Where Gaza Hurts Biden

Biden War

New Orleans       Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi are about as far away from being battleground states for the 2024 election as any savvy handicapper or oddsmaker would verify.  Unfortunately, these and other deep red states are the places where I end up doing a lot of my work and spending a lot of time.   Not …

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Reconnecting Communities

Biden Investments

            Little Rock       Visiting Milwaukee, President Biden beat the drums on a new infrastructure place-based investment that would inject $3.3 billion into 132 communities in 40 states.  The program’s aim supposedly is to reconnect communities that were separated in the 1960s urban renewal and highway construction programs increasing inequity and racial separation in cities across …

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Rural and Small-Town Water Systems are in Trouble

Affiliated Media Foundation Movement Biden Radio Water

            Little Rock       Sometimes, I’m on top of the news and other times, the news seems to be on top of me.  The Affiliated Media Foundation Movement (AM/FM) worked with a lot of partners and made many new friends as we assisted local communities in filing for low-power FM radio stations recently when the FCC …

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