Hospital Unaccountability Extends to Outbreaks of Infectious Diseases

San Francisco     The Affordable Care Act has given health consumers, also known frequently as patients, more significant advances in transparency and information about hospitals and doctors. Medical records are being digitized and becoming accessible. Information is being made public on doctors, exposing some have Medicare mills. It appears the public is getting closer to being […]

Union Leaders Concerned about Schools, Wages, and Medical Debt


Little Rock    When the forty leaders at the 34th Annual Local 100 Leadership Conference, held this year in Little Rock, were asked how many  of them were carrying medical debt, more than half of the hands in the  room went up.  When asked how many had family, friends, or neighbors  dealing with the burden […]

Clear Standards for Charity Care for Nonprofit Hospitals

Little Rock    For millions there is a collective sigh of relief as 6-3 affirmation of the Affordable Care Act subsidies for low income Americans sinks in and allows us to stop pinching our arms about whether or not this is real. If there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that the Supreme Court can “giveth,” as it […]

Some States Governments Step Up on Hospital Accountability

New Orleans    It took a long time before hard questions were asked of churches given the faith so many people have in them, but the process has produced important and powerful results.  Modern faith has created a priesthood of doctors and an altar of medicine where hospitals are their high churches.  Even as the Affordable […]

States Need to Make For-profit Hospitals Accountable for Strapped Families

New Orleans    We have been beating the drum regularly here, there, and everywhere around the country about the organizing and campaign “handles” that could allow aggressive and vigilant community and labor based organizations to demand and require more accountability for tax-exempt nonprofit hospitals.  We have trumpeted Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa’s late stage amendment to […]

Unnecessary Medical Care and Over Prescription by Doctors

New Orleans      I go for a physical annually, like you’re supposed to do.  I basically trust my doctor, largely because she keeps it simple, doesn’t make me do some tests I don’t want, stretches out the EKGs for years, and sometimes forgets to make me, how should I say this, bend over.  To get insurance […]