Harris v. Quinn Part 1: Supreme Court Brings Right-to-Work to Unions of Home Workers

New Orleans    The Supreme Court decision in Harris v. Quinn, issued on a 5-4 ideological split, denying the union of home healthcare aides in Illinois the ability to collect agency servicing fees in lieu of full membership dues, will be crippling to many local unions, but not fatal.  Regardless of the opinion rendered by Justice [...]

Sodexo Stumbles While Squeezing Through Obamacare Loophole

New Orleans   Obamacare continues to be contentious with daily reports arguing about the issue from Nobel Prize economist and columnist Paul Krugman’s assessment of the good news to more conservative pundits arguing we are on the verge of huge price shocks coming in the 2015 rating levels.  One thing that continues to be indisputable is [...]

Finding a Way out of the Maze: Citizen Wealth Centers

Staffordshire     In organizing low-and-moderate income people both in the workplace and the community, one of the most vexing organizing problems has always been the Sisyphean dilemma, that no matter how many issues the organization might address, and even resolve, there were always scores of others, both personal and collective and often both, that were not being [...]

Leaders and Stewards Demand Expanded Vision for Unions with a Long List of Details

the entire delegation

Dallas    One of the most amazing things about being an organizer, whether of community or labor-based organizations, remains the excitement of learning deeply what people really want – and expect – of their own organizations.   For 33 years, Local 100 of the United Labor Unions has held an annual leadership conference.  Many times [...]

Affordable Care Challenges and Contradictions Blocking Progress

Bristol     Yes, the Affordable Care Act is not the same as single-payer, national health insurance assuring good standards and care for all, and we all know that, but that doesn’t mean that the constant tensions and contradictions won’t continue to create a centrifugal force on all sides to force more change.   There are many cases [...]

More Dilution of Affordable Care Act for Lower Income Workers

London    We may think that Congress does nothing but try to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and although they do a whole lot of that, like it or not both parties do come together every blue moon to amend the Affordable Care Act, but when they do so, it’s not necessarily a win for the [...]