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Citizen Wealth Maiden Voyage!

P1010001Vancouver Mary Rawles of the British Columbia Government Employees Union (BCGEU) had responded with grace when I asked several weeks ago, “Hey, I’ve got Citizen Wealth coming out, could we do something at the union?” What did either of us know about what we were doing?  I didn’t know enough to really understand what a book launch was in my first “go” at it, and Mary is too hardy a soul and good a friend to have the good judgment to say NO.  Luckily for me that turns out to be true of lots of my friends, so I need to hold onto them dearly!

Berrett-Koehler ships a box of 25 books to Canada.  Who knows?  Mary invites folks from her union and the neighboring BC Federation of Labor and others.  Josh Stuart with ACORN Canada in Toronto figures out how to send out to Vancouver names on Facebook.  I send out a couple of notes, and away we go.  First, we hear that middle of the day is a terrible time.  Hmmm?  Could be?  We’re deep in the water by then, so have no choice but to sail.  The poster plastered around the union building isn’t large, thank goodness, but in the new style of hip graphics, the picture seems huge!  Behind the scenes no more… Continue reading


Rinku and Colorlines

rinku sen_low-resNew Orleans Rinku Sen somehow had perfect timing.  She happened to be in New Orleans as a board member for Restaurant Opportunities Center and its national operations, but as an author sharing the same publisher (www.bkconnection.com) and editor of Colorlines, she and I were having lunch on the day we sent Social Policy to press and were getting to finally hold Citizen Wealth in our hot hands.  It was good to see an old friend, but even more valuable to talk shop and get her advice.

Colorlines it seems, like almost every publication these days, is having the print or web debate.  Rinku seems to feel the web is the future, and given the great interest and success of the magazine on the web, it’s easy to understand why.  More than 100,000 unique visitors are coming onsite to check out Colorlines and its perspective every month.  There’s no way to match that readership in print or unfortunately with subscriptions making them paying customers. Continue reading