UK Pensions, Teachers and Body Cameras, Interstate Wars, Oklahoma Bill Calls Women Hosts, Kellyanne Conway, Flynn Resigns,  Hong Kong Police and Protestor Beating, HUMANA and ACA, and Travel Ban 02-16-2017

31% Favor Koch Brothers, Law Enforcement Leaders and Sentencing Reform, Researchers and Regional Differences from Doctors and Back Surgery, Voter Fraud in New Hampshire, Retirement Age Americans and Psychiatric Drugs, Trump and PM of Japan and North Korean Security Crisis,  Boeing Union Election, Grammy Awards and Racial Inclusion, and DuPont Settlement 02-15-2017

Public Policy Polling and Trump Protestors, Unauthorized Immigrants and Obama Administration, Asylum Applications in Mexico, Swiss Citizenship for Migrants, Bucharest Protests, Student Loans Over the Age of 50, IBM Employees and Free Society Projects, NCAA and Scholarships, Van Jones and Prince’s Estate, and NSA Michael Flynn and Russian Sanctions 02-14-2017

Plan on Taxes and Wealthy Tax Cuts, Senate Rules on Debates, Egyptian Police Closes Organization, Demonstrations in Cameroon, Robo Calls, Congressional Town Hall, New Travel Order, and Underground Railroad in France 02-13-2017

Jimmie Carter and Solar Panels, Substance Abuse and Coverage Under ACA, Israel Voters and Gaps in Turnout, Basic Income in India, Canada and Refugees, Dutch Prisons and Rehabilitation, Women Voters for Trump, Obama Fiduciary Rule, and Unemployment and Race 02-12-2017

Cameroon Government and the Internet, Deportations of Immigrants, AIG Officials and Fines, Mexicans and Flooding Immigration Courts, Indian Toilet Drive, DPL, Arkansas and Fayetteville Bullying, Ivanka Trump Brand Sells, Protests at Yale, and Working Women 02-11-2017

Spending on Public Schools, Parents Paying Rent, North Carolina and Powers for Governor, Muslim Ban, Kenya and Refugee Camp, Crowdfunding Sites and Travel Ban, Golden State Warriors and Speaking Out, Chinese Policy, and Financial Relief 02-10-2017

Supreme Court Nominee Remarks, Nordstrom on Ivanka Trump Clothes, Federal Judge Blocks Health Company Merger, Patriot Players and White House, Temporary Contracts, Ivanka Trump and Trust for Murdock, Financial Advisor Requirements, and Senator Warren and Censure 02-09-2017

Melania Trump Suit, Secretary of Education Confirm, DPL Permit, Amnesty International and Syrian Hangings, ACA and Obamacare, Muslim Brotherhood, NYC Students Walk Out, Law School Transparency, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Cyber Attack, SNAP Network Resignations, and Jeff Sessions Approval  02-08-2017

Tea Party, Tech Companies and Immigrants, Lawyers Sue in Louisiana on Public Defenders Systems, Medicaid Spending, Working Moms, Muslim Doctors, Orthopedic Doctors Salaries, 314 Action, Priests and Sexual Abuse, NFL Ratings, and Pipeline Companies 02-07-2017

Romanian Street Protests, Judge Criticism, FCC and Discounted Internet, Wells Fargo Sued, Secretary of Army Nominee Withdraws, AirBnb and Short Term Housing, Alliance for Board Diversity, Roman Catholic Church and Drug Campaign, Walmart Investigations in Mexico and India, IRS and Michael Jackson, and the Bitcoin 02-06-2017

Super-Emitters of Pollution, Muslim Ban Lifted for Visas, Bowling Green Massacre, NLRB and Charter Schools in New Orleans, France and Nepotism, Trump and LGBT Protections, Iron Workers Union Protest, Overseas Prisons, Police Department Run by Women, Argentina and Immigration, and Higher Schools and Grades in Predictive Courses 02-05-2017

Protests in Romania, Berkley Protests, Awarded Grants Under Homeland Security and Muslims, Coal Companies, Sheep Killing Practices, Google Outsource Workers, ACA Marketplaces, Santa Cruz Settlement Case, Afghanistan Territory, Widows and Poverty, Visas Revoked, and Seattle Divestment of Wells Fargo Funds 02-04-2017

Rush Card Fines, Bosh Fines in VW Emissions Scandal, ACLU Funds, Tax Day Protest, Indian Finance Minister and Poverty, Romanians Protest, US Consumers and Identity Fraud, DOL Dissent, Security Workers Join SEIU, Johnson Amendment and Church Endorsements, UBER CEO Resigns from Trump Council, and Paris and Peeing in the Street  02-03-2017

