Toxic Chemistry Behind the Trigger

Guns Politics

            Nairobi            The Secret Service, FBI, and most Americans that still resist various strains of conspiracy theories remain mystified about the motivations of the young, twenty-year-old shooter in Pennsylvania who attempted to assassinate former President Trump at a rally in the state.  He killed and was killed, so the odds are that we will never …

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Insurance Consumer Blues


            Nairobi            The chair of the Federal Reserve is sending signals everywhere that they will soon be lowering the interest rate because progress is being made on inflation.  One place where that is decidedly not true is in consumer experiences with insurance, whether home, flood, or vehicle.  Without seeing much help coming from state regulators, …

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US is Hard Country for Old People

Future Inequity

New Orleans       In the United States, there’s been a retirement crisis in front of our noses for a long time.  The country depends on immigrant, often undocumented workers for farm labor, child care, healthcare, and throughout the service and manufacturing economy.  Though they pay taxes and underpin the Social Security system for other elderly, …

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