Education Stuck in Class

Galveston, Texas, natives Melissa O’Neal, from left, Bianca Gonzalez and Angelica Gonzales took part in a college-prep program for low-income students, but found that school wasn’t a ticket to upward mobility. Michael Stravato New York Times News Service

Dauphine Island    “Life happens,” was a quote from one of the three young women from south Texas who [...]

Oil Field, Big Money, Big debt or School?

Dauphine Island     A front page article in the Times blurted out that “Pay in Oil Fields, Not College, Is Luring Youths in Montana,” as if they were sounding the alarm that perverts were roaming loose in the playgrounds.  A 19-year old was shown in front of his new, black GM Silverado pickup in [...]

Locating Housing for the Poor: Good Intentions, Expediency, and Living with the Consequences

Robert Moses, seated at left in 1959, used his position as head of the Mayor's Committee on Slum Clearance to mass-produce thousands of units of public housing, often near the shoreline.

 Quito    One of the ironic outcomes of recent disasters, whether New Orleans or now New York, is that the public, policy makers, and politicians [...]

Presidential Candidates Running from Poverty and the Cities

New Orleans   I didn’t watch the debates for more than the 30-seconds it takes to change channels.   By the time I was home from work and the gym, put out the garbage, fed the dog and washed out her kennel, eaten my Healthy Choice, and read some back papers and drug myself upstairs, I [...]

What Does TV Say about Reality: Deconstructing HBO’s “Treme”

Professor Vicki Mayer on Treme

New Orleans    The HBO show, Treme, another auteur urban tour from David Simon following the wildly acclaimed Wire, may not have found mass appeal out there in viewerlandia, but in New Orleans literally everyone has an opinion, all of which made for a fascinating evening with Tulane media and communications [...]

Padding the Numbers: Seedco in NYC and Gutters in New Orleans

Federal agents carry out records from New Orleans Affordable Homeowners Corp. & indictments followed.

New Orleans    Sometimes it comes down to who you know, not what you can do, and in those circumstances when the screws start turning from the City paymasters, the favored few sometimes just start making up shit to save themselves rather than [...]