People’s News Daily Bulletin 2018

Amnesty International and India and NGOs, McKenzie Bankruptcy, Uniform Military Code of Conduct, Resignation and Personal Information, Yemen Strikes, and Russians and Certificates of Sanity 12-31-2018

Governmental Shutdown, Venezuelans, Migration, States and the Shutdown, Dam in Ecuador and China, and Pouching 12-30-2018

Retail Supply Gap, Hungarian Workers, Restaurant Tipping, Large Companies and Revenue Sources, Anti-Antisemitism and Women’s Movements, Yellow Vest Movement, Cluster Bombs, Sheltering Costs, and Proud Boys Attack 12-29-2918

IMBD Money Laundering, Hungarian Slave Law, Facebook Subcontractors, Migrant Asylum Seekers and Supreme Court, Balance Bills, and Church in Tulsa Protect Migrant Treatment 12-28-2018

Government Shutdown and Workers, Isis and US Military, Alcohol Distilleries and Reservations, Greyhound Bus Lines and Immigrant Rights, Rent a Center Lawsuit, Subprime Lending and Wealth and Race, and South Africans 12-27-2018

Lean In,  Amazon, MLB and Fan Ticket Validation, Planned Parenthood and Pregnant Employees, Acting Attorney General, and Foreign Investment to Indian States and Water 12-26-2018

Scientists and Ant Productivity, Facebook, Cuban Baseball, Empower LA, USDA and Food Stamps Regulations, Secretary of Defense Resigns, Gatwick Flights Grounded, and FedEx Overtime 12-25-2018

Mine Safety, Family Offices, CDC and Insomnia, HUD Low Income in San Francisco, Veterans, Currency Values, Catholic Church in Illinois, and Democratic Operatives 12-24-2018

Living in Cities Verses Rural and Smaller Cities, Facebook Privacy Rules and Company Deals, Boycotting of Israel Ban, Firings and Freedom of Speech, Tucker Carlson and Ads, Massachusetts Fine on Pension Benefits, Barclays Bank Fine, Crisis Rule and Investors, and School Safety Commission and Minority Students 12-23-2018

European Social Survey and Cost of Energy, French and Swiss and Eagles and Drones, Sri Lanka and Mental Disorders, Poland and Coal Consumption, France and Income, People Without Borders, Trump Foundation Will Close, Assault Rifle Devices, and Senate Prison Reform Bill 12-22-2018

Babies and Sickle Cell, Charlotte Public Lands, Dark-Skinned Females and Facial Recognition, Presidential Voting, Voter Turnout in 2010, Immigrants and Jobs and Farmers Unions, Advertisements for Migrants, Assets, Flu Deaths, Collective Communities, Environmentalists, and London and Facial Recognition Software 12-21-2018

CEOs Pay, Yahoo Data and Tumblr, Charcoal, Migrants and Jobs in Tijuana, McKenzie and Company and Conflicts of Interest, Iceland and Equal Pay, Ecuador and Wikileaks Founder, Luxembourg and Free Mass Transit, Musicians Union in NYC, Cases in American Immigration Courts, Wi-Fi and Voice-Assistance, and Christian Missionaries 12-20-2018

Unemployment Rate, Immigration and Japanese Population, Large Museum Attendance, Dutch Law and Church Service, Journalists in Cameroon, Global Spending and Experience Economy, Germany and Diverse, Argentina #MeToo, Catholic Diocese and Priest Sexual Abuse, and Gun Control 12-19-2018

Household Debt, Guns and Paraguay, Legal Challenges in Wisconsin, Honduras and Family Member Leave, Nursing Home Care, Economy and Male Dominated Jobs, Climate Change and Income, Walking, Doctors Appointments, Deforestation of the Amazon, and College Borrowers 12-18-2018

Nicaraguan Policeman Raid on News Agency, CBS and Donation on Sexual Harassment, Stock Prices of Johnson and Johnson, Artificial Intelligence Company, Plastic in Animal Feed, Sir Lanka PM Resigns, Trump Interior Secretary Resigns, NC Public University System and Silent Sam, and the Paris Climate Agreement  12-17-2018

Shakria and Tax Evasion, Texas Judge and ACA, Tenant Protections in NYC, National Park Foundation and MLK Home, Inequality and Rural America, California Gas Company and Safety Records, and Facebook and Photos 12-16-2018

Russia Agent Pleaded Guilty, New Orleans Population, Trump Claims, New Orleans Residents and Tourism, Chinese Hackers and Navy Contractors, Texas Activists and Muslim Representative, Hourly Workers, and Online Community of Workers in Britain and Gaming 12-15-2018

Banking and Lending, Syrian Opposition Radio, Women Protest in South Korea, Working Class White Voters, Work Scheduling and Shifts, Senate Vote and Saudi Arabian War, and Apple Campus in Austin Texas 12-14-2018

Indian PM Losses, General Election in Thailand, Most Polluted Cities in Northern India, McDonald’s and Antibiotics, Banks and College Contracts, Undocumented Workers, National Enquirer Pay Off, New Orleans Public School Students, Speaker of the House, Boy Scouts Bankruptcy, and Civil Rights in China 12-13-2018

Border Wall and Wildlife, Savings Program, Appeals Court and Medicaid and Planned Parenthood, Arctic Warming, Prison Reform Bill, and White Supremacist Attack in Seattle 12-12-2018

Activists and Tip Wages in Washington DC, French Tax Cuts, Trump Administration and Clean Water Rules, Michigan Voters and Redistricting, Harvard Management Company and Grapes, Google Social Network, US Gymnastics and Sexual Abuse, Fake Comments to FCC , and Taxes on Parking Costs 12-11-2018

France Protests, US and Saudi Arabia and Russia and Global Warming, Nissan Motors’ Indictment, Banks and Iran Money Transfers, Corporations and Data Location Apps, Women and Party Identification, Brexit, and Chinese Officials and Church Closing  12-10-2018

Violence Demonstrations in Brussels, Fix and Flip Home Sales, BBC Fees for Local Newspaper Reporters, Corporation Support on Tax Breaks in Wisconsin, Antitrust Lawsuits on Drugs, Chicago Teacher Union and Charter School, and NPR Workforce and Temp Workers  12-09-2018

Doctors and Medical Devices, Yemen Famine, French Arrests in Yellow-Vest Protest, Nutrition Grains,  Lean In, Protests on Muslim Treatment in Malaysia, Standford University and Financial Aid, and Whistle-blower Payments 12-08-2018

Border Patrol Arrests, Women in US and Discrimination, Middle East and Women, Migrant Operations in the Mediterranean, Millennials and Spending, Trump and Payment, Sexual Abuse and the UN, and the Unite the Right Rally  12-07-2018

Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Facebook Practices, House Dems and Big Drug Companies, Unions and For Profit Company Contributions in Mass, Trade Talks With China, Gerrymandering Benefits, and Drug Maker Settlement 12-06-2018

Techies for Tenants, Displacement, Little Rock Mayor, North Carolina Juries, Bipartisan Senators and Saudi Arabia, Trump Entities and Foreign Government, Calories and India, and AFSME and Bargaining Time 12-05-2018

Federal Judge and CVS and Merger, Economic System Views, Immigration Views, North Carolina and Congressional Race Investigation, Pentagon and Green Card Holders and Recruit Trainings, and Paris Protests and French Gasoline Tax 12-04-2018

Student Borrower Protection Foundation and State and Local Officials, Earned Income Tax Credit, China and Private Sector and Jobs, Wells, Men and Women and Equality, Wisconsin and Early Voting, and the Danish Right-wing Government and Asylum Seekers 12-03-2018

Holiday Decorating Injuries, Trump and Federal Law Enforcement Funds, Arkansas and Hog Farm Permit, Oil in US, Honduras Courts and Activist Death, Sea Level Raising in Jakarta, Doctors and Patients, Young Adults and Abstinence, Online and Women, Protests in Paris, Metro Areas and Jobs, and Bloomberg and Midterm Ads 12-02-2018

Federal Government Employees and Trump Opinions, Killing in Alabama Mall Shooting and Gun Rights and Racist, AG Secretary and Statewide Work Requirements for Food Stamps, St Louis Police Beating, Chinese Communist Party, Marriott Data Breach, Cohen Guilty Plea, and Entergy and $5 Million Donation 12-01-2018

India and Whats App, Trump Lawyers, Facebook, Deutsche Bank Investigation, GM Factory Shutdowns and UAW, Philippines Police Officers, Global Media, and Gerrymandered States 11-30-2018

Eastern African Lending, Tax Laws and Nonprofit Sector, Google Employees and Search Engine in China, Undocumented Immigrants, Green Party in Germany, Women and Homicide, and the Midterm Elections 11-29-2018

Chinese Scientist and Gene Altering, Older Adults, Christmas Trees, Taiwan and Same Sex Marriage, Charitable Contributions, Way Back Machine, Hate Crimes Laws in the United States, Payday Loans and Fees, Socialists, Drug Consumption Sites, and GM Job Cuts 11-28-2018

Yellowjacket Protests in France on Fuel Tax, Haitian Corruption, Cleaning Women in Prison, FBI and Gender Discrimination, Mississippi Ban on Abortion, Lead Bullets Regulations, Social Security Disability Insurance, Birth Right Citizenship, Black Residents, and Aboriginal Australians 11-27-2018

Facebook and Conservative Attack Firm, Nonvoters, IRS and Charitable Status, African Cultural Heritage, Dolce and Gabbana, Google and AD Buyers, Climate Report, Mexican Migrant Crisis, and Ultra-Wealthy Donors 11-26-2018

Chief Justice John Roberts, Kansas City and Volunteers and the Homeless, Political Prosecutions, Law Firms and Immigration Cases, Gerrymandering and Voting, Harmful Regulations, Holiday Shopping, Homelessness in the UK, and Vietnamese Deportations 11-25-2018

Walmart Contributions, Germany and Political Party Donations, UN Environmental Envoy Resigns, Trump Family Separation Program Costs, Senate Upset, Amazon and Somalia Workers, Harris County Blue Wave, US Coast Guard and Oil Leak, and Texas Board of Education and Slavery and the Civil War 11-24-2018

Obesity in America, China and Rape, Senator in Mississippi and Hanging Comment, Agriculture Aide, Michael Bloomberg and John Hopkins, Local Reporters, Taylor Swift and Spotify, Muslims in Indonesia and Vaccines, and Acting Attorney General and Conflicts 11-23-2018

Financial Regulations and Brokers, Free Phones in India, Democratic Senators on Judiciary Committee and Acting Attorney General, Car Maker Arrested in Japan, Trump and Asylum Claims, Personal Email Account at the White House, Unsafe Buildings in France, Britain and Foreign Doctors, and Sweden and Religion 11-22-2018

NFL Career, Drivers in France and Gas Hikes, Trump and Birth Control, Voting Rights, Midterms and Democrats, Canadian Banks and Stress Tests, and the Florida Recount and Senate Seats 11-21-2018

White House and CNN Press Pass, CIA and Saudi Arabian Crown Prince, New Orleans Exotic Dancers, Antisemitic Incidents, Gun Control, CDC and Flu Vaccine, NFL Fund, Facebook and Open Society, North Ireland and Rape Cases, Russian Human Rights Abuse Cases, Lead Levels in Detroit, and Florida and Drug Lawsuit 11-20-2018

Cuban Medical Service in Brazil, Voters in Calgary and Olympics, St Paul Minimum Wage, Access to Safe Sanitation, Gun Laws in America, Fidelity Investment Balances, Trump Order and Asylum Rights, Wikileaks, Maine Election, Criminal Justice System Reform, Brexit Government 11-19-2018

Taxes Incentives, Hospital Mergers, Workers’ Work Schedules at Walmart, Food Stamps and Immigrants, Citizen Tax Cuts, First Step Act, California Wildfires and Claims, Colorado Teacher Pay Gap, and Facebook and Research Firm 11-18-2018

Maryland and Acting Attorney General, Facebook and Personal Data, Vatican and Bishops’ Actions on Sexual Abuse, CNN Sues Trump, Amazon Sites, Afghanistan, Beer Sales, National Parks, Senate Losses, British Food Bank, Mexican Prisoners, and Fires in Southern California 11-17-2018

Mississippi Senate Run-Off Race, Chinese Ban on Rhino and Tiger Bones, World Economic Forum and Gender Gap, Belief in God, Delinquent Cops, Voters Purged in Georgia, Music Industry Revenue, Voice-Activated Devices, Education Videos, Arizona Senator, and Prescription Drugs 11-16-2018

