Becker and the Senators

newnlrblogoNew Orleans There’s an old saying down in this part of the country that “if you roll around with the dogs, you’re going to get fleas.”  True that!  For many months I’ve bitten my lip as I’ve watched the neo-McCarthy efforts of the right try to sidetrack the early, breathtaking nomination of Craig Becker, a brilliant and experienced labor lawyer, to a position on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).  Since part of the dirt these dogs were slinging supposedly came from my finger tips hammering out these blogs, it made sense to give this mess a wide berth and hope Becker was not pulled into this pen with these dogs and the fleas kept their distance.

While the Senate was voting on the question of closure for Becker’s nomination before the city snowed under (52-39 falling short of the 60 needed to block more mess), I was inundated by some of the conservative bloggers asking me if Becker was bending the facts in response to a query from Senator McCain about whether or not Becker had ever worked for ACORN.  Some Republican Senators are still dancing around this totally discredited storyline.

Craig Becker answered – truthfully! – “no,” he had not worked for ACORN.  Ever!

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