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Leaving 2016 Behind 12-31-2016

Here Come the 50s Again, Complete with a Cold War 12-30-2016

Doctors Can’t Be Trusted About Healthcare 12-29-2016

Hawking Chichen Itza to the Tourists is a Bummer 12-28-2016

The Forward March of “Free” Walking Tours 12-27-2016

Beware Website Rental Car Scams for Foreign Travelers in Canada and Mexico 12-26-2016

Picking on the Populists 12-25-2016

Good Advice for Big Organizing from Sanders Campaign Innovators 12-23-2016

Trump’s Plan to Stop Muslims at Passport Control 12-22-2016

Tired of Trump Already 12-21-2016

Healthcare Pricing is More Proof that Transparency Isn’t Enough 12-20-2016

Everyone is Failing at the Electoral College 12-19-2016

What Happened to the Push for More Nonprofit Community Development? 12-18-2016

Visiting with Buffalo Community and Housing Organizations 12-17-2016

Labor and Community Collaborations Digging in to Fight Forward in Buffalo 12-16-2016

No Lines That Can’t be Crossed and No Conflicts in Trump World 12-15-2016

Many Calls for ACORN Resurgence 12-14-2016

Trump’s Education Pick is All about Free Market Parochial Education 12-13-2016

Is Trump’s Cabinet Part of the Educated Elite? 12-12-2016

Fighting Fake News, One Source at a Time 12-11-2016

The Delta Foundation Says, Creating Jobs is Not Easy, but Possible 12-10-2016

Back and Forth “Boycotts” in the Time of Twittering Trump 12-9-2016

Path to Power with Trump: Billions or Bullets 12-8-2016

Boulders Still on the Road Forward for Standing Rock 12-7-2016

They’re Coming After Unions at Every Level 12-6-2016

Not the Doctor to Fix America’s Housing and Urban Issues 12-5-2016

Bottom Feeders, Home Dreamers, and Big Time Realty Schemers 12-4-2016

Looking Under the Hood at the Tragic FNMA Foreclosure Dump 12-3-2016

Predatory Contract-for-Deed Sales Cast a Long Shadow in Chicago 12-2-2016

Women’s March in Washington Could Be Big 12-1-2016

Time to Stand with Standing Rock 11-30-2016

New Administration Shaping Up to Be Worse Than Any Might Have Imagined 11-29-2016

Sanctuary Cities and Counties Gearing Up for Anti-Deportation Fight 11-28-2016

Realtors and Redlining Destroyed Neighborhoods – Was Alinsky a No-Show? 11-27-2016

Fighting the Next War or the Last War with Trump 11-26-2016

Interstate Crosscheck May Have Removed One-Million Legitimate Voters 11-25-2016

Individual Acts of Solidarity 11-23-2016

Some Stories Shouldn’t Stay in Vegas 11-22-2016

Fake News and a Field Guide to Lies 11-21-2016

What’s a Woman to Do? 11-20-2016

Abolitionists Model: Yes, Resist, But, Organize, Organize, Organize! 11-19-2016

The Voting Numbers Say We Must Organize our Communities Now! 11-18-2016

Response to Trump Takes Action, Not Just Reaction 11-17-2016

Predatory Home Buying through Contract-for-Deed is Increasing 11-16-2016

Food May Be a Top Concern but Workers are at The Bottom 11-15-2016

Logistical and Strategic Challenges at Standing Rock 11-14-2016

Up-standers, Answer the Call! 11-13-2016

To Host a Bigger Crowd of Our People, We May Need a Better Party 11-12-2016

No Machine Can Win Without Real Vision and a Messenger 11-11-2016

Not Much of a Machine 11-10-2016

USA Election: A Movement Can Always Beat A Machine 11-09-2016

Get Out the Vote! 11-8-2016

Hillary, Lifeline, ACORN, and Me 11-7-2016

If Latinos and African-Americans Deliver the Election, What Will Change? 11-6-2016