WWI and Lives Lost, Women’s Temperance Leader, Block Chain Advocates, Blasphemy Laws, US Border Patrol Agency, Education and Lending, North Korea Arms, Saudi Arabia Assassination, Chinese Protestors Missing, and Gig Economy Workers 11-15-2018

Arizona Election, Risk Assessments and Judges, Harris County Election in Texas, White Identity Politics, Heart Experts, Turkey Audio Recording of Death, and Women in State Prisons  11-14-2018

Jeff Sessions, ACLU and Union on Greyhound and Border Patrols, USB Banking Group Losses, NLRB on Janitors’ Picket, Facebook and Sexual Harassment, Midterms and Charter School Expansions, and Florida Voting Recounts  11-13-2018

US Olympics, Trump Appointment, Vaping, Google Workers and Sexual Harassment, DOL and Tipped Workers, Montana Judge on Keystone Pipeline, Florida and Georgia Vote Counting, and Imelda Marcos Sentenced 11-12-2018

Jeff Sessions Resigns, French President and Nazi Occupation, ACA Birth Control Guidelines, Strike by Booksellers, No Cost Work Lawyer Killed, Employment Growth, Appeals Court Judges, State Capitals, DACA, and Doctored Video 11-11-2018

Free File, Care in Action, Walks and Cancer Society and Corporations, Chinese and Work Week, Age Discrimination and Employment, Split Jury Law Lost at Ballot in Louisiana, Trump Rally and Fox News, Democrats and the House, Amazon and Bait and Switch, and Music Licenses and Political Usage  11-10-2018

Little Rock Mayoral Election, Ukraine Protestor Dies, Ride Hauling Services, Colorado Registered Voters, Google Population and Urban Structures, Campaign Donations, Migrants and Racist Ad, Mayoral Races, Registration Software, and Businesses and Commercial Advantages 11-09-2018

Trump Administration and Corporate Penalties, LGBT and Conversion Therapy, Minimum Wage on the Ballot, Consumer Secretary and Citizenship Question, Negative Political Ads, Felony Records, Charitable Contributions, Book Dealers, Unite HERE Strike, Everything But Arms, and  Drivers in Mumbai Strike 11-08-2018

Soda Taxes, Nigeria Army and Islamic Marches, Coral Reefs, Supreme Court and Citizenship Question on Census, FBI Building, Court Debt and Voting, Wages, Contaminated Wells, and Voting 11-07-2018

Companies and Transgenders, Trump and Midterms and Immigration, Black Lawmakers, Google Walkout, Taxable Income Public, Drivers, Catholic Church and Abuses in New Orleans, Swiss Paraplegic Association, and Private College Costs 11-06-2018

South Korean Court and Japanese Steelmaker, Ohio Congressman and White Supremacy, Birth Right Citizenship, Employers and Contraception, Military Reserves and Employment Discrimination, NRA, Oceans, Hub Donors, Vice News and Facebook Ads, Malaysian Bank Fraud,  and Trauma and Workplace Violence 11-05-2018

South Korean Court and Japanese Steelmaker, Ohio Congressman and White Supremacy, Birth Right Citizenship, Employers and Contraception, Military Reserves and Employment Discrimination, NRA, Oceans, Hub Donors, Vice News and Facebook Ads, Malaysian Bank Fraud,  and Trauma and Workplace Violence 11-05-2018

Paper Coffee Cups, Meetings, Bank Teller Refuses Transfer and Angola, College Students and Voting, Active Duty Troops at the Border, Freedom Foundation and Public Employees, Trump in Pittsburgh, Economic Development, and Extreme Prices 11-04-2018

Anti-Defamation League and Anti-Semitic Incidents, Inside Lives, Disabled, Plastic, Los Angeles Housing Crisis, Retweeting Falsehoods, Beijing and Low income Worker Protections, Pinkerton Security, Organic Food Consumers, Border Troops, Federal Reserve and Regulations, and Big Company Taxes in UK and Spain   11-03-2018

Populist in Brazil, Lower Income Teenagers and Media, March On in Texas, Hourly Wages, CFPB and Payday Lenders, American Solidarity Fund, Childcare Costs, Germany Leader, and Online Preschool  11-02-2018

Solar Panels in China, Mail Bomber Arrested, Dodge City Polling Center Move, Earthquakes, President in Sir Lanka, Apple News, States and Voting Restrictions, Sex Crime Cases, Malaysian Government and Death Penalty, Danish Suspect, Whites and Earnings, Sim Cards, Rent and Income, and Uganda Young People 11-01-2018

Hotel Fees, Catholic Diocese Settlement Costs, International Space Station, Istanbul and Reverse Vending Machines, NYC Trailer Parks and Rent to Own Scam, More in Common, Activist Groups in Berlin, Emissions Scandal at VW, Retirement, and FICO Scores 10-31-2018

Cesarean Section Births, Street Addresses, Carbon Fees in Washington State, Mike Espy Family Pays for Funeral, Medicare Drug Prices, Teacher Shortages, Amazon and Hourly Wages, Megyn Kelly, and CDC Report on Fast Food  10-30-2018

Snapchat Voter Registration, White Nationalist Leader Arrested, Megyn Kelly, Exxon Sued on Investor Scum, Tax Exemption Challenged, Wells Fargo Senior Officials Pushed Out, New Orleans Safety and Freedom Fund, Unemployment and Women, Food Additives, and an Indian Environmentalist Dies 10-29-2018

Cameroon President Re-Elected, Bomb at George Soros’ House, Global Internet Access, Trump Report and Socialism, Gender Identity, Conservative Apps, Chicago Public Schools, Sugarcane Workers in the Philippines, Pipe Bombs Sent, and Harmony Club in NYC 10-28-2018

Oil Spill in Louisiana, Childcare Costs, Infant Childcare, Trump Campaign on the Midterms, Microplastic in Stool Samples, Missouri Election Race, and Climate Change Lawsuit 10-27-2018

Saudi Operatives and Twitter, African Population, Chinese and Women’s Employment and Gender Equality, Australian Conservatives, Community Organizer Back in Hong Kong, Sewer Workers, Trump and Gender Definition, and a Former Enron Official and Drug Prices 10-26-2018 

Brazilians and Whats App and Political Ads, CDC Fertility Rate, Trump Administration and HUD Appointee and Interior Secretary Investigation, Campaign Event in Miami, Special Counsel Investigation and Wikileaks, and Opportunity Zones and Tax Breaks 10-25-2018

Living Close to Home, University of Southern California and Sexual Abuse Case, Saudi Arabian Officials, Russians and Information Warfare, Catholic Petitions and American Bishops’ Resignations, Coalition of Companies and Voter Turnout, and an Alaskan Governor Candidate Suspends Campaign 10-24-2018

Burger King Employees Class Action, American Bankers Association and Women and Minorities, Trump Administration and Powering Commercial Ships, CFPB and Racial Remarks, NYC Health Department and Sugar, IRS and Online Robbers, and Superpac and Arkansas Candidate Ad  10-23-2018

Trump Supporters on Obama, Technology and Deep Fakes, Fact Checking on Facebook, City of New Orleans and Opioid Crises, Saudi Officials, Justice Department and Catholic Sex Abuse, Scientology and Democracy in Germany, and Secretary Breaks Governmental Rules 10-22-2018

Saudi Agents, Taylor Swift and Tennessee Candidate Endorsement and Voter Registration, Independent Votes and Trump Support, Queensland and Abortion Law, Former USA Gymnastics Head Arrested, Facebook Hackers, and Chinese Economic Conflict  10-21-2018

Medicare Spending, Mary Bono Resigns, Advertisers Sue Facebook, Delhi and Coal Fire Plant and Emissions, Blind Trust Investment, Institutions and Children,  and Medium Sized Banks Fight CECL 10-20-2018

Dubai Firm and Western Investors and Poor Countries, Saudi Arabia Backlash and US Startups, Political Fundraising, Canada and Pot, Trump and Women, TimesUp Attorney, and an Alaskan Political Figure Resigns 10-19-2018

Government Records and Immigrants, Monitors and Criminal Settlements, Honduras Aide and Migrants into US, Race and Gifted Students in Charlottesville, Hurricane Andrew and Construction Standards, Olympic Medalist and Nike, and Native American DNA and Politics 10-18-2018

Saudi Government Plans, Kenya and Foreigners, Trump Order on Abortion, #MeToo, Trump Fundraising, Drug Manufactures and List Prices, Tribes and Casinos in Arkansas, and Amazon Workers and Robot 10-17-2018

Archbishop Declared a Saint, Americans and Taxes and Tax Debt, Sears Bankruptcy, New Jersey Minimum Wage, Bank of America Income, West Virginia Judge Impeachments, Arkansas and Medicaid Enrollments, and Political Fundraising 10-16-2018

Phoenix and Robo Taxi, Jared Kushner Family Company,  Palestinians Killed, Dream Home, College Student and Empathy, Youth Suicide Rates, and Voters 10-15-2018

Turkey Court and US Pastor, Peace Agreement in Columbia and Activists, Native American Voter Suppression, Senator Candidate Beto, Retail Business and Public Transit, and Protest Songs 10-14-2018

Kemp and Georgia Voter Applications, Undocumented Immigrants, Vietnam and Worker Rights, Commerce Secretary and Citizenship Question, Minimum Wage for Hospitality Workers and Disneyland, Walmart Class Action Settlement, Orleans School Board and Bollinger Tax Break, and Chapel Hill and Slavery 10-13-2018

Rice Prices and Philippines, UK Conservative Government, Hacker Program and the Military, Bloomberg Party Change, CVS Merger, Grassley and Health Care Contracts, UK Property, China and Muslim Detentions, State Control by Republicans, Hurricane Michael, and Facebook Purges 10-12-2018

Arkansas Attorney General, Teacher in NOLA Calls 911, Women’s NBA ED, Museums, Amsterdam, Diplomatic Visas for Same Sex Partners, Roads in Kenya, Injuries and Hair Care Products, Prescription Drugs, Chinese Blogger and Protests, Indian Nun Protests, and a Former Candidate in Peru Arrested 10-11-2018

Supreme Court, Amazon Workers, Facebook Fake News, Internet in Philippines, Mad Magazine and School Shootings, Olympic Park, Mid-Terms, Stadium Developments, and Workers 10-10-2018

EPA and Energy Efficiency for Businesses, Teamsters and UPS, Food Banks and Agricultural Products, Global Emissions, Medicaid Services, Canadians on the US, AFT and Student Loan Services, Exxon and Carbon Group, US Ambassador Resigns,  and Bollywood Harassment Claims 10-09-2018

Louisiana and Tax Breaks, United Nations and Climate Change Report, Private Equity Funds, Bulgaria and Corruption, Human Waste in San Francisco, Automatic Voter Registration in Georgia, Lawsuit in Louisiana and Inmate Care, Importing Goods and Product Codes,  and Facebook in Uganda 10-08-2018

Afghanistan War, Paris and Second Homes, Property Taxes, Google Data on Google Plus, German Investigation of Audi, Noble Prize Winner and World Bank, Taylor Swift and Democrats, FEMA and Climate Science, Canadian Startups, Romania and Same Sex Unions, and Unpaid Household Work in Britain 10-07-2018

Working Families Party and Governor Cuomo, Unemployment Rate, South Korea and Recycling, Federal Judge and Temporary Protective Status, Wells Fargo and Gun Manufacture Loans, Orange Teams and Garbage Cleanup, Kavanaugh, Directors, Private Prisoners, Jet Costs, and Strangers in Your Own Country 10-06-2018

Western Railway and Apologies, Registered Voters, NY Times Investigation and Trump’s Father, Protestors at McDonald’s, Nobel Peace Prize, Impeachment of Supreme Court Justice, Floods and Storms and Displacement, Brazilian Corruption, Supreme Court Confirmation, and a Police Man Convicted  10-05-2018

White Population, Eastern Istanbul and Developer Protest, Macedonia and EU, California and Female Directors, Facebook Fine, Music Copyright Changes, NAFTA Deal, Nursing Homes, Hospital Network, AARP and Ageism, Flu Vaccine, Citizenship at Birth, and Imagine of the US 10-04-2018

Low Income Applicants to Elite Schools, Scientific Papers, Tweets and Travel Patterns, EU Countries and Research Studies, Okinawa Governor, Women and College Degrees and Earnings, Books Banned, Health Care in China, and EPA Regulations on Mercury 10-03-2018

Middle East, Elon Musk Deal, Cancer Center Official and Self-Dealing, South African Political Struggle, Freshman Class at Harvard, Black Voters in Florida, Turkey and Aging Protests, Fraternity Membership, Data Drudging, and Voting Machines 10-02-2018

