Suburban Affordable Housing Breakthrough

06rej583 Dauphine Island Westchester County, the affluent suburb outside of New York City, finally had to concede the obvious and admit that they had had not only allowed, but done nothing to prevent the creation of lily white communities throughout the County, and this amounts to racial segregation. They agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by the Anti-Discrimination Center in NYC by buying or building $50 Million worth of affordable housing (about 650 units) seeded around the county. The settlement was partially brokered by officials of HUD. This is a breakthrough!

Fair and affordable housing is the threshold issue for creating increased racial diversity in communities, schools, and other institutions. The historic role of federal housing finance institutions in actually enabling and allowing racially restrictive and discriminatory covenants by financing the construction of huge suburbs particularly the Levittowns in Long Island and outside Philadelphia, which became the gold standards for suburban development, is one of the shameful chapters of government assisted racism in the 20th century. This settlement could be precedent setting, particularly if HUD gets on the stick and uses some of these terms as templates for other suburbs.

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