Assessing Another Year Organizing in Honduras

ACORN International Community Organizations International Honduras

            San Pedro Sula      ACORN organizes from two bases, one in Tegucigalpa, the capitol, and the other from San Pedro Sula, the industrial powerhouse of the country.  As part of our registration, we are required to have an Annual General Meeting.  On one level, it’s sort of a pain, but it forces me to saddle …

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In Honduras, Lots of Issues, Little Money

ACORN International Honduras Organizing School Lunches

            Tegucigalpa      There were six of us in the ACORN delegation.  The president of ACORN Honduras Raul Rodriguez led the group, along with Erlyn Perez, ACORN’s head organizer, followed by two school principals who were ACORN members, Jany Montoya, the translator and Erlyn’s niece, and me.  Our mission was to try to meet with …

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A Couple of Controversial Climate Moves That Might Work

ACORN International Canada Climate Change Policy

            San Pedro Sula     I don’t associate Canada with cynicism, quite the opposite.  Reading a new book, The Petroleum Papers, that included in its focus an emphasis on the role that the Canadian tar sands has played in our worsening climate, made it a little harder to ignore the political and economic deals with the …

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