Verbal Sexual Harassment in France, CFPB and Racial Discrimination, Facebook Hackers, Chinese Activists Arrested, Honorary Citizenship and Human Rights Abuses, Social Security, Paternity Leave, Uber and Individual Arbitration, and Photographer Protest 10-01-2018

Labor Department and Young Workers in Nursing Homes, FCC and Elon Musk Lawsuit, Airport Workers’ Wages, Brazilian Oil Company Settlement, South Korean Samsung Labor Union, Venezuelans Migrating, Doctors’ Violations, and the Bar Association and Supreme Court Nomination 09-30-2018

Compensation for Workers, Supreme Court Nominee, Bicycle Deaths, FAA and Rest Breaks, British Children in Poverty, Cheerleader Harassment at Washington Redskins, PR Cities and Utility Taxes, Election Machines and Cyberattacks, McDonald’s Ingredients, and Yale and Asian Americans  09-29-2018

Malaria, Cosby Sentenced, Homeless People and Energy, Global Energy Use, Charter Schools and Unions in New Orleans, Priests, Unregistered Voters in Mississippi, Tax Cut and Deficit, Yale Women Support Survivor, and Yellowstone Grizzly Bears  09-28-2018

Cuban Honey Bees, Housing Rights Initiative in NYC, Time to Vote, Federal Immigration Authorities and Benefits, Robots and Jobs and Wages, Amazon Workers and Raises, British Labour Party and Shares for Workers, Drug Makers and Bill, Arkansas and Work Requirements, and Disneyland Tax Breaks  09-27-2018

Workers and Overdoses, Asylum Seekers in Europe and Gaydar, Chinese Public Schools and Overcrowding, Open Door and Homebuyers, Suicides in India, Workers, Maldives Elections, and Chinese University and Tents of Love 09-26-2018

Federal Judge in Louisiana and Strippers, Singapore, Corporal Punishment in Schools, Television News, Google Data Searches, Federal Court on Montana Insurers, Sleep Deprivation and Children, Temporary Water Streams, Google in New Orleans Streets, Children and Smart Phones, and CDC and Video Games 09-25-2018

Whole Foods Workers and Unionization, Stand Up in Germany, Army Recruiting Goal Missed, Paypal and Infowars, Banks and Simple Loans, Hurricane Florence Costs, Sexual Harassment Charges at the EEOC, New Jobs and Wages, and Detroit Homebuyers and Cash Purchases 09-24-2018

Federal Transportation Officials and Communication Systems Between Cars, France and Cell Phone Use in Schools, City Councils in Great Britain, Land in Columbia for Cocaine Production, 12 Million People Take Payday Loans, Journalists and Nonprofit Hospital Deal with Tech Company, New York Cardinal and Sex Abuse, Houston Workforce, and Violence Against Women in Brazil 09-23-2018

NFL Hall of Famers and Health Insurance, Hospitals and Pricing, Louisiana Arrests and Race, Tech Startup Earnings and Genders, 100 Year Flood Plains, Citizenship and Benefits, Women and Teenagers and Bail at Rikers, Sea World Settlement, Dallas Mavericks Settlement, and Universal Life Polices 09-22-2018

Education Secretary and Student Protections, Airline Earnings, NASA and Change in Ice Sheets, PR and Rebuilding, Students and Teachers, Medical Schools and Addictions, Volkswagen and Blackberry Servers, CWA and ACLU and Equality Opportunity and Facebook , Catholic Sex Abuse Settlement in Brooklyn, and McDonald’s Workers Strike 09-21-2018

Home Health Aides, Sweden and Asylum Seekers, Building Owners in London, Amazon and Bribes, Italy and Anti-Immigration Group, Segregated Cities, Sweden and Free Speech Experiment, Low End Service Jobs, PTSD, Goop Settlement, Trump Approval Ratings, CDC and Sleep Deprivation, and Texas on Fetal Tissue 09-20-2018

Net-worth and Race, Voting, Afghanistan Election Protests, Trump Voters and Church Attendance, United Flights and Passengers, Nike Funding to Republicans, White Working Class, Arkansas Medicaid Enrollments, Podcast Listeners, Foreign Merchants and Mexican Designs, Netflix Subscribers and Comedy, Immigrants, and Hurricane Harvey and Insurance  09-19-2018

Lawsuits on Government Agencies on ACA, Fake Profiles and North Korea, Modern Batteries and African Mine, Denmark Bank Money Laundering, Manafort Deal, Global Early Adolescent Study and Gender Norms, and Treehouse Protests in Germany 09-18-2018

Financial Institutions and Fines and Settlement, Voters on Trump, Charities in China, Illegal Fishing in High Seas, Democrats and Candidate in Montana and NRA, Supreme Court Confirmations, Homeless and Preschools Funding, and Global Climate Protest  09-17-2018

Trump Administration and Navigator Funding, FDA and Teen Smoking of E-Cigs, Kenner and Nike, McDonald’s and One Day Strike, Foreign Born Population, Health Insurance, ID Project in Afghanistan, Catholic Church Abuses, Discrimination in Voting, and Household Income 09-16-2018

Democrats in California and Motor Vehicle Offices, Sweden Election Results, Republican Governor Candidate in Florida, 340B Comments, CBS CEO, Religion, and the EPA and Methane Leaks 09-15-2018

Native Americans Protests on Spanish Colonists, Breast Cancer and Drug Payments, Egyptian Court Death Sentences for Protests, Trump Administration and Venezuela Military Meetings, Germany and YouTube Recommendations, Facebook and Twitter Followers, Afghan Taliban, and Medicaid Expansion 09-14-2018

Hacked Information in Political Campaigns, Ecuador Treaty Violation, Nursing Homes and Backup Power in Florida, Trump Administration and Long Term Detention for Immigrant Children, Teacher Pay and Benefits, Service Jobs, West Virginia and Medicaid, Trump Administration and Apple, and Less Skilled Workers to Subcontractors and Wage Inequality 09-13-2018

Britain and Surveillance, 32 Counties and Puerto Ricans in Florida, Wages and Tax Cut, Florida Supreme Court, Texas Union Members, France and McDonald’s Case, and Verizon and Data Sharing 09-12-2018

Mortgage Act and Income Verification, Hong Kong Residents an Income, Black Lives Matter, Trump Administration and Technology Firms, Gay Rights in India, Unite the Right Rally, and Atlanta and ICE Officials 09-11-2018

Colin Kaepernick and Nike, NCAA Cap, Chicago Mayor No Third Term, Trump Supreme Court Nominee, Tax Exempt Giving, Massachusetts Congressional Elections, Fox Business School, and Trump and Protesting  09-10-2018

AIDS, US Supreme Court and Groundwater Rights for Native People, March of Dimes Funding Crisis, Voters and Change, Facebook and Syria, Taser Deaths, and InfoWars 09-09-2018

Plant and Nut-Based Milks, Lost of School Time in the Summer, New Zealands in Australia, Raise Up in Germany, Welfare Benefits, Lucha Campaign in the Congo, Malware Spread, and Sentry Syria Warning System 09-08-2018

Comcast Hated, California Beach Access, Low Income and Legal Disputes, Asylum Claims Turned Down, Litigation Funds, Charity in UK and Tea Pickers, Mayor of Seoul South Korea and Poverty, Hispanic Texas and Hurricane Damages, Oregon House Democrats, Television Series and Writers that are People of Color, Trump Mocking Indian Leader, and Voter Rolls   09-07-2018

World Health and Unhealthy Air, Chinese Companies and Public Trading, Scotland and Sanitary Supplies at Colleges, Colorado and Oil and Gas Drilling, Johnny Depp Lawyer Case, Painter Sues, Immigration Protests in Germany, California Beach and Privatization, College Degrees, and Black Motorists and Jim Crow 09-06-2018

Prisoners’ Strike, Texas and DACA, Pink Cadillacs at Aretha Franklin Funeral, Earthquake Insurance, Daylight Savings, Facebook Bans, Village Voice Closes,  Women and Wells Fargo Wealth Management, Gun Sales, Chronic Absenteeism,  College Football, and International Trips 09-05-2018

NFL Interest and Fans Divided, Union Proposals in NAFTA Deal, Indian Demonetization Plan, Pakistan and Fake Bank Accounts, Romania Corruption, Fines in Paris on Public Urination, Indian Raids by Police, Canadian Pipe Line, and Arizona Tax for Schools 09-04-2018

White Nationalists and Immigration Meetings, USPS and Sensitive Information, England and Energy Drinks, Costa Coffee Chain, Private Sector Employees and Wages, Vietnamese and Deportations, Palestine and the UN, California and Open Internet Rules, and Brazil Bank Lending Rates 09-03-2018

Nicaragua and Protestors, Trump and Hispanics on the Border, Californian Bill on Female Director, Water Testing in Detroit, Wells Fargo Employees’ Investigation, Harvard and Asians, Microsoft and Subcontractors and Paid Family Leave, NFL Player Protests, Federal Workers and Pay Increases, and Ohio State and Meyer  09-02-2018

Morocco and Chinese Nationalists, Airstrikes in Yemen, 3D Gun Plans, Yahoo and AOL Mail and Marketing, Cash Bail, Campus Sexual Misconduct, Drink Wise, and Clean Air and Mercury Rule 09-01-2018

Student Loan Official Resigns, Dutch Law and DNA Profiling, North Carolina Redistricting, Brazilian Births, Calorie Postings, Puerto Rico and Deeds to Homes, Sleep Deprivation Costs, Death Count in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria, and Trump and Google  08-31-2018

ELN and Poverty, UN and Egypt Overnight Stays, Senator John McCain, Job Corps, Latino Voters in Arizona, Sweden and Depression, Pope Francis Coverup, Property Value Lost, Trump and FBI Building, and Plastic  08-30-2018

Fake News, Disney World Employees and Wages, University of North Carolina and Statue Protests, Super Delegates, Immigration Supervision Program, Argentina Investigation, Abortion in England, Intimacy Directors, and London Subways and Classical Music 08-29-2018

Federal Workers’ Rights, Young Adults and Voters, Pets on Airlines, Banks and Federal Reserve Officials, Attorney and Detained Immigrants, Apache Stronghold and Copper Mining, and Lifestyle and Political Party 08-28-2018

Facebook and Political Manipulations, South Africa and Trump, Schools and Guns, Decline Rate for Visas, Nepal and Money Transfers, Pilgrimage to Mecca, California and Safe Drinking Water Fund, Fake Accounts, Trump Payments to Women, and Freddie Mac and Rent Control 08-27-2018

Poor Whites, Arrested for Pot in NYC, FEMA and Rebuilding, NRA Insurance Policy in NY, Valuable Companies, Hospitals Closings, Louisiana and Bank Bond Deals and High Powered Guns, Smashing Pumpkins and Evictions, Outdoor Air Pollution, and Saudi Arabi Death Penalty for Activist 08-26-2018

Anti-Refugee Attacks in Germany, Leadership Positions in Art Museums, Children and Gun Deaths, Military Lending Act, Brazil and Asbestos, Extreme Fires, Supreme Court of PA on In Home Health Workers, EPA Pollution Rules for Coal Burning, Dubai and Women Head of Households, and Unlocking iPhones 08-25-2018

Rural China and Cancer, Team Sports and Mental Health, Job Guidance, Restaurant Chains and Poaching Charges, Manafort Convicted, Cohen Pleas Guilty, and Russians and Retirement 08-24-2018

Plastics and Recycling, Yemen and Humanitarian Aid, Costs of the Wall, Inactivity, Hong Kong and Government Housing, Women in the Military, Legal Migration and Wages and Prices, Bank Branches in the US, Boys Allowances, Black Doctors, Suing Schools, Privacy Policy, and Anti-Slap Lawsuits 08-23-2018

Loans and Cohen, Where Women Live, Freddie Mae and Rental Properties, Mobility of Workers, San Antonio and Paid Sick Leave, Justice Department Employee and DHS Protest, Thai Men and Obesity, and Political Donation Limits 08-22-2018

South African Schools and Bathrooms, Falls and Deaths in the Construction Industry, Neighborhood Density, Juvenile Court and Fees in New Orleans, Trump Voters, Greece and Basic Expenses, UN World Tourism, State Sanctioned Weddings in Israel, and Women in the Workforce and Homemakers 08-21-2018

Aids Healthcare Foundation and Rent Control, Sunscreen and Children, Florida Speeding Tickets, Inclusionary Zoning, Political Talk Radio, Cord Cutters Cultural Institutions, News Deserts, Weinstein and Sex Trafficking, Press Attacks, and Agricultural Guidelines 08-20-2018

