The Double Edge of Variable Worker Exclusions under Obamacare

New Orleans      Part of the problem in understanding the real, core issues with the Affordable Care Act and the way in which employers, especially those specializing in lower waged workforces, are jacking with the system is separating the ideological polemics from the facts in order to see whose ox is really being gored.  For example, take [...]

Unions, the First and Last Hope for Egyptian Revolution

New Orleans   When more than 20 organizers from labor unions and community organizations as part of the Organizers’ Forum delegation visited Egypt in 2011 after the revolution several years ago scores of meetings with political parties, activists, community and labor organizers, proved the one clear reality-tested conclusion that cut through all of the hype was [...]

Visiting the Labor Courts of Bombay

Mumbai   A call from a judge in the labor court of Bombay interrupted our meeting, so I tagged along to get a better sense of the Industrial Court system, which along with a Labour Commissioner and many others managed the labor laws of Mumbai and Maharashtra.   The courts were in East Bandra, not surprisingly [...]

Independent Unions, Trades, Parties, College Athletes, and the State

Mumbai   All of the large national union federations in India argue that they are independent, autonomous labor federations, but all of them are individually aligned to major political parties and formations whether on the right, left, or middle.  No finger pointing is involved, because the same thing is true in the US, Canada, Mexico, [...]

In Mumbai ACORN’s Ragpickers Start Rolling

Mumbai    I had a sleepless night in Bengaluru, filled with excitement about our progress in unionizing informal workers and always mindful of the constant challenges of early morning flights in the “jams” of India, all of which combined to leave me exhausted once I hit the Juhu Beach area in Mumbai around noon.  No time [...]

The Wonder of Political Party Politics in India

Bengaluru  Voting begins in mid-April across India and formal campaigning with the clarity of knowing the final lists of candidates from the various parties is only final now, hardly weeks before the polls open.  Voting is mandatory in the world’s largest democracy, but there are no penalties for non-voting, so the actual turnout is hardly [...]