Finally ACORN Video Scammer O’Keefe Has to Pay a Bit for His Crimes


New Orleans  As the news began to break that James O’Keefe, featured performer, video provocateur, and first story federal office break-in artist for the late Andrew Brietbart’s rightwing web operations and the New York Times magazine section, once again was brought to some small amount of justice in the court of law despite his cosseted protection from journalists since he is claiming their mantel as his normal disguise, comments came streaming in on my Facebook wall at the news broken by web reporters at Wonkette  that O’Keefe would be paying out $100,000 to Juan Carlos Vera, former ACORN employee or ACORN Housing Corporation employee in National City below San Diego for his inaccuracies leading to Vera’s wrongful termination.

  • Doug Young I love it!! !!!!!!
  • Christopher J. Herrera Excellent.
  • Marcy Chong oh I love this.
  • John Russo I can hear the pigs squeal.
  • Kathleen Fortin looks good on him.
  • Hetty Equality Rosenstein Not enough.
  • Katrina McKeown Magolan Justice!
  • Gary Butler Glad to hear it but it doesn’t seem equal.
  • Patrick Lazare Shorter hell yea! a sliver of justice hopefully not the last we’ll hear.
  • George Lee Reagan Too little…too late.

You get the picture.  People are happy to see some small justice coming, but are also very clear that this is nowhere near enough, even if not noting the irony of a federal court ruling in ACORN’s favor the day after it became public as well that the Republicans were seeking in their new budget resolution to bar ACORN and “its successors” from funding, yet again, trying to extend these injustices in perpetuity.

As Martin Luther King commented, “the arc of justice is long,” and that’s why ACORN fight must continue, under its own flag and so many others.

Neither of these stories has been available in what we once called the “regular” papers, so for the full Wonkette story: