Voice of the People Daily Bulletin April 1st, 2015 to December 31st, 2015

Presidential Medals, Ebola, JP Morgan Chase and Bank Cards, Stolen Boats, Discord Marketplace, Whole Foods and Mislabeling, Impostor Facebook Accounts, and Russian Ship and Uranium Supply in Iran 12-31-2015

Workers and Engagements, Homeland Security and Federal Drivers Licenses, Korean Settlement, Middle Class, Inflation, Gray Economy Workers in Argentina, and Swedish Banks and Cash 12-30-2015

Spanish and Institutions, US Executions, Muslims in the US, Mobile Health, School Districts and High School Diplomas and Readiness, Citigroup and Open Plan Layout, Inpatient Joint Replacement Surgery and Hospital Safety, Confederate Battle Flag, and Medicaid Expansion 12-29-2015

Alaska and Income Tax, Silk Road, IRS and 501c4, Jewelry Auction, Achievement Gap and Assertive Mating, Arms Trade, Chinese and Reporter Expulsion, and Robert Downey Jr. and Pardons 12-28-2015

Hostages Win Compensation, Big NYC Developers and Rent Control, South Korea and Clergy, Domestic Workers in Indonesia, Micro-Lending Programs in Bangladesh, Teachers and Test Stores, and Indian Prime Minister Visits Pakistan 12-27-2015

Dietary Guidelines, Needy Food Programs, EPA and Solar Energy, Women and Assault, Chinese Medicine, Bugs and Diet, Living Near Mother, Ads on Gun Violence, Right in Israel, Black Lives Matter Protest, and Big Banks and NYC Ids 12-26-2015

Lottery Fixers, Migrants in Europe, Debt Buyers, Chinese Rights Lawyer Sentenced, Teens as Adults, Retirement and Social Security, Volkswagen Refuses to Bargain, Nurses, Protesters at Mall of America, Population Growth, RV Sales, Santa Claus, and Sovereign Wealth Funds 12-25-2015

Fatal Injuries, Women and IV, Concealed Guns, Legal Abortion Support, Hillary Clinton and Alzheimer’s Disease Funding, Prices and Gender, Football Head Injuries, Beads in Products, and Hacker in Hollywood 12-24-2015

NYC Schools and Disabilities, Colon Cancer, Maryland Liquor Taxes and Gonorrhea, Adele, Soccer Head Banned, Wreath Charity, Women and Doctorates, Bison, Medicare and Hospitals, Vertebra Procedure, and Cannabis Costs 12-23-2015

Elections in Spain and Turnout, Congressional Spending Bill and Real Estate Loop Hole, Sheet Metal Workers Union Settlement, Moral Index, Global Trade Watch on Meat Requirements, Senator Graham, Injuries in the Home, Japanese Supreme Court on Marriage, Micro-Lender and Crowd Sourcing, Mammals and Monogamy, and Gun Control in Missouri 12-22-2015

Ships and Pollution, Adele and Song Kick, Disney’s Star Wars, Parents Views, Whats-app and Wiretap, Governor Cumo and Amnesty, Students, Food Punishment in Prisons, Sirens, and Fish Restrictions 12-21-2015

Resignation After Security Fraud, JP Morgan Chase Fines, Child Workers, South African University Needs to Diversify, Britain Prison Population, Cuban Medical Workers, Spaniards and Lottery, Birth Rates, BJP Party Corruption Case, Tribes in Oregon and Pot, Preservation Group and Statues in New Orleans, Walmart Layaway Paid for Charity, and Gas Emissions 12-20-2015

France and Models too Thin, Data Breech of Voter Files, Reporters on Casino Owner Newspaper, Counter-Extremism Group, Koren Comfort Women, Drug Overdoses, and Federal Regulators on Health Care and Hospital Merger 12-19-2015

CWA and Bernie Sanders, DNC and Voter Database, Drug Prices, NASA Space Craft and Saturn, Netflix and Socks, PayPal and Employee Leave, Mother Teresa, Candidates for Presidents, Cuba and Aviation Deal, Wars, Fantasy and Sports and Draft Kings 12-18-2015

Unsterilized Needles and Hepatitis, British Parliament, Indian Political Revelry, UN and Secretary General, National Guard, San Francisco and Renewal Energy, High School Seniors and Narcotics, Chinese Super-national Beast, Walgreen’s and Drug Price Deal, Decline Rates, and Flint Michigan and Lead in the Water 12-17-2015

Shell Companies and Home Purchases, Elected Heads of Government, Obamacare, Nursing Home Clients and Obesity, Births, Close-calls with Drones, Flight Prices, Fishing Industry and Slavery, Tax on Medical Devices, and LA School System Closed After Terrorist Threat 12-16-2015

Howard University and Black Owned Television Station, Sale of Guns, Stock Market Losses, Medicaid Expansion, AP and Migrant Workers and Shrimp, EPA and Social Media, South African President and Aircraft Issue, Bayer and Bee Deaths, Chicago Teachers Union and Strike, and Texas Plumber Sues 12-15-2015

New Horizons and Pluto, Migraines, National Forest Fires and Technology, Settle City Council and Uber Drivers as Contract Workers, Dow Chemical Merger, Rents and Median Income, Koren Federation of Trade Unions Stand Off, Hackers and Japanese Whaling, Sea Captain Turbans and Beards, Climate Promises, and Apple App Bingela,, 12-14-2015

Ted Cruz, Climate Deal, Women Voters in Saudi Arabia, Nuclear Weapons Workers, American Teens Sedentary, ACA and Small Businesses, Social Media Postings on Visa Applicants, Banksy Art on Steven Jobs, Iowa Ballot Problems, French Work Week, and Anti-Muslim Google Searches and Hate Crimes 12-13-2015

Petition on Donald Trump in Britain, No Child Left Behind, Sexting Scandal, Texas Refugees, Self-Employed, Women and Earnings, Children in High Income Homes, Nest, Chinese Firms and Coal Fire, Supreme Court and Drinking and Driving, and Infections Disease and Drug Costs 12-12-2015

Walmart Sourcing for China and Jobs, Chipotle and Sickness, Supreme Court on Gun Regulations, New Zealand Population, Labor Department and Union Activity, Brazil Supreme Court on President, K-1 Visas, Drivers Licenses, Online Real Estate Records, Food Waste, Mothers Working, and Cab Drivers Protest in Toronto 12-11-2015

Rent, ACA and Medicaid Reporting at Hospitals, Bankruptcy in Catholic Church, Breast-Feeding, January 31st Deadline on ACA, Home Prices, Eagles of Death Metal at U2 Concert, Automobiles, Greenpeace, and Kentucky Coal Company 12-10-2015

World Bank and Bribes, National Front in France, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Belling Red Alert, ISIS on Twitter, Donald Trump and Muslim Entry, Albuquerque Homeless Program, Feral Cats in Australia, Resuscitation Attempts, Distracted Walkers, and Economists and Interest Rates 12-9-2015

Compassion Phrase, Newspaper Staffs, John Hopkins Penis Transplant, Jimmy Carter and Cancer, Justice Department on Chicago Police, Walmart and Food Deserts, Presidents of Private Colleges, President Obama and Terrorism, SEIU Victims in San Bernardino, and Economic Crisis, Supreme Court and Arms 12-8-2015

Greek Banks, Cuba and US Property Issues, LA Private Car Usages, Moscow Protest, Syrian Refugees, Comedy in Nigeria, Climate Change, 20 Year Contracts, China and Labor Activists Arrests, Corruption in Central America, Washington DC and Housing, Poverty and Brain Size, and Gun Deaths in the US 12-7-2015

Indonesia, Samsung and Apple, E-Waste, Soccer Boss Arrested, Disability and Time Off Benefits, ACA Repeal in the Senate, Raleigh Rally for Donald Trump, AWU and VW Union Victory, Next Top Model, Investment Bank, and the NY Daily News and Republican Candidates Headline 12-6-2015

Mining Safety, Pentagon and Women, International Scientists and Human Genome, Revenge Site, Facebook Investor, Australian Mass Shootings, Scot Weiland, Economy, Starbucks and Coffee Snobs, and Police Violence 12-5-2015

Michigan and Cranberry Bog, Dr. Ben Carson, Tax Deductions for BP, France and Germany and ISIS Money, Facebook Zuckerberg and LLC, NAACP and Alabama Photo ID Law, McDonald’s Taxes in Luxembourg, Bombing of ISIS, and CFPB and Credit Card Late Fees 12-4-2015

Facebook Zuckerberg, Donald Trump, Chinese and Hacking, HUD and First Respondents, Chicago Police Response, CDC and AIDS, San Bernardino Shooting and Mass Shootings, South African Court and Oscar Pistorius, and FIFA Arrests 12-3-2015

Planned Parenthood and States, Changes in Eating Patterns, International Monetary Fund, US and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Belfast High Court and Abortion, White Man Shoots Black Lives Matters Protesters and Sovereign Citizen Movement, Electric Cars, Drug Prices, Florida and Medicaid Expansion, Minorities and Pain Medications, JP Morgan Chase and Chinese Government, and San Francisco and Wells Fargo Investigation 12-2-2015

China and the Box Office, International Diabetes Foundation in Kenya, Housing Prices, Nonbelievers, Climate Change March in France, Hurricane Katrina, Police Body Cams, Private Museums, Greek Unions, Aramark and Back Wages, American Activist Heading Home from Peru 12-1-2015

