Tenants, Senators, and “Democracy in the XXI Century” in Rome

Wade with Senator Lucio D'Ubaldo at lunch before speaking on "Democracy in the XXI Century" in a room in the Parliament Building

Rome   We started out the day with a run by the office where we are “bunking” for free to meet three tenants from Rome who were making the final decision about joining ACORN […]

Visiting the Metropoliz Squatters in Rome

Rome A great adventure and advantage of my work is getting to see parts of a city that even long time residents cannot imagine.  I may not see all of the sites in the tourist guide books, but I see amazing things where people live and work behind the walls of most visitors.

On arriving […]

Huge Organizing Opportunity for Italian Tenants

New Orleans Over the last two years we have been in touch with organizing in Palermo and Catania, the largest cities on the Italian island of Sicily, and I had been looking forward to visiting with them after the Organizers’ Forum dialogue in Cairo later this month.  I had hoped our next ACORN International […]