O’Keefe Scammed and Submerged

ACORN International Labor Organizing Louisiana Recovery

        New Orleans      Remember James O’Keefe, the video-scammer, rouge editor, spy poser, convicted miscreant, and damages payer?  Probably not, although certainly given the damage he wrought to ACORN in the USA a dozen years ago, I can’t forget or forgive him.  He and his misnamed Project Veritas were rightwing darlings in the time of …

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Politics is In-Person Business

DC Politics Health Care HUman Rights

  Denver            This is such a Twilight Zone, unbelievable time that it buggers the imagination, but in reality, there are constant reminders that politics, and especially the lawmaking that politics sometimes produces, is not easily adaptable to remote work, but remains in-person business. A Republican state senator in Alaska is finding this out the hard …

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