A Couple of Controversial Climate Moves That Might Work

ACORN International Canada Climate Change Policy

            San Pedro Sula     I don’t associate Canada with cynicism, quite the opposite.  Reading a new book, The Petroleum Papers, that included in its focus an emphasis on the role that the Canadian tar sands has played in our worsening climate, made it a little harder to ignore the political and economic deals with the …

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The Fight to Save Affordable Housing from Bill 23

ACORN International Canada Housing Municipalities Rights

           London, Ontario         Listening to the organizing reports at ACORN Canada’s Year End / Year Begin meeting, several themes were common, as one after another got up to describe their actions and progress during the year, and that was especially true for all of the offices in Ontario:  Hamilton, Peel, London, Ottawa, and, of course, …

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International Organizers Meet

ACORN International Affiliates Australia Cameroon Canada England France India Ireland Kenya Liberia Scotland Uganda United States Wales

            Shepley, Yorkshire      Fifty organizers from France, Canada, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and the United States came together in Yorkshire, England for our annual ACORN International organizers’ meeting for this year.  Another bunch from Kenya, Australia, Liberia, Uganda, India, and Cameroon joined at different times via Zoom, along with other leaders and organizers from France, …

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