House Votes for Health Care

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joseph-pic-rightSpringfield First vote on the US House passage was a full court press that worked.  The Republican Cao from New Orleans was the only one of that tribe to vote for passage.  Who says townhalls don’t matter!

I flew on the US Air leg from DC to Hartford sitting behind Congressman Olver from the 1st District.  If it was any barometer, the civilians and business folks on this flight were pumping his hand and thanking him for his work.

A nurse who was the sound engineer on the radio station, WUMA, in Amherst where I was talking about Citizen Wealth was rattling off which votes where with Olver and where others had fallen down.  People  were watching and it was on their minds.

James Carville wearing a tie and Puma sneaks crawled onto the plane in New Orleans at 6AM.  I saw him live on CNN as walked down the concourse in Hartford.

It may have been Indian summer this day in western Massachusetts, but change was in the air.