Student Loan Borrowers, Bread for the World and Sustained Hunger, Waffle House Smoker, Victimized, Unions and Casino Workers and Labor Law, Snake Venom, Migraine Headaches, Turkey Lawyer Assassinated, Jacksonville Gay Rights, Taxes and Earnings, and Plastic Waste 11-30-2015

Economy, Maine and Food Stamps, Banks and Business Loans, Becoming a Man in Chicago, Richest 1 Percent, Anger Issues and Abuse, Law and Order and CSI, Pluto Volcanoes, Yelp Reviews, WE Party, Penn State Settlement, and Gunman at Planned Parenthood 11-29-2015

Afghanistan Investigation on Doctors without Borders, Glaciers, HUD and Homeless, District of Columbia, Portugal, Retail in England, North and South Korea, Kenyan Prime Minister, Migrants on Rio Grande River, and Walmart Campaign 11-28-2015

Coca Cola Scientist Resigns, Lowering Drug Prices, New Contract Between UAW and Auto Companies, Walmart and Lockheed Martin, Nestle and Seafood Suppliers and Forced Labor, Comcast and Justice Department Investigation, Bribing by Walmart in Brazil, Ground Water, Obesity, STDs Raising, and Pope Francis 11-27-2015

International Energy and C02, Parents in Congress, Advertising and Internet, Immigrants with Degrees, Domestic Work, Right to Vote in Kentucky for Felons, Doctors and Bed Rest, Washington University, Construction Contracts in Quebec, Protesters Shot, Cruz Support, ACA Act and Cancer, and Dollar General and Sexual Abuse 11-26-2015

Bahrain, Overtime for Workers, Artist Sentenced to Death, Iran and Washington Post Reporter, Adele, Internet Companies and Lobbying, Planned Parenthood in Texas, Wisconsin Abortion Law, Tax Proposals, Movie Theaters in Great Britain, Weather-Related Deaths, Crimea, Prescription Drugs, and Drones 11-25-2015

Women and Directors, Argentinean Voters, Walkout at Princeton and Racism, Pfizer Merger, Passengers in NYC Subway Delays, Access to Birth Control, and CNN and Hunting Ground 11-24-2015

Rich and Plane Travel to LA, Personal Campaigns through GoFundMe, FDA and Voluntary Labeling, Education and Student Loan Reductions, Polling Organizations, Adults and Landlines, John Bel Edwards as Governor, Massachusetts and Common Code, Security Checks for Syrian Refugees, and Median Age of Americans 11-23-2015

Drones and Prisons, Donald Trump on Muslims, GM UAW Contract, Al Gore and Investment Firms on Climate Change, Medicare Billing, Consumer Debt in Canada, Public Health Advocates and Tourniquets, Prostate Screenings, Refugee Act and United States, and Mississippi Legislature 11-22-2015

Coal in Britain, NLRB and UAW Election, GMO Salmon, Muslim Nations and Immigration, House of Representatives and Syrian Refugees, Mexican Migration, No Child Left Behind, Oklahoma and Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, NFL and Concussions, and Medical Error Deaths 11-21-2015

Immigrant Assimilation, Cycling Injuries, Deductibles, Expenditures for Care, Refugee Cities, Black Lives Matter, Boko Harman, Citizens Complaints on Chicago Police, NYC Residents’ Economics, and Instagram and Teens 11-20-2015

Alabama and Texas Drug Offenders and Food Stamps, Bobby Jindal, Tax Friendly States, Myanmar Elections, Mayor Race in Salt Lake City, Coal Burning Plants, Ben Carson, Chinese Billionaire and Nude Art Work, Poverty in America and Benefits, Voter Fraud in Haiti, and Women and Safety in Honduras 11-19-2015

International Students, Governors and Syrian Refugees, Employment in Japan and Labor Shortage, Marriott and Starwood Hotels, Retirement Fund in Brazil, Utah Judge and Infant Foster Child Case, For Profit College, Debtors and Property, SEIU and Postal Workers’ Endorsements, FHA, Unions in Charter Schools, and Cuban Immigrants 11-18-2015

Small Foundations and Giving, Financial Stability Board and Banks, Democratic Poll on Dangerous Republicans, Seattle Living Wage and Sick Leave, Meningitis A Vaccine, For Profit Colleges and Community Colleges, Mormons in Salt Lake City, American Action Network, and Buying Power of African Americans 11-17-2015

US Geological Service and Alaskan Mapping, Able Foundation in Baltimore, Health Insurance Plans and High Deductibles on Federal Exchange, Animal Life and Extinction, North Carolina and Sanctuary Cities, Eagles of Death Metal, and Sexualhelp App and Campus Assaults 11-16-2015

Volkswagen Amnesty, Anti-Austerity Protest in Greece, Worst Small Towns, Bicycle Activists and Helmet Laws, Germany Garbage, Startups, Sanctions on North Korean Weapon Dealers, France Terrorist Attacks, Bill Cosby, Credit Card Companies and Errors, and Russia and World Track and Field 11-15-2015

Indictments on Heating Oil Prices, Global Warming Emissions, District of Columbia Inequality and Louisiana, Oil Train Rules, Fight for $15, Supreme Court on Wage and Hour Decision on Tyson, India and Foreign Investment, Southern Baptists, Safeway and Clinics, and UAW at Volkswagen 11-13-2015

National League for Democracy in Myanmar, Women and Implants, Indian Prime Minister and BJP, Culinary Workers Union in Vegas, Russian Sports Federation, Work Requirements on Food Stamps, CryptoWall Ransom Complaints, Muslim Majority on Council, Rolling Stone Magazine Lawsuit, Outsourcing on Foreign Visas, Governor Coma and State Minimum Wage, and Austerity Programs 11-12-2015

Banks Close Branches in Low Income Areas, Coca-Cola and Obesity, Disability Claims for Mentally Ill, African Middle Class, World Bank and Climate Change, TXU and Wind Power, Missouri College Resignations over Racism, Peabody Energy, President Obama and Immigrants, Waist Size and Health Risk, and Lifespan 11-11-2015

Older Adults and Vaccines, Top Airports for Guns in Carry-on Bags, Greenpeace India Permit, Bloomberg and AG Ads, Airbags, Capitalism and Free Enterprise, ACLU and Complaints on Border Agents, Flag for All Mississippians, NY for Human Scale City. OJ Drinkers, and Real Estate Tax in Seattle 11-10-2015

Childcare Costs, Russia and Flights to Egypt, President Obama and Keystone Pipe Line, Indian Elections, Chinese and Taiwan Leadership Meet, Children of Same Sex Couples in Mormon Church, Sexting Scandal and Vault Apps, and Square 11-9-2015

Children and Gangs in El Salvador, Campaign Finance Laws in Wisconsin, Census Bureau and Car Pooling, European Union and Migrants, Disputes and Religion, Obama and Access to Cures, Medication and Affordability, White House Money, and Republican Debate Stage 11-8-2015

Impact of Union Decision on Home Care Workers, College Graduates of Liberal Acts, Jon Stewart and HBO, Dogs and Wolves, Vote Buying in Argentina, Egg Donors Lawsuit, Reproduction of Dolphins and BP, Senator David Vitter, Mexican Court on Pot, Working Parents, Deutsche Bank, Convenience Costs, and Pakistan Shopping Bag Tragedy 11-7-2015

Families Evicted in NYC, Electric Cars, Houston Voters, Ohio and Pot, Kentucky Republicans, Keystone Pipeline, DOT and Air Bag Maker Fined, China and Coal Burning, Nonwhite Candidates in Canada, Pope John Paul and Bank Account, Database for Act Blue, Social Impact Bond and Goldman Sachs, Voters on Wages, and Society 11-6-2015

EPA and VW Cheating Software, Mortality Rates, Corporate Law Breaking, Desertification Process for Police Officers, Migrants into European, Presidential Candidate Drops Out, Teenagers and Laptops, Facebook Users, and Amazon Paid Leave for Fathers 11-5-2015

Home Prices in London, Chinese Population Aging, Marijuana in Ohio, Washington State and Animal Trafficking, Common Sense Media and Children and Mobile Devices, Senior Volunteers Patrolling Beijing, Jury Challenges and Discrimination, Global Pension Index, and Disability and Resumes 11-4-2015

Hudson City Savings Bank and Redlining Case, Small Investors in Crowdfunding and Jobs Act, Exxon Mobile and Climate Change, Divorce Rate for Older People, Large Employers and Wellness Programs, Pell Grants, Boycott of Swedish Products, Company Raises, Smoking and Lung Cancer and Bacon and Colan Cancer, Colleges and Entry Scores, and Women on Corporate Boards 11-3-2015

Data on Women in Media, Cancer Deaths, Party Official Endorsements, Self-Employed Americans, Harvard’s Free the Law Program, Cocaine from Central America, and Goldman Sachs Guilty Plea 11-1-2015

Britain Study on Tax Credits, Chinese Bachelors and Gender Bias, US Budget Agreement and War Fund, Law Schools, Persian Gulf and Heat Wave, and Feminine Hygiene Products and Chemicals 10-30-2015

Exit Polling in Poland, Insurance Loses, Compensation and Workers, UAW, Health Care Subsidies and Tax Returns, and AirBNB in San Francisco 10-29-2015

NY Times Examination of Traffic Stops in North Carolina, GMO Cultivation, Catholic Bishops on Divorce, Jimmy Carter on Peace in Syria, Women and Weight Training on the Brain, Fatherhood Bonus and Flexibility Sigma, Uncompensated Work for Cheerleaders, Buenos Aires Election, Internet.Org in India 10-28-2015

