Massachusetts to Poor: Gotcha!

patrick_deval_764New Orleans Funding problems in Massachusetts has led the state to announce that barring some deal or injection of funds, Commonwealth Care, the mandatory state health plan will stick it to two groups:  legal immigrants and the poor who can be confused.

There is already a righteous uproar about 35000 legal immigrants that are arbitrarily being denied coverage, solely because they are immigrants.  The Massachusetts Immigrant Rights Alliance (MIRA) and others have already raised their voices appropriately that this is outrageous and Governor Duval Patrick seems to be responding.  I will leave this to them.

But since the poor have been voiceless and the issue goes right squarely to the heart of my frequent discussion raised in my book, Citizen Wealth, I’m going to slam my fist on that table, because, if anything, it may be even more reprehensible.

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McAllen, Shanghai, and Twitter

31storm_nagin_190New Orleans Sometimes, but not all that often, I get to say, “Hey! You heard it first here!” This is one of those days.  Today’s NYT, President Obama is reportedly all up in everyone’s face in the White House about whether or not they have read the New Yorker story on why the frick are the healthcare costs so high in McAllen “poor-as-dirt” Texas.  He’s arguing that this proves the pudding on why we desperately have to have a national healthcare solution.  Thanks for reading the blog, Mr. President!  Next time, go ahead and write a comment rather than embarrassing your staff in the big house.

In New Orleans we have another phenomenon that has relaxed a city that is frankly known for being laid back and relaxed.  Mayor C. Ray Nagin is in his 2nd or 3rd day of swine flu quarantine in Shanghai, China, and the proud citizens of New Orleans are pretty comfortable in not feeling we are missing much of anything.  Sympathy cards are being sent, but it turns out that they are going to the city officials in Shanghai.  There’s talk about a prisoner exchange.  We will have to follow this, but at a distance of course.

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