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Karen, Kenya Stalemate & Nairobi Return

102-africa-kenya-city-trafficMNairobi Flying to Nairobi takes forever.  Seems to be no way around that fact, and despite email, Skype, digital pictures, and ubiquitous cell phones, anything nearly 5000 miles away is hard to hold firm in the hands.  The work is slippery, no matter how hard applied, and there’s still nothing better than going out and bringing it all to hand to see what’s really there.

Read several Mother Jones articles with interest just as we were about to make a decision to cutback somewhere, perhaps there, on the flight to Amsterdam.  One was about the Karen organizers with the Burma Action Center, a group that the Organizers’ Forum had visited with surreptitiously in Mae Sot.  The piece was aged and the author seemed willing to use some names partially because rather than organizing behind the borders in Burma where they were human rights documenters, some of them had migrated over to the United States and elsewhere.  Nonetheless, it was good to see this issue highlighted.  Adam Hothschild in another piece gave a hard look at the Congo and pulled few punches.  Both recommended.

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