The Delusion of James O’Keefe


okeefe Missoula Coming off the grid to read a long profile piece of James O’Keefe III in the New York Times is not anyone’s idea of good times in my book.  Kind of amazing to see self-delusion flaunted so flatly.

According to the article, Saul Alinksy, the great community organizer, is one of his influences, he says.

Figures perhaps, since part of his whole shtick seems to be the classic Alinsky tactical argument, not widely held, that the “ends justify the means.”  Asked about his strategy of picking on the small fry to try and bring down ACORN and Planned Parenthood, he is remorseless, saying “Congress acted to defund” not me, essentially.  He shot the sheriff; he did not kill the deputy.

In fact whether his ill fated Senator Mary Landrieu scam, which was  holding him on probation in New Jersey, or any of his other mischief, finds O’Keefe bereft of any modicum of responsibility or accountability.  He is a rock thrower who flaunts his hand, rather than hiding it, but emerges not surprisingly from this article as virtually amoral.

Past the illusions of grandeur and the self-delusion of it all, in over 3000 words of this piece it was impossible to find a moral compass.  More surprisingly, it was impossible to find a political philosophy.  I expected him to have one, but this project is so clearly, just “speaking truth of power,” wrapped in a package of self-aggrandizement and persecution complex, that there is no guiding rudder towards any port.

It was nice to finally see an admission that Andrew Brietbart had funded the ACORN scam, since both O’Keefe and Brietbart had been coy and cute about denying any financial connection until now.  Otherwise this dude is not so much dangerous as on some kind of self-destruct trajectory flaying at invisible dragons he imagines everywhere.

After reading the story, the overwhelming feeling was less anger, than profound sadness.