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Darrell “McCarthy” Issa and the Non-Profit Purge

New Orleans Darrell Issa, the emerging Chair of the House Investigations Committee was interviewed the day after the election about how he saw his “work” shaping up.  It was a little late for Halloween, but it was scarier than the worst fright movie.

Some commentators took Issa’s remarks as conciliatory, which must be the result of post-traumatic stress or an abused child syndrome, because every one of Issa’s comments was buried in speculations, inaccuracies, illegalities, and opinions masking as facts.

He started out with some comments about wanting to be a “reformer-in-chief” and swearing that he wanted to not just bring down Obama, but sully up Bush as well by naming out Freddie, Fannie, and Countrywide as targets and throwing in the BP and Gulf’s oversees at the Mineral Management Service for good measure.  This is well plowed ground, so good luck, Congressman, though given the right’s obsession with the Community Reinvestment Act and the blame game about CRA and this crises (totally unfounded), I don’t really have good feelings about his motivations there either.

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