Board Meets as Scotiabank Responds

P1010001Vancouver The board of ACORN Canada hunkered down at the Arundel Hotel next to the office to review both plans for the coming year and assess where the organization stood right now on a number of fronts.  Lengthy discussion also centered on ACORN Canada’s leadership role in Community Organizations International and what it took to advance the first global campaign around the financial injustices involved in remittances.  At the end of the meeting we received the news from Toronto ACORN leader Elise Aymer that Scotiabank, the target of the action in that city, had been the first of the targets to provide a formal, albeit inadequate, response to our demands.

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Annual General Meeting

P1010012Vancouver Dave Tate of ACORN Canada’s New Westminister chapter opened the AGM for ACORN Canada right at the stroke of 6 PM in the Century community center surrounded by beautiful gardens, English lawn bowling greens, and a room full of members from British Columbia and members of the board including Kay Bisnath and Marva Burnet from Toronto.

The AGM or annual general meeting is one of the twists of Canadian “society” law for non-profits requiring an open time every year where certain opportunities are presented to the members for election, financial reports are approved, “i’s and t’s” are dotted, and in ACORN Canada’s case lively conversation is encouraged and expected about campaigns and programs expected in the coming year.

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