Comcast Using Deceptive Advertising, Bait-and-Switch

New Orleans   Among other things Comcast provides internet service.  As we have discussed previously, they promised to provide internet access to lower income families for $9.95 and connect the same families to a computer for $150.  Comcast called the program Internet Essentials.  They claim to be proud of it.

We don’t know why?

In Houston a delegation […]

Union Leaders Thinking “Outside the Box”

Workshops on subcontracting and nursing homes and community homes

Shreveport Local 100’s stewards and leaders organized themselves into three different workshops. One focused on schools and head start units, another looked at health care with nursing and community homes, and the last bit hard into contractors and subcontractors for sanitation and […]

Living Wage for Garbage Workers in Dallas

Dallas Having represented subcontracted laborers on the back of City of Dallas for the last two years, United Labor Unions Local 100 has been at wits ends trying to prevent a slashing of the wages back down to the federal minimum in the City’s newly bid contract.  We have had […]

Forty Years and Counting

New Orleans        I was a couple of minutes late and walked into a speech by long time New Orleans community leader Beulah Laboistrie’s remarks about her decades of leadership in ACORN and now A Community Voice, which has arisen from the ashes of the organization in Louisiana, so I was looking sidelong at the […]