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Election Lessons on the Hudson

*Jun 07 - 00:05*New Orleans It’s a small sample, but the Virginia bellwether and the deeply blue state New Jersey went hard Republican and in Jersey tossed a Democratic governor looking for a second shot.  Across the river, New York City voters surprised the chattering political classes by almost moving Mayor Bloomberg to his next career as a philanthropist and out of his current posting as a semi-politician.  A couple of thoughts crossed my mind.

  • Voter slaps at Corzine and Bloomberg have a populist anti-Wall Street and decidedly, “money-can’t-buy-my-vote” cast to them for two rich guys willing to spend whatever it takes, particularly the record setting $90M outlay by Mayor Bloomberg in his very close race.
  • Unions need to listen to their members more and to political pros and consultants less.  It’s embarrassing to know that two huge NYC political players, SEIU and UFT/AFT, took a walk on this election.  Their members didn’t.  Controller Thompson, the challenger, romped with African-Americans and voters making less than $100,000 both of which are heavily represented by those two unions.  Had they not been twiddling thumbs on the sidelines, this race would have been even closer and might have sent a message against big money politics that could reverberate around the country.

Voter Registration Reform

Minnesota Senate Legal EaglesTakoma Park I have long advocated an automatic registration system as a step forward in democracy in America.  A couple of days ago there may have been some movement in this direction from a new bipartisan effort called the Committee to Modernize Voter Registration.  According to a squib I saw on this new formation, the co-chairs are Trevor Potter, former counsel to McCain’s campaign in 2000 and 2008 and Marc Elias, the former GC for Kerry-Edwards in 2004 and more recently the lead attorney on the lengthy Al Franken challenges in Minnesota.

They come at the problem from the perspective of moving from a paper world to a more modern technological means in tune with modern society.  However they get there is fine with me as long as we get there.  The key to me is that we start, like other world democracies, to automatically register citizens rather than making them run through a registration maze and end up disenfranchised.

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