Teacher Drop Outs, Medicare Tests, Shoplifting Costs, Chinese Government and Faulty Vaccines, Asians and Income, Senior Safe Act, Nestle Corporation and Water, Mayor Landrieu and Money Diversions, Opioid Epidemic, Publicly Traded Companies, and Judges 08-19-2018

NYU Medical School Loan Debt, Russian Linked Groups and Targeted Ads, Overhaul of Climate Regulations, Charitable Donations and Individuals, Amusement Ride Injuries, Treasury Department and Ethnic Cleansing, Alec Jones, Supreme Court Nominee and Legal Writing, Military Parade, Lawsuits on Oxycontin, and Liability for Loss and Limbs 08-18-2018

DACA Applications, Fentanyl, Aretha Franklin, Google Employees, Missouri Jury and Correction Officers Settlement, CEO Entergy Resigns in New Orleans, Legal Marijuana Market, Muslim Woman in Sweden Awarded on Discrimination Suit, National Justice Center and Police Brutality, Trump and Security Clearances, Vatican Investigation, and Tracking Migrant Children 08-17-2018

NY and Purdue Manufacture in Drugs, Hate Crimes, Federal Arrests for Undocumented Immigrants, Salaries and Cost of Living, Tesla Investigation, Pennsylvania Grand Jury and Sexual Abuse Victims, President Trump and Former CIA Director Security Clearance, and Primary Races 08-16-2018

Trump and White House Staff, WordPress and Content, West Virginia Impeachments Over Furniture, Regulating Colleges, Far Right Legal Issues, and the Catholic Church and Abuse in Philly 08-15-2018

Money and Politics and Donations, Computer Hacking and Election Machines, Voter ID Law in North Dakota and Native Americans, Turkey Stocks, Public Charge and Greencards, Federal Drug Program Part D and Costs, TSA and American Airlines and Imaging, and Tax Cuts 08-14-2018

YouTube and Buying Views, Unite the Right, Exact Match in Georgia and Voter Rolls, American Diplomat and Breastfeeding, Voter Files and Exit Polls, Intersectionality, and Washington Post and UN-Truths 08-13-2018

FBI Agent and Militia Leader, Russia and Elections, Torture of Terrorist, Work Requirements for Medicaid Recipients, Rep. Collins and Insider Trading, China and Aging Population, and NASA and Solar Probe 08-12-2018

Nationalization Services and Chain Migration, Medicaid Reimbursements to Home Health Aides, Education Secretary and For-Profit Colleges, Trailers of Supplies for Hurricane Maria, Catholic Medical Facilities, and Crime in the US 08-11-2018

Kobach and Governor’s Race, Socialist Wins Primary in Michigan, Ferguson Missouri, Education Fund, NFL Player Protests, Australian Aluminum Workers Strike, Uber and Lyft Drivers and Unions, and Welfare Benefits 08-10-2018

Argentina and Abortion, Former Chile Leader and UN, Chicago Church and Sexual Harassment, Infowars App, Manafort and Unreported Income, AntiTrump Rallies, and Deportations and Central American 08-09-2018

Trump Campaign and Federal Savings Bank, Missouri Voters and Labor, Republican Party Strategies, Boys and Girls and Housework, Health Care and Immigrants, NYC and Ride Sharing, and Telsa CEO 08-08-2018

Jansus and Union Dues, State Insurance Regulators, Right to Work, NLRB and Administration Law Judges, Lawyers and Facebook, Californian Fire, Indian Farmers and Kiki Challenge, and Ludacris Buying Groceries for Needy 08-07-2018

Nicaragua Human Rights, Labor Unions in Missouri and Fees, Rents, Alec Jones and Hate Speech and Apple and YouTube and Facebook, Hedge Funder Investigated, and Iran 08-06-2018

Citizen Scientists and Field Research, Spanish Doctor and Open Sore Disease, Mothers, Chemical Releases During Harvey, LGBT Candidates, Older Individuals and Bankruptcy, Melania Trump on Lebron James, and Generation Z  08-05-2018

Voter Fraud, State Department Visitor Leadership Program, Unemployment Rate, Australian Banks, Transportation and Carbon Dioxide, Dictators and Exile, Ranchers and Tax Compensation, Cheating in High School Exams, Chinese Men and Prostitution, and Criminal Courts in New Orleans  08-04-2018

Pope Francis and Capital Punishment, National Endowment for the Humanities, New Zealand and Women, Ballot Measures and Voting, Google Searching, Colorado Raising, AC in Britain, Taxpayers and Alimony Deductions, Truck Drivers, and Medicare and Star Ratings in Nursing Homes 08-03-2018

Demonstrators and Zimbabwe, Wells Fargo Settlement, Paid Family Leave, Federal Appeals Court and Sanctuary Cities, Taxpayers, Rent in San Francisco, Kroger, Voters in Cambodia, Auto Emissions, Tokyo University and Female Applicants, and Google Maps and Place Names 08-02-2018

VA and Cannabis, Union Protections, Texas and Ghost Guns, Trump and Koch Feud, Facebook and Political Campaigns, Canada and Muslims, Border Between US and Canada, Working Parents and Childcare, Sessions and Russian Probe, and Sandy Hook and Infowars 08-01-2018

African American Woman Death in Tampa, Taxes, Veterans Administration Problems, Community Journalism, Indian Residents and Citizenship, Private Prisons and Safety, Head of CBS and Rape Charge, Lawsuit on Ghost Guns, American Express and Foreign Exchange Rates, Ivanka Trump Fashion Brand, and Colorado Voters 07-31-2018

Quiet Skies Programs, Koch Election Spending, Bar Association Board Members and Women, Veteran Judge, GMO Crops, Cricket Star in Pakistan, Clinton Voters, and Health Care  07-30-2018

Trump Lawsuit on Citizenship on Census, Trump Approval Rate, Federal Employee Unions, Harvard University and Admissions Data, Wildfires, Deadly Summer Roads, Malaysian Girl Marriage, and Jobs and Revenue in Small Countries 07-29-2018

Emergency Aid to Farmers, Education Secretary and Student Loan Borrowers, Trump Hotel, Starbucks and Wage Claims, Twitter and Trump, Facebook Shares, and the EPA and Auto Pollution Rules 07-28-2018

Solar and Low Income Families, Indian Economy and Women, Alzheimer Patients, Ballot Initiatives, Missing in Kazakhstan, Security Clearances, Gerrymandering, Processed Meat, Unfavorable Views of Welfare, Telephone Fraud, Lists of Parents Deported, and Cohen Recordings 07-27-2018

Putin Interview, Portugal Minimum Wage, Rainbow Flags in Israeli Protest, Private Prisons and Labor Laws, Fathers and Paternal Leave, Single Family Homes, Hyatt Hotels and Plastic Straws, Trump Tax Cuts and Wage Gains, and Nike Salaries 07-26-2018

Political Jurisdictions and Voter Purges, NFL and Game Suspension Policy, Female Artists and Earnings, Drug Payments, Vietnam Arrest, Workweek, Swing Left, Homes in Puerto Rico, Physical Activity, and Wikileaks Founder and Britain 07-25-2-18

Brand Ads and Brietbart, Radio Free Europe, Internet Connected Devices, ICE Contracts, Supreme Court and Age Discrimination Suits, Women and Education, Teens and Summer Jobs, Average Debt Loads for College Student, Google Translate App, and Cohen and Conversations Recorded 07-24-2018

Israel and Nation Station of Jews, Sweden and Six Hour Workday, Endangered Species, Fortify Rights, FBI Inspector General, Congressional Districts, Wells Fargo Refunds, and Car Washer Company in California and Back Pay 07-23-2018

NYC and Nurse Settlement, Remains at Texas Construction Site, White Evangelicals, Doctors on Migrant Fees, Union Fees, Jobs, El Paso Grill and Back Pay, News, Russian Ruling and Jehovah Witness, Moons Around Saturn, and Bull Market 07-22-2018

Amazon Workers and Strike in Spain and Germany, Trump Administration and Nonprofits and Large Donations, MGM Resorts and Las Vegas Shootings Suit, Facebook Ads, EU and Alphabet Google Suit, Oil Pipeline Replacement, and Facebook and Misinformation 07-21-2018

Uber Investigation and Gender and Equity, Trump and Intelligence Agency, Kuschner Tenants, Hospital Bills, Deportations, Detroit and Literacy, Breast Cancer, and Regulated Media 07-20-2018

Ralph Paige, Trump Re-Election Funds, Californian Executive Committee, Retirees and Employers, Charleston Church, Urgent Care Clinics, and Soccer World Cup Money and Charity 07-19-2018

Decision Making, Online Instruction for Ghost Guns, Haitian PM Resigns, Foreign Born Residents, Student Rebellion in Nicaragua, Air Force 3D Printing and Toilet Seat Cover, and Twitter and Fake Accounts 07-18-2018

Schools and Re-Segregation, Fast Food Chains and Employee Mobility, NFL Players Association and National Anthem, Trump Administration and Scotland Resort, Harassment Complaints and Charity, Corruption, and Women in Office 07-17-2018

Tech for Campaigns, Facial Recognition, Russian Military Officers and Hacking, Eagles of the Desert, Female On Camera Hosts on YouTube, Corporations Profits and Workers Income, and HHS Travel 07-16-2018

Government Ethics and Commerce Secretary, Justice Department and Hate Crimes, Law Judges, White Neighborhoods and AirBnB, National Right to Work Committee and SEIU Suit, and NHL Players and Head Trauma 07-15-2018

Google Drones, War on Poverty Over, Tariffs and Washing Machines and China, Food Stamps and Working, Justice Department Appeals Time Warner Anti Trust Case, Prices, JP Morgan and Conflict of Interest, and Medicaid and Workers 07-14-2018

Super Delegates, Papa Johns Founder Resigns, E-Waste, Ireland and Public Funds for Fossil Fuels, Settlement Award and Body Powders, and the 2017 Hurricane Season and Damage Costs 07-13-2018

Supreme Court Confirmation Process, Conflicts Between Young Siblings, Union Workers and Wages, Former Brazilian President, Infant Formula, Ethiopian Prime Minister and Stability, Summer Nights, Twitter and User Accounts, and Alabama Government and Jail Food Payments  07-12-2018

Blind Auditions and Women, Earnings, French Farmer and Migrant Case, Family of Four and San Francisco and Income, Employers and Harassment Claims, Tax Payers and Tax Debt, End of Life Care, Retired Women and Poverty, ACA, and Nursing Homes 07-11-2018

EPA Chief Resigns, Italy and Vaccines, Romania and Abuse of Power Protections, Fox Executive in the White House, Supreme Court and Politics, Young Women and Children, Walmart and Age Limit for Guns, Berlin and Anti-Speculation Laws, Philippines Churches and Protection, Chinese Tariffs, and Asylum in Germany 07-10-2018

Clean Energy  in Arizona, Male Journalists on Twitter, Education and Detention Contractor, Traffic Fines and Drivers’ Licenses, Workers on the Move, Robo Calls and Cell Phones, Immigrant Participants and Monitoring Program, and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 07-09-2018 part 2

Nextdoor Communities, Teachers Unions in Florida and Vouchers, Delaware and Lead Paint, Justice Department and Colleges and Race, Supreme Court Justices in EU, Israel and Taxes, Malaysian Police and Former PM, Americans and Insurance, FEMA and PR Housing, Fireworks Sales, New Orleans Public Schools, and Pot Use 07-09-2018

Seattle and Plastic, NYC and Uber Driver Average Pay, Germany and Border Camps, Primaries and Women, Infowars and Nazi Lawyers, Anti-Immigrant Positions, Former Malaysian PM and Corruption, CFPB and Citigroup and Interest Rates, and Tiny Houses 07-08-2018

Subway Delays, Accommodating Pregnant Workers, Screens, Labor Union Approval, Bank Accounts, Morocco Activists, Home Care Union, Brain Performance Company, Meat Consumption, Uber in London, Legal Immigration, and BBC Journalist Settlement on Equal Pay 07-07-2018

Women’s Choice, Draft Riots in 1863, Napa Valley Preserve, One-way Tickets, Gossip and Conversations, Retailers in Bankruptcy, ICE Contracts, Farm Size, and Opportunity Hording by Parents 07-05-2018

Lynching Bill, Homeland Secretary and Migrants, Socialists, Collective Bargaining, PR Finances, Intelligence Officials and North Korean Arms,  and Migrant Families in Detention 07-04-2018

Kentucky Medicaid Work Requirements, Roe v Wade Poll, Trump Prank Called,  EU and Russia, GM and Tariffs, Civics Education, US Capital Police and Arrests, and Operational Forces Action in France 07-03-2018

