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Homes as Assets and Wealth

Housing bought today may not appreciate in valueNew Orleans The New York Times ran the article on the front page announcing that the “era” is over when a family in the United States could reliably expect their personal residences to appreciate and create citizen wealth. Housing Fades as a Means to Build Wealth, Analysts Say was headline on the email version.  This headline has been in the making for several years since the subprime crash and the advent of the Great Recession, but it is really more complicated than the headline or the story reveals.

For many lower income and working families, the evidence I amassed in Citizen Wealth would still be correct in establishing that a house is an asset which can act to separate a family decidedly, if not irrevocably, from the ranks of poverty, and provides an intergenerational asset that can continue to create income security, which is how I defined citizen wealth in the first place.  It is

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