Euphemisms and Rationalizations are No Substitute for School Board Elections

Patrick Dobard, right, lays out his plans for the Recovery School District upon taking the superintendent job in January 2012. He will appear at a Lens breakfast event next week. (Rusty Costanza, Times-Picayune archive)

New Orleans  Years ago New Orleans and many parts of Louisiana were referred to by various observers as “banana republics,” meaning [...]

The Arrogance of Newspaper Monopolies

New Orleans  Here comes another report from guinea pig land.  In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has become ground zero for some bizarre and sometimes unfortunate social experiments, like the fact that we are the largest charter school laboratory in the country.  Just because we have proven we are resilient does not mean [...]

Stiffing Tenants as a Landlord Business Model

New Orleans   Active ACORN campaigns in Canada, Scotland, and Italy focusing on tenant rights and landlord abuses, found me reading in detail a rare report in the New Orleans Times-Picayune about tenant rights, or really the lack of them, in Louisiana and most other states in the USA.

The Uniform Landlord and Tenant Act in the [...]

An Insider Hits the Nakedness of the Charter School Empire

New Orleans   Everywhere around the country, charter schools and their operators are poking through the concrete of school yards like weeds.  Billionaires and beleaguered Mayors and school superintendents often herald their potential as a way out of their own gnarled path of over grown capacity and underfunded programs.  Huge fights in Philadelphia and now Chicago are [...]

Stop the Guerrilla War Against Obamacare, Let My People Live!

Little Rock   Being a commuter these days between New Orleans and Little Rock, it is interesting to watch the convolutions that Arkansas and its legislature are going through to try and fashion a partnership with the federal government to run the health care exchange option under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) aka Obamacare.  Time is ticking [...]

The Future is Now for Charter-man Barr to Apologize for McDonogh Oprah TV Exploitation

parents and guardians at John Mac meeting

New Orleans   I am a veteran (victim?) of four years of high school Latin during my time in the New Orleans public school system.  One of Dr. Romeo’s classic often repeated quotations that is imprinted forever in my mind was his argument that he was not in loco parentis, [...]