Fact Checking Projects, Senate Fund for Intern Compensation, California Bill on Food Taxes, Long Live Italians, Digital Privacy Law in California, NFL and Carolina Panther Owner, and EU and Migrants 07-02-2018

US Apartment Market, Primary Elections, Polling on Immigration, US Supreme Court on Union Fees, Separatists in Cameron, Justice Kennedy,  and Earthquakes 07-01-2018

Federal Employees, Travel Ban Ruling, Pregnancy Centers and Abortion, House Races, Senate Approved Vacancies, Separation of Children Injunction, NYC Democratic Voters, Tropical Forest Loss, and French Butchers 06-30-2018

Children in Foster Care, African and Asian Immigrants, New Zealand Homeless Rate, Immigrants and Due Process, Rage Giving, China and Carbon Emissions, Our Revolution, Congress and Medicare, and Fact Checking Projects 06-29-2018

Methane Emissions, Kansas and Citizenship for Voting, Warrant and Location Data, UN and Poverty Report, Mr. Rogers Showing Protest, Rape Cases, Tax on Alcohol, LGBT and Passports, and Amazon and AntiTrust 06-28-2018

Military Sheltering Children in Separations, Greece Rescue Packages, Romanian Government Abuse, Material Witnesses, PM Israel’s Wife Indicted, Backlog of Immigration Cases, Trump Exclusions on Tariffs, and Alabama Counties and Drivers Licenses’ Offices 06-27-2018

Fake News in SA, Department Mergers and Social Programs, Saudi Arabia and Guardianship, Teamsters and UPS, ICE Director, Tampa Bay Quarterback and Female Uber Driver, Incentives to Relocate for Work, and Drones and Cheating 06-26-2018

White Death Rates, Dominos Pizza and Pot Holes, MoviePass, Hungarian Laws and Undocumented Migrants, Walmart Store in Texas, Parental Leave, Data Loss, Asylum Applications, DC Voters and Tipped Workers , DHS and Housing Children, Federal Inmates, and Internet Retailers 06-25-2018

Italy and Census, Commerce Secretory and Stock, First Ladies and Child Separations, Fox News, Microsoft and ICE, Australia and Apple, Bloomberg and House Campaigns, Canada and Recreational Marijuana, Trump and Families and Immigration, Breast Reconstruction, and Syrian Chemical Attacks  06-24-2018

Labor Laws and Women Only Jobs, Restrictions on Women, Survey Responses, Middle East and Apartments for the Poor, Corruption in India, Southern Poverty Law Center Suits on DAs, State Department Nominee and Migrants, US Pulls Out of UN Human Rights Council, Blindness, and Immigration Judges 06-23-2018

Romanian Government, IRS and Trump, Police and Drivers License Photos, Populist Party in Italy, Smoking Rates, Koch and Voter Software, Chinese Sanctions, Inclusion in Hollywood , Nashville Population, Social Media Trust, and Trump and Family Separations  06-22-2018

Online Harassment, Premature Babies, Investments, Imposter Syndrome, Short Term Rentals in New Orleans, Uber in Nyc, Video Games, Scandals in DC Schools, Federal Prisoners Hiring Freeze, and NYC Schools and Discrimination 06-21-2018

Bay Area Restaurants and Stolen Wages, American Women in the Workforce, Prime Age Men and Government Payments, White Americans and Discrimination, Ukraine Film Director on Hunger Strike, Rich School Districts, Expansion of Drug Coverage, Lead Inspections, and Trump Family Income 06-20-2018

Grassroots Efforts and Medicaid Expansion, Mayor in San Francisco, Minimum Wage and Tip Workers, Asian Americans, Manafort, Coral Riffs, Unemployment Rate, Republican Majority and Voting, Children Separated at the Border, Alcohol Study, Blood Test Company Officials Indictments, and Brothels 06-19-2018

Outside Laundry Hanging Protest, Ice Melting, UN General Assembly and Israel, Plumper in London and Self-Employment, Germany Fine on VW, CDC and Suicide Rate, Minnesota Political Law, Trump Foundation, Justice Department and Comey, High School Students and Bullying, and the EPA and Water Pollution and Golf Courses  06-18-2018

South Korean Business Investments, Netflix Most Valued, Hands Off Pants Off Ordinance, Living with Older Relatives, Korean Summit, Amazon and Seattle City Council, Cheesecake Factory Libel, Vietnam and Internet Crackdown, Eric Holder and Congressional Districts Challenge, Apple and Data Requests, and CO2 Emissions 06-17-2018

Dolphins, Solar Roads, Listening in Japan, Wills in China, Companies to Rent Clothes, Alternative Energy, Greece and Macedonia Dispute, AMA Ban on Assault Weapons, and Time Warner 06-16-2018

Supreme Court and Ohio Voter Law, Bishops Resign in Chile, Juveniles and False Confessions, Jewish Property in Poland, Kayne West New Album, Italy Turns Away Migrants, Supreme Court and Washington Road Repairs, Jeff Sessions and Immigration Asylum and Violence, and Sec of Education and College Accreditation 06-15-2018

Carpenters Unions and Factory, Warranties at Guitar Centers, Race and Wealth, Trash in Delhi, Unemployment Rate, Mexican Bribes, Tax Shelters, Southern Baptist Convention and Role of Women, Retirees and Work, State Income Taxes, and Arkansas Judge Conduct Charges on Death Penalty Cases 06-14-2018

Heads Down Tribe, San Francisco and Sports Teams, Maine Voters and Candidate Choice, LA Airport Businesses and Unions, KMPG and South African Tax Scandal, Pope and Climate Change, Rich Suburbs Blue, Threaten Animals, and National Anthem Protests 06-13-2018

New Democratic Party in Ontario, Affluent Young People and Inheritances, Invest-able Assets, HUD Proposal to Raise Rents, Fixer Upper and EPA and Lead Paint, Democratic Lawmakers and Sec. Pruitt, KFC in Britain, World Health and Pedestrian Deaths in China, and Greenpeace and Chernobyl  Fallout 06-12-2018

EPA and Chemical Pollution, Suicide Rates, Federal Reserve Data and Gig Work, Premature Babies, Chinese Influence of Defense Council, NYC and Reduced Fares, Facebook Software Bug, Polling on Congress, Ontario Liberals, and Bail Bonds Business 06-11-2018

Consumers Fired from CFPB, FBI Informant and Trump Campaign, Charitable Giving, San Francisco and Flavor Tobacco, Native Americans in New Mexico, California Primaries, Department of Education and Debt Relief, Medical Bills and Bankruptcy, China Real Estate, Income, and Used Clothes 06-10-2018

Saudi Arabia Female Drivers, Supreme Court and ACLU Lawyers, Georgian PM Resigns, Coal Plants, First Time Homebuyers, Roman Catholic Church and Ireland Public Schools, Freezing Credit Files, Spotify and Hateful Conduct, Trump Trips Costs, Chinese Companies and National Security, Miss American and Swimsuits, and LA Legislature and Personal Businesses 06-08-2018

Kansas Governor Race, Machinists at Boeing, House of Rep and National Defense Act on Iran, European Court of Human Rights and Crosses, Protests in Nicaragua, Federal Oversight of NYC Housing, Southern Poverty Law Center on Confederate Monuments, Supreme Court and Bakery Case, Trump and Pardon, and Plastics 06-07-2018

Hometown Action, Trump Lawyers, Denmark Petition Website, Public Spaces, Breast Cancer and Chemo, Licensed Firearms Dealers, Facebook Data, Indonesia and Free Speech, and NYC and Segregation  06-06-2018

Shared Equity, Campaign Donations Scandal Pardon, Gaza Medical Staff Killed, New Democratic Party in BC and Tax, Vancouver Taxes, Felons in Louisiana and Voting, and Working over 40 06-05-2018

Union Shops Case and Teachers’ Union, National Education Association Budget Cuts, Coal Executive and Funds to EPA Chief, Google Cloud and AI Account, Vermont Relocation Bill, Stockton California and Universal Basic Income, and Free Speech Initiative Leader Resigns 06-04-2018

Violent Crime Victim Impact Evidence, Diseases and Income, Colleges and Student Family Income, Graduates from Private High Schools, Poor Americans and State Taxes, Commuting and Divorce, Real Estate and Wealth, Trump and Jobs Report, Venezuela Political Prisoners, and BC Judge and Trans Mountain Pipeline 06-03-2018

Italian Populist Parties, Archdiocese in St. Paul and Sex Abuse Trust Fund, Rents and Income and Race, California Bay Area and Rent Control, Walmart Closures and Sam’s Clubs, Victim Rights Amendments, Wealth, IGE and Inequality, and Single Parent Households 06-02-2018

Austrian NOYB and Social Media, Indonesia, For Profit Colleges, Trump Pardon, California and Rent Control, NFL Teams and Cheerleaders, Survey Monkey and Teacher Pay, and PM in Spain and Corruption Scandal 06-01-2018

Cornucopia Institute Birds, Poor Americans, Foundations and Insiders, Starbucks Stores and Racial Insensitivity, Employers and Workers and Discrimination, Divorces in China, Acne, Recycling, Irish Government and Birth Certificates,  and Walmart and College Tuition 05-31-2018

Marriage, Coal Companies, Women and Fish, European Commission and Plastic, Health Interventions, Heavy Smokers, Judges and Black Defendants, Rosanne Cancelled Over Tweet, Missouri Governor Resigns, John Bel Edwards and Affordable Housing, Death Toll of Hurricane Maria, Income Distribution, and TransMountain Pipeline  05-30-2018

Prison Inmates, Time Tracking Devices, Ireland and AIDS, British Government and Investor Visas, Ratios on Profits and Compensations, Stalker Apps, Fastest Growing Cities, Student Loan Debt in US, Planned Parenthood and Family Planning, Women’s Only Scholarships, and Justice Department and Oxycontin 05-29-2018

Investors and Oil Industry, White America, International Criminal Court and Africa, Italy Reporters and Police Protection, New Cardinal, Trauma and Health, Pilots and Retirement, Austerity Program in Britain and Spending, Trump and Racism, Quality of Life Laws and Racial Boundaries,  Delta and Northwest Merger, Congress and Private Care at the VA, Fair Housing Assessment Tool, and Saudi Arabia and Women Driving 05-28-2018

Ireland and Abortion and Women Traveling to Britain, California Medicaid, Columbia President and Drug Ties, Political Spending, Live Nation Pay, Chicago Police and Cameras, Urban and Rural Residents and Negative Views, Student Debt and Homeownership, Truckers in Brazil Protest, and Civil Rights Groups and Amazon on Face Recognition Software 05-27-2018

October Wildfires and Rents in California, Trump Executive Orders for Federal Employees, Kendra Ross Settlement in Human Trafficking Case, Portland Reparations Happy Hour, Milwaukee Police and Sterling Brown,  German Fines and Student Holidays, and Advancement of Women in Boston 05-26-2018

Sweden and Rape, Locked Phones, Southern Baptist Leader, Banks and Lending Standards, Civil Rights Groups and Schools and Undocumented Students, US Security Council and Conflict and Hunger, Weinstein Arrest, Hurricane Season, Amazon Records Conversation, and Arizona Auto-Car, Dodd Frank, and European Data Protection Rule 05-25-2018

Everyday Language Use, Las Vagas Casinos and Strike Vote, Centrists, Football Players and Anthem, Waivers for Work Requirements for Medicaid, Public Forum, Rice, Female Firefighters, and Oxford and Black Britains 05-24-2018

Center for American Progress and Job Guarantee, Social Justice at Rutgers, Affordable Housing Projects in San Francisco, Economic Policy Institute, Georgia Primary and First Black Woman for Governor, Barbers and Research Control Group, and Congress and Banks on Dodd Frank 05-23-2018

Presidential Election in Venezuela, Tariffs, Inmates in Federal Prisons and Age, Health Care System Deaths, Cannabis Product Sales, Wealth and Inequality, Pell Grants, Household Wealth, Supreme Court and Arbitration, Filings in Housing Court in Brooklyn, and West Virginia Senate Race  05-22-2018

Uber Wages, Gig Work and National Employment Rate, Social Media Platforms, Immigrant Families with Children, Gag Rule and Abortion, Suicide Related Diagnosis, Starbucks and Consumer Policy, and Bishop Canonized 05-21-2018

New Jersey and Segregation, Oil Markets, FDA and Drug Samples, Borrowers and Home Equity, Wells Fargo and Documents, Fishing Stocks, Planned Parenthood, Anthem and Claim Denials,  and Farm Bill 05-20-2018

