Democracy When?

Baltimore There was a good news article in the Times indicating that the African-American vote almost caught up and in some categories exceeded other groups in voting participation in the 2008 election for President.  For all of the brickbats being thrown at the great efforts to register and turnout new voters there’s really only one thing to say at this point:  SHUT UP!

The unfinished job emerged as glaringly in the facts and figures embedded in the piece by Sam Roberts.  The need for a system that automatically registers citizens as voters and demands more accessible, if not mandatory, voting as other countries practice is also starkly apparent.

Look at these two points from the Census Bureau’s survey and join me in worrying about them because of the severe challenge they pose to any semblance of democracy in America:


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Election Goes Digital in Honolulu

Ocean Springs A neighborhood commission saved $100,000 by allowing for encrypted voting for a neighborhood board election in Honolulu.  The voting was from homes and offices. All reports indicated smooth sailing.  Laws there forbid anything less than eyeball to eyeball identification in city and state elections.  Change is coming though despite the high walls of the digital divide.

The next step needs to adding publically access computer access terminals (CAT) (ok, I’m making this up as I go along, but it makes sense, eh?).  These could be hosted and maintained at schools, public libraries (where these still exist) and other public locations, as well as anywhere they private and individual interests are willing to host and maintain a voting CAT (much in

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