Voice of the People Daily Bulletin 2016

Donald Trump on VA, London and Dictator Safe Space, Africans Killed by Germany, iPhone 7 Costs, Stanford University, Murders in Chicago, and Immigration 12-31-2016

Powerful Drug, Fish Oil, Homeland Security Employees Bribes, Russians and HIV, and Federal Appeal Court on Security Exchange Courts 12-30-2016

New Jersey Voters on Bridge, Elderly Population, Israel Settlement Project, National Physicians Alliance and HHS Nominee, Russia and Doping Operation, Hospital Trade Groups on ACA and Economic Losses, and Garment Workers in Bangladesh 12-29-2016

Children and Lead, Vision Property and Lead Poisoning, Snopes and Fact Checking, US First in Global Arms Dealings, White Working Class Voters and Decency, Consumer Spending,  and American Fast Food Chains in India and Women 12-28-2016

Uber and Permit Fee, Sponsorship System for Migrant Workers, Obama and UN Security Council, Trump and Obama Approval, US Population Growth, ACA and Coverage, New Jersey Water Rates, and Trump Foundation 12-26-2016

Brazil Construction Firm Guilty, Consumers of Banks in Spain, WhatsApp and Immigrants, Living with Parents, US and Immigrants, Deutschbank and Loan Modifications, Ikea and Children’s Death, US Registry System, Tech Companies and Immigrant Tracking, Ebola Vaccine, Democrats, and Barclays Sued 12-25-2016

Social Security Checks and Student Loans, DC City Council and Paid Leave for Parents, Trump Cancels Charity Events, Trump and Union Accords, Texas and Medicaid Funding for Planned Parenthood, State Police with Body Cams, Bathroom Access in NC, ACA Enrollment Increases, Romania and Prime Ministers, Congo Arrests, and Executions  12-24-2016

Pesticides and Parkinson, Obama and Drilling Ban, Active Shooter Incidents, Managers in Flint Michigan and Tainted Water, Inmates and Mental Illness, Immigrant Activist Organizations on Green Card Holders, Russian Fake Internet Users, and Depart of Education and Public Service Employment and Loan Forgiveness 12-23-2016

Cold Weather and Deaths, Electoral College Switches, Violent Episodes, Government Labs, States with Right to Work Legislation, Government Spying on Activists, California and ACA Repeal,  and Employee Discrimination 12-22-2016

Treasury Department on Iron Workers Pension Fund, Ashley Madison Settlement, International Monetary Fund Leader Escapes Jail, Health Care Tools, Robin Hood Restaurants in Spain, New Orleans Settles Police Brutality Suits, Pregnancy and Brain, and  Unemployment Rate for Those with College Degrees 12-21-2016

School Bus Services and Bullying, Medical Conditions at Hospitals, Documents from 1966 from FBI, Election Officials and Fraudulent Voting, Trump and Media Attacks, Enrollment Declines at US Colleges, President Obama and Pardons, Uber and Californian Permit for Self-Driving Cars, Google on Refugees, and Special Investigation on Russia 12-20-2016

NYC and Homeless Population, Mental Health and Homelessness, Companies and Whistle-blowers, ACA and Economic Risk, Finland and Guaranteed Income, Divorce and Older Americans, Criminal Convictions, Ransom Attacks, Electoral College, and Insurance Polices for Slaves 12-19-2016

Airport Workers, Hillary Clinton and Russian Hacking, Earnings, Population Numbers and Race, FDC and Used Car Dealers, National Park Employees and Sexual Harassment, Hair Salon Employees and Abuse Signs, Congo Leader, and Chemical Leak from Asphalt Plant and Water 12-18-2016

MLB and Collective Bargaining Contract, Facebook and Fake News, Charitable Fundraising and Trump Transition, Ear Phones and Hearing Loss, Mice Gene Altering on Aging, Women’s March, IRS and Tax Returns and ACA Penalties, Abortions and Mental Health, Russian Hacking, and NC Republicans and Special Sessions 12-17-2016

Ohio Abortion Ban Law, 20 Week Abortion Bans, Yahoo and Data Breech, Obama and Federal Family Planning Funds, Head Start Funding, Meat Packers, China and Foreign Nonprofits, Exxon Mobile CEO as Secretary of State, and Basketball Revenue Sharing 12-16-2016

Rick Perry and Secretary of Energy, Poland and Parliament Protests, Russian Doping Sandal, Russian Hackers and Congressional Races, Class Discrimination in Elite Education in Great Britain, Mobile Phones in South Africa, Renewal Sources, and Non-Consensual Porn Laws 12-15-2016

US War Planes and Air Strikes, Newborns and Drug Dependency, States and Low Income School Districts, Adults and Psychiatric Drugs, Inauguration Protests, Imports Tax, Wells Fargo Scandal, Fossil Fuel Stocks, Life Expectancy, Russian Hacking, and Recounts 12-14-2016

Frequent Activity, Diversion and Income, Trump and CIA Reports, Adults and Mental Health and Substance Abuse, Pew Research and Cabinet Choices, Trump and Tweets, Boeing and Iran, US Consumers and Chicken, Charitable Donations and Volunteer Hours, and Romania Elections   12-13-2016

Labor Secretary and Health Care in the Food Sector, Wells Fargo and Fake Insurance Accounts, Columbia and Union, Drug Abuse and Suicide Deaths, Dutch Elections, Food Stamp Rules, Diabetes and the Civil War, Epilepsy Drug Treatment, Children Incomes, Ghana President, Hydro-Dam in BC, and Private Equity Firms  12-12-2016

Event Space Shootings, Protest Camps at Standing Rock, Giraffe Population, Russian Leadership and Computer Hacking, Cuban Tourists, British National Police Forces, Donations to Nonprofit Media, Anti-Doping Agency and Russia, Obama on Hacking in US Election, and Campaign Spending 12-11-2016

Rio Muggings, Trump and Dreamers, CEO of World Wrestling Federation, LeBron James and Trump Hotel, Mass Shootings and Gun Control, Department of Labor, South Korea President, and Union Leader Chuck Jones 12-10-2016

Average Income, Health Care Funding, Trump and EPA Appointment, Malta and Conversion Therapy, Portland and City Taxes, Public Companies, AirBnb Regs in NOLA, and National Testing in Science 12-9-2016

FEMA and Racial Discrimination on Foreclosed Properties, Mass Attorney General and Hospital Care, Prime Minister of Japan and Pearl Harbor, NYC Security Costs on Trump, State Farm and Mississippi Claims, Trump and Taiwan President, Wells Fargo Lawyer, Germany and Full Face Veils, ACA, and Google Data Centers and Renewal Energy 12-8-2016

Maine and Office Holding, Army Corps of Engineers and DPL and Standing Rock, Italian Voters and EU, National Candidate in Austria, Population Growth, NC Election, Torture Support, Ben Carson and HUD, California and Undocumented Immigrates, and Yale and Name Building 12-7-2016

Vanguard and Popular Brands and Breitbart Website Advertising, Walmart Settles Discrimination Lawsuit, US Sanctions on Myanmar, ACA Repeal, Jill Stein and PA Recall, Veterans at Standing Rock, and NY Inmates and Racial Disparities 12-6-2016

Oregon and Voter Registration, Common Cause and Voter Registration, Health Care Spending, AirBnb and NY Lawsuit, Student Journalists and Sexual Assault on Campus, Scientists and Global Temperatures, and Plantation Empire and Rainforest Destruction 12-5-2016

Female Law Students, Fight for $15, Trump and Family Business, Strike in Germany, Chinese Rights Activists, Insomnia, Texas and Abortion, Dolly Parton and Tennessee Fires, Immigration Courts, and Ivory Coast and Land for Cocoa Farmers 12-4-2016

Housing Units for Low Income Residents and Property Values, Flights to Havana, Military Budget, Free Public Transit, Walmart Violates Wage Laws, Rental Agency Fees, Indian Give it Up Campaign on Gas Subsidies, Veterans for Standing Rock, Wall Street, Ecstasy Drug Trials, and $15/hr  12-3-2016

Japan and Corporate Sexism, Vietnamese Citizens and Associations, Black Rock on Investment Firms, ACA Payments, Germans and Recycling, Professor Watchlist and Leftist Propaganda, Hate Speech in Germany on Facebook, Trump Business Interests, Canadian Women in Military, and Urban Hospitals and Gun Shot Victims 12-2-2016

Trump and DPL Company, Cancer Chances, Illegal Voting, Detainees and CIA Torture, PBS and FCC Auctions of Airwaves, Sexual Abuse in Football, Walmart Managers, Flagstaff Ballot Initiative on Minimum Wage, and Seattle and App Based Drivers and Unions 12-1-2016

Hillary Clinton Joins Recount Effort, Juvenile Justice System and Poverty, Foster Care Surging, Taxing Soda, Weekly Protests in Korea, Trump Tax Proposal, Workers in Labor Unions, CFPB and Debt Collection Industry, Abortions and Poverty, Foreign Policy, and State Bills on Health and Safety 11-30-2016

Protestors in Italy, Fidel Castro Dies at 90, Jill Stein and Recount Funds, Trauma, Australia and Refugees, India and Fireworkers, Public Art Project on Blight, Germany and Pensions, Vietnam and Coal Energy, Credit Cards and Late Fees, and Protest Camp in North Dakota 11-29-2016

Florida and Urban Centers and Tidal Floods, Interstate Migration, Voter Turnout, Indonesia Domestic Workers and Window Safety, Columbia and Rebels, Wells Fargo and Arbitration, Mexicans at the Border, Private Sector Workforce, FDA Loopholes, Florida and Older Licensed Drivers, and Living Wages 11-28-2016

For Profit Charter Schools, Median Income and Race, Children and Recess and Income, Gambling Addiction, Trade Agreements, Sierra Leon and Corruption, Farm-worker Health, EU, and Waterfront Property 11-27-2016

Hillary Clinton and Popular Vote Lead, 1200 Charter Schools Closed, Charter School Movement, and Charter Operations, Low Wage Workers in Britain, and the Ill and Trump Voters 11-26-2016

Health Care CEOs and ACA Repeal, Trump and Clinton Investigation, Facebook and Suppression of Posts, Landmine Elimination, Hate Crime Funds, Smartphones and Auto Mode, Criminal Charges for Mobile Doctors, Texas Judge and Overtime Rule, and Voter Fraud and Interstate Cross Check 11-25-2016

Working Age Population, Redistricting, Roman Catholic Church and Abortion, Dementia Rate, Standing Rock Protestors, Homeland Security and Greencards, Exxon Mobile and Rockefeller Family, Housing Debt, and SEIU Strike at Airports 11-24-2016

India and Money Tax, Investigation on Gangs in El Salvador, Buzz Feed News and Fake News, Germany and 4th Tour, French Elections, Shell Oil Company Lawsuits, Anti-Union Laws in Kentucky, Canada and Coal Power, and Toms Shoes 11-23-2016

Wells Fargo Fired Workers, Discrimination on Auto Insurance, UK Police and Body Cams, Disabled Children and Corporal Punishment, Empathy and Countries, Minorities in Schools, Teen Birth Rates, Malaysian Protestors, AirBnb Fines, African Progress, and Regional Inequality in the EU 11-22-2016

Scientists on Plant Genes in Tobacco, Fake News, LA Affordable Housing Rule, Residents in Oklahoma and Earthquakes, Trump University, Women’s March, Trump Assets, Brokers, Immigrants and State and City Policy Laws, and Alaskan Environmental Group and Plastic 11-21-2016

JP Morgan Chase Fines in Asia, Exit Polls and Hispanic Voters and 2012, State Courts and Lawyers, Drop Out Rates and Choice Buses, IBM and Payroll Systems, Substance Use Disorder, and Oxford Internet Network and Trump 11-20-2016

Swedish Trade Union Hotline, National Movement Against Walmart in China, Chinese Artifacts, CEO Tenure, Minnesota Police Officer Charged with Manslaughter, US Companies and Paris Climate Deal, Media and Social Media, and Obama Voters 11-19-2016

Graduate Students at Harvard, Android Phones and China, Highway Fatalists, Brewery in Canada, Supermoon, BC Herring Fishery, Donations, Lobbyists, Donations Since the Election, WorkIt Walmart App, and Deportation Numbers 11-18-2016

FBI Report on Attacks to American Muslims, Cuba and Medical Destination, American Spending on Dietary Supplements, Modern Slavery, RealtyTrac and Contract for Deeds, Afghanistan and US Soldiers and Torture, Illegal Drugs and Fire Arms, Fake News Websites on Google, Contaminated Water, and Food Chain Workers  11-17-2016

Stats on Election Votes, Orange County Turned Blue, Genes and Heart Disease, US Cities and US Population, Facebook and News, Swedish Authorities and Wikileaks Founder, Trade and Election Results, Turkey Civic Organizations, and Columbia University Wrestling Team 11-16-2016

