The Money Primary: Ted Cruz Thins the Republican Herd and Scares Democrats

New Orleans      We now have three elections in the United States.  There’s the general election in 2016 of course when we pull the lever for our candidates, sorting out the ballot babies from the two main contenders offered by the Republicans and Democrats.  There’s the primary election where we poll between candidates earlier in the […]

The Fight over Hours is a Surprising Conservative Endorsement of Obamacare

New Orleans            Since the Republicans cannot realistically repeal the Affordable Care Act, one of the long predicted and now emerging fights in the new Republican Congress is over the definition of hours as a way to dilute the employer mandate to provide coverage.  Currently under Obamacare anything over 30 hours per week requires coverage and […]

Republicans on ACORN: Haters Gonna Hate!

Montreal         A Washington Post blog was hard for me to ignore. Philip Bump was amazed to find that when he charted the data on the top dozen Republican attack themes during the Obama Administration that ACORN stood out so loud and proud, practically dominating in 2009 and 2010, but carrying over as a major target […]

Raising Retirement Age is the Poor Subsidizing the Rich!

New Orleans   Before complacency sets in and you pinch yourself and say, “Hey, I’m feeling ok, I can make it some more years, so if they cave in and let the Republicans raise the retirement age, maybe it’s no big deal,” you need to pinch yourself harder where you keep your wallet or pocketbook and […]

Governors United Against Low-and-Moderate Income Families: Sales vs. Income Taxes

New Orleans      This is all getting to be very scary.  At first you think, wow, how can this be happening here, and then you realize that you are not living through some kind of sick social experiment of reverse Robin Hoodism, but instead are just one test tube of a right wing Republican lab experiment […]

GOP Voter Registration Mischief

New Orleans   To no one’s surprise the Republican’s in a full-on partisan voter registration effort run by the notorious Nathan Sproul have  been caught pretty much red-handed changing the party designation on voter registration forms for potential voters in Florida and several other states.  Sproul claims to have “registered 500,000 voters in 40 states” through […]