Minds Made Up

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            Montreal         The January 6th House Congressional committee keeps on plugging away.  In plodding detail and with public testimony, they continue to lay out their case for the outrages that drove the insurrection at the Capitol.  In the latest review, they highlight the arguments between former President Trump and former Vice-President Pence over his refusal …

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Jan 6 Committee Has Stamped Trump Expiration Date

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            New Orleans      If the Congressional investigation committee, the so-called January 6th committee, chaired by Mississippi Representative Bennie Thompson, is even half-right, this whole matter of former President Trump and the Capitol assault has now transcended partisan politics and score settling.  This matter has now become a matter of protecting the country and any …

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The Horror

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May 25, 2022             Marble Falls      I’ve driven through Uvalde, Texas.  Uvalde is a nice quiet Texas Hill country town.  I’ve walked around the town square and looked at the statue of John Nance Garner III.  He was a Vice-President under Franklin Delano Roosevelt for eight years from 1933 to 1941 and Speaker of …

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