Homes with Cell Phones, Afghan Refugees in Norway, South Korean Rally, 25% Voted, Startups and Cell Phone Purchases, Election Day Survey and Strong Leader and Economy, Bankers in Jail, Life-way Research Poll and Evangelicals, Political Civility, and Code for America and Public Websites 11-15-2016

Pro-Democracy Legislators in Hong Kong, NC Governor, Women Leaders, Overtime Law, Facebook and Anti-Discrimination, Voters on Minimum Wage, Nonwhite Residents in the US, Sweet Tax, Digital Media Stories on CEOs, and Baltimore Safe Streets Project 11-14-2016

Exit Polls and Union Households, YES California, Joe Arpaio Defeated, Obamacare, Female President, Registered Lobbyists on Transition Team, Bottled Water in Flint, and Women’s Reproductive Health 11-13-2016

Walgreen’s and Blood Testing Company, Hillary Clinton Wins Popular Vote, Trump and Middle Income White Voters, Protests Over the Election, Adult Use Approvals, Electoral College and Slavery, and Latino Voters  11-12-2016

University of California and Sugary Drinks, Nevada HERE and Latino Voters, NLRB and Teachers at an Adult Charter School, Waiting to Vote, Trump Wins Election for President, Suing Banks for Predatory Lending Practices, Medical Pot, Hungry Refugees, and Racial Attitudes and Affordable Care Support 11-11-2016

President Ortega, Aboriginals Peoples Network, Institute of Medicine on Doctors, Australian Parliament and Gay Marriage, India and Trade Deal, Dakota Pipeline Lenders, Mental Illness and Substance Abuse, Audits and Equal Coverage, and Chicken Prices 11-10-2016

McDonald’s in Europe, Americans and Retirement Savings, Universal Time, 55+ Households, Immoral Person as Leaders, Fog Index, Wells Fargo Fines, FBI on Clinton Emails, 6 States and Statue of Limitations on Sexual Assaults, Journalists, Honduras President, and Self-Driving Bus in Finland 11-9-2016

Christie Aides Convictions, Rolling Stone Defamed University of Virginia, Jobless Rate in US, Jakarta, LA Protests on Gentrification, Federal Judge in NC and Voting Rights, Arizona and Ohio Voting, Child and Service Dog, Forest Fighters, and Latino Voters 11-8-2016

Vote Sellers, 24 Million Fine on Pennsylvania State, San Francisco Public Housing, Republican Congressmen and Clinton, CDC Suicide Rate of Youth, Chinese Retirement Age, Clinton and Missing White Voters, Pew Research Poll on Policies, and Voter Registration 11-7-2016

Voters and American Politics, Top Airports, Harvard and Men’s Soccer and Sexual Harassment, Trader Joe Workers, Texas Poll Taxes, Drug Pricing, and Metro Data on Freelance Employment 10-6-2016

Zimbabwe, Austin Nonprofits, UK Court and Negotiations on EU, Oakland Rising, Federal Stats on Fuel Pipelines, President Obama and Literacy Accomplishments, VM and Contract and Forced Labor, and  Harassment in Politics 11-05-2016

African American Turnout in Early Voting, Density Goes Democratic, Chicago Cubs Win World Series, President Obama and Standing Rock, Green Tribunal in Delhi, American Jewish Leaders and Prayer Rights, and FBI Chief Under Fire 11-04-2016

Twitter and Vine, League of Start Up Companies and Airline Compensation, Bundy Acquittals, Obesity and the Environment, 40 Housing Initiatives in California, and Chinese Government and Drug Kickbacks 11-03-2016

Facebook Friends and Standing Rock, Tax Experts on Tax Benefits, Martin Luther and Pope Francis on Lutheran Atonement, Racial Discrimination for Uber and Lyft and AirBnb, Chobani Yogurt and Refugees in Factories, and FBI Director and Politics 11-02-2016

Trade Rising, 22 Million Early Voters, SnapChat Users, NY State Supreme Court Justice and NFL Insurance Policies, CNN and Donna Brazile, and Trump Disputes Vendor Bill 11-01-201

Justice Department Officials and FBI, Iceland PM Resigns, Canada and EU and Trade Agreements, Households and Income, Hackers and Election Systems, and Children and Toxic Air and Deaths and Air Pollution 10-31-2016

FBI Chief on Clinton Emails, Bob Dylan and Noble Prize, Standing Rock Arrests, Pepsi-co Board Member and Unhealthy Snacks, Security Holders, Genetic Modification, Farmers in Brussels Protest, Alcohol and Sexual Assault, and Pirate Party in Iceland 10-30-2016

Police in the Philippines, Arkansas Supreme Court Medical Pot, Political Parties and Education, Trump Campaign Funds, Smaller Plants and Factory Work, Minimum Wage Ballot Bills, AC and Poverty, and Uber and Worker Rights 10-29-2016

Mental Illness and Prison, Social Mobility in Britain, Education and Science in Russia, Privacy Rules on Web Browser, Interviews of Trump Supporters, Oregon Occupiers, Newspaper Advertising, International Crime Ring, and Election Polling 10-28-2016

Democrats and Senate Control, Brigham Young and Sexual Assault, Wikileaks and Clinton Emails, ACA and Penalties, Viewership of NFL and Soccer, AIDS in NY in 1971, and Sellers of Used Cars and Recalls 10-27-2016

Women in Japan and Law on Surnames, Exonerated, Black Caucus, AARP Files Suit Against EEOC, Hillary Clinton Leads in Polls, Insurance Costs on  ACA, California and Home Construction, Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy, Green Energy, and VW and Bad Diesel Engines 10-26-2016

Corporate Chiefs and Big Deals, Tom Hayden Passes, French Government and Migrant Camp, State Legislative Chambers, NBC Poll on Republican Lost, Deep Mind, and Halloween Spending 10-25-2016

Voter Fraud and Election Fraud, Facebook and Hate Speech on Trump, Colorado and Single Payer, Clinton Fundraising Over Trump, Pain Killers, Sexual Assault, FBI Agents, Plane Crash in Cameroon, Fake Laughter, Felony Records, and Public School Students in Charter Schools 10-24-2016

Indiana Voter Registration Effort, Candidate Debate, Wells Fargo, Direct Action Animal on Cage Free Birds, Democratic Spending, Blood Testing Firm and Bill in Arizona, Early Ballot Requests in Ohio, Stop Street Harassment Findings, and AirBnb Challenge in NYC Court 10-23-2016

Pennsylvanian Universities and Strike, Pot Legalization, Democrats Congressional Campaign Donors, Homosexuality Law, Receipts, Death by Overwork, Abortion Verses Other Issues, and the EPA and Emergency in Flint 10-22-2016

Facial Recognition Software, Cash Allowances to Families with Children, Election Spending, AFL-CIO Volunteers for Hillary Clinton, Voters in Bay Area and Rent Regulations, Harvard Graduate Students Union, African Capital and Money Flight, Justice Department and Voter Rights Act, Trump and Wait and See on Election Outcome, Hong Kong and Pro-China, and Not One Less Movement 10-21-2016

Ecuador and Wikileaks, US Children and Concussions, Healthcare.gov and Lower Deductibles, Trump and Non-Disclosure Statements, Black Men Earnings, Justice Department on Rape and Sexual Assault, Tech Experts on Robots and Self-Driving Cars, Monopoly, and Anti-Defamation League and Twitter Hate 10-20-2016

Clinton Campaign in Republican Turf, Trump’s Brand, Kitchen Floor, Chiefs of Police and Minority Mistreatment, California Voters and Bilingual Education, Marriage Laws in Louisiana and Immigration, Company Taxes, High School Graduates, NLRB and Wall Street Con Agreements, Canada and Cleveland Indians, and Voters Tune Out 10-19-2016

Public Camping Laws, Food Deserts, Prime Minister of Israel and Volunteering, Nine Women Accuse Trump, US Appeals Court and Director of CFPB, Married Rates, Inglewood and Canvassing by Whole Foods, Working Class Whites and Voting, Cell Phone Access and Gender Gap in India, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren on SEC’s Mary Jo White 10-18-2016

Colin Kaepernick, Cuban Cigars, Epi-Pen Prices and Coupons, George Washington University Study and Walk-ability and Property Values, Uber Drivers as Employees, Sheriff A and Criminal Contempt, Boston University Study on Soda Donations, State Propositions on the Minimum Wage, EU Treaty with Canada 10-17-2016

Trump Stories and Women and Sexual Assault, Insurance Rates, Hand Guns and Privately Owned Firearms, Business Group in Texas on Federal Contractors on Labor Law Violations, Trump on Women Accusers as Unattractive, Nonprofits, Walmart Wages and Profits, Uganda and Chemical Coolant Agreement, Median Earnings, and Creepy Clowns 10-16-2016

Sprint and Low Income High School Students, Facebook and Free Basics, Comcast and Internet Service, Wikileaks and GOP, King of Thailand Dies, 21 Attorney Generals on Overtime Rule, Wages, Republican Donors and Trump Candidacy, and Justice Department and Police Shootings 10-15-2016

Spanish Wind Turbine Company Paying Money to Voters, Entry Level Management at Walmart and Overtime Rules, Wells Fargo CEO Steps Down, Pot Arrests, Department of Homeland Security and Real ID Act, and Bob Dylan Wins Noble Prize in Literature 10-14-2016

Moving to Canada after Trump is Elected, Warren Buffet and Tax Returns, Clinton Campaign on Republican States, Collin Kaepernick Will Start, Workers and Wells Fargo False Accounts, Glenn Beck on Donald Trump, and Facebook Voter Registration Deadline Notices 10-13-2016

Indian Population and Tax Threshold, Indonesia and Tax Payers, Trump Transition Team, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Trump Campaign, Kelly Oxford Twitter Page and Sexual Harassment, Poor in the Suburbs, Samsung and Galaxy 7 Phones, Wells Fargo Reorganization, and Blood Testing Firm Sued 10-12-2016

Ecologists and Aspens, Citizenship for Investment, Refugees in Germany, Nuclear Reactors in the US, Companies and Greenhouse Gases, Bee in Alaska, Billy Bush Suspended from Today Show, Saudi Bombing of Funeral, NY Immigrant and Work Permit, Mugwumps, and Food Project in Turkey 10-11-2016

Enrollment of ACA, Polls on Taxes, Vote Riders, Wikileaks and Clinton Speeches to Bankers, Public Health Care for Native Americans, Southern Rock Bands and Political Movements, Steelworkers and Health Care Workers, Great Ape and Perspective, Men Not Working, Republican Officials, and a Federal Judge and Louisiana Law on Exotic Dancers 10-10-2016

Central American Migrants, Backpage Escort Ads, President of Columbia and Nobel Peace Prize, Planned Parenthood and GOTV, Consulting Firm as Spy Organization, Governments Adopt Climate Change Measure on Jet Travel, Vulgar Language of Donald Trump on Women, Russia and DNC Leak, and the Epi-Pen 10-9-2016

Yahoo Scanner, Political Ad in Missouri on Guns, Independent Bookstores, Trump Business Startups, Residents on the Westbank, Blood Testing Company Closes Labs, Dutch Tourist in Myanmar on Buddhism Chant Disconnect , and Fox News Mocks Asians 10-8-2016

6 Countries on Abortion Bans, Farmer in South Korea Killed by Water Cannon, Scientists and Closed Embargo, Denmark Rankings, NSA Contractor and Source Code, Trump in the Polls, Governor Pitts and Implicit Bias, and Humans Living up to 115 10-7-2016

Project Shield and Cyber-attacks, ACLU and Mobile Justice App, Researchers on Bullying, Charter Schools Progression, Banking Services, Chicago Police Records of Misconduct, Gates Foundation on Oxford Study on Fetal Group, Company Revenues, Encryption Services and the FBI, and Packages of Debit Cards and Monthly Fee Disclosures 10-6-2016

Hungarians and Migrants, Congressional Budget Office on Trump Taxes, Buzzfeed on Twitter User Abuse, Citizen Application Requests, Black Monday and Abortion Ban Protest in Poland, Support for Death Penalty, Individual Taxpayers and Average Loses, and Tax Payments by Fortune 500s 10-5-2016

Newsweek on Trump Expenses in Cuba, Black Women as Leaders and Clinton Presidency, Tax Records on Donald Trump, Jamaica Wellness Tourism, Canada and Immigrants, Early Voting in Some States, Peace Deal on Civil War, Saudi Arabian Government and Labor Unrest, and California and Property Seizure 10-4-2016

Honest Products, Parents and College Funds, Philly Orchestra on Strike, US Pot Users, Bank Managers to India and Customer Usage Rates, Africa and Housing, MetLife Settlement, Asian Americans and Obama, Fee Increases at South Africa Universities. and Black Protest in Warsaw on Abortion 10-3-2016

Overtime Rule for Workers Support, Wells Fargo Employees Lawsuits, Brazil’s Operation Car Wash and Campaign Finance Limits, Chris Christie Vetoes Minimal Wage Law, France Pianos at the Train Stations, Elephant Population, Debates, Louisiana State Attorney General, Alabama Supreme Court Judge, Trump Twitter Rant, Immigrants and Citizenship, and Advertising Agencies and Diversity 10-2-2016

