Gerrymandering Comes to Arkansas


Little Rock      Gerrymandering here, gerrymandering there, North Carolina, Oregon, New York, Ohio, Texas, one state after another where there is a supermajority is getting into mystery mapping to try to hold on or extend the power of the prevailing party.  The nonpartisan Cook Political Report, says Republican state legislatures have already gerrymandered their maps so …

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Gates Money a Mixed Blessing and Seeming a Bit Pervy

HUman Rights Ideas and Issues International Tech

  Atlanta      There’s no question that Bill Gates and his ex-wife, Melinda, along with their foundation have, as the saying goes, “more money than God.”  It seems that Mr. Gates sometimes gets confused on whether it’s just about the money or that he can act like his own little version of a god.             The news of the world …

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