The End of Reading?

Ideas and Issues Tech

May 12, 2022             Pearl River     Certainly the signs have been everywhere around us:  people don’t like to read anymore.  People don’t have time for it, many argue, including the content overlords.  Supposedly, we want short bursts of news like crawlers at the bottom of a TV screen or the small bites of USA Today …

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Emergency Broadband Now


New Orleans      One of the pandemic programs that may be cruising below the radar, but which could be a critical step on lowering the digital divide, is the FCC’s program for emergency broadband.  On Wade’s World , I talked to the digital equity coordinator for the City of Little Rock, Maddie Long, about the …

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Amazon Union Elections: Will Second Verse Be Same as the First?

Amazon Labor Organizing Tech

     New Orleans      It seems like we’re still in mourning and recovery from the devasting union loss at Amazon’s Bessemer, Alabama warehouse, and now workers have announced that they are filing for an election in a giant fulfillment center, employing 5000 workers, in Staten Island, New York.  This is an exciting and important development …

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Gates Money a Mixed Blessing and Seeming a Bit Pervy

Human Rights Ideas and Issues International Tech

  Atlanta      There’s no question that Bill Gates and his ex-wife, Melinda, along with their foundation have, as the saying goes, “more money than God.”  It seems that Mr. Gates sometimes gets confused on whether it’s just about the money or that he can act like his own little version of a god.             The news of the world …

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