Hedge Fund Fines, Standard Charter, Hypertension, Market Capitalization and Change in Companies, South Korea and Conflict of Interests, Trump and Supreme Court, Ohio and Hillary Clinton, Obama and Tribal Claims, FCC and Vote on Cable Boxes, and Wells Fargo Lending to Military 10-1-2016

Linda Pays Fines, Russian Separatists and Plane Downing, Nursing Homes and Arbitration, Texting While Driving, Congress and Supporting Terrorism, Same Sex Marriage, Thailand and Amnesty International, Labour Party, Papers Endorsing Democrat, California and Wells Fargo, Oil Prices, Mexican Government and Flat Screen Television, and Flipkart and Walmart 9-30-2016

California Governor and Worker Rights, World Health Organization on Unhealthy Air, Afghanistan Corruption, Trump on Taxes, Catholic Church Attendance, Wells Fargo Board Investigation, Patient Advocacy and Drug Pricing, Germany and WhatsApp User Data, and CEO Pay 9-29-2016

US Murder Rate, Columbia and Rebels, Alabama and Black Disenfranchisement, Trump Money, Democracy Works and Businesses, Massachusetts Charter School, WeWork and NLRB, Sentence on Cultural Heritage War Crime, Presidential Debate, and Energy efficiency in the South 9-28-2016

Seizing Guns, Saudi and Male Guardianship, Labour Party Leader Re-Election, Paid Sick Leave, Localists in Hong Kong, Birth Control, Households and Water, Wells Fargo Lawsuits, Clinton and Trump Debate, and Labor Department on Tech Firm Hiring of Asians 9-27-2016

WNBA Players and Police Shootings, Pregnancy and Acetaminophen, Large Farmers, NASA and Warm Weather, American Health Care System and Obesity, Family Income, and Killings in Philippians 9-26-2016

Congo and Excessive Force, Poll on Unemployment Rate, College Republican National Committee, US Attorneys and Wells Fargo, Home Care Aides’ Wages, and Senator Ted Cruz and Trump 9-24-2016

Yahoo User Information Hacked, Sales of Books, Tulsa Officer Charged with Manslaughter, Trump’s Polices on Stop and Search, DNC Email Leaked, Obama and Haitian Immigrants, Federal Government on For Profit Colleges, and Food Stamps and Healthy Food Choices 9-23-2016

Federal Corruption Charges for Governor Cuomo Advisors, Preservation Fight in LA, Human Rights Abuses in Mexico, Digital Finance, World Leaders and Paris Climate Control, Stress and Health,  and White Voters in North Carolina 9-22-2016

Protests in Charlotte, Clinton on the Disabled and Trump on Stop and Frisk, Non-Africans Roots to One Migration, International Trade, Immigrants Don’t Take American Jobs, Deaths During Childbirth, Congress on Epi-Pen Price Increases, and Clinton Small Donor Contributions 9-21-2016

Wireless Emergency Alert System on NYC Bombings, Las Vegas Donation to Republicans, UN Convoy Bombed, Bradangelina, Dieting Adults and Activity Monitors, GM Closing Assembly Line in Ottawa, and Senators Grill Wells Fargo CEO 9-20-2016

Working Women, Chris Christie and George Washington Bridge, Donald Trump and White Supporters in Florida, Uber and Lyft, Self-Driving Vehicles, Criminal Investigation in Tulsa, and 5 Star Movement in Rome 9-19-2016

Californian Pension Fund and Two Books, Shelters in NYC, Trump and Tax Subsidies, US War-Planes in Syria, Germany Elections, and National Ordinance and Civil Citation for Pot 9-18-2016

Prisoners on Strike, Workers on Drugs, African American as Head of National Library, West Africans and Social Media, Donald Trump on Obama Birther Lie and Violence Against Opponent, Turkey Crimes, Sexism, and Census on Rural Americans Income 9-17-2016

Prostate Cancer, Former Brazilian President and Corruption, Federal Government and Global Warming, NYC and Internet Browsers, Voting Patterns, UN and School Children, Snowden Pardon, Collin Powell Email Hacking, Workers Medical Bills, NFL and Head Trauma, Monsanto Selling 9-16-2016

Paid Maternity Leave, Myanmar, Oregon Trial, Voting, Care.com, Household Income, Medical Data and the Olympics, Electric Car, Election Data and Bosses, Farmers in California, and Atlantic Coast Conference and North Carolina Games 9-15-2016

Medicaid and Medicare Services Standards, Arson at Mosque, Car Crashes, Prisoners and Patient Care on Hepatitis C, Wellsfargo Claw-back, Brazilian Lawmaker Ousted, and Economic Gains and Poverty 9-14-2016

Delta Airlines and Class-Based Fares, Doctors and Patient Ratio, Sugar and Heart Disease, Football Players and National Anthem, NCAA and Championship Events, Yemen Troops, Planned Parenthood in PR, and Free Templates 9-13-2016

Norway Protests on Facebook, Pot on the Ballot, Pensions in Chile, Homicide Rates, Forced Grade Curve, Time Over Money, Adolescents and Alcohol, Smoking, Indigenous People in Argentina, Hillary Clinton and Health Records, North Dakota Protests, Vote Castor, Apple Taxes, and GM and Driver Alerts 9-12-2016

Standing Rock Sioux and Land, Tax for Married Couples, Loss of Parkland, Trump and Johnson Amendment, Renter Voters, David Duke, Democrat Money, Green Light Governing, Samsung 7 Phones and Airports, and Welspun Indian Sheets 9-11-2016

Express Scripts and Price Competition, NY Club and Black Lives Matters, Michigan Law on Straight Ticket Voting, Saudi Arabia Lawsuits, Dakota Pipeline, North Korea Nuclear Test, States Ban Voting for Felons, and Living Standards  9-10-2016

Migration to US, Health Insurance, Climate Change and Gulf Coast,  Sexual Assaults in Armed Forces, Reading and Race, Wells Fargo Fined, NFL and the Players Unions, and AirBnb and Discrimination 9-9-2016

Economic Engines for US, Syrian Refugees in Denmark, Most Unequal States in the US, Trump and Florida Attorney General, Fox News Settlement, Trump and Union Support, and the Washington Post Poll 9-8-2016

Uber Drivers, Poll Research in Germany, Elderly Living Alone, Contractors for Drones, Labor Day Election Work, and Tacos on Every Corner 9-7-2016

Drug Price Hikes and Drug Patents, Average Daily Income, Filipino President on State of Lawlessness, African Americans’ Candidate Support, Real Wages, and Gary Johnson Candidate for President 9-6-2016

Surveillance Tools for Companies, Uber and Chinese Operation, Epi-Pen and Drug Classifications, Transpacific Trade Pact, Local Officials and Federal Authorities, Oil and Gas Operations and Earthquakes, Age Discrimination for Women in the Workplace, Museum of Dissidence, and emissions and Climate Treaty 9-5-2016

Prison and Small Counties, Race and Inmates, Immigration and Safety, E-Cigs and High Profile Lobbyists, Adults and Reading, and Protests in Venezuela 9-4-2016

Home Affordable Refinance Program, Brazil Senate Impeaches President, Supreme Court on North Carolina Voting Law, Food Supply and Women, Georgetown University and Descendants of Slaves, Trump at Black Church in Detroit, and August Fundraising for Hillary Clinton 9-3-2016

Geologists in Greenland on Ancient Life, Trump in Mexico, US Officials and Wikileaks and Russian Connection, NY Appeals Court on Palestine Authority, Jet Blue Lands in Havana, Minorities and Drug Crisis, and Women in Big Law 9-2-2016

Lead in the Soil, Nevada Successor, Federal Court in North Carolina on Election Rules, Juvenile Offenders, Mexican President and Protests, and the Britain Consumer Production Agency and Celebratory Endorsements 9-1-2016

Epi-Pen Prices, European Anti-Trust and Apple in Ireland, Research Firm Estimates Growth in Household Income, Mexico President and Federal Police Chief on Raid Killings, Trump Campaign, Palestine Office and World Vision on Hamas,  Racial Segregation in Charter Schools, National Anthem Protest, and South African School Girls and Afros 8-31-2016

Paris Ban on Cars Build Before 1970, Inequality and Destruction, Financial Health Sectors in US, Police Department in NOLA, Trump, Texas Mortality Rate for Pregnant Women, Political History Departments, Bigotry, Insurance Marketplaces, Canadian Postal Workers, Hyundai and Pay Deal, and Church and Worship 8-30-2016

Housing Stock, Women Killed by Men in South Carolina, Welfare Reform, Sub-Saharan Africa and Free Government, Moving in Search of Work, European Immigrants, UK Labour Party, Mayo Clinic and Healthy Lifestyle, Walmart Scheduling System, Obama and Doctors on Medicaid Billing, and Death Sentences 8-29-2016

President Obama and Marine Protection Area, Alaska and Moose Road Kill, Homeland Security and Temporary Entry for Owners of American Companies, Lenders Fix It Forms, Night Lighting, Women and Katrina Recovery, Federal Judge and Transgender Bathroom in University in North Carolina, Care Givers Act, and Financial Stability 8-28-2016

Colombian War, National Park System, Our Revolution, Hillary Clinton and All Right, ITT and Student Enrollment with Student Aid, International Adoptions, Public University, France and Burkini Ban, Bombay Court on Women Rights, Zita Virus Screening, and University of Chicago and Trigger Warnings 8-27-2016

Students and Union for Teaching Assistants, Pew Research and Ideology Polls, Soda and Sugary Drinks and Special Taxes, Wage Increases, Trump and Immigration, Facebook Users, Reading and Watching News on Facebook, Uber Drivers and Retirement Account, and Fedup Campaign and Federal Reserve Protest 8-26-2016

Freedom Caucus,  Medicare Hospitals, FBI and Hillary Clinton Emails, Voter Restrictions in Wisconsin, Where You Live and Women, Federal Judge in Texas on Transgender Access, EpiPen Prices, California Supreme Court and Teacher Tenure, Virginia Governor and the Right to Vote, Voter Registration, and In These Times and Fight for $15 Organizers Union  8-25-2016

Investigation on Trump Loans, Eskimos and Words for Snow, Flights to Mexico, Ethiopian Medal Winner and Protest, Statewide Meetings on Health Care Resources, Awards for Whistle-blowers, Cash for Presidential Race, Chileans and Benefits, Contractors and Labor Law Violations, Pain Killers, Co-Signers, and Higher Interest Rates  8-24-2016

London Underground 24 hr, Regulations on Debt Collections, 77 Million in Debt, 13 States and Grocery Tax, Food Stamps Aid Waivers, NAACP and Charter Schools, Higher Income Black Families, and Black Women Wages and Racial Differences on Wages 8-23-2016

Trump Campaign and Ukraine, US Private Prisons, Middle Income Jobs, Drivers and Uber Settlement Rejected, Native Americans and Pipeline Protest in North Dakota, Gawker and Union, Twitter Accounts Suspended, Travel Warning to Miami, Exxon Mobile Investigation, and Health Care Insurers Choices 8-22-2016

Stats on the Health Care Uninsured, Trump and Clinton Donations and Media, Freedom Foundation Door to Door Campaign, Tyson Food Fines, California Federal Judge on McDonald’s Franchise Wage Case, Police Officers in Chicago on McDonald Case, and the Clinton Foundation and Foreign Donations 8-21-2016

Coral Reefs in Phoenix Island, Trump Campaign Shakeup, Average FEMA Payouts, United Nations and Chorea in Haiti, Athena and Health Care Exchanges, Older Workers and Old Peoples Jobs, Egyptian Television Station and Women, Burning Coal Pollution, Gene Tests on Zebra Fish, and Heart Disorder Gene Test 8-20-2016

Arkansas Secretary of State and Voter Lists, Facebook Diversity, Mortgage Loan to Black Borrowers, New Jersey and Overdue Taxes for Trump Casinos, Women in Jails, Shadow Brokers, Navajo Nation and Poisoned Water, Debt Restructuring for Puerto Rico, and the Working Family Party and Hillary Clinton Endorsement 8-19-2016

Oceania DNA Tests, Payday Loans, Childcare and Nursery Costs, Seattle Scheduling Bill, Armed Men in Guatemala and Legal Officials, Illinois Domestic Bill of Rights, Home Ownership, Unaccompanied Children and Asylum in Italy, and Air Safety and Sight Seeing 8-18-2016

Landside Victory for Clinton, Trump Plan on Immigrants, Hong Kong Umbrella Protesters, Trump and African Americans, Chemical Impacts of Beauty Products, Deceased Donors Over 65, VW Criminal Wrongdoing and Settlement, and Lucha Group 8-17-2016

Lead Paint in Homes, Obama and Regulations, Pine Bluff Mulligan Road and Blighted Homes, EU and Union Membership, Greenhouse Gases, Michigan Students, Warsaw Property Seizure Fracking, Credit Card Debt for Those Under 35, Racial Discrimination and Foreclosures in NYC, Shoplifting, Rioting in Milwaukee, and Clinton Appeal to Republicans 8-16-2016

