Zoom Governance isn’t Easy, but it’s Valuable

ACORN International Labor Unions

Mumbai           There’s nothing easy about Zoom governance.  One thing in its favor is that it’s better than nothing, and so it’s the chosen alternative when ACORN leaders assemble internationally for our spring meeting.  We’ve gotten better at it.  Backgrounds are muted more often.  There’s less waving at the screens for speakers to turn on their …

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More on the War on Nonprofits

ACORN International Corruption Non-Profit Politics

Mumbai           The issue with nonprofits in autocratic countries is all about power and control.  There’s nothing inherently threatening about nonprofits.  Most are alarmingly small.  Too many eschew any advocacy or commitment to action or even change, and instead focus their time and money on social services, education, culture, the value of the tax exemption, if …

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