Georgia State University and African Americans, College Graduation, North Carolina Walk Out on School Funding and Low Pay, Middle Class Families and College Degrees, Senate and Net Neutrality, Pay Day Lending and Consumer Protection, Fertility Rate, London Fire and Building Codes, Burundi President, and Refugees in the US 05-19-2018

Racial Discrimination and NYC Arrests, Fox Settlement, Facebook Deleted Posts and Accounts, Uber and Sexual Misconduct, Entitlements for the Poor, Urban Living and Population Growth, 17 States and Education for All and Equality, Minimum Wage, Michigan State and Assault Claims, FBI and Russia Investigation, and Teenagers and Birth Rate  05-18-2018

Polls and Medicare Drug Costs, White Evangelicals and News, Nutritious Meals, Hospital Control, Robin Hood Foundation, Rikers Island Dali Painting, Poor, Scientist, Health Insurance Options, and the Wall Price 05-17-2018

Children Calling Mothers in Prison on Mother’s Day and Costs, Wells Fargo and Fee Rebates, UPS and Teamsters, Western Land Visits, New Jersey and Commercial Sports Betting, Facebook and What’s App and India, Israeli Forces and Gaza Protests, Louisiana House Votes on Unanimous Juries, and Yelp and Health Care Reviews 05-16-2018

NYC Arrest Rates, For Profit Educational Institutions and Department of Education, Voter Turnout in Iraq, Rosanne Revival, Pakistan, Mergers and Wage Rates, World Health and Trans Fats, Recycling Crisis, and College Rankings 05-15-2018

NRA Lawsuit in NY and Insurance Risk, Subsidized Subway Rides, Sudan Women and Marriage, Illegal Immigrants, EU, Atoms, Tunisia and Domestic Violence, Poor Renters and Affordable Housing, and Gaslight 05-14-2018

Microwave Oven, Campaign Funds and Childcare, Workers at NYU Campus in Middle East, Marriage Age, EPA Director and Cost Implementation of Clean Air Act, Oklahoma Governor and Gun Permits, Aide Workers, Drug Maker Stocks, Credit Unions, and Malaysian National Elections  05-13-2018

Office Workers and Blueish Light, California and Solar Capacity, Federal Assistance and Religious Universities, Crowds on Demand Supporting Power Plant for Entergy, Spotify and Hate Content, Sean Hannity Apartments and Rent Collections, China and Audio Signals, and EpiPen and other Drug Shortages 05-12-2018

Drug Testing Company and Pain Killers and Illegal Drugs, Malaysian Elections, Firearm Maker, Mormon Church and Boys Scouts, Micheal Cohen Payments, CFPB and Student Loans, Chinese Tycoon Sentenced, and Teacher Strikes  05-11-2018

Tunisia Elections, NY Attorney General Resigns, Contingent Workers and Gig Workers, Armenian Prime Minister, Voting Machines and Records, Former Brazilian Presidents and Election, HUD Sued on Recovery Funds, Ohio Primary, Tax Incentives Spending, Obama Auto Lender Rule, West Virginia Primary 05-10-2018

Oliver North and NRA, Voice of the Experienced and Voting Rights, California and the Homeless, Human Genes, Publicized Emails, Air France Strike, AI for Accessibility, Women and Insurance Deductibles,  High Deductibles, Migrant Border Crossings, Australian Banks and Sales Bonuses, Iran Strikers, and Sidewalk Labs 05-09-2018

Russian Arrests, Eyeglasses, UMail and RoboCalls, Switzerland and OffShore Accounts, YouTube Channels and Money, Trucking Sikhs,  Drug Company Lobbying, Republicans and Free Trade, Civilian Workers and Paid Family Leave , IIRS and Employer Mandate, and Tracking Software and Human Trafficking 05-08-2018

Segregation in NYC Public Schools, Google and Federal Election Ads, Fake Blood Testing Company Burns Investors, Wells Fargo Settlement, LA City Council and Street Vending, Packaged Foods, Vulture Free Safe Zones,  Food Deserts, Police in Finland, and Sweden and Wiki Media and Women 05-07-2018

Euthanasia, Solar Power, Arizona Teachers, NYC and Gentrification and AirBnB, Volkswagen Fraud on Diesel Fuel, Teenagers  Working and Labor Shortages, Freddie Mac and Apartment Loans, Unemployment Rate, Utility Company Pays Actors in New Orleans to Favor a Power Plant, Honduras Status in the US, Young Europeans and Democracy, Nobel Prize in Literature and Scandal, and the NSA and Phone and Text Messages 05-06-2018

Asylum Cases, Kindergartners in NYC, NFL Players and Collusion, Civil Disobedience, Senior Judges in Hungary, ETA in Spain Dissolving, Boys Scouts Name Change, Chaplin in the House, Trump Lawyer Payments, and Lebanon Laws  05-05-2018

Employers and Salary History, Spying, Down Payment Assistance, Pope Francis and Canadian Apology, Sexual Abuse in Chile, Assisted Dying, Universal Basic Income, Migrants at US Border, Uber, and Washington Redskins Cheerleaders 05-04-2018

Academic Demands, Ashley Judd Lawsuit, Writers, Arizona Teachers, Department of Justice, Iran and Telegram App, San Juan Strike, Times Up, George Mason University and Koch Foundation, and Uber and Taxis in NYC  05-03-2018

Congress and Anti-Lynching Bills, North Korea Nukes, Sprint and T-Mobile Merger, Lynching, Civil Rights Movement, Transgenders in the Military, Walmart and Stores in Brazil and UK, Alphabet Payment, Public Bathrooms, DNA and Chimps, Competitiveness, and Moscow Protests  05-02-2018

Zillow and Rents, Public Access to Complaints, College Basketball, Cameron Land Grab Company, Bill Cosby and Guilty, President’s Doctor and VA, EPA Chief and Staff, Bipartisan Bill to Protect Special Council, Teachers’ Protests, Sudan Aide Workers Deaths, and Migrant Children Placements 04-30-2018

Adults and Facebook, NRA and Political Victory Fund, Finland and Universal Income, Supreme Court and Suing Foreign Companies, Lead Levels in Water in Newark, Social Safety Nets, Washington State and Grants to Planned Parenthood, NFL Owners’ Meeting, Reddit and Hate, African Countries and Infant Deaths, Montgomery Peace Memorials, and HUD Proposed Changes 04-29-2018

Wells Fargo Problems, EPA Chief and Science, Propel App and Food Stamps Spending, Smartphone Dependent, Columbia University Graduate Student Strike, Trump Voters, Household Income and Population, Supermarkets and Health Food Prices, and Privacy and Friends’ Information 04-28-2018

Protests in Nicaragua, Succession to the Crown, Smokers, Armenia, California and Hawaii and Plastic Bags, Human Rights Movements and Free Markets, Teacher Pay, Propel App, Pay Differences of CEO, GMO Safety, California Police Records, and Hospitals and Recruiting Bonus 04-27-2018

Louisiana and Life Sentences, Union Membership, Facebook Role in Sir Lanka, Democratic Socialist Memberships, Doctors and Hospitals and Transgender Discrimination, Food Packaging, High School Yearbooks Smiles, March for Science, Poland and Pollution, Spanish Law and Voting, and Amazon Warehouse Workers 04-26-2018

Israeli Award Ceremony, Arizona Teachers, Israel Protests, Hotel Workers and Names, Actors Equity Association, SUN Trust Bank Customer Information, Law Enforcement and Anti-Protest Bills, Bank of China Settlement in Italy, and Podcast Listeners 04-25-2018

Lance Armstrong Settlement, Penalties for Wells Fargo, Overdose Deaths for Fentanyl, EU Asylum, College Costs, South African Protests, Civil Rights Prosecutes and Eric Gardner Case, Investigations of Head of EPA, Emergency Inspections of Airplanes, and US Department of Justice and Switching Providers 04-24-2018

Argentina and Feminism, Professional Skiers and Snowboarders, Student Walkouts, Governor of Missouri Charges, Southwest Airlines Payouts, Mexican Children, Education Department Civil Rights Complaints, Nicaragua Pension Protests, and Philippines Deportations 04-23-2018

Kris Kobach and Contempt of Court on Voter Registrations, Chicago Median Income for Public Housing Residents, Black Infant Deaths, Puerto Rico Power Outage, Cuba President, School Spending, Slave State, Saudi Arabia Movie Theater, Telecommunication, MLK Name, Newspaper Publications, and Childhood Poverty Costs 04-22-2018

Concentrated Poverty, Clean Cooking, Louisiana Spending on Sexual Harassment Lawsuit, Pulitzer Prize for Kendrick Lamar, Specialized Work Clothes in Russia, Caribbeans in Britain, Billing Codes and Earthquakes, Supreme Law and Deportation Law, and NYC Housing Authority and Lead Inspections 04-21-2018

Working Family Party and Cynthia Nixon Endorsement, Transgender Troops, Starbucks and Racism Training, Sweet Potatoes, Czech Republic Employment Rate, Hate Violence Increase, EPA and Sound Proof Phone Booth, Organized Labor and Tribal Sovereignty Act, GOP Tax Law, Construction Projects and Union Labor, and Wood Burning and Pollution 04-20-2018

Women and Surgery, Generic Drug Development and Samples, State Capitals and Security, David Buckle and Climate Change Protest, Democratic Voters and Mid-Term Elections, Public Funds and Black South Africans, and Comey  04-19-2018

Pardons, College Athletes and Endorsements, Federal Employee Salaries, Google Gmail Changes, Migratory Birds and Killings, Environmental Fines and Oil Companies, and Homeownership Rate for African Americans 04-18-2018

Illegal Guns in Mexico, Bipartisan Bill on Mueller, FCC and Employees and Overseas Workers, Louisiana Local Jails, Rent Control, Major Donor Resigns from Committee, Household Income and Private Colleges, and New Zealand and Offshore Drilling  04-17-2018

Teachers in Kentucky, Brazil and Discrimination and Presidential Election, Federal Reserve and US Banks and Capital, Health Care and Religious Objections, Lead Levels in Flint, and Social Movements and Self Help 04-16-2018

Major Bank Loans and Subprime Borrowers, Paul Ryan Will Retire, Protestors in France, American Language Education, Second Languages, Migration of Nigerians, Gratitude and Mental Health, and Blue Buckets in Russia 04-15-2018

Teachers’ Strike in Oklahoma, Gender and Earnings, India and Traffic Fatalities, India Supreme Court and Marriage, EPA and Secretary Detail Costs, NFL and Cheerleaders, Black Lives Matter Facebook Page, Bank of America and Gun Manufactures, Broadcaster Resigns, and Malaysian Prime Minister 04-14-2018

Fox News and Truth, Facebook Privacy Controls and European Law, Consumer Advocacy Groups and YouTube and Parental Protections, Beyonce’ Fans, Tax Policy Center and Charitable Contributions, Shell Oil and Nigerian Government, Pope Francis on Abortion and Social Causes. and FBI Raid on Trump Lawyer 04-12-2018

Red Flag Laws and Guns, Brazilian Union Members, Medicare Eligibility and Teeth, Devil’s Advocate, Togo’s Public Hospital Workers, EPA, Eviction Rates, Oklahoma Teachers, Schools and Flooding, Low Income Students in College, Gambling Loses, and Lead Levels in Flint 04-11-2018

Traffic Accident Deaths, Target Hiring and Discrimination, CFPB Staff Pay, Myanmar and Facebook Hate Speech, Chinese Age of Marriage, White House News Conferences, India’s Untouchables, Tax Payer Funds, SNAP at Big Box Stores, and Political Ads on Facebook 04-10-2018

Historic Black Colleges and Debt on Hurricane Katrina, Slavery and Education, Philip Morris and Smuggling, Vehicles and Loans, Federal Reserve and the Economy, Republican Drop Outs, Sperm Donors, Substance Abuse, and Banking Bill and Credit Reports 04-09-2018

Ivy League Colleges, Race and Pay, Latino Actors, Memphis March, NY Public Housing Playgrounds, Trump Voters, Federal Court Judge ad Florida Clemency Rules, Brazil Court and Presidential Race, Private Companies Over 1 Billion in Funds, Pay Apps and Firearm Sales, Minors and Birth Control, EPA Officials Re-Assigned, and Solar Panels and Electricity  04-08-2018

National Guard at Border, State Education Department NYC, Corporate Foundations and Contribution Patterns,  Facebook Personal Information Shared, Google Employees and Pentagon Program, Disneyland Theme Bank Employees, Germany and Diesel Vehicles, Female College Students and Rape Reporting, Colleges Negative Effect, and Investments and Gun Manufacturers 04-07-2018