Ohio Law on Planned Parenthood, Obamacare Survey, Ethiopia and Anti-Government Protesters, Tax Returns, United Deal with Unions, Workers without College Degrees, Polls on Clinton and Trump, Syrian Refugees, Puerto Rico and Public Housing, Recent Survey on Gay Teens, DNC Hack, and Spirit Camp Protest on Dakota Access Pipeline 8-15-2016

Population Services International, Baltimore Police Officers and Women, Clinton and Trump on the Poor, Federal Judges on North Carolina Districts, Federal Minimum Wage, NYC and Broadband Internet, Employees at Universities and Retirement Plans, Arizona Hourly Wage, Full-time Minimum Wage Workers and Rent, West Virginia Right to Work, and American Rising 8-14-2016

Home Prices and Class of Renters, Poverty Rates for People Over 65, South Carolina Schools Law, Trump and White Party Members,  and World Vision and Palestine 8-13-2016

Cook Report and African American Voters, Poll for Support, Political Activist in India Broke 16 Year Hunger Strike, Pain in Minorities, Pacific Gas and Electric Safety Violations, Dallas Police Shooting and Police Force Applications, Facebook Ad Blocker, Asthma, Back Surgeries, Justice Department on Voter ID in Texas, Pot Research, and Public Broadband  8-12-2016

44 emails on Clinton Foundation, Leaked Documents on Asylum Seeking in Australia, Court Verdicts in China, Amazon Drones and Robots in Warehouses, Gov. Christie on George Washington Bridge, and Washington State and Low Income Communities 8-11-2016

Trump Outrage and 2nd Amendment, Justice Department Investigators in Baltimore, Republican Primaries and Governors, Government of Mexico and Sweetheart Deals for Mobile Company, American Bar Association and Professional Misconduct, Hillary Clinton and Women Republican Supporters, Senator Collins in Maine, and Brazil and Performance Drugs 8-10-2016

Women Speaking Out, Minneapolis City Council on Minimum Wage, Trump Policed Names of Economic Advisors, Universities Sued on Employee Fees on Retirement, Medical Debt and Care, Low Income and Medicaid Expansion and Health, and Mormon Voters in Utah on Trump 8-9-2016

African Americans Homicide Victims and Police, UK Black Lives Matters, Guantanamo Bay Prisoners, Voter Registration in Arizona, Think Tanks at Universities, Ticket Holder Protestors at the Olympics, Julian Assange and Nobel Case Corruption, NEA Membership, Trump Property, and Delta Flights Delay 8-8-2016

Economy and Jobs, Paul Ryan Campaign Challenger, ANC Loses Power in South Africa, Apple at Hacking Conference, Uganda Police Raid Gay Pride Parade, Columbia Drug Laws, and AARP Membership in ALAC 8-7-2016

Kansas Legislative Primary Races, Sudan Unrest, Alumni and Decline in Donations, Voters in New Hampshire and Florida, Employment in Older Firms, American Institutions, and Approval Rates in South Korea 8-6-2016

FBI Arrest of Utah Man in Bureau of Land Management Bombing Plot, Hospitals and Unlimited Visits, Coal Export Terminals, 10k Indian Workers in the Middle East, Turkish Diplomacy, Borrowers and Student Loan Defaults,  Unemployment Rate and the Elderly, Wild Horses, and CDC Travel Alert in Miami 8-5-2016

Government Anger, CNN Poll on Hillary Clinton, Local Elections in South Africa, World Vision Donors, Trump’s Republican Constituency, and Philippines Killings 8-4-2016

Mexico and Methane Emissions, Mass Bill on Hiring Managers, Procedural Justice, Donald Trump on World Leaders, President Obama and Trump Unfit, Wells Fargo Customer Transfers, and Small Government Verses Big Government 8-3-2016

Petting Animals, African Land Grabbing, Pakistan Honor Killings, Farmers Rights Activist  in Lagos, Thailand Jail Sentencing for Slander of the King, Gas Leaks, Female Faces with Makeup, and Fat Airline Passengers and Fear of Fat 8-2-2016

Standford University and Women Voters, Red States and Blue States, Nicole Pittman and Juvenile Sex Cases, US Beer Companies and Calorie Information, San Fransisco Study and Poor Displacement, Drug Testing, and Workers in EU and Wage and Benefits 8-1-2016

Khans and Donald Trump Clash, Police Departments and Violence Against Women, Georgia and Voter Registrations, Woman Elected as Governor of Tokyo, US Media and Politics, Gender Diversity in Advertising, US and Globalization, and Views on Immigrants 7-31-2016

Taiwan and Cuteness Culture, North Carolina Voter ID Laws, Hillary Clinton Nomination, AFSCME and Bernie Sanders and Trade, NLRB and Las Vegas Trump Hotel, Zika Cases in Florida, and the EPA and Formaldehyde 7-30-2016

IRS and Facebook Suit, Bipartisan Overhaul on Mental Health, Environmental Groups on TransCanada Pipeline, Spy Masters and DNC Leak, World Health Organization and Transgender, Central American Children, Video on Planned Parenthood, Affordable Housing, Temporary Employment, Canada Financial Service Workers, Inheritance Tax, and African Land 7-29-2016

States and Female Legislatures, Bloomberg and Hillary Clinton, Lawsuit in Texas on Birth Certificates, Pew Research on Millennials on Politics, Illinois Governor and Health Care Aid Pay, PFCs and Fighting Fires, EPA and Airplane Emissions, Voting Rights for Ex-felons, Country Ban on Russia in the Olympics, Financial Protection Complaints Online, and Japanese Killings of Disabled 7-28-2016

Turkey Institutions, Computer Testing Problems, Building Projects, Family Caps, Highland Research and Royalties from WE Shall Overcome, Zimbabwe Pastor Arrested, College Students Borrowing, Flights to Havana, Debbie Wasserman Schultz Resigns as DNC Chairman, and State Gas Taxes 7-27-2016

Nuclear Power and Environmental Groups, Teamsters and Philly Soda Tax, Public Radio Audience, 90-90-90 AIDS Plan, Ozone Hole is Shrinking, Freedom of Information Act, France and Changes in Labor Law, Mexico City and Meeting Points for Disaster, Bankers Arrested, Wisconsin Voters and ID Law, NYC Pension Fund and Gun Retailers, and Gun Control 7-26-2016

Alternatives on Texas ID Problem, Lutheran Missouri Senate and Military Draft, Justice Department and Immigration Review on Backlog, Hillary Clinton Names Kaine as VP, War Manual, David Duke Running for Senate, Black Youth Project 100, Justice Department on Florida Nursing Network, Cell Phone Contacts, and Munich Violence at Shopping Mall 7-25-2016

Texas Voter ID Law, Experts on Sunscreen, Turkish Government and Academic Travel, Map of the Brain, John William Templeton and Tech Employees, NBA and All-Star Game Moved from Charlotte, Edward Snowden and iPhone for Journalists, Police Shootings, and NWBA Members Fined for Wearing T-Shirts to Protest Shootings 7-24-2016

US Government Seizes Assets in Malaysia, Record Heat, Birthrate for Teenage Moms, Voting Age African Americans and Disenfranchisement, Brazilian Judge and Shutdown of Whats App, NLRB and Microsoft Subpoena, and Senator Ted Cruz at the RNC 7-23-2016

Highest Consumption of Federally Subsidized Foods and Obesity, Agricultural Subsidies, Milo from Breitbart Banned from Twitter, Health Care Insurance Merger, Computer Software for Pal, African American Support for Trump, and Portman Re-Election 7-22-2016

Fuel Prices, Cabinet Officials at RNC, Fox News Leadership Crisis, Egg Market, Fred Barley and Camping at Campus, Crackdown in Turkey, and Attorney Generals and VW Emissions 7-21-2016

David Koch and Pence Donation, Turkey State News, Chrysler Sales Totals, RNC Attacks,  Spanish Police Chief, Baton Rouge Police Chief, Moment of Silence for Nice Victims, SAGE has Information on Additives in Food, British Parliament and Defense Commitments, and St. Louis CRA Data 7-20-2016

Celebrity Speakers at RNC, American Farm Land Value, Baltimore Minimum Wage, Mass Firings of Police in Turkey, JP Morgan Chase CEO and Bank Wages, US Teller Wages, Nigerian Oil Production, and Kris Kobach and Disputed Voters 7-19-2016

Hooters’ Waitress Fired for Swearing, Turkey and Coup Risk, US and Mexico and Central American Refugees, Pulled Over 49 Times, Baton Rouge Shooting of Police, Trump Survey on Business, and Convention Cities Poorest in Nation 7-18-2016

K2 Drugs, Anti-Doping Officials and Russia, Health Insurance, Minors and Pornography, Veterans and Suicide, and Too Big to Jail 7-17-2016

Care Givers Relief, Jet Lag, Turkish Coup, Taxes Paid by Oil & Gas, and Informal Workers Around the World 7-16-2016

Russian Government and Settlements, Sodexo Class Action, Female to Male Transmission of Zita Virus, Turkey Coup, Herbalife Settlement, Terrorism Plot, Unhappy and Happy Spouses, and Health Care Costs 7-15-2016

Latino Justice President and Law Enforcement, Arizona and Fortress Investment Group and Mortgage Bills, President Trump and Vice President Running Mate Pence, Boris Johnson as UK Foreign Secretary, Nice France Attacks, Privacy and Microsoft Court Decision, and Farm Land for Organic Farms  7-14-2016

Hillary Clinton and Email Scandal, NFL in RNC, Protests of Democratic Convention, Race Relations, Anti-Trust Charges Against Google, Illinois State Legislature and Domestic Bill of Rights, Land Contracts, and the Weight of Pot Joints 7-13-2016

Baton Rouge and the CDC and HIV/AIDS, China and Artificial Islands, Streaming Apps  and News Stories, Senator Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Endorsement, News and Median Age, and 500 Deported or Barred from Egyptian Airport 7-12-2016

Black Lives Matter, Cameron Successor, Harvard Study on Race and Police, Salary Information and Gender, New Zealand Children and Thumb-Sucking, Senators Running Again, and US Chamber of Commerce Money 7-11-2016

Minimum Wage in Arizona, Governmental Accountability and Highway Safety, Chase Overcharge Fees, Funding for Transportation Security System, Kansas and Government Schools, Policing and Use of Force, and Abortion 7-10-2016

Clinton and Federal Funding for Primary Care, Bernie Sanders Supporters and Democratic Platform Committee, Wealthy Countries and Aging, Kemper Mississippi Clean Coal Plant, University of California and Favorable Admissions,  and the Mayor of Dallas and Texas Open Carry Gun Control 7-09-2016

Prisoner Abuse, PM Tony Blair and Iraq War, Hillary Clinton and In-State Tuition, Workforce and $15/hr Wages, EITC, GMO Labeling, 5 Dallas Police Officers Killed, and Elizabeth Holmes and Lab Ownership 7-8-2016

Isis Attacks, Australian Elections, Life Sentences in Prisons, Drug Reform Bill in California, Denmark Study on Health of Obese Children, UKIP Leader Resigns, FBI and Hillary Clinton Email Case, Clean Coal Power Plant in Mississippi, and Securities Exchange Investigation 7-7-2016

Water Audits, Nuclear Plant to Shut Down, Buck Bed Accidents, Family Leave, Anti-Growth Policies,  Deportations, Declaration of Independence and Slavery, Tech Support Agents, Rent Increases in NYC and AirBnb, Pension Funds and Right Wing, Head Start Programs, Cabinet Members and Democratic Convention, and Gender and Zika 7-6-2016

Myanmar and Human Trafficking, Greenpeace, Same Sex Marriage, Federal Regulations on Autonomous Vehicles, Financial Center of Europe, AG and Justice Department on Hillary Clinton, Serial Podcast Retrial, Transgenders, LGBT Protections, Domestic Abuse and Guns, and Anti-Trust Settlement Overturned 7-3-2016

Stress Tests on Banks, PR and Population Decline, Trump Contractor and Undocumented Polish Immigrants, Congress and UN and Chorea Epidemic, PAC on Climate Change, Facebook and News Feed, Cleveland Protests at Republican Convention, Brixton Vote Fallout, Trump Institute 7-2-2016

EU Support, White Democrats on Free Trade and China and Guns, Trump Support, Reimbursement Formulas for Doctors, Detroit and New Orleans Charter Schools, Oakland City Council on Coal Terminal, Workers and Non-Compete Clauses, and GE Lending Arm 7-1-2016

EPI and Infant Care Costs, UN Food and Ag Organization and Food Production, AAA and Pothole Damage Costs, Supreme Court on Texas Abortion Law, KOD Party in Poland, VW and Diesel Car Owner Settlements, Governor of Virginia Corruption Case, and Spanish Election Results 6-29-2016

Brennan Center and Citizens United, Psychology on Values, Trump Net Worth, Tenure Qualifications and Women, Polling on Hillary, Britain Labour Party Leader and Coup, and Cuba and Urban Farms 6-28-2016