Ben Carson Leads in Iowa, Bernie Sanders Endorsements, Texas State Health Department and Planned Parenthood, Tanzania Presidential Election, Immigrants Fasting, Myanmar Jade Trade, Apostle in Mormon Church and Public Officials, and Social Scientist on Poverty and Gender 10-27-2015

Social Safety Net, UK Anti-Trust Regulators on Banking, Police and Tear Gas on Budget Vote on University Fees in South Africa, Auto Loan Language, Subways in NYC and Living Wage Advertising, Federal Tip Minimum Wage, Chrysler Proposal and Union, and Storm Hits Mexico 10-26-2015

Marijuana Use Rate Increases, UK in Poverty, Hillary Clinton, Texas Lawyer Indicted in BP Case, Puerto Rico Finances and EITC, and Mayor Kevin Johnson 10-25-2015

Vice President Joseph Biden, Rose Garden Decision, Papa John Wage Theft, Prime Minister of Israel, Hottest Year Ever, Prepaid Cards, and Technology in Health Care 10-24-2015

Procter and Gamble and Wind Farm, Income Tipping Point, Oprah Winfrey and Weight Watchers, Patient Recovery for Schizophrenia, RushCard Access Problems, European Union and Tax Avoidance, and Paul Ryan 10-23-2015

NY Car Wash Owners, Canada Leadership Change, Courts and Fees, Citigroup and Tax Break, Mandatory Health Care Fines, and Specialty Pharmacies and Generic Drugs 10-22-2015

Americans Online Time, UK and Muslims, Tenants and Mobile Devices, Netflix Users, Nevada Minimum Wage Tiered System, and Hillary Clinton Supporters 10-21-2015

Social Skills, Amazon and Fake Reviews, 401K Distributions, Clinton Foundation, Air Force Budget and Air Force One, Boulder Debate and Protests, and Amazon Online Sales 10-20-2015

Senator Vitter and Sanctuary Politics, Public Websites on Colleges, Life Purpose, Google Efforts and Copyrights, Eco-Friendly Products, Low Income College Students, and Orbitz Christmas Travel 10-19-2015

Fantasy Sports Websites, Home Loans in Kenya, Binge Drinking Costs, Nebraska and Death Penalty, Top 1% and Tax Burden, Autopsies and Minors Killed Near Coal Mine, and Indian Authors and Poets Revolt 10-18-2015

Lawsuit and Voter Suppression, Hush Money Case, 7 Hours of Sleep and Hunter-Gathering Communities, Meth Usage, Nonprofit Organization for Athletes and Racism, and Mixed Gender Combat Units 10-17-2015

Kickstarter, Copyright, Banger Guns, Playgirl Magazine, Nevada and Psychiatric Hospital, Beer Merger, Ranchers, Myanmar Cease Fire Agreement, Missouri Judge Rules on Minimum Wage Ordinance, Painters Union, Nontraditional Education and Student Loans, and Russian Free Theater 10-16-2015

Philippines and Schools Protest, Wikileaks Founder Surveillance, Anorexia, Life Expectancy, Chinese Smokers, Planned Parenthood and Fetal Tissue, Palestine Violence, Nigerian Stolen Money, Japanese Students Protest, and Last Address in Russia 10-15-2015

Drug Trials, Confusion of Health Insurance Costs, California and Automatic Voter Registration, New Jersey and Homeowners, Chinese and Apple App, Charter Schools, US Citizens Aboard, Small Donors for Bernie Sanders, Teamsters Pension Fund, Unionized Digital Media Outlets, Direct Transfers to the Poor, Tax on Sugar Drinks, and Fishing Ship Crew Charged 10-14-2015

Yale Study on Global Warming, Children and Antibiotics, 25k a Year for Families, Indigenous Peoples Day, Female Gentile Mutilation, Wisconsin and Fetal Tissue, BP Horizon and Huffington Post, Dismaland, and No Increase in Social Security for 2016 10-13-2015

Tunisia Nobel Prize, Presidential Race, Syrians, DEA and Consumer Drugs, Obama and Cell Phone Data, Chick fil A, Department of Education and Student Loans, Switzerland Vacation Time, Turkey Peace Rally Deaths, Guns on College Campuses, Abuse of the Elderly, Computer Scientists, and Bishop Fredrick Shoo and Trees 10-12-2015

Marco Rubio, Rural Hospitals Closing, VW Emissions, Faith-Based Groups, 10 Million Uninsured, National Crime Data, Two Nonprofit Officials Arrested in UK, Women Killed by Men, Training Rebels in Syria, Judges in Florida on Voter Maps, Sea World Expansion, House of Republicans and Oil Exports, G-20 and Multi-National Taxes, and Phoenix University 10-11-2015

Testing for Lead in Flint, UN Investigations, Hillary Clinton, Migrants in Europe, Money Laundering in Central America, Gifts to Colleges, Huffington Post and Union, Speaker of the House, Refugees in Norway, Railroad Accidents, and Traffic Pollution 10-10-2015

Child Laborers, NYC and Open Warrants, Twitter and Moments, Student Debt, College Football Attendees, UAW and Fiat-Chrysler, and Amazon and Handmade Goods and Gross Revenue 10-9-2015

Immigrants, Prisoners’ Released, Common Core, Kickstarter and UN Refugee Agency, German Residents and Startups, Last Place Aversion and Minimum Wage, Hillary Clinton and Capping Costs on Health Care, John Ash and Criminal Bribery Scam, Teamsters Pension Fund, Data Transfer Agreement with US and Europe, and CFPB and Class Action Suits 10-8-2015

Syrian Conflict, Hillary Clinton and Gun Shows Loophole, Carnegie Hall and Profit and Loss, Valeant Drug Company and Price Increases, Rio De Janeiro and Uber, Paradise International Foundation, BP Settlement, Trans-Pacific Partnership, California and Life Ending Drugs, Easter Island, McGraw-Hill Textbook Controversy, Medicare Premiums, Donald Trump Twitter, and Angry Workers at Air France 10-7-2015

Unions and Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Oregon Shooting, Emissions Testing, Tobacco, Lawsuit on Probation Company, Congress and Small Businesses, Younger Millennials on Smart Phones, Latinos and Degrees, Mexican Prison Escapes, Anti-Discrimination Language, Family Car and Bio-defense, and Anti-Gay Marriage Group 10-6-2015

Immigrants and Green Card Action, American Airstrike on Doctors Without Borders, South Korean Jail, Peace Mural, Recycling Costs, Right-Wing Government in India and Museum, Small Donors, PreK and Quality, Non-falsifiable Predictions, Arkansas Judge on Planned Parenthood, St. Louis Country and Minority Relationships 10-5-2015

Donald Trump Leads in Texas, Hillary Clinton, Mandatory Prison Sentences, Fracking Rules, Benghazi Investigations, Nonprofit Executive Pay and Women, Chinese Mothers, and Oregon Campus Shootings 10-4-2015

Appeals Court on NCAA, SuperPac for Carly Florina, Medical Literature on Talk Therapy, HIV and Triple Therapy Drugs, UAW and Fiat Chrysler Contract, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, Conservatives and Pope Francis, Terror Attack on Benghazi, and NYC Police Department and Documentation of Force 10-3-2015

Cecile Richards and Planned Parenthood, Visas and Jobs, Amazon Uber, Syrian Crisis, Nursing Homes and Payments, Fiat-Chrysler and Deaths Due to Defeats, Clinton Foundation, and Ozone Standards 10-2-2015

Jeb Bush and African Americans, Anti-Gentrification Protests in East London, Private Equity Firms and Selling Loans, Government Funding for Planned Parenthood, Laws and Stingrays and Phone Tracking, and Wealthy Patients as Donors 10-1-2015

Republicans, Mitt Romney Voters Verses Obama Voters, Paid Leave Popular for Voters, Royal Dutch Shell on Arctic Drilling, Climate Change Pledges, VW Emissions Scandal, and NLRB on Independent Contractors 9-30-2015

Germany and Migrants, Immigrant Nationality Act in United Nations, Catholic Mission in Carmel California, Dinosaur in Arctic Circle, Hospital Patients Unrepresented, and Good Designs 9-29-2015

Pew Research on Cell Phone Users, Republicans in House of Representatives, CDC and Shooting Homicides in Schools, Separatists in Spain, Capital Punishment and the Catholic Church, Millennials on Media Time, Childhood Mortality and Sanitation, and United Nations Development Goals Costs 9-28-2015

Planned Parenthood Rallies, Foreign Recruits in Syria, Sexual Abuse of Children, Job Seekers Over 50, Older People in Smaller Social Networks, Nigeria and Budget Mobile Apps, General Policy Purposes, and Turkey and Migrants 9-27-2015

Paid Maternity Leave, Think Progress, Pope as Celebrity, Indian Officials and Encryption, Speaker of House to Resign, Ralph Nader and Tort Law Museum, and FTC and Google Android System 9-26-2015

Pope Francis and Motorcade, Hackers in China, President of Israel and Imprisoned Journalists, NLRB and Temporary Employees, Mecca Stampede, Bar Exam Scores, and Retail and October 1st Deadline 9-25-2015

Drug Owner Will Lower Prices, Plastic Foam Food Containers, LA Emergency on Homelessness, Dr. Ben Carson, FBI Recovers Hillary Clinton Emails, and Starbucks and Work Reforms 9-24-2015

VW and Emissions Tests, Scott Walker Resigns from Presidential Race, SuperPac Restrictions, Health Insurance Deductibles, Senate and Abortion Bill, European Union and Migrants, Over 65 is Fastest Growing Group 9-23-2015