Looking for the Kindness of Strangers – Think France! 11-5-2016

The French Rein in Unions with Carrots and Sticks 11-4-2016

The Activists of Paris Are Ready for a Movement Now 11-03-2016

Worrying with the Leaders of a New Organization 11-02-2016

Mountains or Molehills, the Vote Goes On 11-01-2016

GMO Contradictory Claims and Tripping up McDonalds in Paris 10-31-2016

I’m Sick of This Campaign! Can it Get Any Crazier? 10-30-2016

Sorting out Obamacare Problems Now 10-28-2016

Good Political Parties are Good Community Organizations 10-27-2016

Say So Long to Megyn Kelly, James O’Keefe, Fox News and the Gang 10-26-2016

Organizing Props Matter in a Campaign 10-25-2016

Counting Down, But All Over But the Shouting – and Hard Work! 10-24-2016

Voter Fraud Tactic is Just Another Voter Suppression Tactic 10-22-2016

Not O’Keefe Again! 10-21-2016

“Rigged,” What’s New? 10-20-2016

WikiLeaks without Assange or WikiLeaks without Internet? 10-19-2016

Issues Missing in Presidential Campaign 10-18-2016

Rigged Elections and Sore Losers 10-17-2016

A Beginner’s Guide to Alaska 10-16-2016

Discrimination by Math 10-15-2016

Mental Health Consumers Organize: One Foot in Dirt, Other in the Clouds 10-14-2016

Bruce Springsteen and Talking to Mental Health Consumers in Alaska 10-13-2016

Land Matters for Mental Health in Alaska 10-12-2016

Shutting Down the Locker Room Forever 10-11-2016

Calling All Mugwumps to Desert Trump 10-10-2016

Government and Peer Pressure are Hobbling Scientists 10-9-2016

The Politics of Negativity 10-8-2016

Secrets? Who Has Secrets Anymore? 10-7-2016

Gilmore Girls Blow up Fair Grinds Coffeehouse 10-6-2016

The Secret to Hillary? She’s a Scorpio! 10-5-2016

Stadiums are Public Playgrounds, so Protests Should be Common 10-4-2016

Tax Records Show that Trump is a Promoter, not a Businessman 10-3-2016

Getting the Lead Out of Schools 10-2-2016

Trump is a Twitter Troll 10-1-2016

Foundation Confusion: Is it Charity or Branding? 9-30-2016

Is Wells Fargo Forcing Regulators and Politicians to Finally Take on the Banks? 9-29-2016

Trump May Be Rebuilding the Women’s Movement 9-28-2016

Out of Cameroon, the Rest of the Story 9-27-2016

Making Big Plans for Expanding Organizing in Africa 9-26-2016

The Election Gauntlet of Cameroon 9-25-2016

The Tentacles of Bollore-Socfin Stretch Far and Wide 9-24-2016

Rough Road for Unions in Cameroon 9-23-2016

Visiting the Villages in between the Socfin-Bollore Plantations 9-22-2016

Bollore-Socfin Steals Liberian Land with Empty Promises and Government Help 9-21-2016

The Organization of Marche De Sanaga 9-20-2016

The Evicted Fight On 9-19-2016

Video Activism 9-18-2016

Hacking is Everywhere, What are You Saying on Your Email? 9-17-2016

Koch Brothers Teach Community Organizing 9-14-2016

Wells Fargo, Criminal Enterprise 9-13-2016

At This Point Do Health Records Really Matter? 9-12-2016

Tradeoffs Between Time and Money 9-11-2016

Waking up the Sleeping Giant and Building a Renters’ Voting Block 9-10-2016

Renters’ Rising 9-8-2016

The Interesting Transition from Ideological Argument to Personal Contact 9-7-2016

