Nonprofit Hospitals Are Going to Have to Prove They are Not Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Little Rock     For many top executives and CEO’s it easy to imagine that running a big urban nonprofit hospital has been a sweet gig.  Looking at some of the 990’s that all nonprofits submit to the IRS annually, salaries in the millions are not unusual at some of these big hospitals and many make millions [...]

Oil Sacrifice Zone for Many is Home to Some

Utah’s Desolation Canyon

New Orleans       Born in Laramie and raised in and around the West as a boy, it’s still a place of my heart and a taproot to my life, so I try to keep up as I travel along my winding roads and partly I do that by reading the High Country News.  Flipping through [...]

Hospitals Gone Wild

New Orleans         There’s one thing that Paul Kiel, reporter for, Steven Brill, author of the new book, America’s Bitter Pill:  Money, Politics and Backroom Deals and the Fight to Fix Our Broken Healthcare System, Senator Charles Grassley, Republican from Iowa, and I can all agree on about healthcare, and that’s the simple fact that [...]

Medical Debt Collectors are Killing Credit for 43 Million!

Little Rock   So the new IRS and Treasury rules are going to require that nonprofit hospitals, and hopefully for profits soon as well, stop a darned minute before they go to the debt collectors, mess up everyone’s credit, sue them, try to take their houses, and first born children if the law allowed.  That’s a [...]

Organizing the Debtors to Hold Hospitals Accountable

Houston      Ok.  We’re all clear that nonprofit hospitals now have to back off of the bully-boy tactics involved in debt collections for lower income and working families drowning under the costs of hospital emergencies with inadequate insurance and resources.   We’ve talked about the fact that the Treasury Department and the IRS have put into effect [...]

Holding Nonprofit Hospitals Accountable to New Billing Rules

example of huge hospital bill

 New Orleans       Recently, I opened a bill from the city’s EMS unit, another from a hospital in the city that is somehow for profit now but was formerly nonprofit and continues to retain a 17% stake from Tulane University, which is obviously nonprofit, and a third from some unidentified group [...]