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Money Guard

New Orleans        A colleague forwarded me an interesting “citizen wealth” us-money-photostrategy for lower income families to protect small resources:  having a “money guard.”  The P2P Foundation (peer to peer) included a piece on their website with the following story:

Money guarding: “If you get a fairly decent chunk of money, you give it to a money guard, a neighbor or relative or friend that you trust and say, “Hold this, and don’t let me touch it.” Sometimes the same money guard asks you to hold their money, and so when someone comes to borrow money, you say, “It’s not my money.” It works.”
What a good idea, huh?  This strategy came from interviews in South Africa among lower income families, but it might work everywhere.


Citizen Wealth: Increasing Access for Participation

New Orleans Once one gets past the ideological opposition some have towards eligible citizens gaining full access to all of the income supports available, we are still faced with the cost of infrastructure and the capacity to enroll the vast numbers who are unserved.

In my book, Citizen Wealth, coming out soon I argue that we need to approach technology differently and increase access to easier filing and certification. I also argue that we need to enlist the vast array of private establishments where eligible citizens congregate in the effort to achieve maximum eligible participation. I even confront the heresy of utilizing Wal-Mart for such purposes, which is surely an indication of our deadly serious I see this mission.

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