Paypal and New Zealand, Federal Court Judge in LA and Immigration Ban, Trump Hangs Up on Australian PM, Dutch Election and Hacking, Trump Golf Course and Deposit Refunds, Earth Day Protest for Science, Exxon Leader Approved as Secretary of State, Mexican Minimum Wages, and Facebook Loses Suit 02-02-2017

State Department and Dissent Memo, India and Malnourished Children, FBI and Ransom Ware Victim Costs, Animal Welfare Consumer Standards, Florida Governor and Budget Cuts for Ports and Cuba, Committee Protests on Confirmations, Blackstone Homes, NLRB and Scholarship Athletes as Employees, Republican Senators and Secretary of Education Confirmation, and National Right to Work Bill 02-01-2017

Koch and Donors and Trump, Political Party and In Laws, VA Hires, Insulin Manufacturers and Prices, St. Louis Cardinals Hacker, New Federal Nurse Home Regs, Trump Administration and Refugees, and Slum Dwellers in Philippines and Police 01-31-2017

Housing Discrimination Complaints, Trump Immigration Bans and Translators, Refugees, Nielsen Report and Social Media, Acting AG on Immigration Order, State Department Dissent Order, Muslim Exclusion Order, Right to Livelihood Law in India for Hawkers, and Transgenders and the Boy Scouts 01-30-2017

Trump Executive Order on Immigrants, Fetal Remains of Abortion in Texas, Free Birth Control, France and Sugary Drinks, Refugees and Terrorist Attack, Walmart Pay Restructuring, Germany on VW Emissions, National Origin Discrimination, Mongolian Demonstration, Key Witness in Emmett Till Case, Black Adolescents, Aged 65, and Overworked 01-29-2017

Seattle Voters and Hotel Workers, Public Voter Database and Double Registrations, Trump Wall and Import Taxes, International Students in Canada, Hunger Strike in Sir Lanka, Immigrants and Crime, Lynching Apology, Residential Mortgage Sales, NFL and Concussions, Free Trade Deals Polling Numbers, and National Park Service Twitter 01-28-2017

Six Journalists Arrested at Inauguration,  Health Care Costs, Believing Anything, Domestic Violence, Political Contributions, Black Money in India, British Woman Petition on Heels, Republican Legislatures in Ohio on Ethics Law, Alternative Facts, Automation, and Members of Unions 01-27-2017

Paychecks for Prime Age Women, Dakota Pipeline, Trains in China, Denmark Unions, British Supreme Court, EPA Blackout, Washington Post on Trump Tax Returns, No Vote Shares, Fannie Mae and Blackstone Debt, Wells and Fargo Branches and Risk Monitors 01-26-2017

Federal Judge on Insurance Buyout, Trump Order on TPP, Rent Moderation, Family Care Giver, Blacklisted Federal List for Aid, Voter Id Law, Presidents Win at Supreme Court, Peru Pipeline Contract, Citigroup, and Fact-Checking on Federal Employees 01-25-2017

Poverty, Children Lives, Crowd Scientists and National Mall Footage on Inauguration, Constitution Scholars and Trump Suit, Planned Parenthood Training Session, Cervical Cancer Deaths, Russians on Domestic Violence, Labor Protests in Garment Industry, Yahoo Data Breeches, Volcanoes, and Royal Royce Investigation 01-24-2017

Non-Bank FHA Loans, Philadelphia and Gender Equality, Uber Settlement, Korea and Women, Private Law School Losing Federal Loans, Media, US Men and Income, US Income Growth, Women’s March on Washington, Foreign Troops in Gambia, and Sham Treatments and Pain  01-23-2017

Colleges and Student Incomes, Indigenous Environmental Activist in Mexico Killed, China and Coal Fire Plants, Beatles Songs, JP Morgan Chase and Discrimination, Deadpool, City of New York University and Low Income Students, High Profile Boycotts and Stock Prices, Troops into Gambia, and Trump Appointees 01-22-2017

New Orleans Charter Schools Spending, Insurance and Individual Premiums, Donald Trump Popularity, Farmer Suicide’s in France, Puerto Rico Nationalist Sentence, President Obama Rating, Government Workers in Egypt, Records for Heat, Navient Law Suits, and Women and Sexism Problem 01-21-2017

University of Chicago and Sampling of Doctors and Ending Life, Weekend Warriors and Health, 26% Approve of Trump Twitter, Secretary of Labor and Class Action Lawsuits for CKE, Chelsea Manning and Clemency, and Democratic Congressman Boycott Inauguration 01-20-2017