Is Labor Day for Workers or Politicians? 9-6-2016

Activist Cooperatives are Building in Hamburg 9-5-2016

Fear of Immigrants and Others is a Global Political Monkeywrench 9-4-2016

Two Campaigns: One Tight Ship and One Full of Leaks 9-3-2016

Republican Latino Backfire Continues to Reverberate 9-2-2016

US-Like Health Insurance System Huge Political Issue 9-1-2016

More Sports Protests Matter 8-31-2016

Katrina at 11 Years 8-29-2016

Cash Flow is Huge for Low-and-Moderate Income Families 8-28-2016

New York Times Columnist Beats ACORN Dead Horse 8-27-2016

Hot Check Court Another Debtors’ Prison for the Poor 8-26-2016

What Happened to Community Economic Development Strategy? 8-25-2016

Professor Lead-Head: A Zealot? No Way! 8-24-2016

Where You Live Could Kill You Faster 8-23-2016

Rigged Elections and Delegitimized Democracy Increasing Polarization 8-22-2016

No Place to Hide from Climate Change 8-21-2016

The Trump Uniform and Other Stereotypes 8-20-2016

Anti-Union Forces Leaving the Courts and Statehouse to Hit the Doors 8-19-2016

Breitbart News Taking Over Trump Campaign – OMG! 8-18-2016

Crisis in Home Ownership for Working Families and Minorities 8-17-2016

Milwaukee and Other Cities are Explosions Waiting to Happen 8-16-2016

More Lead Drama in Schools, but More Progress 8-15-2016

Obamacare is Delivering Some of the Goods in Poor States 8-14-2016

Lynching, Police, and Black Lives Matter 8-13-2016

Candidates Conclude “The Poor Will Always Be With Us” – Good Luck! 8-12-2016

The Poignant Moments of Escorting a Soldier Home 8-11-2016

The Chaos Theory Controls Weather 8-10-2016

Why Can’t Women Get More Protection for Sexual Harassment? 8-9-2016

Arizona is in Play in November and It Could Matter 8-8-2016

Mental Health Clients are Organizing in Alaska 8-7-2016

Inviting Alexander Humboldt to Your Birthday Party 8-6-2016

Air Pollution Warnings Don’t Make It 8-5-2016

Trump Military Assault Revives Vietnam and the Draft 8-4-2016

Class Conflict on the Creek? 8-3-2016

Class in America – It’s Every Where! 8-2-2016

Climate Change on the Creek 8-1-2016

Some Voting Suppression Being Stopped 7-31-2016

Trump as Tea Party Devil Spawn 7-29-2016

Not a Walkout, but a Walk-in 7-28-2016

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to….America?  7-27-2016

The Transactional Democratic Party Revealed 7-26-2016

Hope for Cities or Just Developers? 7-25-2016

Democrats Making a Left Turn 7-24-2016

Fair Housing Assessment Should be an Organizing Handle – Is it? 7-23-2016

Republicans Dilemma: Can Fear and Hate Alone Win an Election? 7-22-2016

Sorting Out French Labor Law – What a Country! 7-21-2016

Grassroots Democracy is Scary, but Essential as Grenoble Paves the Way 7-20-2016

Kansas’ Kris Kobach is Evil and Nothing is Stopping Him 7-19-2016

Best to Remember the South is a Violent Place 7-18-2016

Figuring Out How to Grow Globally, One Country at a Time, One after Another 7-17-2016

Encouraging Updates on Organizing Informal Workers Globally 7-16-2016

Opportunity and Challenges in Hungary 7-13-2016

Making Decisions “On the River” 7-12-2016

Big Win for School Workers and Children in Houston 7-11-2016

Nothing Like A Dues Standards Debate 7-10-2016

French Organizers Try to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks 7-9-2016

Housing Schemes and Contrasts in Paris and the Suburbs 7-8-2016

There’s No Substitute for Winning 7-7-2016

Remembering Bill Mitchell 7-6-2016

Is Wage Theft Inevitable without a Fixed Time Clock? 7-5-2016

10% is Not a Solution for Childcare Costs and Student Loans 7-4-2016

The Emerging Theme of the Impotence of the Elites 7-3-2016

Co-Op Leaders in the Bunker, but Feeling the Heat 7-2-2016

HUD Finally Hand Slaps Housing Vultures 7-1-2016

Emails, Internet, and Lost History 6-30-2016

Lost in the Archives 6-29-2016

Supreme Court Moving Left? Not Yet! 6-28-2016

Private Equity Sabotaging Working Communities 6-27-2016

Leaders Talk Politics and the Need to Hunker Down 6-26-2016

Leaders Assess Progress and Map Out Plans 6-25-2016

Hating Immigrants is the Wild Card in the Electoral Deck 6-24-2016

Hillary Says, “If it’s Broke, I’ll Fix it” 6-23-2016

Demanding Lead Testing in Schools and Real Response 6-22-2016

Trump as the Great White Hope 6-21-2016

Beat Goes On But Ecuadorian Economy Reeling 6-20-2016

Celebrating ACORN’s 46th Birthday 6-19-2016

Continuing Struggle and Solidarity after Assassination of Berta Caceres 6-18-2016