Drug Price Goes Up, Obama and Refugees, California Carriage Workers Strike, Sexual Abuse of Children in Afghanistan, Failing Health of Thailand King and Elections, and Tapes of Fetus as a Part of Debate 9-22-2015

Internet Users in United States in Ad Blockers, UAW and Fiat-Chrysler Immigrants and Taxes, Negotiations and Anger, Nail Salons Owners in NY, and Republican Nominees 9-21-2015

UNICEF in Nigeria, Diversions Blocked for Henry Turkey Services, Debtors Prison in New Orleans, Children Born in US, Legal Citizens, Workplace Fatality, and Obama on VW and EPA Emissions Tests 9-20-2015

High School Student Arrested for a Clock, Britain Labour Leader, Australian Prime Minister, Palestinian Hunger Strike, Missouri Right to Work, Income Stagnant, Motor Voter Registration Law, Tourists Attacked in Kenya, Copyright Violations, Brooklyn Target Workers, Planned Parenthood, Right-wing Marxists, and Air Pollution Deaths 9-19-2015

Student Loan Defaults, Spherical Cartoon Characters, American Appeal Issues, Underground Economy, Welfare Reform, South African Tourism Rules, American Households and Banking, Teaching Faculty and Administrative Time, World Health Care and HIV in Cuba, and Italy Real Estate and the Catholic Church 9-18-2015

Houston and Uber, Catholic Church and Abuse, Serbian Crisis and Migrants, Missouri and Union Workers, Facebook Dislike Button, and Fathers and Work 9-17-2015

Forward Together and Costs of Prison, National Fair Housing Alliance and Testing in Jackson, Mississippi, Ontario Federation of Labour and Spying, and the Department of Education and Colleges and Earnings 9-16-2015

Domestic Partner Benefits, Human Rights and El Salvador, Class Action Suits on Forced Labor, Ferguson, Rethinking High School, Aspirin, Border Clerk, and Clerk in Kentucky 9-15-2015

UK Leadership Change, Cabinet Resignation in Egypt, Federal IDs, Office Depot Copying, Protesters to Keep Moving, Health Insurance, Older Residents, and Germany and Border Restrictions 9-14-2015

James Blake, Yale University and Calhoun Name Removal, Venezuelan Protester, European Union Action on Migrants, Barcelona Rally, Men’s Club, Hasting Pudding, Cheerleaders as Independent Contractors, White House and Schools Website, and Hillary Clinton Poll 9-13-2015

Taiwan Presidential Candidates, Duke Energy, Grants and Rape Kits Testing, $15 Minimum Wage in NY, Hillary Clinton Apologizes, Queen Elizabeth, Dow Insecticide Kills Bees, Rick Perry Drops Out, Investment Fund Scandal, California and End of Life Medicine, and Chinese Spying Charge Dropped 9-12-2015

World Bank and Discrimination on Women, Bolivia President and Constitution, Prime Age Workers and Retirement Plan, Apple User Groups, Pilots Striking in Lufthansa, Wages and Benefits, and Co-Workers 9-11-2015

AMA and Insurance Mergers, Teachers Training, Medicare Insurers and Smoking, United Airlines and Port Authority of New York Scandal, United Mine Workers in Kentucky, Kentucky Clerk Released, US Attorney General and Wall Street Crimes, and Human Rights Watch on Darfur 9-10-2015

Comedian in Guatemalan Elections, Robert Gray in Mississippi, Asylum Seekers, Jobs in India, Black Workers in NYC and Unions, and Health Care and Hospital Costs 9-9-2015

Pope Francis and Refugees, President Obama and Federal Contractors and Paid Sick Leave, Somos, Teachers Pay Teachers, Seeking Advice, Guns and Drugs and Apple Text Messages, and Companies and Conflict Minerals Disclosures 9-8-2015

Bank of America Board Moves, Federal Judge on Aretha Franklin, Supreme Court of Canada on Chevron Lawsuit in Ecuador, Bio-industrial Foods, California and Public Pensions and Equal Wages, High Poverty Slums, and Private Sector Workers and Labor Day 9-7-2015

AirBnB, Takehome Pay, Kentucky and Marriage License, Food Support, Cellphones and Georgia Judges, Mayor of New Orleans, Republican Candidates on the Minimum Wage, and the AP and Religious Objections on Gay Marriage 9-6-2015

NFL and Tom Brady, Justice Department and Cell Phone Warrants, Class Action Status to Uber, TV Newscaster in Arizona, US Census Bureau and Occupations and Race, Travel for Labor Day, and Donald Trump and 3rd Party Line 9-5-2015

Modi in India, Western Union and Monitors, 66% of Food Workers, Iran Deal, United Nations and Women, Plastics, Bernie Sanders Volunteers, Guatemalan President Resigns, China and Military, and Middle East and North African Unrest and Children 9-4-2015

Mobile Entertainment Workers and Carnivals, Non-Working Americans, Governor Accountability and Planned Parenthood and Medicaid, Google Self-Driving Cars, and California and Solitary Confinement 9-3-2015

Student Loan Debtors, Frozen Food, FCC Reviews of Decisions, Britain Prime Minister and UK Minimum Wage, Malaysian Corruption, and Pope Francis and Abortion 9-2-2015

Governor Chris Christie and Immigration, President Obama in Alaska, Television, Pregnancy and Complications, Chicago Hunger Strike, Murder Rates, and the Supreme Court on Kentucky Clerk of Court 9-1-2015

Human Resources, Planned Parenthood, Bills on Student Information, Alumni Fundraising, Jefferson Davis Statue Removed, and Idaho Polling 8-31-2015

Australian 7-11 Stores, Migrants in Europe, Poland Nazi Train, Plaza Rallies at Supreme Court, Prostitution, Oliver Sacks, Amalgamated Bank, Jeb Bush, and You Stink 8-30-2015

Psychology Findings, Umbrella Movement, Rally in India, Venezuela and Columbia Immigrants, California Water Program, Idaho and Immunizations, Bernie Sanders Contributions, SoundCloud Sued, Myanmar Elections, and McDonald’s and Tyson Drop Chick Farm 8-29-2015

Urban League and Racial Income Gap in New Orleans, Riots in Arizona, Donald Trump and Immigration, Gap and On-Call Scheduling, Tyson Foods and Wage Thefts, Meals in Public Schools, NLRB Ruling on Joint Employers, Planned Parenthood and Undercover Videos 8-28-2015

Coca-Cola and Water, Puerto Rico and Sewer Bond Issue, OSHA and Joint Employee Citations, Assault Rifles at Walmart, Fannie Mae and Home Ownership Rules, Birth Rates, Rust Fungus in Russia and Coffee Crop, Mormon Church, and Judges and Sentencing 8-27-2015

Katrina and Race, Safety Repairs, IRS and Late Tax Filings, Medical Myths, Law Schools and Tuition, Planned Parenthood and Louisiana Governor, India and Military, National Reservation System, Migrants in the Balkans, Burger King and McDonald’s and Peace Day, Maryland and Racial Profiling, Impact on Poverty, and Governing Website and Revenues for States 8-26-2015

Southern States and Suspensions and Races, City of Ferguson and Arrest Warrants, Safeguards on Incarceration, Chinese Financial Concerns, Dogs and Waste, China and Nonprofits, Federal Trade Authority and Cyber-security, and Toronto Police and Hackers on Ashley Madison 8-25-2015

FAFSA, Public Schools and Teacher Evaluations, Ocean Cleanup and Pacific Garbage Patch, Occupied Housing in Japan, Lebanon Protests on Trash, Rhode Island Cathedral Museum, Jimmy Carter Sunday School, Topless Protest in NYC, Restaurant Wages, and NeoNazi Protest in Germany 8-24-2015

Jimmy Carter, Coca-Cola and Sugar, July Hottest Month, Burnings, GMO Crops, FedEx Pilots, Vice-President Joe Biden, DC Judge on Hillary Clinton Email, and Less Time Off 8-22-2015

Hackers and Ashley Madison, 55 Hours More a Week, Hindu Slayings Activists Harassed, Arkansas Governor and Private Insurance, Attorney General and Civil Rights Issues, SEIU and Fastfood Workers, and SSA Benefits 8-21-2015

National Gas and Emissions, Text Messages and Political Campaigns, Forest Service Shooting Warnings, Community Health Centers, Carpenters and NYC Pope Chair Makers, Endowments, SEIU and McDonalds and Brazil, District Attorneys in California and Background on Uber Employees, Mellon Bank and Internships, and JP Morgan Chase 8-20-2015

Top Leadership in Law Firms, Amazon Workers, Renter Households, Planned Parenthood, Children from Military Families, Female Libido Pill, Smartphones, Governors Join Donald Trump on Birth Right Citizenship, Vaccines, Minimum Wage in Korea, Palestine Prisoners, and Force Feedings 8-19-2015

NLRB and College Sports, Supreme Court and Gilbert Arizona and Free Speech, Traffic Deaths, Hackers at the IRS, Republican Candidates Donations, Journalist Laws and Malaysia, Arctic Drilling, and Kids and Speaking 8-18-2015

Abandoned Hard Rock Sites, AT&T and NSA, Amazon Workers, Eurozone Bailout of Greece, Prosecutors and Racism, Julian Bond Passes Away, Protesters in Brazil, CFPB and Citizen Bank Fines, Race and College Graduation, and Retail Companies and Payday Loans 8-17-2015

