Stacking the Deck on Co-op Governance

ACORN International Electricity Cooperatives Labor Neighbor Local 100

            Marble Falls      We’ve looked at the diversity and governance of rural electric cooperatives closely over the last five or six years.  By we, I mean ACORN International, Labor Neighbor Research & Training Center, and Local 100 United Labor Unions that came together as the Rural Power Project.  It hasn’t been a pretty picture. …

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Real Patriotism

ACORN ACORN International Ideas and Issues

            New Orleans      During this year’s US Independence Day, I was in London speaking to ACORN members there and answering questions, following a screening of the The Organizer, about ACORN history among other things.  I was asked whether ACORN, at the national or international level, used patriotism as an organizing tool or principle.  The …

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