The End of Reading?

Ideas and Issues Tech

May 12, 2022             Pearl River     Certainly the signs have been everywhere around us:  people don’t like to read anymore.  People don’t have time for it, many argue, including the content overlords.  Supposedly, we want short bursts of news like crawlers at the bottom of a TV screen or the small bites of USA Today …

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Modernizing the CRA Some is Good, But not Enough

Community Reinvestment Act Financial Justice Ideas and Issues

May 10, 2022             New Orleans     A lot has changed since 1977 when the Community Reinvestment Act was passed.  ACORN and many other groups worked hard to secure the passage of the CRA in order to stop redlining by banks.  There was a huge, discriminatory disconnect between deposits made in minority and low-and-moderate income …

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No Mas Masks

COVID-19 Ideas and Issues

  May 5, 2022             Washington     In the hassle that air travel has become over the last several years, I was out of the house by 4am for a 6am flight, regardless of having already printed my boarding pass, having no luggage to check, and getting to go through a fast line.  You have to …

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