Unions Gearing Up on Amazon

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New Orleans       These days Amazon is the big dog barking, but we’re starting to nip at its heels.             The NLRB Regional Director has ruled on the objections filed by the union, RWDSU/UFCW, from the election earlier in the year at one of their fulfillment warehouses in Bessemer, Alabama.  He ordered a new election.  The union says that it …

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Union Lobbyists Might be Better than Organizers

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New Orleans      What’s that old saying?  It’s something like, if you can’t do, then teach.  We may have gotten to the point in the labor movement, where if we can’t seem to organize, then at least we can lobby.  Political work in creating leverage, opportunity, and even it seems, increased membership has long been the go-to Plan B driving …

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