Global Public Sector Crisis and Clawbacks

FRANCE-PROTESTS/Mumbai It’s one thing to read the headlines about general strikes in France around the push up of retirement age for public service workers, but flipping the channels on BBC World News, which is the benchmark in India and elsewhere, I get the sense all of Europe is marching behind a union of protest as workers try to face down politicians in the global recession. In Great Britain commentators were labeling the strike as pro forma and more for show than strength, but the attack was real and the rage was righteous. In France unions were more clearly pitted against the government itself, and less resigned. In Germany there was push back as well. In the United States the precipitous fall in employment last month by 95,000 was driven by a public sector slashing of over 154000 jobs around the country.

Perhaps there should be more protest around the USA though that would require more solidarity. Union seem to have chosen to curb their voice nationally in favor of trying to impact the midterm elections, though no candidate anywhere to my knowledge is talking about a recovery plan for public employment or a bailout plan for city and state governments. Unions are trying to cut the best deal at the bargaining table in terrible times of

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