Migration Office, Abortion Clinic in Alabama, Arkansas Medicaid and Planned Parenthood, Bicycle Deaths, Bank of America and CEO Jobs, Retirement Benefits, Student Loan Payments, Wisconsin and Basketball Arena, Settle Restaurant and Wages, and Injury Deaths 8-16-2015

Washington Schools, Yeast Strains and Narcotic Drugs, Connecticut Death Penalty, Retail Shopping, Bloomberg and CEO and Worker Pay Ratio, Social Security Turns 80, Invasive Species, Illegal Immigration and Farm Workers in California, and John Kerry and US Flag in Cuba 8-15-2015

EPA and Mines, Students in NYC Boycott Testing, Gender and Pay, Morning Sickness Drug, Minimum Wages and Cities, Postal Service and Spying, Health Insurance Co-ops, ISIS and Slavery, Sesame Street on HBO, and Wikileaks Charges 8-14-2015

NYC and Responsible Banking, Mississippi Adoptions Ban, Minimum Wage in England, Customs Officials and Fake Goods, Palm Oil, Greenpeace and Nestle, Competition and Millennials, Governor Bobby Jindal and Planned Parenthood, and Sweden and Wikileaks Time Limit 8-13-2015

IKEA and Light Bulbs, European Flights, Track and Field Revenue Sharing, National Nurses United, Prison Population Forecaster, Nestle in India and Lead, New Orleans Post-Katrina, Low Cost Private Schools in Nigeria, Global Jails, Police Force, and Insured 8-12-2015

Greeks, Google as Alphabet, Political Funds Stolen, Ferguson Emergency, Crosses on Churches in China, Bangladesh, Trophy Hunting, Labor Reforms in Spain, River Polluted in Colorado, Infant Deaths, Life-Right Confusion, and Fat Letters in Schools 8-11-2015

UNICEF and Greek Children, Federal Judge and Gag Orders, Coca-cola and Obesity, Teachers’ Shortage, Korean Schools Closings, Nail Salons and Wage Thefts, Brokers, Reddit and Obscenity, and Jon Stewart’s Final Show 8-10-2015

Citigroup and Anti Trust, Charter School Employees, Arrest Records, Republican Debate Watchers, Undocumented Immigrants, India Population Control, Airlines and Trophy Kills, Honors Colleges, Testing Gaps, and CEO Pay rates 8-9-2015

MLB, CEOs and Pay Packages, Texas Voter ID Law, LA Jail Reforms, Workers Paid Leave on Federal Contracts, Planned Parenthood, IRS and Conservative Groups, Women in Media, Student Loans, and New Orleans Living Wage on City Contracts 8-7-2015

Schools, Governors and Fox Debate, IRS 8962, Data Collection in Cities, California and the Right to Vote, Oil and Gas Companies, Abortion, Nexflix and Parental Leave, Overtime Rules, Fair Trade in Apparel, and Property Taxes 8-6-2015

Gun Control, Porn Sites in India, Office Temperatures, Ovarian Cancer Treatment, MST and Land Distribution Protest, Encryption Program, Conflict Materials, Top Touring Acts, Delta Airline Contract, and Minimum Wage in Ethiopia 8-5-2015

Cop Cams and Training, Migraine Headaches, Puertio Rico, Canadian Conservative Prime Minister, Abortions in India, NY and Toy Guns, Adolescents Online, Plumbers and Pipe-fitters Pac, Police Settlements, Cut in Carbon Dioxide Emissions, and Planned Parenthood 8-4-2015

Time Capsules, Gun Dealers and National Federal Database, Candidate Contributions, Baghdad Electricity Protest, Prostitution, Louisiana Master Plan, Borrowers, Young Adults Still at Home, Undergraduate Suicides, Private Police Forces, and New Snake Oil 8-3-2015

United Nations Food Program, Trucks Stuck on English Channel, Justice Department on St. Louis, Clinton’s Tax Returns, Voters Knowledge, Delta Airlines, Musicians and Fair Play Act, Labor Costs Raising Slowly, and Pot Holes Costs 8-2-2015

16% Living Above US Poverty Rate, Girls and Sexual Abuse, Facebook Drone, Activists Hanging from Bridge in Portland, Lending to Military Service Members, Justice Department on Barry Bonds, Russian Searching for Aliens, Vacations, Fetal Ultrasounds, and Alzheimer’s and Gender 8-1-2015

Automobile Ages, Gun Buys and Dealers, Medicaid and Medicare, UPS and Renewable Diesel, Arbitration Cases, State Employees and Write to Work Laws, and In-State Tuition and Immigration Status 7-31-2015

Sea Shepard, BP Settlement, NSA and Citizen Phone Database, Honda Finance Corporation Settlement, Edward Snowdon Pardon, Las Vegas Pool Parties, Ohio Senator Bill on Banks, British Citizens and Visa Free Travel, Clinton and Keystone, and Social Investment Bonds 7-30-2015

Fetal Tissue, Stock, Turkey, Children Living in Poverty, Denver Courts and Religion Exemption, Work Apprenticeships, Nonprofits Humanitarian Aid, and Mercy Corps and Save the Children 7-29-2015

Senator Bernie Sanders in Nola, Gay Leaders in the Mormons, Bias Motivated Crimes, Fiat Fines, Small Business Lending, Bail Algorithms and Crime, Massachusetts Millionaires Tax, Utility Workers Union, Donald Trump, and Boston Bid for Olympics 7-28-2015

Transportation Study, Calories Decline, Paid Campaign Organizers, Disability Act Anniversary, Elephants for Ivory, Workers on Prevailing Wages Claims, Low Wage Workers, IRS Commissioner and Nonprofit Status, Loneliness, Energy Spending, Spelman College and Bill Cosby, Mental Illness and Gun Buyers, and Federal Export-Import Bank 7-27-2015

Pluto, Airport Scanners, Starting Wages for College Grads, Healthcare in Egypt, FDA and Sugar, Google Data on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Emails, Food Sales for Farmers, Mental Illness and Work Output, and Petitions for Funerals in Lafayette Theater Killings 7-26-2015

Airlines Domestic Flights, EEOC and Sex Orientation Discrimination, Ashley Madison Hacked, Western States Population, Travel Ban to Cuba, Labour Party in Britain, Berkley and Phone Radiation, Sanctuary Cities Funding, $15/hr Cities, Etsy Women, Public Pensions in Chicago, Top Metro Areas, EU Anti-Trust, and Greece 7-25-2015

Climate Change Activists, Drug Bill Transparency Bill, IRS and Tax Dodgers, CitiGroup Fine, Apple Watch Sales, Chilean Army Officers Arrested, Republican Primary Leaders Funds, Health Insurance Merger, Uber in NYC, and Race Relations Poll  7-24-2015

Anxiety Disorders, Greece Protestors, China and Human Rights Lawyers, Donald Trump Polling, Russian Ban on Foundations, SSI, Immigration Enforcement, University of Southern California and Workers Wages, Interior Department on Shell Oil in the Arctic, and NY Fast Food Workers Wages 7-23-2015

Freedom of Information Requests, Supreme Court on Power Plant Mercury Emissions, Denver Schools, England and Onshore Fracking, Union Workers, Cuomo on Minimum Wage, Migrants into Hungary, Nebraska and the Death Penalty, and California Drivers Licenses 7-22-2015

Census Turnout Rate on Elections, Confederate Flag License Plates, Nigerian Mall Reopens, Tax Refunds, Planned Parenthood Uber as a Walmart on Wheels, A&P Bankruptcy, US Bank Restrictions, and Sisters in LA Order Resisting Katy Perry 7-21-2015

CitiGroup Marketing Practices, Fixer, Federal Convictions for Former Illinois Governor, FIFA Officials, President Obama on IRS, Mayors at the Vatican, Cleveland Sports Owners Tax, Microsoft Finance Charge, and iPhone Sales Down 7-20-2015

UK Treasury Chief and Properties, Israel Attorney General and PM Spending, Germany High Court and Benefit, NYC SEIU Local Strike at Delta, Hidden Videos on Planned Parenthood, and NYC Settlement with Occupy Protestor 7-19-2015

Prisoners, Presidential Candidates, Campaign Financing, AFL Questionnaire, Small Dollar Campaigns, Buffalo Economy, Energy, Toshiba President Resigns, and Gawker Editors Resign 7-18-2015

Climate Study on Fire Weather Season, California Water, Large Eyes and Cooperative Eye Hypothesis, New Horizons and Pluto Mission, Former President GW Bush, and Hillary Clinton 7-17-2015

Murder Rates, Beijing, Bill Cosby Deposition, Computer Networks, FedEx, and Tourists in Denmark 7-16-2015

Capital Hill Staffers, Alaska Medicaid, Gay Workers Sue Walmart, Connect Home, Health Information, Greek Bailout, Commercial Airline Safety, and Obama Visits Federal Prison 7-15-2015

Ethos, Disposable Income, Firefly, UN Countries and the Diaspora, Russia and Shareholders, Corporate Social Responsibility Investments, Corporate Disinvestment Campaign, Mexican Energy Group, and Racing Times for Horses 7-14-2015

Immigration Reform, CVS, Resignation of Ellen Pao, Private Student Loans, 1.5 Million Elderly in Institutions, Medical Bill Passes House, and National Monuments Expanded 7-13-2015

Governor of Alabama and Confederate Flag, Domestic Workers, Poverty in Greece, Empathy and Difference, National Parks, Parrot Drones, Battery Cages, and Kenyan Security Workers 7-12-2015