The Hard Nuts and Bolts of Organizing in Honduras 6-17-2016

Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner and Why Care Counts 6-16-2016

Establishing Internet as a Utility – This is Big! 6-15-2016

Jobs, Guaranteed Annual Income, and Robots 6-14-2016

Scientists Say Our Nuclear Power Plants May Be Fire Bombs Waiting to Explode 6-13-2016

Oil Companies Rallying the Troops Against Activists on Fracking and Water Quality 6-12-2016

First Victory in Paris!  6-11-2016

Thank You White People for Electing Obama in 2012! 6-10-2016

The Obstacles to Closing the Digital Divide are Ideological and Naive 6-9-2016

Clinton Wins, Sanders Sulks 6-8-2016

Muhammed Ali Was a Man of the People 6-7-2016

Libertarian Tech Billionaire Peter Thiel Had Set His Sights on ACORN 6-6-2016

Union-backed Walmart and McDonalds’ Campaigns Face Uncertain Futures 6-3-2016

Finally, Real Action on Predatory Payday Lenders in the USA 6-2-2016

Pre-Emption of City Home Rule Rights is a Problem of Power 6-1-2016

Will Winking and Nodding Work on the New Overtime Rule? 5-31-2016

Grandiosity and Self-Delusion Gone Wild, O’Keefe Has the Money to be Dangerous 5-30-2016

Leaders Taking Charge in Rapidly Growing ACORN Canada 5-29-2016

Buying, Rather than Building, Affordable Housing 5-28-2016

Pine Bluff’s Maxine Nelson and Susie Thomas, Great ACORN Leaders 5-27-2016

If PayPal Billionaire Thiel Wants to Fund More Lawsuits, Here’s a List 5-26-2016

Polls Show Trump Now Leading Clinton, All Hands On Board! 5-25-2016

Poisoned People and Poisoned Politics 5-24-2016

Gentrification Assault, Oakland Housing Market Out of Control 5-23-2016

A Book Provides a Good Excuse to Celebrate Organizing and Organizers 5-21-2016

Glenn Beck Says Facebook is Cool, No Problem 5-20-2016

Going Deep in the Tenderloin with Randy Shaw 5-19-2016

Overtime Rule is One Thing, Enforcement is Another 5-18-2016

Building Trades Unions Playing Role of Roaring Mouse 5-17-2016

Is Squatting Back? No, It Never Stopped! 5-16-2016

Haters Going to Hide: The Trump Story Revealed 5-15-2016

Is Their Hope for Obamacare? 5-14-2016

Google Steps Up and Bans Ads from Payday Lenders 5-13-2016

Congress Discriminates Against the Poor on Tax Refunds 5-12-2016

Uber Deal with Machinists is Worrisome 5-11-2016

Money Talks and Trump Walks 5-10-2016

Trump Actually Makes a Good Point 5-9-2016

Green Papers and the Value of the Volunteer Research 5-8-2016

Hillary Moving Right, Already, Where Do Progressives Go? 5-7-2016

Rural Electric Cooperatives: A Story of Democracy Defeated and Discrimination Unchecked 5-6-2016

Robber Barons behind Payday Lending and Their Enablers 5-5-2016

Hey, At Least It’s Not a Popularity Contest 5-4-2016

A Third Party for the Conservatives?!? 5-3-2016

Banks Creating Housing Squeeze Even More than Gentrification 5-2-2016

The Paradox and Problem of Payday Lending 5-1-2016

Finally an Alabama Lawsuit Fights Living Wage Preemption 4-30-2016

How Crazy is this Women’s Card Attack? 4-29-2016

Is a Progressive Future Ours to Lose? 4-28-2016

Want Women’s Vote, How About More Childcare and Eldercare 4-27-2016

Sanders Wants Leverage on the Democratic Party for What? 4-26-2016

Was the Weird Labor Dustup over Airbnb Housekeepers a Trojan Horse? 4-25-2016

Magic Math Won’t Beat Money In-Hand on Airbnb Urban Battles 4-22-2016

Corporate Impunity, Shareholder Farce 4-21-2016

Affordable Housing Versus Any Housing at All 4-20-2016

UK’s Unite is Another Case Study of the Difficulty of Union Transformation 4-19-2016

