Underpaying Servers Cannot Be Solved by Tipping Technology

New Orleans               Because the restaurant industry has dominated the lobbying process around past efforts to raise the federal minimum wage in the US, servers, bartenders, and others who receive tips are not paid the current minimum of $7.25 per hour as a guarantee, but have to hustle that wage from a base of $2.13.  Despite […]

Caffè sospeso, or Suspended Coffee: A Christmas Message

Fair Grinds Coffeehouse New Orleans

New Orleans    Chaco and I go open Fair Grinds Coffeehouse, our social enterprise that supports ACORN International’s organizing in Latin America on Christmas morning. He will get there at 530AM, and I’ll trail in about 615AM. I’m the helper, and not much of that he often tells me, but we […]

Forced Labor and Human Trafficking

New Orleans   At the Fair Grinds Dialogue , Stephanie Hepburn, co-author of Human Trafficking Around the World:  Hidden in Plain Sight, led us through the hall of horrors of forced labor and the little that is done about it around the world.  She and Rita Simon had amassed stories and studies from twenty-four countries to […]

FCC Opens Low Power Radio Applications Window

Los Angeles   The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that it is opening the window for applications across the country for low power radio licenses from October 15th through October 29th of this year.  You should care about this not because it is easy to win, build, and operate a radio station, but because it […]

Indian Wastepickers Ready to Train New Yorkers!

Los Angeles  Mayor Bloomberg is now adding composting as another key ingredient of his urban-futures program in New York City joining his other major campaigns around smoking in private establishments, too much sugar in sodas, and gun control, and I’m all for it!  The case he has laid out is impeccable. There are savings in […]

Is the DOL Finally Moving on Employer Abuses of Independent Contractor Classifications?

New Orleans   On March 13th the United States Department of Labor (DOL) is taking comments on the ways and means of an almost $2 million dollar survey of over 10,000 workers nationally that they have proposed as part of their so-called Misclassification Initiative.  What they are trying is to suss out through these interviews is […]