A New Twist in Recall Efforts

Ballot Elections Louisiana Municipalities

            London, Ontario         Initiated referendums and recall petitions were some of the great reforms of the Progressive Era in the United States one-hundred years ago.  In some states and many cities, these reforms have lasted since then, even if rarely used, offering some measure of accountability by citizens to protect themselves from malfeasance or abuse. …

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One New Vote Means More than Just a Warnock Victory

ACORN International Elections Georgia

            New Orleans     ACORN had one-crew on the ground in metro Atlanta in the get-out-the-vote effort for the recent Senate election, recruited largely from Pennsylvania by longtime organizer and Pittsburgh activist and music aficionado, Maryellen Deckard.  They were revisiting the turf we had hit two-years ago in the special runoff election to culminate the …

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