Motions in the Movement

ACORN International Housing Unions

            Sheffield           There was so much going on at the United Kingdom’s ACORN National Conference for 2024 that after listening to the officers’ reports to the elected branch chapters, I snuck out to hear the presentations and audit the workshops with the rank-and-file members and organizers.  Doing so, I would miss hearing the introduction and …

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ACORN Forever

ACORN International

Leeds       The setting for the second national conference of ACORN in the United Kingdom was part of the thrill.  The meeting was being held in the Holbeck Working Men’s Club, founded in 1871, and likely the oldest such club in England, still operating continuously.  Only meters away had been the famous confrontation between the …

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Running the Trains on Time


            London            One of our staff and I used to joke about infrastructure.  He would come back from a vacation somewhere in the UK or Europe and laud how great the infrastructure was, and I would feebly try to defend US infrastructure.  I admit that doesn’t sound much like a knee-slapping laughter, but I’ll pretend …

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