Many Republican Ghostbusters Still Believe ACORN Stole this Election, Too!

current ad for the Ghostbusters

Quito      First there was a Facebook posting to me that I thought was a joke, complete with a picture of James O’Keefe in his racist pimp-master fur suit.  But, then the emails started coming in, and it was increasingly clear, that, yes, Virginia, there may not be a Santa Claus, […]

Paul Ryan: OMG, Where is Sarah Palin When We Need Her?!?

Missoula  Coming off the river after a great 10 days of fishing and fun, topped off by a pig roast and hootenanny with good friends, old and new, we headed into our Missoula home away from home, the Break Café and Bakery, our favorite local coffeehouse, though we wish the coffee were better….Plug in all of […]

Election Predictions around the Campfire

Rock Creek   Put a bunch of community, labor, and political organizers along with retired political science profs around a roaring campfire in Montana, lubricate well, and I’ll guarantee you there will be political discussions and fiercely expressed predictions around the upcoming elections.

First on tap was the local race with national impact, the re-election of Senator […]