The Human Cost of Globalism: New York Nannies and Georgetown Slaves 4-18-2016

The Big Mac Tactical Dilemma 4-17-2016

Finally, Something We Can Agree on with Bill Gates! 4-16-2016

Hard to Win Back Hijacked Schools 4-15-2016

Hillary: Forget the Young Women, Go for the Moms 4-14-2016

Canvassing for LGBT Equal Rights 4-13-2016

Transparency – Who Are We Kidding! 4-12-2016

Why is it so Hard for Policy Makers to Separate Access from Affordability? 4-11-2016

Are “Gifted” Classes a Discriminatory Gift Themselves? 4-10-2016

Clintons’ Barking Up the Wrong Tree at Black Lives Matter 4-9-2016

Magical Realism at the Border of Techies and the Poor 4-8-2016

Finally Remittances is a USA Political Issue, but for the Wrong Reasons 4-7-2016

Democratic Elite Ignoring Voters – We Need an Exit Strategy 4-6-2016

Data USA, Happy Americans, and Hating Each Other 4-5-2016

Sanders, Warren, and Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda 4-4-2016

Unmask Race and President Obama is the Comeback Kid! 4-3-2016

School Workers as Well as School Children Exposed to Lead in Texas 4-2-2016

Only One Hand Clapping for FCC Expanded Lifeline Rule for Internet 4-1-2016

Modern Politics as Chaos Theory 3-31-2016

Reading a Gene Sharp Book is a Go to Jail Card in Angola 3-30-2016

How is the Tea Party Able to Escape Taking the Blame for Trump? 3-29-2016

Could Noncommercial Radio Be the Technology of the Future? 3-28-2016

Neighborhoods Matter a Lot in Determining the Future 3-27-2016

Time to Take a Hard Look at Utility Companies – Again! 3-26-2016

Making Inclusionary Zoning in the US, Canada, and United Kingdom Really Work 3-25-2016

Airport Security Around the World 3-24-2016

Were We Conned by Apple in the Privacy versus Security Dispute? 3-23-2016

Draining Bloated Drug Prices 3-22-2016

Surely These Old Codgers Can Stop Age Discrimination 3-21-2016

Inequality Infection is Spreading North to Canada 3-20-2016

Citizens Desperate for Effective Public Policies to Save Affordable Housing 3-19-2016

Ongoing Battle Against Predatory Payday Lenders 3-18-2016

Does Hillary Clinton Have a Real Plan for Income Inequality? 3-17-2016

Fat Lady Hasn’t Sung, but She’s Warming Up 3-16-2016

The Rise of Authoritarianism in America 3-15-2016

Candidates and Consultants: Separating Fools from their Money 3-14-2016

Republicans in Crises and the Rise of the Trump Brown Shirts 3-13-2016

The New Orleans Street by Street Battle Between the Old and New 3-12-2016

Trump Team Thumping Protesters Part of a Troubling Trend 3-11-2016

Is Senator Ted Cruz Most Hardball Campaigner Since Nixon? 3-10-2016

With Michigan Win, Sanders May Finally Force a Change in Democratic Policy 3-9-2016

There’s a Fix to the Party Primary Madness: Membership 3-8-2016

Has Community Reinvestment Become the Ghetto of the Banking Industry? 3-7-2016

More Boycotts? Why Not? 3-6-2016

HUD is Wrong on Lead Standards and Must do Right 3-5-2016

Trump May Be Bad for Republicans but End Up Good for America 3-4-2016

Winning in November won’t be Easy for Clinton 3-3-2016

Proportional Representation Makes African-Americans, Latinos, and Rural, Low-Income Whites Kingmakers 3-2-2016