Consumer Protections, Philippines Economy and Remittances, Private Investment Projects, National Academy of the Scientists and Water Systems and Safe Drinking Water, Public Housing Tenants in NYC and Heat, Working Remotely, China and Female Literacy, African Americans and Civil Rights, Nonprofits and Corporate Foundations, Female Teachers, and Laundromats in Hong Kong  04-06-2018

Prisoners and Incarceration Costs, China, New Testament, Sewer Overflows into Waterways, College Debt,  Working Older Americans, Israel PM and Migration Deal, EPA and Californian Auto Emission Standards, Teachers Walk Out, NFL Cheerleaders and Working Conditions, and Sinclair Broadcast Group and Forced Read for Anchors on Fake News 04-05-2018

CDC and Circumcision, Rev. Billy Graham, Lunar New Years Gala, Human Rights, Russia Presidential Powers, Murders in LA, Labour Party Campaign Wins Burial Fund, Oklahoma Teachers, Assault Weapons Ban, Church of England and Plastics, and Angola Former President’s Son and Bank Fraud 04-04-2018

Industrial Fishing, Migration and Climate Refugees, Mexican Avocados Imports,  Bail Bonds, Marriage Rates and Ivy League Students, Women in Combat in the Marines, Census and Race and Ethnicity, and Bail and Financial Conditions 04-03-2018

Walmart and Humana, Criminal Defendants and Public Defenders, Local Governments and Technology, Education Budget, Cows and Public Lands, Exxon and Climate Change, Howard University Protests, Smart Phones and the News, Clean Vehicles, White House Staff Turnover Rate, and Non-Unanimous Jury Convictions in Louisiana  04-02-2018

Reboot of Rosanne and Ratings, Tesla Electric Cars, Denmark and Online Divorces and Children, Visas to US and Social Media Handles, Trump EPA Chief and Condo, Companies and Fox News Advertisements, Stephon Clark Autopsy, and Baton Rouge Police Officer Fired  04-01-2018

Immigrants and Churches, Transgenders in Military, Disabilities Act, Fox News Host Apologies, Trump and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Pew Research and Democrats, DNA Exoneration, Women Bartenders, and Offshore Money to Britain 03-31-2018

Trump and Fair Housing Laws, Protests in Sacramento, Constitution Violation, Facebook and Privacy, Immigration Case Workers and Public Benefits, and Tuition at Public Colleges 03-30-2018

Fair Housing Alliances and Facebook, Gap Operations, Idaho Workers, NY and Congestion Fees, Women at UK Banks, Ecuador and Assange Internet Access, Trump and VA Replacement, SA Woman and Racist Language Sentencing, and Heineken and Racist Ad 03-29-2018

Refinances, Back Pay, Urban Car Ownership, Coffee Drinkers, Louisiana Legislature and Minimum Wage and Nursing Homes, Californian Investigation, Alton Sterling, Trump and Citizenship Question, Immigrants and Evangelicals, SLC and Election, and Atlanta and Ransomware   03-28-2018

EU and US Expel Russian Diplomats, Social Activists and Deaths, Uber Passengers, FTC and Facebook, FeedUp and Federal Reserve Bank, Patients and Blood Clots, US and Small Bank in Latvia and Money Laundering, and Dallas and Bike Sharing 03-27-2018

Poor Students in College, NFL and Saints and Gender Discrimination, Michigan University and Sexual Abuse Bills, Rio de Janeiro Councilwoman Executed, Unlimited Funds to Candidates, UN and Migration and Deaths, EPA and Environmental Studies, Wetlands, and 60 Mins and Stormy Daniels  03-26-2018

NLRB Official and Ethics Pledge, Adults and Obesity, US and Recessions, Older Americans and Children, Europe and Campaign Limits, Pot and Cottonplant Arkansas, Job Discrimination and Transgenders, March for Our Lives, and Edo Nigeria and Sex Exploitation 03-23-2018

Peru President Offers to Resign, Congress and Sex Traffic Bill, Facebook Apology, Suburban Populations, American Big City Growth, March for Our Lives, Trump Lawyer Resigns, and Another NSA Advisor Out 03-22-2018

YouTube and Fact Checking, Public Housing in NYC and Heaters, Nike and Sexual Harassment, NAFTA and Consumers and Obesity, Slovakia and Democracy,  Former CIA Director and Russia, Spending Bill in Congress, Russian Hackers and Elections, and EU and Tech Companies’ Taxes 03-21-2018

Top Students on Standardized Tests, National Park Visitors on the Border, New Orleans Mural Board, Automated Uber Car Kills Pedestrian, Indigenous Women Running for Offices, Amazon Women, Supreme Court and Redistricting, Facebook and User Data, and NLRB and McDonald’s Settlement  03-20-2019

Endangered Animals and Plants and Hawaii, Rotating Wheel of Unwanted Children, Chris Rock, Women and First Child Birth, Income Inequality and Race, Workers and Automation, Minneapolis and Black Student Suspension Rate, Giant Cranes on Oil Rigs, Spending on Education, and Florida and Stand Your Ground Laws 03-19-2018

Cambridge Analytics and Facebook Data, Alcohol Study, Justice Department and Security Exchange Commission Investigate Wells Fargo, Federal Employees and Worklife Balance, Tom Benson Dies, American Hospital Stay Costs, Salvoika President Steps Down, Colleges and Lower Income Students, and Health Insurance and World War 2 03-18-2018

Authoritarian Leaders, Whistle-blower Documents and Cleaning Initiative, Russian Investments, Student Walkouts, Exercise in Older Adults, Minimum Wage and Flight Attendants, Teachers with Guns, and Rhianna and Snap Chat 03-17-2018

Elizabeth Holmes Fraud Charges, NSA and Russian Hackers, Protests on Trump, Children and Lead Exposures, Americans and National Ban on Assault Riffles, Food Banks in Germany and Migrants, and Anti-Muslim Violence in Sir Lanka 03-16-2018

Small Businesses in Puerto Rico, Quebec, Arkansas and Medicaid Eligibility, Fortune 500 Companies and Benefits for New Hires, Travelers and Environmental Responsibility, Brimingham Schools Protest, Emergency Room Treatment and Gender, Fresh Fruit Imports, China and Fine Particulates, National Geographic and Racism, Latino Donor Collaborative and Latino Labor, Sales Returns, and Pennsylvanian Election 03-15-2018

African Americans in New Jersey and Pot, Leftism Young Movement and Mexican Elections, Dodd Frank Requirements, Data Analysis and Records, Dovetail and Fake Instagram Accounts, Tattoos, Forests and Carbon, Pro-Democracy and Hong Kong, England and Russian Spies, Nigeria and Tobacco,  and Tillerson Fired  03-14-2018

Intelligent Home Devices, Young Republicans and Young Democrats and Climate Change, Teachers Union in Chicago, Print and Campaign News, Prisons and Compassionate Release, Elite High Schools and Race in NYC, Walkout for Students, Trump and Guns, Term-limits in China, NFL and Under-Represented Individuals, Call Centers and Prices,  and England and Terrorism 03-13-2018

Reveal Report and Mortgage Loans, American Labor and Manufacturing, Statues Taken Down in India, Cement Giant in Syria, Nursing Homes, Soybeans, Journalists Killed, Women Earnings, Twitter and False Claims  03-12-2018

Orleans Parish School Board Settlement and Hazardous Landfill, China and Term Limits, John Kelly and EPA Climate Debate, Trump Voters, Trump Tax Bill and Farmers, Anti-Opioid Activists Protest, Billionaires, and Black Mortgage Applications 03-11-2018

Labor Negotiations and Ports, Fewer Jobs States, UK and Meat Packages and Factory Farming, Marine Toxic Work Environment, Copy Cat Threats, Obesity and Cancer in the UK, Private Parish Jails, Female Business Founders in the UK, and Equal Pay in Hollywood 03-10-2018

White Churches, People and Stories on Twitter and False News, Gun Limits in Florida, Drug Prices Prison Sentence, Trump Payments to Stormy Daniels and Election Laws, Education and Student Loans, and US Mortgage Levels 03-09-2018

Right to Work and Democrats and Voter Turnout, 11 Countries and Trans Pacific Partnership, Forest Service Official Resigns, Sexual Harassment Survey, International Women’s Day in Spain, Nuclear Submit, Costs of Care, and Iowa and Low Cost Insurance 03-08-2018

Federal Immigration Officials, Amazon Prime Membership, Round Trip Fares, Rows on a Plane, Labor Department and Back Pay, Puerto Rico and Storm Damages and Migration, and Democrats in Texas 03-07-2018

Interior Secretary and Montana Oil Lands, Russian Troll Farms, Trump Economic Advisor Resigns, White House Aide and Alabama Election, West Virginia Teachers Strike, South Korea Nuclear Program, Belgium Court and Sexism Case, and American Tariffs 03-06-2018

Russia Virtual War, Cities Ban Plastic Straws, Australian Telescope and First Starlight, HUD Complaint on Redecorating, Net Neutrality and State Laws, United Airlines and Bonuses, Protections, and Public Employee Insurance Systems  03-05-2018

Treasurer Secretary at UCLA, Trump and Tariff, Interior Department Emails and Oil Exploration,  Private Education in Australia, Congressional Election in Pennsylvania, Germany, and Elections in Italy 03-04-2018

Voters and College Degrees, Large Employers and Recruiting, Unions Dues and Rights, Ben Carson and Dinner Table, Circumcision, West Virginia Teachers Strike, and Digital Phenotyping 03-03-2018

Walmart and Gun Sales, Dick Sporting Guns and Assault Rifles, Trump and Gun Control, Kushner Meetings and Loans, US Olympic Official Resigns, Immigration Officials and Oakland Mayor, First Lady and Contract, Hungary Party Defeat, and the Individual Mandate 03-02-2018

NLRB and Joint Employer Ruling, Banking Fraud and Newsweek Magazine, Tax Cut and Stock Buy Backs, Jerry Jones and NFL Fines, Facebook and AI and Post Scanning. Kushner Security Clearance, and Taiwan Toilet Paper Prices 03-01-2018

Wall Street Firm Investigation and Trump, Republican Governors and Gun Control, Reduced Price for in-State Tuition, Right to Work Laws, Supreme Court and Undocumented Immigration, Don Blankenship, Trump Wall, and the Weinstein Company 02-28-2018

Germany and Jobs and Gender, Supreme Court Anti-Retaliation for Whistler Blowers, UN and Syrian Cease Fire, Tax Overhaul, Doctors without Borders and Sexual Harassment, New Orleans Storm Protection, and NRA Company Ties 02-27-2018

Electronic Voting and Hacking, Trump Advisor and Special Counsel, Florida Protests on Firearms, Justice Department and Kushner Issues, NRA Company Deals, and Public School Teachers in West Virginia Strike 02-26-2018

Nursing Home Regulations, Greek Lawmakers and Committee on Corruption, College Accreditation Agencies, NYC and Uber Lawsuit, Bayou Bridge Pipeline, Black Joblessness, and Mexican Case on Public Funds to Political Campaign 02-25-2018

Poland Law & Justice Party, Casino Head and Sexual Harassment, Met Life and Benefits Payments, Twitter Rules, and Sheriff Deputy at Parkland School 02-24-2018

Common Cause and Trump Payoffs, Senator Rubio and Gun Laws, Rev. Billy Graham, Mississippi and Hotel Tax Break, Ireland Secondary Schools, Tweets in Saudi Arabi, Gun Victims, and DNA Analysis Requirement 02-22-2018

Italy and Party Votes, Republicans and Trade, Donors for the Midterms, Twitter Accounts, 3M Settlement on Contaminated Water, and AT&T Merger 02-21-2018

NCAA and Player Scandals, Social Security Benefits and Family Leaves, Bump Stocks, Russia and Trump Campaign, Kushner and Classified Information, Rite Aid Buy Out, Poverty and Medicaid Expansion, and DC Public Schools 02-20-2018

Student Loan Balances, Pennsylvania District Maps, Individual Health Insurance Market, NLRB and Joint Employer Status, Worker Protections, Actor Markets, and Activism by Parkland School Shooting Survivors 02-19-2018

Multi-Employer Plans and Liabilities, Budget and Retirees, EPA and Travel by Administration, Russian Agency and the US Election, Virginia Budget and Medicaid, Household Debt, Asian and Textile Industries, and Student Loan Debt 02-18-2018

Gun Violence and State Laws, Supervised Exercise Program, SNAP Funds, Brazil Federal Police and Fake News, Payday Loan Customers, Ride Sharing Companies and Charges, and FCC and Sinclair Broadcasting 02-17-2018

