Nonprofit Hospitals Need New Regulations

ACORN Local 100 Non-Profit

            Nairobi            Here’s the fiction:  nonprofit hospitals are dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of their community, regardless of income.  Because of this fiction, the IRS grants them a tax-exemption worth approximately $28 billion per year.  Here’s the fact:  they don’t act that way, especially the larger nonprofit hospital chains.  ACORN and our partners, Local …

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Behind the Scenes with Dollar General and Governor Sanders

Dollar Stores KABF Local 100 United Labor Unions

            Pearl River      Recently, I was critical of Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders efforts to try to annex the state of Arkansas to the state of Florida, as a bridge way too far.  I cited her anti-LGBTQ initiatives, her racist education program, and her many copycat hires of Floridians who worked for the current and likely …

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The Failure and Rip-offs of Water Privatization

ACORN Local 100 Privatization Protests

            Pearl River      The last thing any of us need is another lesson in the absolute irresponsibility of any public officials or authority ever allowing vital community resources to be privatized as commodities and plums to be picked by private equity pirates.   This time, like so many times before, it’s the foolhardy privatization of water.  …

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