Protecting Consumers from Conflicts between Taxes and Healthcare

New Orleans Income tax filing time is when the old expression comes to mind that the only things we can’t escape are death and taxes.  True that, but, frankly, I’m a little uncomfortable when those things get put too close together and in the hands of big private, profit maximizing companies, specifically the H&R Blocks, Jackson-Hewitt’s, [...]

The Double Edge of Variable Worker Exclusions under Obamacare

New Orleans      Part of the problem in understanding the real, core issues with the Affordable Care Act and the way in which employers, especially those specializing in lower waged workforces, are jacking with the system is separating the ideological polemics from the facts in order to see whose ox is really being gored.  For example, take [...]

Texas Just Messing Around with Health Navigator Testing

New Orleans  Driving through Texas, the highways are littered with signs, mile after mile, reminding the driver to “not mess with Texas.”  When it comes to the Affordable Care Act and enrollment of the millions of people who have no health insurance though, the state does nothing but push boulders into the road.

You will remember that [...]

Texas Judge Slaps Down James O’Keefe Voter Reg Claims

New Orleans    It’s only a matter of time before someone sues James O’Keefe, the video scammer, for false advertising to prevent him from calling his operation Project Veritas, since veritas means truth in Latin, and he has no clue what that is.

O’Keefe’s latest tempest in a teapot had been his accusations against the Battleground Texas voter [...]

Wanted: Medicare Whistleblowers!

New Orleans   It’s easy to see why the American Medical Associations, the powerful AMA, the doctors’ closed shop union, wanted to keep the wraps on how doctors collected $77 billion worth in Medicare payments from the nation’s elderly.  There’s just nothing that seems right about one single Florida-based ophthalmologist raking in $21 million all by [...]

In Affordable Care Numbers it’s the Politics not the Policy that Counts

New Orleans    With the official 2014 deadline for much of the enrollment under the Affordable Care Act coming to a close the numbers are now over 6 million plus another 3 ½ million who have signed up for Medicaid in those states that expanded that program for more of the poor.  There will be continued [...]