Rebuilt Engines and Pollution and Campaign Support Funds, NYC and Credit Scores, Black Panther, Trump Campaign, Russian Indictments, and the White House and Security Clearance Problems 02-16-2018

School Shootings and Gun Violence, Immigration Compromise, President Zuma in SA, VA Trip, Executive Order and Health Insurance, and Federal Appeals Court on Travel Ban 02-15-2018

Oxfam Director Resigns, US Department of Labor Funding, President Trump Budget and Food Stamps, Israeli Police and PM, Transient Art, CDC and Births, and Oregon and Meth Deaths 02-14-2018

Cleveland Mississippi, Myanmar Massacre, Section 8, Automation, Sex Education, Wall Street, Songs and Adult Tastes, Larger Sized Apparel, Winter, Migrants, and the Girl Scouts of Colorado 02-13-2018

Virtue Signal, Facial Recognition and Gender and Race, Minority Children and Television, Weinstein Company Sale, Podcast Listeners, Wells Fargo, Opioids and Doctors, Tax Compliance, and Daylight Savings Time  02-12-2018

Oxfam and Sexual Misconduct, Waste Work Deaths, Spending on Variable Pay, Indiana and Medicaid Program, Paying for Drugs, Poverty Rate, Kratom, and the Girl Scouts 02-11-2018

Democrats and Republican Seats, Ethiopia Turmoil, NLRB and McDonalds’ Franchises, Indian Students, White House Drama, and American Adults and Facial Recognition Data and Race 02-10-2018

Class Action by Au-Pairs, Chile and Healthy Foods, DOT and Airline Penalties, Universal Housing Vouchers, Complaint in the Philippines, Teachers Unions and Betty DeVos, Cancer and Drinking, and Spending Bill 02-09-2018

British Judge and Assange, Hong Kong Umbrella Movement, NY Times Study and Toxic Chemical Sites, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Wind and Solar Plants, Workers and Dating, Nonprofit Taxes on Individual Pay, Least Healthy Groceries, Fair Skin Pigmentation, Investors, and Affordable Housing in Seattle  02-08-2018

Direct Care Workers and Foreign Born, Pay Gap for Women, Latino Population and Film, Banks and Branch Closings, Girl Scouts and Savannah Bridge, Labor Department and Tips, FEMA Contract, Polish Death Camps, Economic Freedom Fighters, and Anonymous Jury 02-07-2018

Justice Department and New Jersey Senator, Facial Modifications, State Laws on Rent Control, Insurance Mandates, Ecuador and Presidential Term Limits, Financial Aid Assistance at Stanford, Black College Students, Mississippi Black College Students, and Cesarean Section Deliveries 02-06-2018

Assistance Living Facilities, Gene Sharp, AP and NFL Black Players at Pro Ball, Worker Programs, EEOC and Retaliation, Advised Funds, Florida and Voter Rights, Online Spending, Amtrak, Simpsons, Greeks Protest, and Iran and Women  02-05-2018

Rules of Paris Climate Accord, Distressed Community, Kyoto University and Dating Sites, Ikea, Farm Safety Group and Children, Amazon Application Process, Artificial Intelligence and Heavy Trucks, China and Agricultural Products, Earnings, and Mayan Structures 02-04-2018

French Dairy Company, Legal Aid, Humane Society Head, Black Rock and Female Directors, Wells Fargo Growth, Chinese Population and Deodorant, Funeral Prices, Iranian Women Arrested, Kenya, Cell Phones and Health, Lowes and Paid Level, Health Care, Boycotts, and Trump’s State of the Union 02-03-2018

Interior Department and Legal Challenges, FBI and Trump and Secret Memo, Title X Grants, Equifax, International Sports Corruption, Graduate Student Union Efforts, DACA and School, and Nick von Hoffman 02-02-2018

Digital Ads, Hillary Clinton, Water Levels in Cape Town, Muted Stem Cells, US Homeownership Rates, Trump Approval Rating, and CDC Director Resigns 02-01-2018

Australian University Student and Fitness App and Military Sites, Texas Border and Extreme Living Conditions, Largest Employers and Independent Insurance Company, New Orleans Officials and Violent Crime, New Jersey Governor and Utility Tax for Carbon Emissions, and Latinos and Slave Trade 01-31-2018

Cleveland Indians and Logo, Holocaust, Terran Protest, Late Night Television, 7 Years of Retirement and Positive Health Impacts, Ireland and Abortion, Democrats and Abortion, Secret Memo Release,  and Taxes and Opportunity Zones 01-30-2018

Mexico States and Travel Advisories, Extreme Poverty, Certified Refugees, Obesity in Africa, Pedophiles and Reporting, Working Governments, World Bank and Air Pollution in India, Married Americans and Living Apart, Public School Funding, Pew and Jon Stewart, Inflated Bride Prices,  and Sexual Harassment Lawsuits and Settlement Interest Rates 01-29-2018

Smoking Pot, Women and College Attendance, BBC and Female Pay, Casino Owner and Sexual Harassment, National History Museum Protesters, Mortgage Debt, Budget Transparency, Twitter Followers for Sale, and Female Artists 01-28-2018

Men’s Only Fundraiser for Financial Times, True to Life, Adults and Conversion Therapy, Poverty, Absolute Poverty in the United States, Starbucks and Tax Savings, Governmental Accounting Office, UPS and Teamsters, Changing Jobs, and Mueller Firing Threat 01-26-2018

French Labor Policy, LA Museum of Art & Satellite Campuses, USA Team Doctor Sentenced, President of Michigan State Resigns, White Nationalists on Facebook, Mental Illness, FDA and Drug Trials, Discourse Styles, Save the Children, Top Grossing Films, Legal Marijuana, Hourly Employees, and Trump and Dreamers 01-25-2018

#MeToo and Morgan Stanley, Facebook Whats App, USA Gymnastics, Brazilian Dumps, Radio Bursts, Facebook News, Hugh Masekela, Rev Walker, Protests on Trash Pickups in Lebanon, UN in the Congo, US Military and Human Rights Abuses in Afghanistan, and Trump and Union Approvals   01-24-2018

Women’s Colleges and Historical Black Colleges, United Nations Peacekeepers, Cancer Society and Prostate Cancer, Dementia Risk, French Prison Guards Strike, Gerrymandering Case, Georgia Governor and Gays, Kentucky and Medicaid Requirements, Stock Grants, Companies and Tax Break, Chinese Property Taxes, and Montana and Internet Access 01-23-2018

Cognitive Impairment, Sports Stadiums, Co-Housing, Paperwork and Applications for Benefits, Pornography, Women’s Marches, Cashiers, Republicans and Israel and Palestinian, Bitcoin Electricity, Support Animals, and Government Shutdown 01-22-2018

Russian Retirement Ages, Lebanon Spy Technology, Warmest Years, Adult Women and ADHD Drugs, Tax Law and Affordable Housing Growth, Union Members, LA Times and Union, Criminal Cases, CVS Drugs, Machine Learning Techniques, Breast Cancer Survival Rate, Kindergarten Vaccination Rates, Chilean Catholics, and Trump’s California Voters  01-21-2018

Hospitals and Generic Drugs, New Orleans DA Office Lawsuit and Hiding Evidence, Huffington Post and Self-Publishing, Lebanon Elections, Border Wall, Minimum Wage and Hospitality Workers, and Amazon 01-20-2018

Kentucky Workplan and Medicaid, Forever Prisoners, MS 13 Gang, Pipeline in Louisiana, FCC and Net Neutrality, Longterm Care Plans, Democrats and Legislative Seats, and Drinkers and Abstainers 01-19-2018

Greece Debt, Fossil Fuels, Music Therapists, Atlanta and Bail Reform, Mississippi State Flag, Trump’s Racist Remarks, Clean Air, Detention Cells, Bannon, National Parks, Democracy Activist in Hong Kong 01-18-2018

Model Alliance and Sexual Harassment, Abortion, New Vehicles, International Visitors, Trump and Race Relations, Colleges and Intelligence Studies, Expressions, Treasury and Congressional Staff Settlements, Physical Punishment, Mid-Term Elections, Italians and Biodegradable Bags, Immigrants in Jail, and Symbols for Confederates 01-17-2018

Internet Providers and Online Services Slowdowns, Trump Lawyer and Adult Film Star Payoff, NFL and Payments to Former CTE Players, Senator Graham, Sales Taxes, Traffic Accident Deaths, Tunisia Arrests, Craft Industries, Bears Ears and Mines, Chinese Communist Party and Internet Comments, and the Vietnam War 01-16-2018

States and Medicaid Work Requirement, Chase and Class Action on Overtime, Racist Trump, Walmart Pay Raises, Tax Payers and Internet Access, Youth Unemployment in Iran, Pope Francis and Crises, Oil Pension Funds, Clean Energy Employment, Y2K Bug, Assange and Ecuadorian Citizenship, and Special Education 01-15-2018

Affordable Housing Crisis in Denver and Voucher Program, Fast Food Justice in NYC, ICE in 7 Eleven Stores, IRS and Debt Collectors, Migration into US, Legalized Pot and Tax Revenues, Coffeeshop Protests in Canada, and the CRA 01-14-2018

Former Arizona Sheriff and Running for Senate, Antiwar Organizations, Micheal Cohen and Fusion and Buzzfeed, Homeless Prostitutes in Mexico, Tax Bill and American Workers, and Rutgers News Journalists Charged 01-13-2018

Gospels and Early Christianity, Indian Supreme Court and Gays, California Billionaire Election Spending, Miller and Trump Interview, Tax Bill, DACA, Bannon and Breitbart News, North Carolina Congressional Map, and Offshore Drilling 01-12-2018

Boycott of Israeli Occupation, Police Per Capita, Loans from Israel, Saudi Princes Arrested, 911 Technology, Trump Administration and El Salvador Protections, Energy Commission and Coal Power Plants, Nevada Standoff Charges Dismissed, Parents and Children and Internet Data, and Britain and Average Salaries 01-11-2018

Smokers, State Taxes and Charity, Low Power Stations, Gender Masking, United Emirates and Passport Sales, Kaiser and Hospice Complaints, Contracts and Nursing Home Spending, NAACP and NCAA Protest, Steve Bannon, India and Internet Access, and Crime Costs 01-10-2018

Journalists at the LA Times, CitiGroup and Money Laundering, DACA Permits, DOT and Flights Diverted, Clinton Foundation, Oregon and Self-Serving Pumps, Facebook and Net Neutrality, Payday Lender Sentenced, Adultery, and Cuban Prison  01-09-2018

Integration, Train Accidents in South Africa, Tweeter Freed, Migrates, Federal Crimes for Pot, HUD and Fair Housing Rule, Trump Book, Insurers and National Disasters, and Minimum Health Care Coverage 01-08-2018

Trump and Voter Fraud Commission and Voter Data, Utah Redistricting, Mumbai Protests, National Health Services Cuts, Iceland and Salary Structures and Genders, Motel 6 and Immigration, Developers and Gentrification, Ethiopia and Political Prisoners, Native American DNA, and Republicans in Virginia 01-07-2018

Budget Protests, Florida and Voting, Food Labels, Time’s Up, Germany and Social Media Comments, Census Experts and Citizenship Status, Greece Pension System, Foreign Investment in the US and MoneyGram, Empire State Building Broadcast Tower, and Trump and Bannon 01-06-2018

Minimum Wages, Republican House of Representatives, Israel Right Wing and Palestinian State, Falling Courses, Blue Book Project, Traffic Deaths, Internet and Trump, Astrology Columns, Health Care Prices, and Utah Senator 01-05-2018

Congo Protests, Catholic Church Shooting, Google Street View, Babies and Empathy, Middle East and Religion, GM and Profits, African Forest Losses, Rectangular Gates, Oil Agency, and Banking Regulations 01-04-2018

Tents, Women in Blue Collar Jobs, Louisiana Voters Purged, Japan, Britain and Alcohol Misuse, Private Schools, Park Fees, Cell Phone Materials, Syrian Damage, Sports Protection Act and Betting, Poor Peoples’ Campaign, and Coal Terminal Permit Expires in Louisiana 01-03-2018

Tax Laws and Charity, Protests in Iran, US Postal Services and Under-Pricing, Trump and HIV-AIDS Advisory Council, Philadelphia Eagles Player Donates Salary to Charity, First Drone, High Tech Jobs in San Francisco, Girl Football Players, Plastic Trash, and Trump Nominees 01-02-2018

Public School Districts and Settlements on Sexual Harassment, Court Martial Convictions and Gun Purchases, Democrats and Women, College Textbook Prices, Puerto Rico and Power Outage, ER Visits and Heavy Drinking, Startups and Untreated Water, and Campaign Donations 01-01-2018