Rental Registry and Vacancy Control

ACORN International Canada Disparities Housing

            New Orleans      Spending several days with the ACORN Canada staff in our annual fall meetings in northern Ontario’s “cottage country” were invigorating in the company of committed organizers, great progress, solid workshops, and fascinating campaign discussions. The rental housing crisis for tenants across the country colored all reports from every office from the …

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Card Check Recognition Returns to British Columbia

Canada Unions Workers

            Marble Falls     The Holy Grail for union organizers in the United States for decades despite years of fruitless efforts to change labor law has been winning card check recognition.  In Congress, we have never come particularly close despite repeated efforts and promises, most of which wilt in the face of determined corporate opposition …

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Speaking Out and Speaking Up!

ACORN ACORN International Canada Community Organizations International

            Montreal         They came up in twos and threes, a team of leaders and fighters from every region of Canada and every ACORN city, big or small.  Some were 18-year veterans of ACORN from Toronto and British Columbia, and some were at their first convention from Montreal, London, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.  All of …

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Flying Grind

Canada Ideas and Issues

            Washington – Dulles     Pandemic “over.”  Back in the air, we go!  You’d think airlines and airports would be happy to have us back.  In some ways, maybe they are, but be careful about jumping to quick conclusions. Airports are definitely busier.  The line at security in New Orleans at 6AM was epic, snaking …

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