46 Billion Dollars Worth of Climate Change Damage, Charter Schools in Louisiana, ACA Protests, Circus to Close, Hispanic Population and Voting Rights Act, Work Tests, Female Binge Drinking, Fastest Growing Jobs and Feminine Language, Construction Dangers, and Black Rock  01-19-2017

Online Funding Platform and NYC Votes, Wells Fargo and Credit Card Applications, Clinton Global Initiative and Risk, Married Before 18, Justice Department and Drivers License for Motor Voter Act, Opioid Addiction and ACA, Trump Poll Numbers, Department of Education and College Debt, Trump on John Lewis, and Military Chaplains  01-18-2017

Sugar and Obesity and Calories, Politico and Trump Voters and Immigration Problem, Lagos Nigeria and Land Grabbing, US Supreme Court and Mandatory Arbitration, Alaska and Mental Health Treatment for Involuntary Commitment, Foreign Aid Budget, and Household Purchases 01-17-2017

EPA and Chrysler on Emissions, Judge Department Investigation on FBI Director, LL Bean Granddaughter Illegal Donation to Trump, President Obama Wet Foot Dry Foot Policy, Russian Health Ministry and Cigarettes, Haiti Protest, Time Spent on Work Activities, and Ratings for NFL  01-16-2017

Big Tech Firms Pacs and Employee Contributions, Immigration Activists, Norway and FM Radio Broadcasting, Morocco and Burka Ban, Germany Applications for Asylum, Facebook and News, Cashiers and Cooks Protest, and Baltimore and African American Arrests 01-15-2017

Socialist Party, States and Minimum Wages, Programmatic Ads, Citizens Assembly in Ireland, Uber and City Planners, Right to Work States, World Bank and Remittances to Bangladesh, Indian Funding Licenses, Prison Population, and Orleans Parish Jail Costs  01-13-2017

Deregulation in Mexico and Gas Prices, Afghanistan and Sexual Abuse, Trump Cabinet and De-investment, Nongovernmental Organizations in Central Africa, China and Birth Control, Attachment Theory, Sleeping Giants, and Predatory Student Loans  01-12-2017

Staples Stores and USPS,  Kentucky Right to Work Bill, Salary Raises, College Packets and Information to High School Seniors, Texas Bathroom Bill, and Texting and Mobile Devices While Driving 01-11-2017

Fossil Fuels Concert, Trump Transition and Ambassadors, Opiate Crisis, Intelligence Officials on Russian Hacking, Chinese Spending on Renewal Power Sources, and Macy’s Closing and Job Cuts and Sears 01-10-2017

Cholesterol Drug and Exercise, Governments and Tech Giants, Education and Race Divide and Employment, Man Hunt in South Philippines in Jail Fight, Israeli Military Court, Violent Crime and Urban Neighborhoods, Apple and Chinese Authority Requests, and Baby Food and Peanuts 01-09-2017

Ford Motor Company and Plant in Mexico, California Legislature and Eric Holder, Assange and Conservatives, Judge Parker in Arkansas and Bond Conditions and Sex Scandal, Goldman Sacks on Trump Team, NAFTA in Mexico, and Exxon and Retiree CEO Severance 01-08-2017

Justice Department and Call Center Scam, Obama Overtime Rule, India Supreme Court and Voter Appeals, NY State School Tuition, Congressional Ethics, and NAACP and Sit-In at Jim Sessions Office 1-07-2017

House Republicans and Ethics Committee, French Labour Law and Work Related Emails, Border Control Delays, US Government and India Scams, Tariffs, and Changes in the Health Care System 1-06-2017

Nixon and Johnson Peace Initiative, Poor Indians and Prime Minister Support, Federal Government and Bids on Ocean Floor off NY State, Homelessness in DC, Marine Species, and Women’s March on Washington 1-05-2017

College Costs, Front Page Stories and Government Leaks, Occupations, Brands and Muslim Marketing, Trump Says Avoid Computers, and New Years Attack in Istanbul 1-04-2017

Korea Cabinet Minister Arrested for Samsung Deal, Economists and Student Vouchers, E-Generated Fat, Academics and Protect Safety, Teamsters Pension Fund, Air Carriers and Refunds on Checked Baggage 1-03-2017

China and Ivory, Russia and US Diplomats, China and International Programs, Best Political Ad, OMICS and Academic Fraud, NC and State Elections Board, and Sanctions on Russia and Malicious Software 1-02-2017

Obama Administration and Russia Hacking, Exploding Air Bags, Syrian Cease Fire, Silicon Valley and Women on Boards, Jewish Americans on Settlement Expansion, and Obama and National Monuments 1-01-2017