OXFAM and Low Wage Workers, Columbia President and Cease Fire, Financial Markets after Brixten Vote, ACLU and Heath Care of Minors, Sanders Campaign,  Time Use Survey, Re-Vote on Brixten, AirBnb Regulations, and Free State of Jones 6-27-2016

Word Health Organization and Coffee, Partisan Divide, EU, Industrial Running Tracks, Mass Incarceration in Mississippi, Bank of America Settlement, VW and Civil Settlement on Pollution, EEOC and Title 7 Case, and the Chicago City Council on Sick Leave 6-26-2016

Non-Hispanic Whites, Workers and Social Media, Supreme Court and Conscious Admissions Ruling, Supreme Court Deadlock on Immigration, 2012 Election and Party Lines, and Polls on Republican Voters  6-25-2016

Mass Shootings and AMA and Gun Violence, India Leader in Road Accidents, Federal Judge on Syrians in Texas, Accreditation of Colleges, Gun Ownership in Households, NLRB and Public Reading of Settlement Notices, Democratic Protest on Gun Control, Michigan Lawsuit on Lead, and Rubio on Senate Re-Election  6-24-2016

Lemonade App, Doctors Without Borders, Votes on Gun Control, Supreme Court on Police, New Orleans and State Police, Trump’s Campaign Manager, Social Safety Nets, Italian Voters, and Trump’s Campaign Cash 6-23-2016

Violence Clashes in Southern Mexico and Education Reform, Racial Discrimination at AirBnb, Medicaid Data and Doctors Prescriptions, Smokers and Lung Disease, Refugees, and Legislative Bills to Limit LGBT Rights 6-22-2016

Coloring of the Horses, McDonald’s Cost Cutting Measures, Hillary Polls, Speaker Ryan’s Economic Bill, Venezuela Protests, Electricity and Renewable Sources, Toll Roads in the US, and Illegal Contributions in Montana 6-21-2016

Workforce Licenses, Grants for State Licenses, State Economics, New Stock Exchange, %1 and Wealth Control, Welfare Reform and Children in Poverty, Children Deaths in the US, and Income Gaps 6-20-2016

Russian Track & Field and Olympic Games, Congressional Hearings on Gun Violence, Feeding America and Diabetes, Graduation Rates and Law School Debt, Hacker at Ether, Research on Creative Thinking, Clinton and Trump, and Users on the Internet 6-19-2016

Sexual Minorities and Congress, Governor of Tokyo Resigns, GW Bush and Senators, Philadelphia Soda Tax, Zita Virus in US, and Bolivia and Gates Chicken 6-18-2016

Trophy Hunting, New Mayor of London Bans Fat Shaming, Young Women in the Draft, Poverty Study at Columbia, Hillary Clinton Won DC, IRS and Donors, ACLU and CIA Torture, Global Anti-Doping Watch Group, Women in China, and Berkley City Council and Minimum Wage 6-17-2016

Big Advertising in the Government, European Auto Safety Regulators, Coal Production, Moving for Jobs, San Juan County in Utah and Voting Rights Act, Microsoft and LinkedIn, Death Rates from Gun Violence, Cars and Pollution, and Supreme Court Vacancy 6-15-2016

Home Prices, Married Mothers, Anger, NYC Public Schools and Segregated, Police in Bangladesh, Airlines and Flights to Cuba, Nuclear Power Plant in Japan and Unspent Fuel, Communications Companies and Lobbying, North Dakota and Corporate Farms, and London Subway Spaces 6-14-2016

Gawker and Bankruptcy, Light Pollution and the Mikey Way, School Districts and Minorities, Suicide by Firearm, Women, Rent Control in Silicon Valley, Middle Class Parents in China Protest, Failure of Trump’s Casino in Atlantic City, Tech Workers, Fuel Economy 6-13-2016

World Bank Economist Wins in Peru, Accidental Deaths, World Health Organization and Zika Virus, California and Assisted Suicide, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Uber in France, Urban Wealth, Carolina Health Care, Scheduled Cars, and Humanitarian Efforts in Palestine 6-12-2016

Monkey Shuts Down Power in Kenya, Hobbit Found, High Speed Internet, 2nd Amendment, Gun Advocates, Election and White Voters and Latino Voters, China Urban Growth, and Bernie Sanders and Obama Meeting 6-11-2016

Chinese Student Exams and Cheaters, Kenya Protest Ban, Local Elected Officials and Environmental Control, Early Cancer Detection, Robots Replacing Workers, Washington DC and Minimum Wage and Unions, Fair Share Fee Case in Illinois, and UN and Criminal Court 6-10-2016

Cleveland Building Trade and Minimum Wage, Contracts and Class Action Lawsuits, Missourian Insurance Officials, Psychometric Testing on Credit Risk, American Scientists, Retirees and Savings, Singapore Working Hours, and Hillary Clinton Wins Nomination 6-9-2016

Mayor of Rome, Egyptian Corruption Czar, Bankrupt Coal Companies, Infant Mortality Rates, Researchers on Poor Babies, Argentina Housing Program, CGT in France and Labor Laws, Mexican Ruling Party, and Buzzfeed and Contract with Trump 6-8-2016

Panama Papers and Tax Evasion, Hillary Clinton Puerto Rico, Internet Names, Nigeria Rebel Group and Oil, Risk Assessments in Court Sentencing, Cheating, Scotland and Alcohol Prices, Kenyan and Protest Days, and US Navy and Drinking Ban in Japan 6-7-2016

Automatic Voter Registration, Summer Vacation, Misogyny and Psychological Distress, Older Workers, Homeowners and Taxes, Indian State Owned Banks, Voters in Switzerland Rejected Guaranteed Monthly Income, Finland Pilot Program, and Trump and Judges 6-6-2016

FIFA Officials, Fastest Internet Speeds, Honolulu Hawaii and Homeless, Gender Gap and Retirement, Unemployment Rate for College Graduates, Care Givers in America, Property Seizure Laws, Walmart Hourly Pay, Protests in Okinawa, and Pope Francis and Sexual Abuse 6-5-2016

North Korea and Global Banking, Lower Income Students and Pell Grants, Jumbo Mortgages, Paul Ryan and Trump, Prince Autopsy, Hawaii and Affordable Housing, USFWS and Elephant Ivory, Dell Computer Buyout, Nuclear Plants in Illinois, Expanded Medicaid in Louisiana, and Migration in China 6-4-2016

Labor Department and Private Sect Workers On Paid Sick Leave, Strike Replacement Workers, FDA and Salt, Arizona Sheriff and Cost of Discrimination, Japanese Income, Payday Lenders, and Mitsubishi and Mine Workers 6-3-2016

French Unions, Digital Copyright Laws, Trump and Veterans, New Orleans and Sea Level, Chinese Land Leases, Trump University, Maintenance Worker Wins Compensation, $8.60, Swiss Referendum on Guaranteed Income, and Online Share Holder Meetings 6-2-2016

Syrians in US, Asian Floor Wage Alliance and Working Conditions, Smartphones in the Asia Pacific and Ad Blockers, Workers and Computer Vision, Illinois Budget, Private Colleges and Pell Grants, Married Couples and Sex, Paid Sick Time , and Australia and Climate Change 6-1-2016

State Spending on Higher Education, Oklahoma and EITC, Women on Corporate Boards, Retirement, Mexican Corruption Crimes, New Mexican Candidate, Maxwell House, Tattoo, Chad’s Former Dictator, Homeless in Los Angeles, Environmentalist, and Firearm Registration 5-31-2016

Executive Compensation, Pentagon Census, Median Income, Powerlessness, Public School Students and Free School Lunches, Taxes, Project Veritas, Homicides, TSA Screeners, and Mexican Legislation 5-30-2016

Views on Primaries, Presidential Disclosure of Tax Returns, Queens Community College, Netflix and Local Content, Citigroup Fined, Cuba and Small Businesses, Hack Attacks on Banks and Korea, Mandatory Arbitration, French McDonald’s, Donald Trump, and Verizon Union 5-29-2016

State Department, Justice Department and Bathrooms, Alzheimer’s  Disease, Brooklyn and Felony Crimes, Adult Smokers, Airports and Private Screeners, California Voters, and Liberal Democrats and Palestinians 5-28-2016

PayPal Founder and Hulk Hogan and Gawker, Donald Trump, Education Election in Texas, Donald Trump Ahead of Clinton in Polls, and Senate Bill on Rights for Sexual Abuse Victims 5-27-2016

Health Care Professions and Overtime Rule, Medicaid Funded Home Providers, Unemployment Rate for Recent Grads, Young Adults Living with Parents, Federal Inmates, Church Deaths in Charleston, Moving Americans, and Ohio Law and Early Voters 5-26-2016

Minister in Canada and Disappearances, PCBs in River, TSA Workers and Union, Bank of America Penalty, Sex Shop Workers in Union, NFL and Brain Research, Baltimore Police Officer, Exxon-Mobile and Climate Change, Brazilian President, US Supreme Court on Georgia Case, and Domino’s Pizza and Computer on Employee Hours 5-25-2016

Average Salary, Overtime Rule and Hourly Wage Workers, Boycott of North Carolina, Shootings in the US, Bipartisan Support on Medicaid Drug Costs, Car Crashes Not Accidents, Online, McDonald’s Shareholder Mtg Protests, Whole Foods, Facebook News, Clinton Lead is Down, College Grads and Student Loans, and Access to Ballot at Exxon 5-24-2016

Trump and NRA, SuperPacs, Heat in India, Cash Benefits in Arizona, 30 Hours in Sweden, Governor of Oklahoma and Abortion, Doctors and Prescriptions, and Children Born in Summer and Achievement 5-22-2016

Golf Club and Women, Toxic Chemicals, Supreme Court and Speedy Trials, Walmart Sales, OnDemand Platforms, Chicago Car Wash Workers, France and Sexual Harassment Law, FDA Nutrition Labels, and Solar Panels in Japan 5-21-2016

Wrongfully Jailed, Women in Corporations and Wages, Police in France Protest, California and Water, Columbia and Drug Maker on Cancer Drug, Charter Schools, Poverty and State Funding for Schools, Gun Bid, Facebook News Feed, Overtime Rules, Abortion, and Federal Control of Puerto Rico Debt 5-20-2016

Valeant and Hospital Prices for Heart Medicine, Justices and Contraceptive Care, Hispanic Board of Directors Members, Drinking Diet Soda and Overweight Children, Dying Early, Mississippi Delta Needs to Desegregate, Latest Primaries, Next Door App and Racial Profiling, Labor Department and Overtime for Salaried Workers, and Facebook News Feed and Conservatives 5-19-2016

Google Searches for Humor, Economic Crisis in Venezuela , Facts and Changing Minds, Millennials, Counties and Health Care Market, Activists and Mass Balloon Releases, Climate Activists in Washington, Machinists Union and Amazon, GOTV Efforts, Clean Coal Plant in Mississippi, Afghanistan Protest Over Electric Line, and Legal Troubles for Alabama Politicians 5-18-2016

Apple and Ride-Sharing, Russell Simmons and Rush Card, Las Veges and Squatting, Tech Startups and Disputes, Work and Education Poll, Diversity and Universities, Sliver Level Obamacare Plans, Work Weeks, and Liberals and Graduate Schools 5-17-2016

Trump Tax Proposal, Brazilian President Suspended, Russian Anti-Doping, Walmart and Two-Day Shipping, Wage Gap at the Major Papers, Donald Trump Tax Returns, Sheriff in Contempt in Arizona, School Districts in Texas, Drugs in Execution, Homicides, and Splitting Tickets 5-16-2016

IRS and Refunds, Private Mortgage Industry, Facebook and Bias, Water and School Lunch Programs, Brazilian Senate, Middle Class Incomes, Swift Banking System, Chinese Hacker and Protest of ID Selling, and Methane Gas 5-15-2016

Battleground States, Governor of NY and Farmworkers, Uber Drivers Union, FDA and Healthy Food, Payday Loan Ads, Italian Parliament and Same Sex Couples, Drug Discounts, Air Pollution, Refugee Camp, and FBI and Policing 5-14-2016

Energy Consumption, Online Lending, Hospitals with Surpluses, Steph Curry as MVP, President Obama and Hiroshima, Primary Wins, Medicare, Space Craft Mission, Turkey Critic, Labor Laws in France, and Nude Photos 5-13-2016

Brazil, North Carolina and Transgender Bathrooms, ACLU and Discrimination, Emergency Room Physicians and High Out of Pocket Costs, Panic Button and GPS on Cell Phones, Africa, Coal in Seattle, Florida Death Penalty, Students in College and Remedial Classes, Ride Sharing Services in Austin, and Facebook and Trending Articles 5-12-2016

Penn State and Liability, Trucking Companies in California, Russian Science Website, Thailand and Facebook Message, Death Rates, Alabama Supreme Court and Same Sex Marriage, Sex Workers, Billionaire Wealth, New Car Purchases, Pine Bluff Dangerous, and Richest Population 5-10-2016

