Continuing Relevance of Wikileaks, Assange, and Snowden

New Orleans  Contrary to many published stories, the reports of Wikileaks’ death and demise seem exaggerated, and despite the tedium the mainstream media has developed for Julian Assange and his antics, suddenly he seems relevant again, and Edward Snowden, the NSA leaker, seems, surprisingly, to have ignited exactly the kind of high level national and […]

Justice Going Wikileaks on Middlemen in Payday Lending Schemes

New Orleans  By issuing subpoenas to the financial institutions that are enabling blatantly illegal payday lending schemes and scams, the Department of Justice with provocation from the New York State Attorney General’s actions, finally seems to be getting serious about stopping these predators, largely by picking up a page from the State Department’s Wikileaks assault […]

Wielding the Bank Account Weapon to Block Wikileaks and Others

Little Rock   In the current showdown between the National Security Agency and leaker Edward Snowden, numerous accounts are resuscitating interest and attention on Wikileaks and its huge intel drop of 2010.  Part of this is simply a case of Snowden being unavailable to talk, thereby opening up a huge media hole that demands to be […]

Group Finally Stepping Up to Handle Donations for Wikileaks and Others

 New Orleans   A group of folks has finally stepped into the gap and created a nonprofit channeling capacity for donations to Wikileaks and other important, but unpopular groups protecting free speech and guaranteeing more transparency for the public.  The Freedom of the Press Foundation  is pretty much just a “scarecrow” site at its current launch […]

Whither Wikileaks? Assange Taking his Show on the Road to Ecuador?

Toronto   Quito is a fascinating mile-high city and Ecuador is a very interesting country.  I have many friends there and have worked with them for years to try and figure a way that ACORN could support organizing there.  One day, as we say!  I also have a lot of respect for President Rafael Correa […]

Komen Continues and Whatever Happened to Assange?

Team ACORN Paterno Paolo Guarnaccia and Astrid V. Anselmi

Paterno     After days of heated discussions the leaders of La Citta finally saw that the sides might be divided on candidates for mayor but could be united on a democratic process for selecting the candidate.  Being able to put aside individual differences and preferences for the […]