Mechanics or Movement

New Orleans Waiting for my US Air flight from DC/National Airport (I won’t call it Ronald Rsister_mary_mccauley1eagan!), I saw Reverend Walter “Slim” Coleman from Chicago getting his shoes shined across from my gate.  I walked over and sat in the next chair and visited with him a minute.  I asked him about his evaluation of the recent Summit on immigration reform we had both attended.  He looked over to me, and said simply, “good mechanics.”

That clear and concise statement clarified an uneasiness I had felt all week after attending two great conferences marking the emergence of the progressive movement at the Campaign for America’s Future and then the launching at the summit of the Reform Immigration FOR America campaign to win comprehensive legislation on immigration finally.  The meetings were great.  The graphics were excellent.  The plenary sessions brought in speakers that rocked the halls and tents were the meetings were held.  The events were meticulously organized and the staff and volunteers did bang up jobs at both meetings, yet there was still a hollow “but” there for me and many others less articulate that Slim. Continue reading “Mechanics or Movement”