Give Joe a Break

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            Pearl River     Once again, after having been given up for dead, just like he was in the Presidential primaries before South Carolina, the early reports of Joe Biden’s demise are premature.  Not counting a couple of Covid-cases, he’s had a resurrection summer, remarkable for having pulled victories out of the jaws of defeat.

Huge pieces of Biden’s platform and therefore legislative agenda have passed now in some form or another or are within a hair of coming to his desk for signature.  A bill to support veterans damaged in burn pits:  law.  A bill to support domestic manufacture of computer chips:  law.  A bi-partisan bill to at least try to do something about guns in the wake of Uvalde and so many other tragedies: law.  And, now, the signature effort, no longer Build Back Better, but now with a new name will be a historic step in capping drug prices, dealing with climate change, and setting a minimum tax on free-loading, loophole seeking corporations:  not law yet, but you can count the days.

None of this is perfect of course.  A lot of it we might have wished would be better.  Too bad we live in the real world of mess and mayhem, which is to say deep division and contention over things, large and small.

I’m scratching my head though.  Why are so many of the pundits mobilizing to push Biden out now of all times?  Yes, his poll numbers aren’t ideal.  The pandemic, Ukraine, inflation, and more are all factors, and, truthfully, hard to blame Biden for all of that, isn’t it?  Yes, he’s older than dirt.  No question.  Is that news?  He was old 18 months ago when he became president.  Yes, he’s older now, but, hey, aren’t we all?

Some of this isn’t news?  There are always pretenders to the throne.  The line of the ambitious and the wannabes is long, but is there really anyone that we all believe is ready to step in, win, and do better?  Why the handwringing from the columnists?  It’s too early to be having this discussion.  This is not the time for this.

Yes, the midterms are coming, but Biden has only been in office 18-months.  He’s had a great summer and gas prices are going down.  Kansas isn’t America, but it’s a harbinger of change as well as women move up to face the end of Roe. 

            It would be crazy for Biden to become a lame duck now, both internationally and domestically.  Who knows if he will run in 2024, but a lot more water has to come under that bridge before the time to make a decision for him and for us is right?  If the Senate and the House stay Republican, there might be more progress made before we have to worry about Biden and the White House.  Let’s make the most of the moment, rather than spoiling the party.  Timing is everything in politics, and now is not the right time.