CFPB and Credit Card Fees, American Bar Association and Client Discrimination, Chevron Attacked in Nigeria, Myanmar and Muslims, Hillary Clinton and the Right, Jeb Bush, Labour Party Candidate in London, Harvard President and Same Sex Clubs, Rights for Obamacare to Increase, Public Institutions, Teamster Pensions, and Greek Strike 5-9-2016

University of Tulsa Law School and KKK Ties, CFPB and Bank Consumers, Sex Crimes on Campuses, Voters in Primaries, Brazil Lawsuit on Dam, Sanders Supports, NYC Council and Retailers’ Fees for Carryouts, E-Cigs, SEIU and AFSME Partnership, Facebook Users 5-8-2016

Top Earners and Digital Incomes and Capital Income, Independents and Clinton, Egypt Housing Units, Nate Sliver and Median Income of Trump Voters, John Kasich Drops Out, North Caroline Bathroom Law and Justice Department, LA Voter Registration Law, Islamic State, and Kansas and Medicaid Reimbursement 5-7-2016

False Data at Pew Research, Gun Laws and the Police, Donald Trump Unpopular Candidate, Justice Department and Watch Dogs, Italian Supreme Court and Stealing Food, UN and Hospitals, NYC Subway, Air Bag Recall, Philadelphia Housing Authority, and Nonwhite Voters 5-6-2016

Workers and Nursing Homes, California and Health Care Competition, Capitalists, Detroit Teachers Sick Out, GMO Soybeans, Working Longer and Longevity, Trump and Cruz, Bernie Sanders Wins in Indiana, Cash Use, and Sweden and High Speed Internet 5-5-2016

Security Lines in Airports and Summer Travel, Civil Rights Complaint on Washington Hospital, Obama Administration and Training for Opiate Subscribers, Chinese Population Caps, Cruise Ship in Havana, HUD and Climate Change Grants, Poor School Children, and Colorado and Fracking 5-4-2016

Fortune 500 Firms and Discrimination, Voters and Cruz Deal, Coral Reef Damage, Rice University and Texas Id Law, Marriage License and Irrational Marriage, Quaker Oats, Republican Candidate, Communication Workers in Unions, and Greenpeace Documents on EU Trade Negotiations 5-3-2016

Alabama and Minimum Wage Laws, Indigent Defense Spending, Republican Turnout in the Primaries, London Mayor Elect, Green Zone Protest in Iraq, Brigham Young University, Income Gains and Taxes on the Rich, Water Systems and Lead, Black Workers, and Pew Charitable Trust and Payday Lending 5-2-2016

China and Foreign NGOs, Unpaid Taxes, Labor Department and Overtime, Night Standing Up, French Labor Laws, Pentagon Report and Air Strikes, San Francisco Police Force and Anti-Bias Training, Federal Government and Banning the Box, Vote ID Law, and Obama and Smart Gun Technology 5-1-2016

Household Income Growth, Mentally Health Counselor and Religious Exemption, FBI and Apple Hacking, Oreo’s, Senator Ted Cruz, Health Care Policy, VW and Emissions Testing, Trump Voters, and George Mason and Koch Brothers Gift 4-30-2016

Yale University and African American Names, Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert Sentenced to Jail, Bernie Sanders and Campaign Staffing Layoffs, Royal College of Physicians and E-Cigarettes, Democratic Electric More Liberal, Senator Cruz and Running Mate, and Target and Transgender Employees 4-29-216

Charles Koch and Hillary Clinton, Vice Presidential Candidates, Senator Cruz and Governor Kasich Alliance, HUD Chief and the Sale of Foreclosed Homes, Missing Mexican Students, Illinois State Comptroller Delaying Checks, $1 Dollar App for Television, Parks System, Citizens Complaints on Police in Chicago, and NFL and Suspensions 4-28-2016

Chobani Yogurt and Shares and Wealth-Sharing, Trump Wins in the Primaries, Clinton and Sanders, Prince and Will, Drug Pricing, Independents, Teachers and Homework and the Internet, Mitsubishi and Fuel Emissions Testings, Indonesia President and Anti-Communist Purges, Hillary Clinton and Nomination, Apple Sales, and Contracted Worker Deaths 4-27-2016

Chinese Law and Foreign Organizations, North Carolina Voter Law, Spain Government, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Health Care Crisis, Manufacturing Jobs and Political Divide, Coal Plants, Get Out the Vote Campaign, VW and Union, Merger Between Times Warner and Charter, and Walmart Wild Oats Partnership 4-26-2016

Regulators and Banker Bonuses, Prince, Suicide Rates, Uber and Class Action Lawsuits on Independent Contractors, Cross-Border Tunnels for Drug Smuggling, Congressional Republicans and IRS Budgets, Identity Thefts Increase and Hacking Schemes, Koch Brothers, and FBI and Hackers 4-23-2016

Michigan Flint Water Case, Harriett Tubman and Other Women on Bills, Norway Court and Human Rights, NOLA Police Plead Guilty in Post-Katrina Killings, Redistricting Maps, Student Applications, Nebraska and Immigrants, EU and Google, Mitsubishi and Fuel Test Cheating, and NLRB and Worker Classification Cases 4-22-2016

Airbnb and Unionized Cleaners, Federal Judge Rejects FBI Agents Email Requests, Transgenders and Bathrooms, Life Expectancy Rates, Utah and Pornography, United Health Care and ACA, Bank Fees and Loan Repayments, Scientists and G, Folsom and Johnny Cash Walking Trail, Susan B Anthony and $10 Bill, CMS and Medicaid Funds, LA City Council and Paid Sick Days and Leave Days, and Tipped Workers 4-21-2016

Supreme Court and Authors Guild Complaint, NFL Concussion Settlement, Cheating in Cycling, Google and Requests for Privacy, Criminal Investigation Against Blood Testing Company, Sanders and Polling, British and Social Interactions and Intelligence, and Delaying Marriage and Independent Wealth Building 4-20-2016

Federal Agencies and Competition, 2015 and New Mortgages Lowest Point, OPEC and Prices, President of Brazil Impeachment, Shame to Collect Taxes, Minimum Wage Increases on the Ballots, US and Coal Mining Jobs, United Continental Union Agreement, RPR Bills and Protests, Affordable Housing in Washington, Animals, Twitter and Kathy Chin Appointment, and Steel Workers Union and Aluminum Import Complaint 4-19-2016

Cable Monopoly, Fastest Growing Cities are in the South, Filipinos Working Abroad, Pope and Syrian Refugees, Georgetown University and Slaves, British Spy Agency and Gay Discrimination, Climate Control for Airplanes and Ships, Air Traffic in the US, Actions on McDonald’s, Affordable Care Act and Low Wage Workers, Sexual Abuse in Public Schools and at Elite Private Schools, and Police in NYC and Arrests for MetroCard Sharing 4-18-2016

Assisted Suicide in Canada, Data on Air Passengers, Washington Protest on Teacher Pensions, Catholic News Service Editor Resigns, Lawsuit in Newtown Deaths on Gun Company, Microsoft Lawsuit, Federal Housing Finance Agency and Under Water Homes, Dylan and Song Licenses for Amazon TV Series, Arizona Voting Law, and Mississippi and Guns in Church 4-17-2016

Oil Industry Data, Charter School Teachers and Union Representation, EEOC Charges for LGBT Employees, Facebook News, Indian Cigarettes and Warning Labels, Pirate Party in Iceland, Panamanian Law Firm and Shell Companies, Migrant Workers and Wages, and Job Protection for Teachers 4-16-2016

Hawaiian Counties and Pesticide Regulations, Gov John Bel Edwards and LGBT Employees in Louisiana, Investigation on Chicago Police, Banks too Big to Fail, Health Clinics and Spending, Conservative Foundations and Minnesota Lawsuit on Teachers’ Tenure, Harvard Male Social Club, Sentences of Life Without Parole, Standing up at Night, Welfare for Corporations, and Coal Company Files for Bankruptcy 4-15-2016

Verizon Workers on Strike, National Women’s Party Headquarters and Equal Pay Day, Tennis Competitions and Pay Differences, Hungarian Shopping Proposal, Niagara Public Workers, Community Colleges and Training Contracts, Emerging World and Billionaires, Canada and Chine Millionaire and British Columbia, Paul Ryan, and GMO Crops 4-14-2016

Federal Student Loan Payments, Taxes and Offshore Accounts, Bruce Springsteen and LGBT North Carolina Law, Gaps in Life Spans and Gender and Income and Location, Jakarta and Car Pool Law, Pakistan Firm Fraud, Goldman Sachs Settlement, David Cameron and Tax Returns, and Texas AG 4-13-2016

National Academy of Sciences and Markings, GOP Polling Firm and Chamber Members on Progressive Work Place Policies, Consumer Complaints, Wall street and Financial Services, Sanders and Cruz Win, Wolverines, Voters in US, Intelligence and Social Economic Background, Grit and Success, Kenyan Government and Charities on Used Clothing, and Broward County Gifted Program 4-12-2016

DOL and Overtime Rule, Online Lenders’ Trade Association, Pope and Divorce, Britain Prime Minister and Father’s Trust, China Blocks Time Magazine, Voter Reform, Genetics and Birth Rates, Hong Kong Democracy Protestors, Wisconsin Court and Union Dues, Former President Clinton Almost Wants to Apologize, and Future Earnings 4-11-2016

Church Attendance, STD Rates, Mexican Drug War Deaths, Shell Corporations, Toxic Waste Land Camp, Myanmar and Political Prisoners, Restrictive Law on Abortions, Michigan Schools, Former President Bill Clinton and Protestors, and Median Pay for CEOs 4-10-2016

Religious Preferences, Merle Haggard Passes Away, Don Blackenship Prison Sentence on Miners Killings, Financial Advisors and Clients, Facebook Sites and Weapons Bazaar, Dutch Vote EU Deal, France and Clients of Prostitutes, Executions are Up Around the World, Confederate States Statues Bill in Louisiana, Families and Children in Poverty, Tax Evasion and Treasury Rule, and Bangladesh Activist Killed 4-9-2016

Iceland Prime Minister and Panama Dealings, Greg Louganis and Wheaties Box, Transparency International and Corruption, Sanders and Clinton Fundraising, Mississippi Law on LGBT Discrimination, Paypal in North Carolina, Dutch, Paid Leave for Adoptions, Access to Healthcare for Children, Monetary Fund, and WhatsApp and Encryption 4-8-2016

Data File in Panama Leaked, Wang Ling, HUD and Guidelines on Fair Housing Act, Counting and Redistricting, Corporation Taxes, Health Insurance for Workers, Princeton and Woodrow Wilson, and Election Season and Anger 4-7-2016

Firms and Media Scrutiny, President Obama and Donald Trump Fitness, State Fire Arm Suicides, Hillary Clinton and Polls, DHH and Hospice Billing, Minimum Wage Support, North Dakota Delegates, Mayor of Philadelphia and Soda Tax, and Failing Commodity Prices in Brazil and Unemployment 4-6-2015

South Africa and Expenditures and the Supreme Court, Broadband Subsidy, Older Renters, Service Employees Union and Airport Campaign Costs, Partisan Conflict on the Courts, General Election Voters and Trump Views, Americans and ISIS, Federal Aid and Gay Rights, Highway Company Sued, and Food Stamps 4-5-2016

Children and Reading, Workers as Independent Contractors, Better Computer Models on Ice Sheet, San Jose and Library Overdue Charges, SEIU Membership Drops, Computer Users and Emoji, Private Schoolers, Wage Bias in Soccer, and Peacekeepers and Abuse 4-4-2016

Clean Coal Plant, Union SuperPac, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Minimum Wage, Abortion Rights Victory, Assets Seizures, Trump and Abortion Stance, Color of Change on Companies and Republican Convention Sponsorship, and Educated Tanzanians and Travel 4-3-2016

Voters in Republican Primaries, United States Children, Hackers and Computer Systems, North Carolina and Anti-LGBT Law, New Orleans Pot Law, NFL Lawyer and NY Times Article, 200 Colleges and Sexual Misconduct, Trump’s Proposal on Counter Terrorism, Prison Sentences in Angola for Book Club, BCBS Coverage for Preexisting Conditions, and Firearms at Republican Convention 4-2-2016

Right to Work Legislation in New Mexico, Private University Endowments, Government Suit Against Apple, British Soda Tax, Argentina Government and Regional Television Network, Oklahoma and Alaska and Earthquake Frequencies, Supreme Court on Teachers’ Case, and Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager 4-1-2016

New Job Benefits on Student Loans, Corporate Directors, American Airlines Profit Sharing, Minimum Wage in California, CNN Poll and Congressional Approval Rate, Win the White House, Religious Group Protections, Family Planning Organizing, Computer at Dam in New York State, Utah and Migrants 3-31-2016

