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Selling Out Tea Party Populists

tea-partyNew Orleans The other day when I had seen a piece touting the first ever national Tea Party Convention in Nashville in February, I looked at the calendar, noted the date, and sent an email to a friend in LA suggesting we go check it out.  I know now I must have been kidding myself – the convention is too expensive to even consider at over $500 a pop being paid to a for-profit outfit called Tea Party Nation run by an entrepreneur, rather than an organizer, named Judson Phillips.

Looks like some folks are merely trying to cash in on the movement, because I  can guarantee you from my experience with the grass roots tea-people in Memphis and Springfield, they are angry and alienated and looking for a political home, but they are sure not folks who would be willing or able to write a full board check for $549, plus transport and house themselves in Nashville.   Even the dates should have made me suspicious of a Thursday through Saturday affair rather than a weekend only convention. Whoever was organizing this mess wasn’t thinking about the little people in the base who are fueling this outburst with their passion.

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