ACORN’s Indian Hawkers’ Union Tries Video Recruitment 3-1-2016

Race and Class are Often Matters of Perspective 2-29-2016

Privilege and Politics in School Funding Formulas 2-28-2016

The Legacy of Fighting Blockbusting is Residential Diversity 2-27-2016

Politics of the Court Fight and the Stalemate to Come 2-26-2016

Distressed Communities Index 2-25-2016

“Contract for Deed” Housing Purchases are Predatory and Discriminatory 2-24-2016

The Painful Tragedy of the Digital Divide 2-23-2016

Science Discovers Sexual Harassment and Abuse 2-22-2016

Rooting for Trump? 2-21-2016

Revolution of the Low-Information Voter or What? 2-20-2016

Apple Takes a Stand among the Silicon Valley Pygmies 2-19-2016

Meth, Mailings, Tax Exemptions, and the National Right to Work Committee 2-18-2016

India Puts a Halt to Facebook’s Arrogance and Colonialism 2-17-2016

Finally Some Steps to Stop Seafood Slavery 2-16-2016

Can Hospitals Afford NOT to Be Ready for Disaster? 2-15-2016

Obama’s Free Shot at the Supreme Court 2-14-2016

Right to Housing but a Catch-22 for Tenant Rights in England 2-13-2016

Setting the “Real” Living Wage in the United Kingdom 2-12-2016

Bernie’s Brother is EVERYWHERE in England 2-11-2016

Encounter Knowledge 2-10-2016

The Dilution of Class Privilege on Mardi Gras 2-9-2016

Stupid to Slam Young Women 2-8-2016

Two New Strikes Against the Video-Scammers – Is This Tactic Finally Out? 2-7-2016

The Wall Street Journal Thinks Hillary is Too Close to Wall Street! 2-6-2016

Time to Make a Deal for Time Served for Assange 2-5-2016

Uncle Sam Wants All of You and Will Freeze the Rest 2-4-2016

If Rubio is a “Moderate” Republican, We’ve Got Trouble! 2-3-2016

Internet for All 2-2-2016

Drug Makers and Drug Access are Out of Control 2-1-2016

Latest Report on Union Density Finds a Finger Hold on the Cliff 1-31-2016

Stopping Automatic Deductions from Bleeding Your Accounts 1-30-2016

Come in Hot with What We’ve Got: Enforce the Laws 1-29-2016

Don’t Get “Spun” on Iowa Caucuses by the So-called Victors 1-28-2016

Organization versus Passion: Iowa to Clinton, Hampshire to Sanders 1-27-2016

We Need to Take Advantage of Opportunities for Formal Protest 1-26-2016

Cities Housing Workers for the Rich in Resort Zones 1-25-2016

Medical Error is Literally Killing Us 1-23-2016

Where is The Line Between Good Advice and Crass Marketing? 1-22-2016

Joint Employer Status Sure is Confusing – and Important! 1-21-2016

ACORN in Delhi Offers Alternatives to the “Sleep Mafia” 1-20-2016

Want Personal Internet Security and Privacy? Go Estonian! 1-19-2016

We’re Going South Now but the Call to the Black Base Has to Become a Constant Chant 1-18-2016

Labor’s Depressing Data and the Contradictions Lying in Our Huge Potential 1-17-2016

This Lead Thing is Serious, Why Aren’t More People Taking it that Way? 1-16-2016

Penalties Under the Affordable Care Will Hit Lower Income Workers Hard 1-15-2016

Congress is the Undercard, the Real Fight for Healthcare is Still Corporate 1-14-2016

Maybe the Republicans Don’t Want to Run the Country, Just the States? 1-13-2016

Virginia Organizing is Trying to do Things Their Own Way 1-12-2016

Pictures from New York Public Library Tell Thousands of Words 1-11-2016

Is There any Silver Lining in Republican Class Divide? 1-10-2016

Public Unions are Already Painfully Preparing to Lose Friedrichs’ Case 1-9-2016

Moving Money with the Migrants – Hawala Style 01-08-2016

IRS, Among Others, Catching Too Many on Other Side of Internet Divide 01-07-2016

White, Right, and Ready to Fight – Yikes! 01-06-2016

Protect Your Credit with Security Freezes 01-05-2016

Let ‘em Stay in the Snow in Malheur Refuge in Oregon 01-04-2016

“One of Us” and Fear of the Outsiders 01-03-2016

Hate Takes No Holiday: Texas Plumber Shaggy Truck Story 01-02-2016

Keeping it Holstered in Texas 01-01-2016