O’Keefe Never Dressed as Pimp, Breitbart Cover-up

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Dallas James O’Keefe never dressed in his racist, caricature pimp suit in an ACORN or ACORN Housing office.  This has been an under-the-radar dispute for more than six months, largely because it fades in importance compared to the errors a small number of workers were trapped into making.  But, with the new attention on O’Keefe and his paymaster, Andrew Breitbart, the way in which both of them have misled the public while also falsely impersonating journalists, it is a piece of the sad tale that won’t go away, but neither will either of them come clean about yet.  The clownish costume was probably their idea of promo for the rollout of the sting videos.  Time to fess up, folks.

Media Matters, which has been a truth squad on many of these vicious attacks handles it best in a column by Eric Boehlert.

Breitbart tries, and fails, to explain away the ACORN pimp myth

February 17, 2010 11:16 am ET by Eric Boehlert

As I note in my column this week, both Andrew Breitbart and James O’Keefe (with some help from Fox News, of course) did their best last year to mislead the public and the press into believing that as part of his ACORN sting, O’Keefe wore his outlandish pimp costume right into the offices, and that clueless ACORN workers didn’t blink an eye.

But it’s not true. Based on all available evidence, O’Keefe never wore his pimp costume inside ACORN offices. (Raise your hand if you got duped.)

Turns out last night Breitbart, doing lots of yellling and name-calling (surprise!), appeared on a conservative radio show with blogger Brad Friedman who pressed him on the myth of the ACORN pimp. At first, Breirtbart denied any wrong doing:

“I didn’t lie about James O’Keefe. When did I lie about James O’Keefe? “

When Friedman then read out loud from an erroneous Washington Times column by Breitbart in which he claimed O’Keefe was “dressed as a pimp” while receiving advice from ACORN workers, the furious (and confused) spin began.

Go here to listen. (The fun begins at the 36 minute mark.)

UPDATED: Breitbart insisted last night he had nothing to correct in his Times column, even though he falsely reported O’Keefe was “dressed as a pimp” while receiving ACORN advice.