FedEx Workers, APA and Torture, Confederate Battle Flag, Obama and For Profit Companies Insurance, Ellen Pao at Reddit Resigns, Chinese Doctors and Internet Addictions, Argentinians, Hacked Data, Greece, Algorithms and Prejudices, and High Interest Loans 7-11-2015

NYC and Bail Requirements, Microsoft Workers, Housing Segregation, Myanmar Genocide Phases, Active Duty Armed Services Cost, Giving, Coal Miners in Britain, Greek Retirees and IMF, and Killings 7-10-2015

UN Review on WHO, Simpsons, Death Sentences, Security Technology, Local 100 $10/hr in Houston Independent School District, Malaysian Bank Accounts, SuperPacs, Charity Commitments on Solar Energy, CVS on Tobacco, Health Risk for Heart Disease, and PGA on Donald Trump 7-9-2015

Unpaid Care, 8-10 Year-Olds with Media, Municipal ID Cards, Starbucks Prices, Lyme Disease, HUD Housing Subsidy, Foster Care in NYC, Affordable Care Act for Women, and Pope Francis on Rainforest 7-8-2015

Corporate Espionage Case, Grateful Dead Last Song, Women’s Soccer Final, South Caroline Confederate Flag, World Development, Hotel Fees, Smoking, Bill Cosby, Colorado and Birth Rate, Bernie Sanders, and Elected Prosecutors 7-7-2015

Gun Violence Costs, Property Taxes, Greece Votes No, EU and Carbon Emissions, Ownership of Social Media, Nonprofits and Political Activity, Chinese Stock Prices, Mobile Phones and Computer Shopping, Internet in India, FCC and Employee Stock, US Women’s Soccer Team, and Washington State and Salmon 7-6-2015

Prime Age Americans, Oxford University and Machine Research, NFL and Most Watched, Medical Weight Loss, Bulgaria and Turkey, Daily Protests in Japan, French Blog, Spike Stripes, Fur, Minimum Wage Increase, and Google Search Data 7-5-2015

Trash and Pay as Your Throw, Food Costs, Ecuador Protests, Assange and France Asylum, UN Report on Armed Groups, Uber App Service in France, Subsidies and ACA Rate Increases, Solar Powered Plane, Summer Jobs and Teens, Reddit, and Alex Rodriguez 7-4-2015

Salon.com Staff and Writers Guild, SHIP Workers, BBC and Jobs, Malaysian Investigators on Investment Firm, CIA and Minorities, Sanitation and Water Access, Fracking Suits, Inmates, Migrant Justice in Vermont, Prisoner Population, and Walmart Fair Food Program 7-3-2015

NLRB and Casinos on Indian Land, Tech Founders Average, Whitehouse and Pictures, Saudi Arabi Prince and Fortune, Google and Pictures, PayPal Buying Zoom, BP Oil Spill Settlement, IRS and Tax Exemption Investigation, Republican Presidential Candidates, Climate Rules, Fox Searchlight Movies and Interns, and Obama and GMO Crops 7-2-2015

Apple and Book Publishing, Teachers and Agency Fees, Spain Gag Law, Anti-Smoking Laws, Texas Admissions Decisions, Larry Cohen and Bernie Sanders, and Collusion on Airline Seating 7-1-2015

Grandparents, Online Medical Records, President Obama and Overtime, Cuba and US Relations, Police in Missouri, NSA and Domestic Phone Calls, Oklahoma and Ten Commandments, Supreme Court Voting Data, and US Chamber of Commerce and Anti-Smoking Laws 6-30-2015

Supreme Court and Armed Criminal Act, Same Sex Ruling and Louisiana, Massachusetts Home Care Workers, Election Volunteers, Protestor Removes Confederate Flag, Arnold Foundation and Bail, Puerto Rico, Greece Banks, Google Grey Crossing, and Websites 6-29-2015

Univision and Trump, South Africa and National Police Force, ACA Subsidies, European Union and Refugees, Taxi Strike in France, Anti-Government Protests, Same Sex Marriage Ruling, Palestine State, and Hotel Union Settlement 6-28-2015

Baby Boomers and 401Ks, Middle Income Families, Texas Religious Institutions and Obamacare, Radical Killings, Netherlands Emissions, Same Sex Marriage, Pay and Benefits, Beer Drinkers, Cuba Internet, ACA Subsidies and Supreme Court, Fair Housing Act Challenge, and Religious Exemptions in California 6-27-2015

Wikipedia Editing Terms, Human Rights Watch on World Bank Projects, California and Organizing Farm Workers, Minnesota Sex Offender Program, President Obama and Fast Track, Animal Rights Group on Cats and Dogs and China, Confederate Flags, Sierra Club and BioMass Burning, Paid Sick Leave, Rental Housing, and Vacation for US Workers 6-26-2015

Blood Pressure Medicines, Anthem and Cigna, ACA and Medical Bill Problems, Medical Debt, Pakistan and Save the Children, UNICEF and Preventable Child Deaths, State Department Computer Glitch, Uninsured Black Americans, Apple and Streaming Service, Home-bound Elderly, Uber and Data 6-25-2015

Chinese Websites, Macedonia and Conversation Recording, Australia Smugglers, ACA and Adverse Ruling for Obamacare, Taylor Swift and Artistic Royalties, Data from Government, Subsidy for Health Care, Uber and Firearms, Health Care Systems, Governor of South Carolina and State Flag, and Employers and Paid Sick Leave 6-24-2015

Burping, Repealing ACA Subsidies, Brazil and Latin American Construction Giants, Russian Activists on Roads, London Police and Activist Crackdown, Sex Workers, Waiting List at VA Hospitals, Texas Truancy Laws, Wikipedia Editor Participation, Hillary Clinton and Trans Pacific Trade, and ATM Cash 6-23-2015

Tax Breaks for Hospitals, Supreme Court and Special License Plates, 10 Dollar Bill, Team Sports Participation, Charleston Church Hate Crime, American Express and Anti-Competition, Death Rate for Heart Disease, and Missouri Senator and Supplements 6-22-2015

Amazon Mobile App for Carriers, Startups in UK, Wikipedia, Global Warming, Healthy Weight, Overdraft Fees, and OnDemand Economy and Uber Drivers in California 6-21-2015

FCC and AT&T, Teacher Licensing, Hong Kong Officials, UN and Displaced People, Banks, Goldman Sachs Interns, and Chicago O’hare to Knoxville Flight 6-20-2015

Parents and Obese Preschool Children, Recession Rebound, Walmart Foundation, Food and Drug Administration and Trans Fat, Black Knight Death Sentence, Migrant Workers in Dominican Republic, FBI and Justice Department and St. Louis Cardinals, and Appendicitis 6-19-2015

Hong Kong Protests, Layoffs of Tech Workers, Immigrants, St. Paul Bishop Resigns, Belgium Privacy and Facebook, Drug Testing Settlement, Goldman Sachs and Virtual Loan Apps, and Judge Wheeler and AIG Insurance Bailout Case 6-18-2015

Redcross Homes, Abortions in Israel, Pope Francis, Private Equity Firms, South African Court Order, Older Americans and Finances, College Graduates, Unions, and Mexican Laws 6-17-2015

Kansas Budget Deficit and Taxes, Federal Government Hacked, Collection Agencies, Tax Harmonization, Dallas Police Attacked, Valencia College Sued, and Women in Top Management 6-16-2015

Mixed Asian and Whites, Universal Pre-K Classes, Assistance to Workers, Homeless in LA, Murders in Baltimore, Car Wash Accountability Act, Spokane Activist and Race and Identity, Interpol Agreement and FIFA, and CWA and Verizon 6-15-2015

Police Officer Convicted, Organic Farmers to Whole Foods, Louisiana Governor and Tax Increases, Government of Myanmar, North Carolina and Marriages, Ornette Coleman, Twitter CEO Resigns, Multiracial Discrimination, and Aggravated Pimping Charges 6-14-2015

EPA Coal Guidelines, Conservative States and High Divorce Rates, Floyd Mayweather Jr., San Francisco and Uber Lawsuit, Indian Affairs Commission and Tribes, Farmers Markets, Online Crowd Funding for War in Eastern Ukraine, and Multiracial on Census 6-13-2015

Rent Spending, Cat Calling, NYC and Chain Restaurants and Sodium, Ancient Europeans, TradePac Opposition, Last Place Aversion, Texas Judge and Trinity Industries Penalties, GlobalWitness and Oil Company, Loneliness, and Social Networks and Poverty 6-12-2015

British Bank Cuts Jobs, Kentucky Governor and State Employee Wages, Wikileaks and Crowdsourcing, HELOC Loans, San Francisco and Gun Control, Doctors Arrested, Federal Railway and Passenger Safety, and Abortion Law in Louisiana 6-11-2015

Passports, El Bronco in Mexico, Chipotle and Paid Sick Days and Vacation, Health Care Subsidy Case, Cleveland Police, Child Birth and Reversible Contraception, Ethics of Payday Lending, and Federal Loans at Corinthian Colleges 6-10-2015

Heat Waves, Turkish Elections, Abortions, 25 States with Spending Plans, Rand Report on Israel and Palestine, Egypt, State University Presidents, Black Fathers, E-File Tax Returns, and Elizabeth Warren and Insurance Companies 6-9-2015

UBS Report on Satisfaction and Wealth, Germany and Strike Days, Federal Court on Virginia Redistricting, Cash Transactions, Hillary Clinton, Mobile Robots, and Scott Walker and the Classroom, Kentucky Derby 6-8-2015