Gas Prices Raising, Wall Street Journal Survey and Doctors’ Bill, Abortion Clinics in Florida, Anti-Vaccine Activist has Medical License Revoked in Britain, Student Defrauded,Oil Rights in Gulf of Mexico, Tax Credits for the Movie Industry, Sanders and Caucus Wins, and Polish Citizens Protest 3-30-2016

Fetal Tissue, Blind Fish Walks, House Republicans and Puerto Rico, Bosnia Leader Convicted, Computer Specialists and Cyber Attacks, Justice Minister of Belgium, Doctors and Abortion Liability, and Arizona and Funds for County Elections Offices 3-29-2016

European Citizens and Syria, Republican Primaries, New DOL Rules Limits Exposure to Silica, Securities Exchange Commission on Exxon Mobile, Professors and Sexual Abuse on Campus, NFL and Concussion Injuries, and Terrorist Groups Share Family Ties 3-28-2016

Union Supported DOL Rule on Anti-Union Consultants, MegaBus Fire, Jeb Bush Endorses Ted Cruz, Activists Acquired, and the Flint Water Crisis and City Government Responsibility 3-27-2016

Primary Results, Apple and Hackers, Inclusionary Zoning in New York, Nuclear Plants Polluting Florida, On Demand Delivery Fees, ACA and New Benefits, and NFL and Georgia on Religious Protections on Same Sex Marriage 3-26-2016

Protests in Indonesia on App Based Transportation, Rob Ford Dies, Iowa Pork Plant Overtime Pay, Anti-Smoking Forces in Hollywood, Myanmar Ministers, and Gender and Exercise in America and Obesity 3-25-2016

Suburban School Bus Drivers in Chicago, Adjunct Professors Organize, Peabody Energy Corporation, Hulk Hogan Settlement, Negative Campaigns, Obama in Cuba, Water Disappearing, Terrorist Attack in Brussels, Methane Plant, Income Growth, and Ted Cruz and Trump Spending 3-24-2016

Economic Risk Calculator, Doctors Without Borders and Cholera Deaths in Haiti, Citigroup and Retirees in Other Countries, Supreme Court Nomination, JP Morgan Chase and Coal Burning Plants, Mississippi Campaign Accounts, Income Flexibility, Free Media Coverage of Candidates, Connecticut Heath Care Program, and Age Discrimination Cases 3-23-2016

European Deal on Migrants and Turkey, Federal Department of Transportation and Sidewalk Labs Partnership, Hulk Hogan Settlement with Gawker, Arizona Latino Population and Undocumented Immigrants, CDC and Puerto Rico and Zita Virus, and 60% of Young People Get Sex Ed from Internet 3-22-2016

Federal Government Charges on Oregon Standoffs, Apple Employees and Law Enforcement, Median Age of Cities, Right to Work in Alabama, Gender and Occupation, and United Nations and Recruitment 3-21-2016

Minneapolis City Council and Sick Leave, Trust in Government, Workers in Hong Kong and Exploitation, Free Screenings for Lead, Nike and Self-Lacing Technology, South African Corruption, Fox News Debate, Untrue Trump Statement, and Contempt Resolution and Sex Trafficking 3-20-2016

Music and Associations, Missouri Primaries, Georgia Assembly and Same Sex Marriage, Sex Offenders, Banking Industry, Women Working in Saudi Arabia, Campaign Coverage, and Manhattan Prosecutes and Environmental Health 3-19-2016

NFL and Brain Disorders, Brazil Officials, Obama and Cuba Visit, Economy and Trade Changes, Obama and Supreme Court Appointment, California Deputies Disciplined, Chicago and Police Shootings, Migrants in Greece, Black Students and Suspensions, and Trump and Riot Warnings 3-18-2016

Chinese Ushers and Laser Points, British Researchers on Height and Body Mass and Earnings, American Bar Association, Ebooks and Reader Competition Rates, French Government on Labor Laws, Prescription Painkillers, Hillary Clinton Wins and Trump Wins, Tea Party Caucus and Budget Blocking, and Obama and Oil Drilling 3-17-2016

Polling on Authoritarianism, African Americans and Employees in Media, Mexican 3 out of 3 Bill, Video Conferences, Louisiana Governor and Charter Schools and Vouchers, World Health Organization and Preventable Deaths, Russia and Syria, New Estimates on Sea Level Life Disruptions, and NY State and Drug Prescriptions 3-16-2016

Great Smokey Mountains and Animals, President Obama and Congressional Democrats, Wisconsin Law Professors and Civil Rights Cases, Off Shore Safety, Far Right Party in Germany, Brazilian Protest on Corruption, Reporter Resigns, Bill Cosby and Insurance Paying Court Fees, North Bennington and Contaminated Water, and Unconstitutional Polices 3-15-2016

Senate Bill on Abusive Drugs, Fund for Solar Panels, Performance Enhancement Drug, UFCW and Pot Dispensary, Evangelical Voters, Trump Protesters and Endorsements, National Democratic Institute in Russia, To Kill a Mockingbird, Tweets on Storms, Instant Messaging, Creativity and Poverty, and NAFTA and Job Losses 3-14-2016

George Soros and Voter Registration, India and Internet, Western African Children and Cocoa, Foreigners in Syria, Dr. Ben Carson Endorses Trump, Brazilian Leader Arrest Warrant, Internet Access and Customer Data, Fines on Banks, Wounded Warriors, Trump Protesters, and Voter ID Laws and Congressional Districts 3-13-2016

US Sanctions and Lord’s Resistance Army, Businesses and Same Sex Marriages, FBI and Occupier Shooting in Oregon, Special Elections, $15/hr Means Different Things, ACA and Doctor Incentives, President Obama and 12 Million More on Internet, Fair Fees Act, and NLRB Charge on Trump International 3-12-2016

Erin Andrews Stalker Case, Havana Concert, Bloomberg Not Running, National League Democracy Party in Myanmar, Wage Demonstration, Cancer Medicine, Supreme Court on Apple Price Fixing, FCC and Broadband Internet for Low Income Families, Amazon Warehouse Workers and Black Termination Screen, Uber Drivers, Primary Results 3-11-2016

US Wastes 30 to 40% of Food, Daily Table, Payton Manning Retires, Thomas Jefferson Lawsuit, Sanders and Rubio, Community Services Website with Census Data, Health Insurance Networks, Slaughterhouse Worker Dispute, Nurses Needed, and Naturalization Applications 3-10-2016

Republican Primaries, Overstock and Pricing Online, Bob Dylan Archive, South Korea and Defamation Laws, Concentrated Rich, Young People, and Months and Multi-Millionaires 3-9-2016

Supreme Court and Abortion Laws, Costco Wages, Oil Company, Alabama Supreme Curt and Same Sex Marriage, Children Migrants in Costa Rico, Scott Kelly Grew in Space, Hazard Law School and Slave Symbol, Steel Plant Pensions, and Nike and Commitment Bonus in Kenya 3-8-2016

Chinese Government and Corruption Cases, Hormel Back Pay, Coal Consumption in China, Honor Killings, Utah Food Stamp Fraud, Facebook Abuse in Germany, Cleveland Lead Levels in Children, McDonald’s Franchise Laws, EPA and Mercury Emissions, Senate Hearings on Supreme Court Vacancy, Obamacare and Public Shaming 3-7-2026

Republic Governor of South Dakota and Bathroom Access for Trans Students, Massachusetts and Democrats, Smart Phone AP for Day Laborers, iCloud and Password Reset, Women Owned Businesses, Ben Carter, Thunder Owner Dies, and Primary Voters 3-6-2016

Mott Foundation and Clean Water, NYC and Legal Services for Tenants, Monsanto, Apple Petition Blocked, Local Control of Working Conditions, Basketball and Other Stuff, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton and Sanders 3-5-2016

Iran Politics, CDC and Antibacterial Resistant Bacteria, Japan Nuclear Risks, 15 Year Old American Boy Death Chances, Income Transfers from Rich to Poor, Swiss Voters, and Justice Clarence Thomas Spoke 3-4-2016

Opposite Sex Marriage, Working Families Party in Wisconsin, New Orleans Confederate Statue Removal Bidders, Oxford University Study on Jobs, Afrocentric Charter Schools and Testing Standards, HIV Risks, Nail Salons in NY State, Banks and Overdraft Fees, and Pro Football Career Shrinkage 3-3-2016

Eli Broad Prop 30th and State Investigation and Koch Brothers, Food Stamps and Work Requirements, Gun Deaths, Whistle-blower Lawyers, Health Care Fraud Settlements, Ebola and Health Care Workers, One App, and South Carolina and Hillary Clinton 3-2-2016

Supreme Court Ethics System, Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump, Melissa Harris Perry, Lawsuit on Israel Airline, Terrorist Attracts, Certified H2B Workers, India and Selfie Linked Deaths, Wildflowers for Bees, Dow Price Fixing Case 3-1-2016

1 Billion to Native American Tribes, Arbitration Award to Investors Unpaid, Judicial Watch and State Department Lawsuit, Brazil City and Aged Cutting, Civil Unions, Student Protests, Gene Testing, Birmingham Minimum Wage, Sea World and Spies, and Apple and Security Measures 2-29-2016

Oregon Refugee Occupation and Prosecutors, Russian Pensions, Employment in US, Distressed Communities, South and Distressed Zip Codes, and Eastern European Countries and Migrants 2-28-2016

Supreme Court Seats, Hollywood Indivisibility, Legal Battle Kesha and Dr. Luke, Colleges and Gifts, Air Bag Recalls, Bottom 40%, Economic Policy Institute and $12 Minimum Wage, and NY State Supreme Court and Sodium in Food 2-27-2016

NFL and Compensation, IRS and Audits, Women Working Over 65, Checking Your Phone, Donald Trump Wins in Nevada, Senate Republican Leaders, iPhones and FBI, Access to Beach in Silicon Valley, and Bolivia Referendum 2-26-2016

Oceans Raising and Greenhouse Gases, Tulane and University of Arkansas Study on Vouchers, Flint Lead Service Lines, Palestine Women Bike Riders, Voting, HollaBack, Black Children in Schools, Homework on the Web, Russians Living in London,

Military Discharges, Federal Assistance on Housing, States and Public Education Funding for Incentive Degrees, Apple and Government Requests, Phone Checkers, Violence in Delhi on Water, African Women and HIV, and Dependence and Pot 2-24-2016

Contract for Deed Homes, Bills on Child Marriage, Uber Driver Rebellion in NYC, Raise. ME, Insulin Price Hicks, University of Illinois and Unemployment Rates, Libraries and Computers, Meat and Water, Gene Variations, and Hillary and Sanders 2-23-2016

Venture Funding for Tech Companies, Four Year Colleges and Income, Jeb Bush Drops Out, India and Female Sterilization, Deny Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement, Women Earnings, Chinese Americans and Conviction Protest, and BA Degrees 2-22-2016

American Express Lawsuit, BP Fines, Pope Francis and Homeless Men, North Korean Workers,North Carolina University, Howard University and Black History, Wesleyan College Fraternity and Women, Clinton Foundation, Lynching of Mexicans, Individual Charges, and Sysco and US Foods Merger 2-21-2016

Pope Francis at the Border, NYC and Land Prices, Supreme Court Clerks, Paid Sick Leave in Vermont, President Obama and Cuba, Birth Control, Syrian Air Drops, and Secret Police Files in Poland 2-20-2016

Justice Department Cases on Foreign Officials, President of University of Texas and Concealed Weapons, Apple and Federal Court Order on San Bernardino, Car Bomb in Turkey, Machinists at United Airline, Wildlife Services, National Right to Work Committee and Political Candidates, and Republican Candidates and Primaries 2-19-2016

E-Commerce, Steel Workers and EU, Family Income, NYC Schools, Obama and Supreme Court, Students Protest in New Delhi, Dallas Schools and Uplift Program, University of Arizona Students and Mosque, Communications, Gulf of Mexico and Restoration, and Race Car Driver Scott Tucker and Payday Loans 2-18-2016

Dropping Price of Oil and Recycling, UK and Sugar Tax, Human Rights Watch and Saudi Arabia, Pope Francis Mass Near Mexico City, Republican Lawmakers and Right to Work in West Virginia, Women Creating, Growth of European Cities, Louisiana Schools and Choice, National Monuments in California, Planned Parenthood in Colorado, Slave Fish, and Supreme Court Confirmations 2-17-2016

Plain Stupid Group and Necessity Defense, Testimony on Takata and Airbags, Lower Income and Consumers, Donors and Sanders Campaign, Supreme Court Justice Dies, and Wisconsin and the Civil Service System 2-16-2016

Uber and Lawsuit Settlement, Bank Whistle-blowers United, Morgan Stanley, Kansas Supreme Court and Schools, Hillary Clinton and Henry Kissinger, and Income and Age and Life Expectancy 2-15-2016

Scientist Teachers and Climate Change, Riot in Mexican Prison, Dementia, Swedish Central Bank and Interest Rate, Black Hole Sounds and Einstein Theory, Alabama Minimum Wage, and Airbnb in NYC 2-14-2016

