Peak Millennials and Elite Overproduction


            Heerlen           An economics reporter for the Times offered an interesting set of observations from a personal and generational perspective about what she called “peak millennials,” which she defined as the sub-generation that will turn 33 and 34 in 2024.  On a chart of US population growth, they hit the top as younger millennials.  Since …

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Things Aren’t Much Better Now for Most People

Economic Development Economics National Politics

            Heerlen           A persistent question in the US, as well as many other countries around the globe, is “what’s driving this increase of populism?”  Why are people so angry?  Many who ask are dumbfounded, because they believe that things are so much better now.  People are living longer.  Median income has risen.  People are better …

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Healthcare Under Siege

Health Care

            Heerlen           When we think of healthcare protections in the United States compared to Europe, it seems like night and day in terms of coverage, and there’s a lot of truth in that common understanding.  Talking to a key leader and organizer of the Hospital Alliance (Ziekenhuisalliantie) that sprung up in Heerlen and surrounding communities, …

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