Mexican Government and Digital TVs, Pakistan Executions, Right to Work States, Undocumented Immigrants, Automobile Workers, Drug Tests, St. Paul Catholic Leaders, Pilots at Virgin Airlines, Medical Pot and Access, Norway Pension Fund and Coal Investments, and Florida and Medicaid Expansion 6-7-2015

Government and Inequality, Committee Against Torture, North Carolina Bill on Abortion, Sitting on the Beach, Yahoo and Digital Rights on NFL Game, Taco Bell and Alcohol, Crowd-Funding Rules, Sexual Drug Approval Rejected, Obama and International Internet Traffic, John McCain and Military Troop Tributes, Gawker and Jezebel Union, and Federal Data Breech 6-6-2015

Senator Elizabeth Warren and SCC Letter, Walmart Pay for Mangers, John Hancock Life Insurance, Flight Attendants, CVS Store Detectives, Disney Employees Laid Off, Democrats for Hillary, and National League of Cities and Security 6-5-2015

IRS on Casinos, FBI Investigation, Commercial Aircraft Emissions, Migrant Camp Bulldozed, Aboriginal Children, Gunman in Afghanistan, Campus Carry Bills, ACA Enrollees Dropoffs, Poor Americans, and Quebec Smokers 6-4-2015

Graduation Gap, Elected Women, South Carolina, Social Media Accounts, Homeowners and Bankruptcy, Hospital List Prices, California Foster Farms, Auction of Native American Artifacts, Mexican Strike, FIFA Leader Resigns, and National Security 6-3-2015

Broadband Speeds, Contingent Workers, Supreme Court on Discrimination, Citigroup Fines, Missouri State and Police, Health Insurers, Homeland Security, Money in Politics, and Louisiana Legislature and Medicaid Expansion 6-2-2015

Category 3 Storms, Patriot Act Renewal, Spike Lee and Gun Violence Film, Medical Association and Doctors’ Pay, Senator Bernie Sanders, Retraction Watch and Gay Canvassers, Child Sexual Abuse, BP Executive, and Independent Contractors 6-1-2015

Insurance Deductibles, Governor Bobby Jindal, Cuba, $15 Exemption by Union, Kansas Legislature, Employees Suing Workers, Gas Emissions, Cultural Fit in Hiring, Baltimore Lending Discrimination, and Governor of Maryland for President 5-31-2015

Gulf Labor Coalition Artists, Greater Sage Grouse, Justice After Arrest, Silk Market Place Founder Sentenced, Former House Speaker Arrested, Ransoms to Terrorists, and Islamic State Funds and Taxes 5-30-2015

Anxiety and College Students, UN and HIV, Arkansas Abortion Restrictions, Sister Meg Rice Released, FTC Settlement, Presidential Candidates, Federal Lawsuits on BCBS Insurance, Re-Wilding Plants, and Drivers Laws 5-29-2015

Nondiscrimination, IRS Hacking, Penn State Fraternity Ban, Cuba Visits, Indian Heat Deaths, Joshua Wong, Stay-cations, Ohio Executive Order, K-5 Students Suspended in Louisiana, Catholic Parishes, Lifeline Phones, Capital Punishment, and Herding Polls 5-28-2015

Family Medical Leave Act and Other Countries, Charter Communications and Times Warner Merger, Contributions from Utilities to Campaigns, ACA Enrollment, French Peace Keepers, Student Activist on Shell, Jon Stewart and Boot Camp, Swiss and Soccer Federation, and Cleveland Police Department Settlement 5-27-2015

Foreclosures, Assets, Spanish Elections, Female Soldiers, Survey by AT&T on Social Media and Driving, Milwaukee County and African American Males in Prisons, and Salary Increases 5-26-2015

Halocracy and Zappos, India and Traffic Deaths, City Governments, United Working Families, Commonwealth Fund and Deductibles, Amazon Taxes, and African American Adults in the Public Sector 5-25-2015

Campus Carry Bills, South Mississippi Electric Power Company, Ireland and Same Sex Marriage, Infidelity Rates, State Parks Records, US Prison Sentences, Presidents, Untaxed Foreign Earnings, Edward Snowden, Columbia University, and Student Carries Mattress At Graduation 5-24-2015

Obama Administration and Florida Uninsured, Pot, Manicure Shops, Farmers in California, Brazilian Investment Firm and Social Investment Fund, Mayor Landrieu and Gmail, Dues Deductions, Walmart and Antibiotics for Farm Animals, Gas, Martyr in El Salvador, Security, Bangladesh Toilets, and Microbead Ban 5-23-2015

Boy Scouts, Government Accountability Office on Charities, FBI and Patriot Act, Senator Rand Paul, Clean Water Regulation, Nonprofit Crossroads, Propane Vehicles, and Avian Flu and Eggs 5-22-2015

Los Angeles City Council and Minimum Wage, Mental Illness, Nebraskan Death Penalty, Global Banks Guilty, Exemptions at SCC, David Letterman, Havana Embassy, Greenpeace on Chinese Fishing Fleets, and Doctors Arrested after DEA Raid 5-21-2015

International Franchises, Military Equipment to Local Police, National Human Rights Law, Ex-cons and Employment, In State Tuition, 2.5 Million at Presidential Libraries, EPA and Clean Water, Drug Traffickers, Texas Fracking, Environmental Groups Sues Stone Quarry Mine, 7-Elevens and McDonald’s Franchises, Workers Walk in Turkey, and Hillary Clinton Name Recognition 5-20-2015

Goldman, President of Egypt, Ashville North Carolina and Music, Wells Fargo, Wages and College Degree, Capital Punishment in Nebraska, Online Degrees, Unemployment, New Businesses Opened by Women, NYC and Amnesty on Warrants, Protests in Macedonia, Marriage Equality, USDA and NON-GMO Products, and Reddit and Harassment 5-19-2015

Bee-Informed Partnership, European Commission, Avian Flu, Government of Columbia, Tapes in Macedonia, Sierra Club and Oil Trains, Providence of Alberta Leadership Change, Clinton Finances, BB King Passes, President Back In Power, Boston Bomber Death Sentence, Miami Police, and EU Leader Marries Partner 5-17-2015

Blogger Killed, Brad Pitt Movie Dispute, Lobbyist, Internet Users, World Learning, Congress and Service Academies and Sex Discrimination, Facebook Vendors, Vatican on Palestine, and Burundi President Ousting 5-16-2015

NFL and Tom Brady Suspension, GM Death Toll, Fannie Mae and Mortgage Bonds, Chinese Direct Sales Company Vacation, Verizon and AOL, ACLU on Hollywood Hiring Practices, Christians, Obama Fast Track, and Nondiscrimination Ordinance in Eureka Springs 5-15-2015

Asian Cocoa, UAW and End Sourcing, CDC and Tainted Food, Nissan Hourly Labor Costs, Private Sector on Data Lost, Espionage, Digital Crime, Long-term Consumption of Coffee, and Health Insurance and Conception 5-14-15

Veterans, Television Viewing, Indian Censure Board, Stay at Home Dads, Postwar Fishing Technology, Surveys of Inner Cities, and Texas Governor and Military Maneuvers 5-13-2015

Obamacare, Liberia Ebola-Free, Employers and Unemployment Rate, Legal Pot and Income Tax, Migrates in Germany, Israel Divestment Groups on College Campus, and an App for Uber Drivers 5-12-2015

Billboards, Zombie Debt, Uber Rides, Justice Department and Baltimore Police, We Shall Overcome Musician Dies, Google Broadband, UK Elections, Abortion Restrictions, and 65 Years Old 5-11-2015

Hilary Clinton and Immigrants, San Fransisco Police, Johnson and Johnson and Patient Requests, Party Affiliation and Facebook, Childless Women and Education, and Florida Governor Rick Scott and Hospital Investigations 5-10-2015

Greenpeace India, Homes in Britain, EU Competition Commission on McDonald’s, US Patriot Act, Upward Mobility and Commuter Times, Lawsuits for Disabled, Presidential Candidates, Manicurists in NYC, and Israel Prime Minister 5-9-2015

Mobile Apps, Comcast, Exercise Equipment Accidents, NFL and Inflated Football Scandals, Partner Sexual History, Stockholders, Motor-boys, Train Strike, Houston School, and Hillary Clinton 5-8-2015

Community Bank Charters, Funding Gap in Louisiana, Espresso in Space, Protestors, Poor Earth Children, ACLU and Juvenile Inmates, Presidential Candidates, Fracking Chemical, Boston Airport Flood, Native Americans Walk Out, Earthquake Preparation, and Memory 5-7-2015

United Nations and Cockpit Videos, SCC Whistle-blowers, Race Relations, CBS Poll, Global Financial Integrity, Universe, Police Tests, President Obama New Nonprofit, and Food Additive Bans 5-6-2015

Nepal Earthquake Death Toll, Formaldehyde, Poor Children and Opportunity, Israel Police Protest, For Profit School Loan Strike, Stand Your Ground Laws, NLRB Petitions, Corporate Airplane Investigation, and Immigrants 5-5-2015

Doctors and Social Justice, Economics and Buying Local, Upward Mobility, Emergency Room and Stroke, Gaza Strip, Hot Days, Rural Hospitals Closing, Hawaii and Spam, FDA and Approval, and Group Selection Theory 5-4-2015

Labor Unions and Protests in Istanbul, Property Damage in Katrina, NSA Restrictions, Workers Rights at the Guggenheim Construction, Harassment on Social Media, Election Laws, Afghanistan Disabled, Political Ads in Britain, Wage Standards on Construction Projects, and Medical Billing 5-3-2015