Krewe for $15, GAO and Women Scientists, Migraines, Chris Christie, Cleveland Bundy and Oregon Standoff, Grayson and Hedge Fund, Civil Rights Lawsuit in Ferguson, and Pandora 2-13-2016

Cole Vote, Pregnancy and Abortion and Birth Control in Clinics in California, North Korea and Nuclear Tests, Increased Profitability and Women, Manufacturing Workers and Wage Supplement, EU and Children, Monsanto Settlement, and Drug Prices 2-12-2016

Unsafe Levels of Lead in Water, Federal Judge in Texas on Syrian Refugees, SAT and Immigrant Children, Homelessness, Indian Telemarketing Companies on Net Neutrality, Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Chipotle and Food Safety, Cuban Baseball Players, Immigrant Population, Phoenix Colleges, Primaries 2-11-2016

Obama Administration and Gun Sellers, Guest Workers Pay, Caring for Others, Medical Records Data, Gun Laws and Domestic Abuse, Cost of Education and Value, Politifact and Trump Fact Checks, Texas Small Town Laws, President of Haiti, and Airbnb Postings 2-10-2016

Twitter Account Suspensions, American Voters and Haiti, Academy Awards and Diversity, CitiGroup and Fantasy Sports, NFL and African Americans, Center for Medical Progress Injunction, and Gloria Steinem and Women Supporting Sanders 2-9-2016

Classified Emails, National Bureau of Research and Vouchers in Louisiana, North Korea and Balloons, Women and Female Circumcision, Zika Virus, DHHS and Health Care Enrollment, Horse Carriages in NYC, Limiting Arbitration Bill, US Soccer, Foundations and Unsolicited Proposals, Salary.com and Community Organizing Salary, and Hourly Wages and Jobs 2-8-16

Pussy Riot and New Music Video, Military Service, Ted Cruz and Mark Rubio, Walmart in Puerto Rico, Wells Fargo and Reckless Lending, Labor Act and Right to Work, New Hampshire and Sanders, Assange and International Law, and Marijuana Analysis 2-7-2016

Iowa Caucus Members, Dropouts on Presidential Poll, Brazil and Abortion, Iceland and Children, Saudi Arabian Government and Land Development, Tech Workers, Students in Colleges, Obama’s Mosque Visit, Wikileaks Founder, Chinese Credit, and Bill Cosby Case 2-6-2016

Super Bowl Numbers, Clinton State Delegates, Selling Medical Records, Latin American Births, Zika and Sexual Transmission, Women in Combat, Uber Network, Food Born Illnesses, and Obama and Minimum Wage 2-5-2016

Iowa Caucus, Designer Genes, Medicare and Drug Reimbursements, Registered Lobbyists, Bactria, Old Skeletons Found, First-Time Caucus Participants, Yahoo Layoffs, and Uber in NYC 2-4-2016

Amazon Kindle Ebook Store, San Francisco Home Games, Illegal Outdoor Plants, Bernie Sanders, Encrypted Devices, Women of the Wall, Global Witness, Nevada and Homeowner Charges, Expanded Medicaid, Zika Virus, Puerto Rico and Energy, and Investors Fraud 2-3-2016

East Coast Longshoreman Strike, Daily Fantasy Sports, Cell Phones and Computers, Homeless, Military Paid Family Leave, State Taxes, New Orleans City Council Pot Warning, Swiss Banks Penalty, Union Membership, Indian and Labor Force, and Tax Preparers Scams 2-2-2016

Video on Oregon Occupation, Paul Kantner Passes Away, Shortage of Drugs, Obamacare and Employee Coverage, Human Trafficking, Facebook and Gun Sales, Malaysian Fraud, Oxford College Founder, Australian Loyalty, and Clinton Emails 2-1-2016

DeVry University, Israeli Goods, Working American Survey on Voting, Auburn University and Legal System Questions and College Admissions, and Dangerous Plants 1-31-2016

Health Authority in Brazil, Donald Trump and Fox News, French Minister Resigns, White House Vigil Holder Passes Away, Ticket Scalping, Facebook Users, Renting Cable Boxes Prices, Tax Policy Center Research, Workers and Chinese Wages. UN and Starvation in Syria, and Roman Statues 1-30-2016

Venezuela Government and Ownership Titles, New Orleans Confederate Statues, Yoga Leader Fined on Sexual Abuse, Backpacks to Wounded Warriors, Charity Navigator, ACLU Report, Academy Members and Race, Blood Test Lab and Clinical Standards, Juvenile Prisoners and Solitary Confirmation, and AIDS Drug 1-29-2016

Scientists and Cancer, Floors and Cardiac Arrest, TSA No Fly List, Lord Jeff and Indian Genocide, Remarriages, Supreme Court on Energy Usage, Koch Brothers Network, Brazil Soldiers and Mosquito Campaign, Screening for Women and Depression, Oregon Arrests, Federal Corrections and Prison Count, and Recalling Surplus Military Equipment 1-28-2016

Missouri and Professor Assault Case, Abused Children, Egypt Anniversary, African Economics, Zika Virus, Amnesty International on Iran, School Lunches in Italy, Michigan Judge on Teacher Sickouts, Musical Tastes of Presidential Candidates, Iowa, and Jobs 1-27-2016

Explorer Henry Worsley, Cold Cases, West Virgina State Senator and Unions, Transfers to Mexico, Disney and Temporary Visas, Trade and Jobs, Florida State Rape Case Settled, Anti-Abortion Activists Indited, and North Carolina Voter Id Law 1-26-2016

Working Class, Drinking, Addicts in Treatment, Democratic Voters and Bernie Sanders, TOPS in Louisiana, Mothers, Italian Senate on Same Sex Marriage, Vail Ski City and Worker Housing, Employers and Discrimination, McDonald’s on a Comeback, Juveniles and Life Sentences, and PHH ad Kickbacks in New Jersey 1-25-2016

Constitution and Right to Abortion, Hogs in Iowa and Waste, Waterways, Russian Workers Protest, Tunisia Government and Curfew, Methane Gas, Uber and Life Re-imagined Partnership, Google and Back Taxes in Britain, Bloomberg for President, Oklahoma and Goods Seizures, and Caribbean and Virus 1-24-2016

Common Passwords, University of Minnesota Union Election, Public Fees for Sports Programs, Climate Change and Poverty, NFL Female Assistant Coach, Student Loan Forgiveness, AFSME, Walmart Workers, Ireland Primary Schools, Obama Coal Plant Regulations, Clintons Speaking Income, and Charter and Times Warner Merger 1-23-2016

DOL and Joint Employers, Criminal Justice System and Age, SUN Rotation, Central Africa and Hunger, Immigrants in Europe, Mississippi Legislature, Foreign Visitors to US, Ted Cruz and Torte Reform, Supreme Court and Class Action Lawsuits, and Second Chance Act 1-22-2016

Spike Lee and Jada Pickett Smith Boycott Oscars, Shelters in Large Cities, Female Farm-workers and Sexual Harassment, Luminosity Fine, Chickens, 62 Wealthy, Sarah Palin for Trump, Obama Immigration Order, Frozen Embryos, Oregon Protest, Drug Abuse, World Economic Forum, Univision and Onion, Twitter Disconnect, and Texas and Fantasy Sports 1-21-2016

Ethiopian Protesters, Budget and Discretionary Spending, Indian Government and Labs, Utah Jobs, Poverty Levels, Deaths to HIV, AIDS Funding and Deadly Diseases, Glenn Fry Passes Away, and University Settlement 1-20-2016

British Labor Party Leader, UN and Small Taxes, Malaria Deaths, Volunteer Weather Observers, Data and Tech Companies, Police Officers and Maternity Ward Arrests, Carriage Industry, Clinton and Sanders, and Protests Die-In in London 1-19-2016

Lineups and Mistaken Identification, Taiwan Elects Female President, Iran, Italians and Abortions, Patient Records, Maine Disorganized Towns, Drake’s Hotline Bling, Criminals Online, Governor Scott Walker and Civil Service Bill, and Medical Centers and Doctor Burnout Rates 1-18-2016

12 Dollars in Maine, Global Sustainability, Pregnancy Numbers, ACLU and Public Defenders in Louisiana, Oregon Refugee Occupies Arrested, Ted Cruz Campaign Loans, Uber Report in NYC, Walmart Closing Stores and Worker Layoffs, and Farmers Markets and Health Risk 1-17-2016

American Progress and Union Coverage, Travelers Warning and Pregnant Women, CATO Institution, Ethiopia and Communications, Millennials, Nigeria Killings, Confederate Statute Contractor, Swearing, Cyber Attacks on Nuclear Plants, Planned Parenthood, Goldman Sachs, and Track and Field 1-16-2016

NYC Court on Gun Violence, Philadelphia Inquirer, Netflix, Denmark Asylum Seeking, Kendrick Health Care, Senator Bivins, Property Buyers, Natural Gas Disposal, Architecture Award for Lower Income Housing, Howard University and Black Owed Television 1-15-2016

Boston Sports Team and Transgenders, Public Sector Employees, Trump Vision and the Cost, EU and Taxes, Bernie Sanders, MoveOn Endorsement, Capital Punishment in Florida, Governor John Bell Edwards. Pensions and Israeli Banks, Hospital Doctors in England Strike, and UN and Migrant Screenings 1-14-2016

Yahoo Workers, Drone Users, SEIU and Supreme Court Ruling, David Bowie, Investigators from Homeland Security and Traffickers, Chris Hughes and New Republic, College Football Teams and Value, Sickout in Detroit for Teachers 1-13-2016

Toxic Substance Control Act, Sexual Assaults and Prosecutions, Illegal Drug Trade, Oregon Takeover, Clean Hands and Spain Princess, Ultrasounds and Abortions, Guns Stolen, and Job Gains 1-12-2016

Hospitalists and Union, Combating Terrorists, Extremists Groups, Cursing and Pain, 2.6 Million Jobs Added, Brazil and Bus Fare Protests, Britain and Wine Warning, Myanmar and Concentration Camps, and Models for School Reform 1-11-2016

Four Year-Olds and Care, Men and Protein Intake, European Commission on Poland, Trump and Britain, Suicide Bomber, Planned Parenthood on Clinton, Campbell Soup and GMO Labeling, Auto Accidents, El Chapo Arrested, Lawsuit on Discrimination in Bail Bonds, and Heart Attack Warnings 1-10-2016

Protester and Jay Walking, Arkansas and Kentucky Health Programs, Utah Study and Land Management Study, Rockefeller Tree, Oregon Protest, Tampons as a Necessity, Turkish Raid, House and ACA Repeal, and AFSCME and Act 10 1-9-2016

Oregon Prevailing Wage Win, Occupation of Wildlife Refuge, Doctor Affiliations, Living Wage Jobs, Apple Tax Settlement, Blue Bell Ice Cream, Gun Control Groups, Health Insurance & Medical Bills, and David Cameron in Britain 1-8-2016

FBI and Congress on Tech and Privacy Issue, FTC and Elder Fraud Complaints, Highest Rates of Gun Deaths and Lowest, Local Television Networks, President Obama on Firearm Background Checks, Amnesty International and Death Penalty, Swedish Security Checks, US and Migrant Arrests, Rage Survey, Electoral Votes, and Unemployment Rates 1-7-2016

Congressional Hispanic Congress and Latino Farmers, Federal Judge and Planned Parenthood, National Wildlife Refugee, Anti-Austerity and Governor’s Race in Sabine, Uninsured Fines, 1% in US, Uber and Ride-Sharing, Girl Scout Cookies, Boston Global, Taxes in Businesses, and General Motors and LIft 1-6-2016

HIV Cases, Employers on ACA, Students Protesting Statues, Elite Prep School and Sexual Abuse, Dale Bumpers Passes, Migrants and Benefit Cuts, Clinton and Sanders, Cash Rewards and Economic Questions, Teens and Stress, Hispanic Voters, and Net Worth and Race 1-5-2016

Germans Terrorism Threat, McDonald’s in China, Gun Control Executive Order, Atlanta Streetcar System, Retirement Savings, Older Jobless Women, Retail Cloud Computing, Auto Sales, New Year Eve Uber Prices, Targeted Hackers, Prescription Drug Spending, Most Deadly Days, Stock Market, and Egypt Internet Service Shut Down 1-4-2016

California Farmers and Water, India and Solar Energy Projects, Online Spending and Amazon, Voter File on Nation Builder Hacked, Access to Online Voter Database, Retails and Savings, Immigration and Visa Stays, Texas Law for Open Carry of Guns 1-3-2016

Copyright Infringement Lawsuit and Musicians Rights in Digital Age, Vacant Lots in Philly, Donald Trump Survey, IRS and Tax Rates for Wealthy, Pregnancies and Death, Bill Cosby Charged, and Kurdish Militants and Civilian Attacks 1-2-2016

Lawsuit on Settle Port of Settle Pay Hike, Republican Candidates for President, Tax Income and Earnings, IRS Budget, Virus and Health Crisis in Brazil, New Hampshire Independents, Quotes from Lindsey Graham, New Rock, and Flood Defenses in North England 1-1-2016