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How Quickly Can We Get Past Impeachment?

New Orleans       Weather was miserable in New York as we schlepped from lower Manhattan to Newark Airport.  We prepared for the worst, but arrived early with hours to spare only to be victimized by almost every airport television droning on with statements before the House Committee preparing impeachment charges.  It was endless.  Paint dries more quickly under close observation.  In an era where truth and facts are no longer concrete and indisputable, and social media and cable television partisanship allow every narrative to be contested, it is hard not to feel that we are all treading into quicksand now.

Polls are no help.

Republican spins on the polls are now saying two things.  On one hand, they are claiming that the numbers are moving towards supporting Trump as the hearings go on.  On the other hand, their polls are saying that the impeachment proceedings are way down the list on the voters’ minds and the economy is boosting the president.  On the other side, the Democrats and the analysts at the New York Times looking at other polls and larger samples find that impeachment is front and center on the voters’ minds.

Me? I just want it over already, so we can go on to the next round in this fight.

Even Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats seem in a hurry as well.  Wisely, they got the charges down to just two:  President Trump soliciting foreign assistance for personal and political gain outside of the national interest and obstruction of the investigation by Congress under its constitutional guarantees.  Pelosi says the vote by the House will likely be right after Christmas.  Then on to the Senate, where good things now go to die.

Earlier speculation was that the Senate under the chokehold of the Republicans would have a speedy trial.  Oh, I do hope so!  Why prolong the misery?  My worse fear is that they will drag it out as they try various pre-election strategies to see what the public might buy in Trump’s defense.  I worry that despite the deck being stacked sky high for Trump’s acquittal by Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell and his acolytes, they will bend over backwards trying to act like this is a fair trail with an uncertain outcome, letting us all bleed out slowly but surely.

The point has been made.  Few on either side have any doubts about what the President did.  This isn’t about justice, but about politics.  I wish the House had just censured the President and got on with it, and while you’re at it, I’d like ten acres in Wyoming by a trout stream for Christmas.

Who cares?  Since none of that is going to happen, please just get this whole impeachment thing over as quickly as possible. Please!!!


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We’re So Sorry About Louisiana’s Senator John Neely Kennedy

New Orleans      Those of us who live in Louisiana or care about the role of the state and its people in public affairs are just as sorry as we can be every time our junior Senator John Kennedy tries to take the stage with cameras running to provide the sordid sideshow commentary about the impeachment, the President, or almost anything else.  When Ronald Reagan or Sony Bono were elected to federal offices, it was clear voters, right or wrong, were pulling the lever for entertainers who had become politicians.  Somehow Louisianans who voted for Kennedy, right or wrong, thought they were voting for a seasoned politician to represent the state’s interest in Washington and now discover we’ve humiliated ourselves as he’s decided to act as some kind of cross between country bumpkin, horse’s butt, and total dufus.

He thinks he’s a quipster and comedian of some sort tossing out one-liners here and there appropriate for nothing.  We knew this was coming when he said he would rather drink weed killer than support Obamacare, and he didn’t stop even when many roared, “Please!”  As the Bayou Brief reviewed his act,

It’s part of a carefully, albeit mysteriously, calculated image to portray a well-educated professional politician as a cracker barrel philosopher; a character straight out of the long-running teevee show, “Hee-Haw.” In short, our senator and former state treasurer thinks he’s Grandpa Jones only without the banjo and the droopy mustache:.

Stephanie Grace, a columnist for the local paper in New Orleans in a rarity, stepped out of her comfort zone recently and zinged Kennedy for trying to act the “class clown,” and worse for being a dupe or a shill for the President’s widely discredited Russian coverup fantasy that Ukraine rather than the Kremlin was behind all of the 2016 monkey-business and election interference.  As Grace writes,

…he is a shape-shifter, a worldly scion of Vanderbilt University, the University of Virginia School of Law and the University of Oxford who adopts an aw-shucks demeanor on television, and a former moderate Democrat who put his finger to the wind and tacked hard to the right.

Worse, with impeachment soon heading for the US Senate, who is going hold the hook that pulls Kennedy and his act off the stage so serious business can be conducted?

We’ve been there and done that before, but Huey Long was an original, and that was last century.  He was also a brilliant politician with his finger on the pulse of peoples’ pain and aspirations.  Those were different times.  There’s no going back.

In 2019, there’s no traction in being a cornpone, country hick in a state like Louisiana trying to move forward rather than backward.  Lil’ Abner’s Dogpatch is hardly making it in Arkansas, and only Dolly Parton can be the impresario of Dollywood, but if John Neely Kennedy wants to audition for a part in some atavistic Louisiana hayride role, he should get on with it, rather than practicing that shtick in Congress. The people of Louisiana and America, frankly, deserve better than a comedy act when it comes to dealing with the current tragedy of our government.