Iran and Luxury Cars, Property Seizure, Clinton Foundation and Interns, Sexual Abuse in the Military, Baltimore Charges, Banks and Settlement Agreements on Interest Rate Rigging, New Jersey and New York Bridge Indictments, St. Roch Market Attack, Dog Mess as Campaign Issue 5-2-2015

Tax Lawyers and Clinton Foundation and Canadian Law, Racial Discrimination in NY, Executive Compensation, United Auto Workers, Senator Sanders for President, APA and Torture, Mary Landrieu and Walton Foundation, Presidential Library, Pizza Box Chemicals, and Prescription Drugs 5-1-2015

Economic Corporation, Tyson Foods, Lawsuits on Diabetes Drugs, North Dakota, Hawaii, Energy Firm Study, Zero Emission Cars, Baltimore Orioles, German Measles, Police Killing Protests, UK Race, and Birth Control 4-30-2015

SEIU Nursing Home Workers, Supreme Court and Public Teachers’ Unions on Fair Share Fees, Manufactured Homes, US Hospital Rankings, NFL and Tax Exempt Status, Baltimore Riot, Changed Jobs, Students Online, Children Crossing the Border, Atlanta Underground, Florida Medicaid, and Protestors and Eric Garner 4-29-2015

FBI Hair Lab, Walmart and JC Penny Lawsuit in Bangladesh, Milk Consumption in China, Water in US, Facebook Safety App and Google Database, SuperPac Laws, Fluoride in Water in US, Pope Francis and Climate Change, Riot in Baltimore, Prime Minister in Britain Resigns, and UN Schools in Gaza 4-28-2015

Rats, Immigration Procedures and Children, Migrants Held for Ransom in Mexico, Coal-Fire Plant Usage, Death Toll in Nepal, Law School Graduates, Common Sense Media, Student Loan Appeals, Chipotle, Clinton Foundation Tax Reports, and Snowdon and Encryption Data 4-27-2015

US Drone Strikes and Civilian Deaths, Loretta Lynch as US Attorney General, Tanning Salons, Phoenix Sheriff and Judge’s Wife, Academic Teaching Hospitals, Comcast Fees, Verizon Lifeline Telephone Program, Finland and Income Based Speeding Tickets, Oregon and Farm Antibiotics, Gun Violence Costs, Public Support for Obamacare, Nepal Earthquake, Workers in Right to Work States, and WHCD and the Economy 4-26-2015

NFL and Concussion Settlement, CIA Director Sentenced, Russians and Uranium One and Clinton Foundation, Playing for Tips, Senate Murray and Minimum Wage, Chinese Human Gene Experiment, Comcast, Nutrition, Bank Fine on Interest Rate Rigging, and Justice Department and Quicken 4-24-2015

Cook County, Pilgrims Pride and Chicken with Antibiotics, Oklahoma Oil Drilling, Bishop Resigns, Russian Wildcat Strikes, Air Pollution in China, Child Support and Idaho, National Association of Criminal Defense Service and US Postal Service, Comcast Merger, Inequality and Citizen Ownership of Capital Stock, Affordable Care Act, Patient Costs 4-23-2015

UFCW and Wal-Mart, Georgia and Care USA, Comcast and Time Warner, Employers and Credit Checks, Global Witness, NYC Housing Units, Immigrants, Celebratory Riot, Teachers’ Unions, Pew Research and AMFM Radio, and Gold Miners in Peru 4-21-2015

Participatory Budgeting, Angola, Australia Slang, Self-Administration Electric Shocks, Clinton Foundation and Trade Benefits, Military Benefits, Blood Test for Cancer, Eureka Springs Arkansas and Gay Rights, and Child Support Debt 4-20-2015

Texas Houston Votes on Guns, China and Small Scale Enterprises, Machinist Union, Overseas Travelers, CEO Pay, Montana Legislature, Corrupt Governments, Writers’ Union, Claims in BP Oil Spills, Police Departments and Craigslist Transactions, 90 Years Old, Rooftop Solar Systems in Hawaii, Water Shortages, and Nitrate Runoff in Rivers 4-19-2015

Wiki-leaks, Google Desktop Searches, Re-auction, Grocery Stores and Beers, Organic Seafood, South African Violence, South Carolina and Police Shootings, Movie Theaters and Anti-Trust, Fracking in Texas, Comcast Merger, Bloomberg Terminals Computer Shutdown, Children in Data-breech, and Speed Limit on Trains 4-18-2015

NLRB and Fees for Non-Member, Pope Francis and Nuns Investigation, Subcontractors, 352 Programs on Networks, Clinton Foundation, Kansas Welfare Investigation, Florida and Health Issues, Cigarette Boom, Nebraska and the Death Penalty, and Gawker Media 4-17-2015

Nuclear Plants in Japan, Nursing Home Residents, Jeb Bush and Public Pensions, No Fly List, Large Employers and Pre-Hire Assessments, Arizona Sheriff, Italian Ships and Migrants, European Union on Google, Judgement on South Korean Pastor, $15 Wage Rallies, and Hedge Fund Job 4-16-2015

Expanded Medicaid, Narrow and Ultra-Narrow Health Networks, Composting Human Bodies, President of Chile, Edna Insurance, President Obama on Cuba, Percy Sledge, Hackers at Verizon, Atlanta Cheating Scandal, Drivers Licenses, UN on Kenya, Nigeria Girls Still Missing, Education Dept and Job Placement Rates, and Taxes 4-15-2015

Transpacific Partnership, Mark Rubio for President, Blackwater Security Contractor, New Reader Traffic from Facebook, Angry People with Firearms, United Kingdom and Scottish National Party, Drug Users for Fix Online, Industry Big Telecoms, Iran, Nigeria Children, and EPI and Female Earners 4-14-2016

Insured, Kleenex and Scott Brand Tissue, Hillary Clinton and Foundation, Brazil Protestors, US and President Obama at the Americas Submit, Ebola Outbreak, FDA on Supplements, 27 Million and Earned Income Tax Credit, Racial Gaps in Policing, Berkley Center and Public Assistance Program, and Property from GE 4-13-2015

Black Immigrants, Deutsche Bank Fine, Obama Administration on Oil Blowouts and Oil Industry, Bobby Jindal, South Counties, College Graduates, President Obama and Castro Meeting, Medicine by Telephone, Pew Research on Party Identification, Freshwater Fishing, China Surveillance Tools, and General Electric on Banking 4-11-2015

AT&T Data Breech, Height and Heart Disease, Congressional Amendment and Medical, Cop Video, Illinois and Jimmy John, Foreclosure and Credit Reports, Nonprofits and Wages, Moscow Income, Wisconsin State Employees, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination, and Forfeiture 4-10-2015

Obama and Immigrate Children, IRS Budget Cuts, Gas Prices this Summer, Nonworking Men, Detention without Trial in Malaysia, Security Threat, Indian Sandalwood Trees, Workers, IRS Funding Levels, Network of SuperPacs and Ted Cruz, Oklahoma and Wholesome Breakfast, and Australian Tax Office 4-9-2015

Planes, Railway Tank Cars, Domino’s Pizza Wages, Time to Pay, Union Petition Dropped, Multi-Job Holder, South Carolina Police Officer Charged, Tax Credits, Civil Suits, FDA and Chemical, and Mayor of Chicago 4-8-2015

Seattle Police Department and Wage Theft, Prime Minister of Peru Resigns, Canadian Glaciers, North Carolina Election Boundaries, VA Appeals, Rutgers Frat Parties, University of West Virginia, Student Rapes, Airline Pilots, and Brain Exercises 4-7-2015

Rolling Stone and Rape Article, FBI and Agents in Shape, Bulgaria Border, Colorado Tax Windfall, Pay for College Football and Basketball Coaches, Time Warner, Transport Canada and Drone Development, Verizon Super Cookie Ads, Women in Computer Occupations and Venture Capitalists, Recycling Plastic, Appliance Repair, and Yoga in Schools 4-6-2015

Pope Francis, Scientific and Geochemical Match, Iran and Women in Sports Arenas, Arsenic in Wine, Polluters, Myanmar Fishermen, Disability and Life Years, Military Budget and Educational Budget, Muslim Populations, Pipeline and Marine Life, Social Instability in China, and Chicago Mayor’s Race Poll 4-5-2015

NLRB, North Korea and Border Walk, San Francisco Officers Dismissed, Powered Alcohol, Retirees, Older Americans, Oklahoma and Earthquakes, CPSC and Magnets, and Chicago Tribune on Mayor’s Race 4-4-2015

Olympics in Boston, Public Vote in Munich, Campus Attack in Kenya, European Commission on Apple, Big Wall Street Banks, Human Rights Activist Arrested, John Hopkins Lawsuit, Nicole Kidman and Union, Greater New York Council on Boy Scouts, and Rhode Island Public Workers Union 4-3-2015

Arkansas Backlash, Walmart, McDonald’s Wages and Benefits, Governor Jerry Brown on Water Board, Atlanta Test Score Scandal, New Jersey Senator Indicted, Cuba Home Rental, Gay Marriage,  and Kenyan Attack 4-2-2015

Clinical Trials on Fish Oil, Nuts, Justice Department and Auto Loans, Brazil Labor Federation and McDonald’s, President Obama and Election Rules on NLRB, Nigerian Election, Iran and Power Negotiations, Argentina Strike, 3 Editors in Malaysia, Veteran Human Rights Workers Barred in Georgia, Fossil Fuels, Adoption, and a New Credit Measure 4-1-2015

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