Republicans Going Brit

Health Care Protests

theyellerSan Francisco Before running off to Books, Inc, I watched the Obama speech at the Tides Momentum conference.  I was prepared to be disappointed, so I was pleasantly surprised that the President had fight in him and was pushing hard across the board, including on the public alternatives.  I liked the fact that he was actually conceding that there was a “left” of sorts and that he had friends there pushing for single-payer and that on the right the Repubs, where he also had friends, weren’t going to be happy either.  Misery loves company, as we all know.

But what is with some of these Republications.  I know they claim to be conservative, but I didn’t realize they were going to start going Brit on us and heckle from the crowd and wave papers and signs.

The heckler will no doubt be handled.  I hope he doesn’t blame it on his raising in South Carolina, though he’s obviously from a pre-revolutionary war Brit stronghold over there.

What’s with the signs though?  When you even go to meet Congressfolk in their Capitol office buildings they shred the signs and won’t let you bring them in.  Many a protestor has been arrested unfurling a sign or banner.

Now, we have these folks making signs and waving them about the Chamber while the President is speaking.  Some said, “Lie.”  Others said, “Bill?”

I have to give thanks for little things though.  The fact that some of these Republican Congressman have made the mistake of thinking that a joint session of Congress is just another word for “DC Town Hall” meeting, could help us get a little something something on health care actually passed now.

We can now wave signs that “We are Americans – Go Back to Britain Where You Come From!”