NACLA Report on the Americas Going On-Line Only

 New Orleans     I have been a subscriber to the NACLA Report on the Americas for a decade or so and a reader for longer than that every time I would run into a copy.  Produced by the North American Congress for Latin America since 1967, the Report at its best offered insightful on-the-ground analysis of [...]

India and China’s Devolution Strategy to Contain Workers and Unions

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

New Orleans      India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the conservative Bharatiya Janata Party or BJP swept into power largely due to his ability to convince Indian voters that the economic progress in his state of Gujarat was worth ignoring many other parts of his record including the communalist riots killing [...]

First They Come for the Nonprofits

On 21 July 2014, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation registered five prominent Russian non-governmental organisations (NGOs) on the ‘Foreign Agents’ list. – See more at:

Waveland   It seems not so much a pattern as an iron law that as governments move to clamp down on their citizens, first they come for [...]

Visiting with Hackney Unites in London

London      Hackney is one of those classic neighborhood names that invariably calls to mind London, so it was a treat to get to walk around the neighborhood a little bit, sit in the CLR James Library, which turned out to be a story in itself, and then to meet with fifty members and activists that make [...]

Spreading the ACORN Gospel from Bristol

Bristol              There’s no organizer that doesn’t want things faster, bigger, and better, which is usually why we are both gloriously happy for every day we are allowed to be part of the work and are worrying about the details the rest of the time.  Having now visited our quickly developing ACORN Bristol operation for the third time [...]

With Project React, the Citizens Alliance Follows Members to Africa

the Paris crew

Bristol        Meetings with the Alliance Citoyenne organizers broke for a couple of hours of sleep, and then plowed on against the clock.  The morning was gray in Paris and cooler after an amazingly warm and clear Indian summer afternoon the previous day, so there was no temptation not to hue to the plan.  [...]